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Directory of Airports in Texas

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Small BOOKER 36.441(N) -100.534(W) 3900 ft
Small URSCHEL RANCH 35.929(N) -100.307(W) 5000 ft
Small WAGNER BRAXDALE 28.678(N) -99.799(W) 3600 ft
Small CASEY THREE RANCH 29.633(N) -99.729(W) 5200 ft
Small FOARD CO 33.979(N) -99.713(W) 3200 ft
Large ZAPATA CO 26.969(N) -99.249(W) 4888 ft
Small CASTROVILLE MUNI 29.342(N) -98.851(W) 4600 ft
Large KIP KICKAPOO DOWNTOWN 33.858(N) -98.490(W) 4300 ft
Small HORSESHOE BAY AIRPARK 30.527(N) -98.359(W) 5978 ft
Small LAGO VISTA TX RUSTY ALLEN 30.499(N) -97.969(W) 3808 ft
Large BEEVILLE MUNI 28.362(N) -97.791(W) 4551 ft
Small NOCONA 33.774(N) -97.738(W) 3200 ft
Small AG AIR INC 26.073(N) -97.537(W) 3000 ft
Small T P MC CAMPBELL 27.913(N) -97.212(W) 5000 ft
Small HOUSTON EXECUTIVE 29.807(N) -95.898(W) 5050 ft
Small TX03 ABBOTT STAPLETON FIELD 31.875(N) -97.067(W) 2360 ft
Small F83 ABERNATHY ABERNATHY MUNI 33.846(N) -101.763(W) 4000 ft
Medium KDYS DYS DYS Abilene DYESS AFB 32.421(N) -99.855(W) 13500 ft
Small 35TX ABILENE FLYING B RANCH AIRSTRIP 32.484(N) -99.826(W) 2700 ft
Large KABI ABI ABI ABILENE ABILENE RGNL 32.411(N) -99.682(W) 7202 ft 3
Small 82TS ABILENE ELMDALE AIRPARK 32.450(N) -99.650(W) 3270 ft
Small TX00 ABILENE ABILENE EXECUTIVE AIRPARK 32.449(N) -99.620(W) 2723 ft
Small TX02 ABILENE PORTLOCK AIRFIELD 32.527(N) -99.613(W) 2800 ft
Small 6TE2 ABILENE ZIMMERLE 32.270(N) -99.598(W) 1200 ft
Small 75TA ACKERLY COLEMAN CATTLE COMPANY NR 1 32.534(N) -101.725(W) 4725 ft
Small 3TX5 ADKINS MC CRELESS FARM 29.371(N) -98.232(W) 2200 ft
Small 76TA ADRIAN COLEMAN CATTLE COMPANY NR 2 35.402(N) -102.808(W) 3500 ft
Small 67TX AGUA DULCE OLD HOPPE PLACE 27.800(N) -97.851(W) 2764 ft
Small 43TX ALAMO MID-VALLEY DUSTERS INC 26.153(N) -98.135(W) 1925 ft
Small T23 ALBANY ALBANY MUNI 32.719(N) -99.268(W) 3700 ft
Small TX15 ALEDO BEGGS RANCH/ALEDO/ 32.752(N) -97.613(W) 2675 ft
Small TX16 ALEDO LOG CABIN 32.803(N) -97.609(W) 1100 ft
Large KALI ALI ALI ALICE ALICE INTL 27.741(N) -98.027(W) 5997 ft
Small 0T7 ALLEN KITTYHAWK 33.126(N) -96.684(W) 2300 ft
Small 46TE ALPINE 02 RANCH 29.875(N) -103.697(W) 5000 ft
Large E38 ALE ALPINE ALPINE CASPARIS MUNI 30.384(N) -103.684(W) 6003 ft
Small 4TE4 ALPINE TAURUS MESA 29.621(N) -103.679(W) 3600 ft
Small 1E2 ALPINE TERLINGUA RANCH 29.450(N) -103.399(W) 4700 ft
Small TX66 ALTA LOMA REBEL FIELD 29.399(N) -95.079(W) 1900 ft
Small 9TA8 ALTO TAYLOR RANCH 31.684(N) -94.977(W) 2000 ft
Small TA01 ALVARADO PHILLIPS FARM 32.342(N) -97.250(W) 2400 ft
Small TX78 ALVARADO BLOCK RANCH 32.329(N) -97.232(W) 2100 ft
Small 6XS2 ALVARADO LUSCOMBE ACRES 32.346(N) -97.199(W) 2850 ft
Small 9TS6 ALVARADO GOODLETT FIELD 32.379(N) -97.178(W) 1800 ft
Small 3TS3 ALVIN J-D RANCH 29.375(N) -95.290(W) 1800 ft
Small 6R5 ALVIN ALVIN AIRPARK 29.416(N) -95.289(W) 1500 ft
Small TE09 ALVIN MINARD PEGASUS 29.332(N) -95.276(W) 3500 ft
Small TE76 ALVORD VANCE FIELD 33.368(N) -97.682(W) 1700 ft
Small 65TS ALVORD BECKER 33.402(N) -97.671(W) 1600 ft
Small 7TX8 AMARILLO FLYING K 35.108(N) -102.038(W) 3600 ft
Small 1E7 AMARILLO BUFFALO 35.065(N) -101.879(W) 6200 ft
Small 2TX0 AMARILLO BLUE SKY AIRFIELD 35.064(N) -101.849(W) 3800 ft
Small 1E4 AMARILLO PALO DURO 35.142(N) -101.838(W) 3700 ft
Large TDW TDW Amarillo TRADEWIND 35.170(N) -101.826(W) 4809 ft
Large KAMA AMA AMA Amarillo RICK HUSBAND AMARILLO INTL 35.219(N) -101.706(W) 13502 ft 3
Small T00 Anahuac CHAMBERS CO 29.770(N) -94.662(W) 3005 ft
Small 1XA0 ANDICE RAB RANCH 30.794(N) -97.901(W) 1600 ft
Small TA49 ANDICE KENO FIELD 30.755(N) -97.800(W) 1537 ft
Small E11 ANDREWS ANDREWS CO 32.331(N) -102.530(W) 5816 ft
Small 46TX ANGLETON PHILLIPS CORPORATION 29.151(N) -95.495(W) 2200 ft
Small TE77 ANGLETON CLOVER LAKE FARMS 29.234(N) -95.477(W) 2461 ft
Small 81D ANGLETON FLYIN TIGER 29.265(N) -95.413(W) 2261 ft
Small 7R9 ANGLETON BAILES 29.167(N) -95.401(W) 2060 ft
Large LBX LJN Angleton/Lake Jackson BRAZORIA CO 29.109(N) -95.462(W) 7000 ft
Small TX19 ANNONA RUSSELLS RANCH 33.536(N) -94.907(W) 2700 ft
Small TX20 ANSON STEEN 32.793(N) -99.878(W) 2300 ft
Small XA71 APPLE SPRINGS NORTH CEDAR 31.277(N) -94.974(W) 2400 ft
Small T39 ARCHER CITY ARCHER CITY MUNI 33.582(N) -98.619(W) 3200 ft
Small TX21 ARCHER CITY HORNADY RANCH 33.478(N) -98.548(W) 1870 ft
Small TX22 ARGYLE LEROUX 33.102(N) -97.155(W) 2300 ft
Large GKY ARLINGTON ARLINGTON MUNI 32.664(N) -97.094(W) 6080 ft
Small 47TX ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG RANCH 26.934(N) -97.762(W) 4000 ft
Small TX24 ARP OAKS 32.275(N) -95.084(W) 3000 ft
Small T60 ASPERMONT STONEWALL CO 33.172(N) -100.198(W) 4000 ft
Small TX25 ATHENS LOCHRIDGE RANCH 31.989(N) -95.951(W) 5000 ft
Small 5TA8 ATHENS DEER MEADOW RANCH 32.013(N) -95.928(W) 2000 ft
Large F44 ATHENS ATHENS MUNI 32.164(N) -95.828(W) 3988 ft
Small 2XS3 ATHENS GLAD OAKS 32.017(N) -95.700(W) 4250 ft
Small ATA ATLANTA HALL MILLER MUNI 33.102(N) -94.195(W) 3800 ft
Small 06XS AUBREY CAMPBELL FIELD 33.325(N) -97.044(W) 1750 ft
Small 2TE3 AUBREY WEEMS FARM 33.294(N) -96.928(W) 1960 ft
Small XS60 AUBREY MUSTANG COMMUNITY AIRFIELD 33.318(N) -96.906(W) 1800 ft
Small 3R9 Austin LAKEWAY AIRPARK 30.357(N) -97.994(W) 3930 ft
Large KAUS AUS AUS AUSTIN AUSTIN BERGSTROM INTL 30.195(N) -97.670(W) 12248 ft 25
Small TX05 AUSTIN DRYDEN 30.260(N) -97.625(W) 2300 ft
Small 6R4 AUSTIN AUSTIN EXECUTIVE 30.395(N) -97.567(W) 1550 ft
Small 6TE9 AVINGER MC KENZIE FIELD 32.817(N) -94.617(W) 2840 ft
Small 61TA AVINGER EAGLE LANDING 32.884(N) -94.608(W) 4000 ft
Small 77TA AZLE BLUE SKIES 32.874(N) -97.661(W) 2600 ft
Small 73TE AZLE MOORE PVT 32.925(N) -97.558(W) 2900 ft
Large E30 BALLINGER BRUCE FLD 31.674(N) -99.977(W) 3906 ft
Small TE90 BANDERA FLYING L 29.759(N) -99.153(W) 3600 ft
Small TE21 BANDERA LOBO MOUNTAIN RANCH 29.651(N) -99.086(W) 3400 ft
Small 20TS BANDERA BAINS PRIVATE 29.810(N) -99.068(W) 1900 ft
Small TX29 BARDWELL FLYING O 32.289(N) -96.704(W) 3300 ft
Small TA52 BARKSDALE FLYING BULL RANCH 29.817(N) -99.996(W) 3200 ft
Small XA88 BATESVILLE DM RANCH 28.978(N) -99.563(W) 2800 ft
Small XA64 BATESVILLE NASH RANCH 28.962(N) -99.385(W) 3800 ft
Small T84 BAY CITY FEHMEL DUSTING SERVICE 28.952(N) -95.974(W) 2080 ft
Small 7TS9 BAY CITY AG AVIATION 29.054(N) -95.962(W) 2977 ft
Large BYY BBC BAY CITY BAY CITY MUNI 28.973(N) -95.863(W) 5107 ft
Small TS94 BAY VIEW RANCHO BUENA VISTA 26.251(N) -97.301(W) 3500 ft
Small 25TA BAYTOWN FERRIS 29.837(N) -94.967(W) 3600 ft
Small HPY HPY BAYTOWN BAYTOWN 29.786(N) -94.953(W) 4017 ft
Small 54T BAYTOWN R W J AIRPARK 29.762(N) -94.847(W) 5035 ft
Small 5T0 BEASLEY WARD AIRPARK 29.503(N) -95.935(W) 3110 ft
Small TS95 BEASLEY AVIASUD AIRPARK 29.486(N) -95.931(W) 2500 ft
Small 3TS5 BEASLEY PURDY-NIELSEN MEMORIAL AIRPARK 29.471(N) -95.886(W) 4200 ft
Small 55TX BEAUMONT STONECIPHER 30.112(N) -94.256(W) 2200 ft
Large BMT BMT BEAUMONT BEAUMONT MUNI 30.071(N) -94.216(W) 3933 ft
Large KBPT BPT BPT Beaumont SOUTHEAST TEXAS RGNL 29.951(N) -94.021(W) 6750 ft 2
Small 90TS BEDIAS JORDAN RANCH 30.779(N) -95.797(W) 1500 ft
Small 57TX BEEVILLE BROWN RANCH 28.442(N) -97.804(W) 2650 ft
Small BEA BEEVILLE BEEVILLE MUNI 28.362(N) -97.791(W) 4551 ft
Small 1XA2 BEEVILLE CHASE FLD INDUSTRIAL 28.435(N) -97.652(W) 8000 ft
Small XA09 BELLEVUE MENARD 33.582(N) -98.061(W) 3000 ft
Small 99TE BELLS PRITCHARD 33.606(N) -96.416(W) 2300 ft
Small 20TA BELLS MAG DROP 33.559(N) -96.409(W) 2300 ft
Small 2XS4 BELLS SKIDA PATCH 33.661(N) -96.406(W) 1200 ft
Small 61TX BELLVILLE TRAYLOR TICK FARM 29.972(N) -96.307(W) 1800 ft
Small 60TX BELLVILLE P-K RANCH 30.034(N) -96.264(W) 3600 ft
Small 06R BELLVILLE GRAWUNDER FIELD 29.942(N) -96.246(W) 2480 ft
Small 62TX BELTON BARGE RANCH 31.092(N) -97.460(W) 2400 ft
Small 63TX BERGHEIM GROSSER 29.775(N) -98.578(W) 1400 ft
Small 3TX1 BERRYVILLE PARADISE POINT 32.092(N) -95.445(W) 1900 ft
Small TE95 BERTRAM DEITERICH RANCH 30.753(N) -98.147(W) 1400 ft
Small 12TX BERTRAM GRIFFIN 30.821(N) -98.081(W) 2000 ft
Small XA12 BERTRAM MCFARLIN RANCH 30.695(N) -98.033(W) 2000 ft
Small 74XS BIG LAKE CHARLES J HUGHES RANCH 31.419(N) -101.482(W) 4700 ft
Large E41 BIG LAKE REAGAN CO 31.199(N) -101.473(W) 4032 ft
Small 18TE BIG SANDY ALERT FLD 32.585(N) -95.064(W) 5093 ft
Small TX31 BIG SPRING EDWARDS LUCIAN WELLS RANCH 32.074(N) -101.564(W) 5200 ft
Small XS53 BIG WELLS PRICE RANCH 28.596(N) -99.571(W) 3200 ft
Small 78TA BIGFOOT RANCH-AERO 29.061(N) -98.800(W) 3000 ft
Small 07R BISHOP BISHOP MUNI 27.610(N) -97.752(W) 3200 ft
Small 50TX BLANCO KENNEDY RANCH 30.138(N) -98.525(W) 3500 ft
Small 26XS BLANCO TATUM RANCH 30.114(N) -98.461(W) 2000 ft
Small TA53 BLANCO ROCKY TOP RANCH 30.130(N) -98.409(W) 3080 ft
Small 3TA5 BLANCO CTS STACY 30.134(N) -98.384(W) 3400 ft
Small TX41 BLANCO PIPPEN-YORK RANCH 30.091(N) -98.365(W) 2000 ft
Small 69TX BLOOMINGTON GREEN LAKE RANCH 28.584(N) -96.854(W) 4390 ft
Small 05TX BLUM CIRCLE 'A' RANCH 32.129(N) -97.404(W) 2075 ft
Small 7TA8 BOERNE JOHN HENRY KEY 29.860(N) -98.741(W) 2300 ft
Small 71TX BOERNE GRIER 29.873(N) -98.732(W) 1500 ft
Small TX32 BOLIVAR BAR V K 33.376(N) -97.243(W) 2900 ft
Small F00 Bonham JONES FLD 33.613(N) -96.179(W) 4000 ft
Small TA22 BONHAM REWARD RANCH 33.767(N) -96.122(W) 2500 ft
Small 4TE1 BOOKER FIGURE 1 RANCH 36.267(N) -100.535(W) 1900 ft
Small TS78 BOOKER LOESCH RANCH 36.392(N) -100.469(W) 4200 ft
Large BGD BGD BORGER HUTCHINSON CO 35.701(N) -101.394(W) 6300 ft
Small 1XA1 BOWIE SKY ACRES 33.648(N) -97.829(W) 2000 ft
Small 0F2 BOWIE BOWIE MUNI 33.602(N) -97.776(W) 3603 ft
Small TX35 BOXELDER/LYDIA KEY'S RANCH 33.443(N) -94.814(W) 3075 ft
Small TA87 BOYD CARTER-NORMAN 33.107(N) -97.548(W) 1000 ft
Small 73TX BRACKETTVILLE FRERICH RANCH 29.172(N) -100.642(W) 1440 ft
Small 2TX3 BRACKETTVILLE LA FONDA RANCH 29.217(N) -100.617(W) 5280 ft
Small 74TX BRACKETTVILLE FORT CLARK SPRINGS 29.287(N) -100.434(W) 5500 ft
Small 1XS8 BRACKETTVILLE PINON RANCH 29.634(N) -100.374(W) 4500 ft
Small 75TX BRACKETTVILLE LEONA RANCH 29.500(N) -100.367(W) 4250 ft
Small 5XS8 BRACKETTVILLE L DAVIS RANCH 29.517(N) -100.317(W) 3150 ft
Small TA31 BRACKETTVILLE TULAROSA 29.431(N) -100.258(W) 3800 ft
Small 3TA6 BRACKETTVILLE SPRING RANCH 29.542(N) -100.253(W) 4280 ft
Large BBD BBD Brady CURTIS FLD 31.179(N) -99.324(W) 4604 ft
Small 94TX BRADY RIVER BEND RANCH 31.438(N) -99.316(W) 3800 ft
Small 12TE BRADY CURTIS RANCH FIELD 31.317(N) -99.234(W) 2300 ft
Small XS78 BRADY LAS CULEBRAS 31.385(N) -99.100(W) 1600 ft
Small 2TE0 BRAZORIA EAGLE AIR PARK 28.982(N) -95.580(W) 2700 ft
Small TX36 BRECKENRIDGE GREEN RANCH 32.833(N) -99.042(W) 4000 ft
Small BKD Breckenridge STEPHENS CO 32.719(N) -98.891(W) 4998 ft
Small TE40 BRECKENRIDGE CASELMAN RANCH 32.675(N) -98.826(W) 2100 ft
Small 9XS9 BRENHAM RANCHO VERDE 30.283(N) -96.448(W) 1800 ft
Small TA17 BRENHAM LIVE OAK RANCH 30.185(N) -96.446(W) 2016 ft
Large 11R BRENHAM BRENHAM MUNI 30.219(N) -96.374(W) 5496 ft
Small TA35 BRENHAM FAUST FARM 30.273(N) -96.355(W) 1900 ft
Small XS68 BRENHAM SKY LANE RANCH 30.257(N) -96.329(W) 1800 ft
Large XBP BRIDGEPORT BRIDGEPORT MUNI 33.175(N) -97.828(W) 4004 ft
Small 3TA7 BRIDGEPORT JIM SEARS 33.144(N) -97.804(W) 2500 ft
Small TX37 BRIDGEPORT FLYING S RANCH 33.132(N) -97.769(W) 1800 ft
Small 15TA BRIGGS J R RANCH 30.254(N) -99.947(W) 3200 ft
Small TA27 BRIGGS FLYING 'K' 30.838(N) -97.950(W) 2300 ft
Small TX23 BRIGGS FLF 30.856(N) -97.946(W) 4500 ft
Small TA51 BROCK EAGLE 32.680(N) -97.937(W) 2800 ft
Small 1XA4 BROOKSHIRE MIKESKA FIELD 29.874(N) -96.004(W) 1970 ft
Small 27XS BROOKSHIRE SPORT FLYERS 29.838(N) -95.949(W) 4100 ft
Small TA28 BROOKSHIRE WOODS NR 2 29.794(N) -95.925(W) 5000 ft
Small 77TX BROOKSHIRE WOODS 29.782(N) -95.915(W) 2900 ft
Small TA03 BROOKSHIRE JO NA ACRES 29.759(N) -95.909(W) 3654 ft
Small BFE Brownfield TERRY CO 33.173(N) -102.193(W) 5217 ft
Small TX40 BROWNSBORO ECHO LAKE 32.254(N) -95.656(W) 2600 ft
Small 80TX BROWNSVILLE RESACA AIRSTRIP 25.927(N) -97.409(W) 1000 ft
Small 3TA4 BROWNWOOD TIN TOP RANCH 31.486(N) -98.976(W) 3200 ft
Large BWD BWD BROWNWOOD BROWNWOOD RGNL 31.794(N) -98.956(W) 5599 ft 2
Small 10XS BROWNWOOD FLYING S AIR RANCH 31.780(N) -98.909(W) 3000 ft
Small XA93 BRUNDAGE TORTUGA RANCH 28.619(N) -99.654(W) 4700 ft
Small 8TS0 BRUNI HAMILTON RANCH 27.553(N) -98.732(W) 3000 ft
Small 13TE BRYAN VARISCO 30.656(N) -96.538(W) 2330 ft
Small 83TX BRYAN TEXAS A AND M FLT TEST STATION 30.634(N) -96.484(W) 7000 ft
Small CFD CFD BRYAN COULTER FLD 30.716(N) -96.331(W) 4000 ft
Small 84TX BUCHANAN DAM CAMP LONGHORN 30.741(N) -98.379(W) 900 ft
Small XA32 BUCKHOLTS WOLFE FIELD 30.911(N) -97.171(W) 3000 ft
Small 06TA BUCKHOLTS GLASER FIELD 30.909(N) -97.117(W) 1900 ft
Small 85TX BUDA RUTHERFORD RANCH 30.078(N) -97.966(W) 3800 ft
Small 0XS9 BULLARD FRENCH FIELD 32.134(N) -95.340(W) 1200 ft
Small 86TX BULVERDE FLYING J 29.737(N) -98.379(W) 1700 ft
Small 4XA5 BURKBURNETT 4-SHIPP 34.038(N) -98.496(W) 1849 ft
Small 3TX9 BURLESON RAFTER J 32.528(N) -97.281(W) 2800 ft
Small 8TS1 BURLESON RETTA 32.542(N) -97.242(W) 2200 ft
Small 87TX BURNELL PORTER RANCH 28.690(N) -97.760(W) 3200 ft
Small 89TX BURNET AERO-BEE RANCH AIRSTRIP 30.879(N) -98.417(W) 2800 ft
Large BMQ BURNET BURNET MUNI KATE CRADDOCK FLD 30.739(N) -98.239(W) 5000 ft
Small TA63 BURNET FLATTOP RIDGE 30.823(N) -98.111(W) 2000 ft
Small XA33 CADDO MILLS THORNY WOODS 32.959(N) -96.264(W) 1700 ft
Small 7F3 CADDO MILLS CADDO MILLS MUNI 33.036(N) -96.243(W) 4000 ft
Small 18TX CADDO MILLS FLYING 'T' RANCH 32.953(N) -96.228(W) 3500 ft
Small RWV CALDWELL CALDWELL MUNI 30.515(N) -96.704(W) 3252 ft
Small 7TA5 CALDWELL WEBER RANCH 30.587(N) -96.634(W) 2800 ft
Small 90TX CALLAGHAN CALLAGHAN RANCH 27.879(N) -99.397(W) 4640 ft
Small 91TX CALLIHAM PAISANO RANCH 28.397(N) -98.363(W) 3750 ft
Small TE26 CAMBELLTON ARROW S RANCH 28.784(N) -98.350(W) 5500 ft
Large T35 CAMERON CAMERON MUNI AIRPARK 30.879(N) -96.971(W) 3200 ft
Small TE78 CAMP WOOD FOSSIL CREEK RANCH 29.569(N) -99.975(W) 5300 ft
Small TS11 CAMPBELL GLENMAR 33.107(N) -95.930(W) 1600 ft
Small 0XA5 CAMPBELLTON SEVENTY FOUR RANCH 28.685(N) -98.383(W) 3800 ft
Large HHF CANADIAN HEMPHILL CO 35.895(N) -100.404(W) 5000 ft
Small XA96 CANADIAN EN GEDI RANCH 35.663(N) -100.324(W) 1600 ft
Small TE04 CANADIAN SPLIT B RANCH 35.703(N) -100.285(W) 3000 ft
Small XA95 CANDELARIA CANDELARIA 30.149(N) -104.683(W) 1900 ft
Small TX43 CANTON GOODE FIELD 32.510(N) -96.003(W) 3200 ft
Small TA86 CANTON DENNIS'S FLYING FARM 32.606(N) -95.935(W) 2000 ft
Small 91TA CANTON RHINES ROOST 32.446(N) -95.919(W) 2230 ft
Small 1TA7 CANTON THOMPSON FIELD 32.616(N) -95.868(W) 2600 ft
Small 7F5 CANTON CANTON HACKNEY 32.586(N) -95.863(W) 3750 ft
Small 1E9 CANYON MAPLES FIELD 35.065(N) -101.961(W) 3865 ft
Small 34TS CANYON LAKE CANYON LAKE 29.916(N) -98.248(W) 2600 ft
Small 2XS2 CARRIZO SPRINGS INDIO FAITH 28.263(N) -100.162(W) 5000 ft
Small 74TA CARRIZO SPRINGS GLASS RANCH 28.450(N) -100.150(W) 5200 ft
Small 95TX CARRIZO SPRINGS CHUPADERA RANCH 28.192(N) -100.072(W) 4000 ft
Small 97TX CARRIZO SPRINGS SAN PEDRO RANCH 28.284(N) -100.067(W) 3600 ft
Small XA89 CARRIZO SPRINGS FAITH RANCH 28.209(N) -100.019(W) 5305 ft
Small 1TS6 CARRIZO SPRINGS DENTONIO RANCH 28.269(N) -99.935(W) 4000 ft
Small TA84 CARRIZO SPRINGS MILLER RANCH 28.355(N) -99.933(W) 3000 ft
Small CZT Carrizo Springs DIMMIT CO 28.522(N) -99.824(W) 4997 ft
Small 4F2 CARTHAGE PANOLA CO SHARPE FLD 32.176(N) -94.299(W) 4000 ft
Small XS86 CASTROVILLE T-RANCH 29.267(N) -98.925(W) 1500 ft
Small TE13 CASTROVILLE WEIBLEN 29.400(N) -98.888(W) 1500 ft
Small CVB CASTROVILLE CASTROVILLE MUNI 29.342(N) -98.851(W) 4600 ft
Small 1TE1 CATARINA BRISCOES CATARINA RANCH 28.250(N) -99.817(W) 4000 ft
Small TE27 CATARINA HARRISON PILONCILLO RANCH 28.254(N) -99.599(W) 5000 ft
Small 99TX CATARINA BRIGGS RANCH 28.300(N) -99.567(W) 3450 ft
Small 0XS0 CATARINA DIAMOND H RANCH 28.400(N) -99.559(W) 3300 ft
Small 40XS CEDAR PARK BREAKAWAY PARK 30.518(N) -97.781(W) 3000 ft
Small TS40 CELINA CELINA FIELD 33.313(N) -96.764(W) 1020 ft
Small 1TS9 CELINA FOUR WINDS 33.368(N) -96.753(W) 2700 ft
Small 79TS CELINA TALLOWS FIELD 33.304(N) -96.747(W) 1000 ft
Small T80 CELINA BISHOP'S LANDING 33.377(N) -96.729(W) 1580 ft
Small TX45 CENTER HAWKEYE HUNTING CLUB 31.767(N) -97.129(W) 3200 ft
Small F17 CENTER CENTER MUNI 31.832(N) -94.156(W) 5501 ft
Small 24TA CENTERVILLE MOORE RANCH 31.213(N) -95.827(W) 2500 ft
Small TE01 CENTERVILLE DILLARD RANCH 31.305(N) -95.797(W) 3100 ft
Small TX70 CHAPPELL HILL EBERLY RANCH 30.052(N) -96.218(W) 3875 ft
Small 1XA8 CHATFIELD HACKBERRY 32.233(N) -96.398(W) 2060 ft
Small XA07 CHICO SPECTRE 33.275(N) -97.717(W) 1800 ft
Large CDS CDS CHILDRESS CHILDRESS MUNI 34.434(N) -100.288(W) 5949 ft
Small 63TA CHILLICOTHE BARNETT 34.270(N) -99.514(W) 3080 ft
Small 04TX CHINA SPRING POCOCK 31.732(N) -97.369(W) 2000 ft
Small 3T8 CHINA SPRING WILDCAT CANYON 31.679(N) -97.363(W) 2450 ft
Small 20XS CHISHOLM KLUTTS FIELD 32.835(N) -96.378(W) 1800 ft
Small 96TX CHRISTOVAL BROWN FIELD 31.165(N) -100.476(W) 3000 ft
Small 3F2 CISCO CISCO MUNI 32.417(N) -99.000(W) 3700 ft
Small 62XS CLAIRETTE J F RANCH 32.022(N) -98.134(W) 2400 ft
Small E34 CLARENDON SMILEY JOHNSON MUNI BASS FLD 34.911(N) -100.869(W) 4496 ft
Small 4TE3 CLAUDE FINLEY RANCH 35.117(N) -101.442(W) 3000 ft
Small 5TA4 CLAUDE REED 34.900(N) -101.317(W) 3100 ft
Large CPT CLEBURNE CLEBURNE MUNI 32.354(N) -97.434(W) 5700 ft
Small TX46 CLEBURNE BLACKWOOD AIRPARK 32.410(N) -97.387(W) 2600 ft
Small 0TS5 CLEVELAND LAKE BAY GALL 30.442(N) -95.186(W) 3200 ft
Small 06TE CLEVELAND AINSWORTH 30.313(N) -95.027(W) 2500 ft
Small 6R3 CLEVELAND CLEVELAND MUNI 30.356(N) -95.008(W) 4998 ft
Small TX48 CLIFTON TALLEY 31.832(N) -97.719(W) 2418 ft
Small 7F7 CLIFTON CLIFTON MUNI ISENHOWER FLD 31.817(N) -97.567(W) 3000 ft
Small 4XA3 CLYDE OWEN FIELD 32.254(N) -99.499(W) 2500 ft
Large COM COM COLEMAN COLEMAN MUNI 31.841(N) -99.404(W) 4503 ft
Large KCLL CLL CLL College Station EASTERWOOD FLD 30.589(N) -96.364(W) 7000 ft 3
Small T32 COLLINSVILLE SUDDEN STOP 33.571(N) -96.907(W) 1550 ft
Small 85TA COLLINSVILLE J-BAR RANCH 33.580(N) -96.812(W) 2400 ft
Small 2XA4 COLLINSVILLE FLYING S RANCH 33.581(N) -96.800(W) 2500 ft
Small T88 COLORADO CITY COLORADO CITY 32.468(N) -100.921(W) 5420 ft
Small 7TE8 COLORADO CITY TRULOCK RANCH FLD 32.421(N) -100.811(W) 3000 ft
Small 1TS8 COLORADO CITY LANDERS RANCH 32.288(N) -100.722(W) 2000 ft
Small TS27 COLUMBUS RIVER FIELD 29.716(N) -96.591(W) 2800 ft
Small 66R COLUMBUS ROBERT R WELLS JR 29.641(N) -96.516(W) 3623 ft
Small MKN COMANCHE COMANCHE CO CITY 31.917(N) -98.600(W) 4500 ft
Small 66TX COMETA LOMA DE COMETA 28.682(N) -100.024(W) 3750 ft
Small 17TE COMFORT COMFORT AIRPARK 29.929(N) -98.940(W) 1950 ft
Small XS80 COMFORT SANTIAGO CATTLE CO. 29.973(N) -98.935(W) 1600 ft
Small 08TE COMFORT B J MC COMBS SISTERDALE 29.976(N) -98.744(W) 3100 ft
Small 3TA1 COMFORT DIAMOND K RANCH 30.037(N) -98.698(W) 2800 ft
Small 2F7 COMMERCE COMMERCE MUNI 33.293(N) -95.896(W) 3909 ft
Small TX07 COMSTOCK NIX RIVER RANCH STRIP 29.934(N) -101.234(W) 6000 ft
Small 0TE0 COMSTOCK ROBERTSON RANCH 29.693(N) -101.162(W) 3250 ft
Small 16XS CONROE PROPWASH 33.081(N) -97.359(W) 3000 ft
STOL 34XS CONROE FLYING HARE 30.392(N) -95.539(W) 880 ft
Large KCXO CXO CXO Conroe LONE STAR EXECUTIVE 30.352(N) -95.414(W) 6000 ft
Small 19TE CONROE CUT AND SHOOT 30.317(N) -95.334(W) 2900 ft
Small 55T CONWAY EAGLES AERODROME 35.216(N) -101.411(W) 5000 ft
Small 3TS9 COOPER OAK GLEN RANCH 33.379(N) -95.604(W) 3000 ft
Small 22TE CORDELE FENNER RANCH 29.193(N) -96.689(W) 2300 ft
Small 69TA CORPUS CHRISTI DEAN 27.655(N) -97.525(W) 2400 ft
Small 07TE CORPUS CHRISTI CUDDIHY FLD 27.721(N) -97.513(W) 5000 ft
Medium NGW Corpus Christi CABANISS FLD NOLF 27.700(N) -97.434(W) 5000 ft
Medium NWL Corpus Christi WALDRON FLD NOLF 27.635(N) -97.312(W) 4815 ft
Small TA43 CORRIGAN ANDEROSA AIRPARK 31.047(N) -94.854(W) 1650 ft
Small TA05 CORSICANA ANXIETY AERODROME 32.038(N) -96.532(W) 2700 ft
Small 4XS1 CORSICANA COYOTE FIELD 32.134(N) -96.521(W) 2500 ft
Small 90TE CORSICANA THE HOMESTEAD 32.196(N) -96.439(W) 3657 ft
Small 6TX6 CORSICANA JTJ RANCH 32.083(N) -96.357(W) 2500 ft
Small TX51 CORSICANA SMITH 32.200(N) -96.329(W) 2200 ft
Small TA58 COTULLA RANCHO ECANTADO 28.321(N) -99.450(W) 2100 ft
Large COT COT COTULLA COTULLA LASALLE CO 28.457(N) -99.220(W) 5005 ft
Small 5TS1 COTULLA UNO MAS RANCH 28.206(N) -99.134(W) 4500 ft
Small XA08 COTULLA LOS CUERNOS RANCH 28.166(N) -99.092(W) 4800 ft
Small TX79 COTULLA CRESCENT C RANCH 28.089(N) -99.049(W) 5020 ft
Small 2XA1 COTULLA EL CABALLERO 28.140(N) -98.936(W) 5500 ft
Small 45XS COTULLA GHOST APACHE 28.140(N) -98.913(W) 3600 ft
Small 79TA COTULLA MORRIS RANCH 28.170(N) -98.890(W) 4000 ft
Small 46TA COTULLA GOULD STRIP 28.126(N) -98.860(W) 4000 ft
Small TE96 COUPLAND CROSSWINDS AIRFIELD 30.433(N) -97.413(W) 2650 ft
Small 5TS2 COUPLAND CHAN-C 30.479(N) -97.319(W) 1500 ft
Small 9TX2 CRANDALL BENNETTS 32.637(N) -96.408(W) 2000 ft
Small 8TE2 CRANE J-BAR RANCH 31.528(N) -102.528(W) 3300 ft
Small E13 CRANE CRANE CO 31.415(N) -102.363(W) 3685 ft
Small TX97 CRANFILLS GAP CADE FIELD 31.765(N) -97.796(W) 1600 ft
Small TX52 CRANFILLS GAP PARRISH AIRSTRIP 31.795(N) -97.774(W) 2000 ft
Small 3XA8 CRESSON CHICKEN STRIP 32.514(N) -97.595(W) 2500 ft
Small TE52 CRESSON CHIGGER FIELD 32.536(N) -97.589(W) 3050 ft
Small 80TS CROCKETT M Y RANCH 31.328(N) -95.573(W) 2550 ft
Small DKR CROCKETT HOUSTON CO 31.307(N) -95.404(W) 4000 ft
Small 1TA4 CROCKETT LAST RESORT 31.459(N) -95.296(W) 2300 ft
Small 81TS CROCKETT DIBRELL 31.444(N) -95.275(W) 2300 ft
Small 1XS1 CROSBY DUNHAM FIELD 29.938(N) -95.047(W) 2800 ft
Small 49TA CROSBY ROEDER 29.897(N) -95.017(W) 3500 ft
Small 1TE2 CROSBY FLYING F RANCH 29.986(N) -95.017(W) 2300 ft
Small 9TA3 CROSBY ROGERS 29.873(N) -94.990(W) 3000 ft
Large 8F3 CROSBYTON CROSBYTON MUNI 33.624(N) -101.241(W) 3600 ft
Small TX11 CROSS PLAINS ROSS PLANES 32.140(N) -99.159(W) 1200 ft
Small 2XA0 CROWELL FOARD COUNTY 33.979(N) -99.713(W) 3200 ft
Small XS77 CRYSTAL BEACH SEAFOOD WAREHOUSE PARK 29.466(N) -94.627(W) 2200 ft
Small TA34 CRYSTAL CITY FLYING G 28.767(N) -100.083(W) 5200 ft
Small 3TA8 CRYSTAL CITY PICOSA RANCH 28.720(N) -100.055(W) 2700 ft
Small 3TA9 CRYSTAL CITY CHACON CREEK RANCH 28.709(N) -100.007(W) 2900 ft
Small 20R CRYSTAL CITY CRYSTAL CITY MUNI 28.698(N) -99.818(W) 3550 ft
Small 8TE4 CRYSTAL CITY H AND F PROPERTIES 28.815(N) -99.758(W) 3000 ft
Small TA36 CUERO LEMPA 29.006(N) -97.312(W) 2500 ft
Small T71 CUERO CUERO MUNI 29.084(N) -97.267(W) 2800 ft
Small TA06 CUMBY MORRIS MANOR 33.161(N) -95.806(W) 2000 ft
Small TS07 CYPRESS DRY CREEK 29.986(N) -95.686(W) 3580 ft
Small 4TE9 D'HANIS SQUIRREL CREEK RANCH 29.264(N) -99.351(W) 4400 ft
Small 4TS8 D'HANIS GLASSCOCK FLD 29.375(N) -99.342(W) 3000 ft
Small 8F5 DAINGERFIELD GREATER MORRIS CO 33.127(N) -94.699(W) 3080 ft
Large DHT DHT DALHART DALHART MUNI 36.023(N) -102.547(W) 6400 ft
Small 25TS DALHART MILLER AFLD 36.092(N) -102.416(W) 6500 ft
Large RBD RBD Dallas DALLAS EXECUTIVE 32.681(N) -96.868(W) 6451 ft
Large KDAL DAL DAL DALLAS DALLAS LOVE FLD 32.847(N) -96.852(W) 8800 ft 4
Small F69 DALLAS AIR PARK DALLAS 33.023(N) -96.837(W) 3080 ft
Large ADS ADS Dallas ADDISON 32.969(N) -96.836(W) 6431 ft 2
Small 46TS DALLAS LAVON NORTH 33.128(N) -96.510(W) 2570 ft
Small 1F7 DALLAS AIRPARK EAST 32.814(N) -96.352(W) 2630 ft
Small XS21 DAMON H & S AIRFIELD 29.331(N) -95.705(W) 2500 ft
Small 4TA0 DAMON MASSIMILIANO MEM FLD 29.356(N) -95.664(W) 3200 ft
Small 77XS DANBURY GARRETT RANCH 29.287(N) -95.360(W) 3900 ft
Small 07TA DANBURY SALAIKA AVIATION 29.241(N) -95.345(W) 2200 ft
Small 2XA2 DANBURY KNAPE 29.220(N) -95.311(W) 2400 ft
Small 78XS DANEVANG SMITH AVIATION INC 29.053(N) -96.262(W) 2600 ft
Small TX38 DARROUZETT DUKE RANCH 36.379(N) -100.343(W) 2140 ft
Small 14XS DAVILLA ISBELL RANCH 30.809(N) -97.274(W) 1800 ft
Small 5TS3 DAWSON KNAPP PECAN ORCHARD AIRPARK 31.974(N) -96.678(W) 2500 ft
Small TS35 DAYTON WEST LIBERTY 30.058(N) -94.978(W) 2900 ft
Small TA07 DAYTON JET AG INC 30.007(N) -94.967(W) 2400 ft
Small 3TE9 DAYTON PINOAK 30.106(N) -94.959(W) 3700 ft
Small 3TS7 DAYTON PAVLAT 30.021(N) -94.946(W) 2075 ft
Small 21TE DAYTON SEABERG RANCH 30.013(N) -94.924(W) 2600 ft
Small 3TE1 DAYTON GUM ISLAND 29.952(N) -94.904(W) 2500 ft
Small TS14 DE LEON SMITH FLYING SERVICE 32.109(N) -98.488(W) 2350 ft
Small TS57 DECATUR RED ACE RANCH 33.242(N) -97.621(W) 2000 ft
Small XA99 DECATUR FLAT BUSH 33.134(N) -97.607(W) 2300 ft
Small 5TS4 DECATUR MC ENTIRE 33.145(N) -97.602(W) 1520 ft
Small LUD DECATUR DECATUR MUNI 33.255(N) -97.581(W) 3900 ft
Small TX64 DECATUR LAZY 9 RANCH 33.299(N) -97.527(W) 4000 ft
Small 09TA DECATUR LAZY G BAR RANCH 33.282(N) -97.497(W) 2400 ft
Small 58T DECATUR HERITAGE CREEK AIRSTRIP 33.169(N) -97.484(W) 3000 ft
Small XA98 DECATUR JBJ RANCH 33.303(N) -97.458(W) 2200 ft
Small 76T DECATUR BISHOP 33.267(N) -97.452(W) 3730 ft
Small XA34 DECATUR ALLISON FARM 33.242(N) -97.428(W) 3000 ft
Small TS04 DEL RIO RIO VISTA RANCH 29.836(N) -100.978(W) 3050 ft
Small 4TE7 DEL RIO DEVIL'S RIVER RANCH 29.741(N) -100.965(W) 3800 ft
Large DRT DRT DEL RIO DEL RIO INTL 29.374(N) -100.927(W) 6300 ft 2
Small 8TS8 DEL RIO RNK RANCH 29.917(N) -100.913(W) 4400 ft
Small TA81 DEL RIO TYRA RANCH 29.794(N) -100.879(W) 3200 ft
Small TA29 DEL RIO FLYING D RANCH 29.926(N) -100.840(W) 1960 ft
Medium KDLF DLF DLF Del Rio LAUGHLIN AFB 29.359(N) -100.778(W) 8857 ft
Small 23TS DEL RIO BERTANI RANCH 29.423(N) -100.739(W) 3300 ft
Small 4TE2 DEL RIO LEWIS PRIVATE 29.544(N) -100.673(W) 2200 ft
Small 81TE DEL RIO HORN RANCH 29.542(N) -100.617(W) 2100 ft
Small TA55 DEL VALLE DEL VALLE 30.168(N) -97.593(W) 2200 ft
Small 2E5 DELL CITY DELL CITY MUNI 31.948(N) -105.192(W) 4685 ft
Small 9XS4 DENISON MC KEON AVIATION 33.734(N) -96.627(W) 1800 ft
Small TX12 DENISON KIDD-PRIVATE 33.808(N) -96.609(W) 2000 ft
Large DTO DENTON DENTON MUNI 33.201(N) -97.198(W) 5999 ft
Small 2TS0 DENTON MYSKA FIELD 33.156(N) -97.138(W) 1250 ft
Small 4TA1 DENTON WARSCHUN RANCH 33.303(N) -97.111(W) 1800 ft
Small 46XS DENTON WINDY HILL 33.311(N) -97.104(W) 2000 ft
Small TE81 DENTON SMITHER FIELD 33.310(N) -97.093(W) 2400 ft
Small 3XS0 DENTON HARTLEE FIELD 33.268(N) -97.071(W) 2200 ft
Small 1TA5 DENVER CITY TWO LEGGS 32.942(N) -103.000(W) 3600 ft
Small E57 DENVER CITY DENVER CITY 32.975(N) -102.842(W) 5625 ft
Large 23R DEVINE DEVINE MUNI 29.138(N) -98.942(W) 3400 ft
Small 5TS5 DILLEY MC DONALD RANCH 28.651(N) -99.289(W) 2000 ft
Small 24R DILLEY DILLEY AIRPARK 28.686(N) -99.189(W) 3400 ft
Small 7TS8 DIMMITT OTT FARMS 34.404(N) -102.454(W) 3800 ft
Small T55 DIMMITT DIMMITT MUNI 34.567(N) -102.323(W) 5500 ft
Small XA65 DORCHESTER TXAEROSPORT AERODROME 33.536(N) -96.680(W) 3200 ft
Small 14TX DRIPPING SPRINGS KEYES RANCH 30.289(N) -98.174(W) 2000 ft
Small 5TE2 DRIPPING SPRINGS BLEAKLEY RANCH 30.225(N) -98.142(W) 2800 ft
Small 5TE3 DRIPPING SPRINGS ALEXANDER RANCH 30.272(N) -98.117(W) 2200 ft
Small 0XA8 DRIPPING SPRINGS OHHO 30.270(N) -98.108(W) 1000 ft
Small 6R6 DRYDEN TERRELL CO 30.046(N) -102.213(W) 4525 ft
Small 0TA3 DRYDEN TATE RANCH 30.304(N) -102.138(W) 2500 ft
Small 17XS DUBLIN QUAHADI RANCH 32.178(N) -98.435(W) 6095 ft
Small 9F0 DUBLIN DUBLIN MUNI 32.068(N) -98.325(W) 3200 ft
Small DUX Dumas MOORE CO 35.858(N) -102.013(W) 5474 ft
Small ELA EAGLE LAKE EAGLE LAKE 29.601(N) -96.322(W) 3801 ft
Small 5TE7 EAGLE LAKE RENZ RANCH 29.719(N) -96.309(W) 1600 ft
Small 5T9 EGP EAGLE PASS MAVERICK CO MEML INTL 28.857(N) -100.512(W) 5500 ft 1
Small 6TA4 EAGLE PASS WINN EXPLORATION CO. INC 28.717(N) -100.409(W) 6300 ft
Small 5TE0 EAGLE PASS COMANCHE RANCH 28.628(N) -100.159(W) 5500 ft
Large ETN EASTLAND EASTLAND MUNI 32.413(N) -98.810(W) 4020 ft
Small TX68 ECTOR PARKER PLACE 33.592(N) -96.277(W) 2600 ft
Small 6XS5 EDCOUCH CANNON AVIATION 26.309(N) -97.954(W) 3100 ft
Small 6TE0 EDCOUCH SKALITSKY 26.290(N) -97.949(W) 2500 ft
Small TS29 EDDY LIBERTY HILL INTL 31.295(N) -97.297(W) 2000 ft
Small 6TE1 EDINBURG NORMAN & WHITE 26.361(N) -98.153(W) 4000 ft
Small EBG EDINBURG EDINBURG INTL 26.442(N) -98.122(W) 5000 ft
Small 6TE5 EDNA KUBECKA FLYING SERVICE INC. 28.981(N) -96.622(W) 5440 ft
Small 26R EDNA JACKSON CO 29.001(N) -96.582(W) 3393 ft
Small 6TE3 EDNA HAHNS 28.949(N) -96.550(W) 2700 ft
Small 7TE6 EL CAMPO STOVALL RANCH NR 1 29.200(N) -96.554(W) 3300 ft
Small 68TE EL CAMPO NORRIS RAUN RANCH 29.196(N) -96.492(W) 2630 ft
Small 0XS1 EL CAMPO RODGERS ROOST 29.288(N) -96.350(W) 1500 ft
Small TS96 EL CAMPO EL CAMPO AIRPARK 29.267(N) -96.325(W) 2450 ft
Small 2TE4 EL CAMPO FRELS 29.179(N) -96.323(W) 1500 ft
Small 8TE8 EL CAMPO TRADEWIND AG 29.163(N) -96.225(W) 2550 ft
Large KELP ELP ELP EL PASO EL PASO INTL 31.807(N) -106.378(W) 12020 ft 9
Large T27 EL PASO HORIZON 31.720(N) -106.237(W) 6885 ft
Small 27R ELDORADO ELDORADO 30.862(N) -100.611(W) 4300 ft
Small 7XS5 ELDORADO CHRISTIAN RANCH 30.860(N) -100.567(W) 2800 ft
Small 6TA0 ELDORADO ROCKING R RANCH 30.859(N) -100.323(W) 4200 ft
Small TS80 ELECTRA MC ALISTER FARM 34.131(N) -98.903(W) 2600 ft
Small TX61 ELGIN BAKER'S PLACE 30.330(N) -97.459(W) 2550 ft
Small 1XS2 ELGIN SKYE DANCE 30.381(N) -97.427(W) 2400 ft
Small 56TS ELGIN ELGIN INTRACONTINENTAL 30.338(N) -97.350(W) 1050 ft
Small 62TA ELGIN HAWKEN AIR ONE 30.318(N) -97.302(W) 1550 ft
Small TX72 ELGIN WOOD TRIPLE D 30.379(N) -97.195(W) 1750 ft
Small 2TX1 ELMENDORF RUSSELL PARADISE 29.225(N) -98.384(W) 2588 ft
Small 6XS9 ELMENDORF HARMONY FIELD 29.296(N) -98.379(W) 1700 ft
Small 28TE ELMENDORF MIDLAKE 29.268(N) -98.337(W) 2600 ft
Small 02XS ELROY SEIDEL RANCH 30.148(N) -97.663(W) 1500 ft
Small TE29 ENCINAL LA ESPERANZA RANCH 28.073(N) -99.574(W) 5000 ft
Small 8TS9 ENCINAL STRAIT RANCH 28.140(N) -99.570(W) 5000 ft
Small 2TX4 ENCINAL LEWIS RANCH 27.984(N) -99.377(W) 4800 ft
Small XA66 ENCINAL EL JARDIN RANCH 28.075(N) -99.286(W) 5000 ft
Small 2TA8 ENCINO EL COYOTE RANCH 26.858(N) -98.222(W) 5500 ft
Large F41 ENNIS ENNIS MUNI 32.330(N) -96.664(W) 3999 ft
Small XS34 ENNIS SKYLARK 32.312(N) -96.489(W) 1500 ft
Small TX94 ERA FLYING R RANCH 33.453(N) -97.277(W) 2500 ft
Small TE39 ERA BUCKER FIELD 33.443(N) -97.273(W) 2100 ft
Small TX39 ERA RUBY FIELD 33.477(N) -97.251(W) 1800 ft
Small 7TE1 ESCOBAS ZACHRY RANCH 27.073(N) -98.939(W) 5000 ft
Small 4TE8 EVADALE BEN BRUCE MEM AIRPARK 30.321(N) -94.074(W) 6000 ft
Small 00TS EVERMAN ALPINE RANGE 32.608(N) -97.242(W) 1200 ft
Large E35 FABENS FABENS 31.516(N) -106.147(W) 4200 ft
Small 7XS6 FAIRFIELD MOORE HX RANCH 31.794(N) -96.208(W) 2500 ft
Small 2TA6 FAIRFIELD PYRAMID RANCH 31.863(N) -96.197(W) 4500 ft
Small TX73 FAIRFIELD BIG BROWN CREEK AIRSTRIP 31.831(N) -96.052(W) 3300 ft
Small 7TE2 FALFURRIAS CAGE RANCH 27.106(N) -98.206(W) 4100 ft
Large BKS FALFURRIAS BROOKS CO 27.207(N) -98.121(W) 5002 ft
Small 7TS7 FANNETT BROUSSARD FARM 29.911(N) -94.339(W) 2300 ft
Small 7TE0 FANNETT KELLEY CROP SERVICE 29.914(N) -94.208(W) 2100 ft
Small 6XS3 FARMERSVILLE MULLINS LANDING 33.138(N) -96.386(W) 1980 ft
Small 8TA5 FARMERSVILLE SHORT STOP 33.163(N) -96.322(W) 1500 ft
Small 30XS FARWELL FARWELL SPRAYING SERVICE, INC 34.382(N) -103.018(W) 2700 ft
Small XS90 FENTRESS FENTRESS AIRPARK 29.768(N) -97.775(W) 3200 ft
Small 2TE5 FLATONIA PIANO RANCH 29.695(N) -97.163(W) 2300 ft
Small 1TE7 FLORESVILLE RAY FARM 29.121(N) -98.366(W) 2200 ft
Small 7TE9 FLORESVILLE BOENING BROTHERS 29.027(N) -98.287(W) 3400 ft
Small 8TA0 FLORESVILLE JOHN B CONNALLY RANCH 29.136(N) -98.276(W) 4050 ft
Small 82XS FLORESVILLE CIRCLE P RANCH 29.103(N) -98.217(W) 2600 ft
Small 0TX5 FLOWER MOUND SHILOH 33.024(N) -97.120(W) 1800 ft
Small TA08 FLOYD FLYING M 33.150(N) -96.274(W) 1950 ft
Small 41F FLOYDADA FLOYDADA MUNI 34.002(N) -101.330(W) 4600 ft
Large T93 FOLLETT FOLLETT LIPSCOMB CO 36.441(N) -100.124(W) 4073 ft
Small TA18 FORNEY SUNSET 32.707(N) -96.479(W) 2500 ft
Small 01TE FORNEY SMITH FIELD 32.738(N) -96.428(W) 2433 ft
Medium KBIF BIF BIF Fort Bliss BIGGS AAF 31.850(N) -106.380(W) 13554 ft
Medium KGRK GRK GRK Fort Hood ROBERT GRAY AAF 31.067(N) -97.829(W) 10000 ft 3
Medium KHLR HLR HLR Fort Hood HOOD AAF 31.139(N) -97.714(W) 3803 ft
Medium 23XS Fort Hood SHORTHORN AUX LANDING STRIP 31.359(N) -97.671(W) 2200 ft
Medium 22XS Fort Hood LONGHORN AUX LANDING STRIP 31.371(N) -97.667(W) 3493 ft
Small 4TS7 FORT STOCKTON ALLISON RANCH 30.450(N) -102.927(W) 4500 ft
Large FST FST FORT STOCKTON FORT STOCKTON PECOS CO 30.916(N) -102.916(W) 7507 ft
Small 50F FORT WORTH BOURLAND FLD 32.582(N) -97.591(W) 3832 ft
Small 2TE2 FORT WORTH FLYING OAKS 32.831(N) -97.534(W) 2800 ft
Small 4T2 FORT WORTH KENNETH COPELAND 32.977(N) -97.488(W) 6000 ft
Small TS73 FORT WORTH STUBBS STRIP 32.775(N) -97.488(W) 2280 ft
Medium NFW FORT WORTH FORT WORTH NAS JRB 32.769(N) -97.442(W) 12000 ft
Small T67 FORT WORTH HICKS 32.931(N) -97.412(W) 3549 ft
Large KFTW FTW FTW FORT WORTH FORT WORTH MEACHAM INTL 32.820(N) -97.362(W) 7501 ft 1
Small 9F9 FORT WORTH SYCAMORE STRIP 32.628(N) -97.354(W) 3970 ft
Large KAFW AFW AFW FORT WORTH FORT WORTH ALLIANCE 32.988(N) -97.319(W) 9600 ft 3
Large FWS FORT WORTH FORT WORTH SPINKS 32.565(N) -97.308(W) 6002 ft
Small TS00 FORT WORTH FULLER 32.788(N) -97.181(W) 1500 ft
Small TX75 FRANKLIN SANDBUR RANCHES PVT 31.010(N) -96.541(W) 2750 ft
Small 1TE9 FRANKLIN RMR RANCH 31.272(N) -96.439(W) 1800 ft
Small T25 FRANKSTON AERO ESTATES 32.082(N) -95.453(W) 3100 ft
Small 8XS0 FREDERICKSBURG TIVYDALE RANCH 30.254(N) -99.100(W) 2275 ft
Small 44TX FREDERICKSBURG WHITE OAK 30.210(N) -99.095(W) 2500 ft
Small TE97 FREDERICKSBURG CAMERON RANCH 30.188(N) -98.958(W) 2000 ft
Small 7XS7 FREDERICKSBURG INDIAN SPRINGS RANCH 30.115(N) -98.931(W) 3300 ft
STOL 8TE7 FREDERICKSBURG CARTER RANCH 30.321(N) -98.913(W) 1700 ft
Large T82 FREDERICKSBURG GILLESPIE CO 30.243(N) -98.909(W) 5002 ft
Small XS01 FREDERICKSBURG TSCHIRHART RANCH 30.450(N) -98.886(W) 2000 ft
Small 25XA FREDERICKSBURG HEADWATERS 30.099(N) -98.705(W) 4400 ft
Small TS36 FREDRICKSBURG SILVER WINGS 30.220(N) -99.141(W) 3800 ft
Small 0XA4 FREER SEVEN C RANCH 27.997(N) -98.882(W) 5000 ft
Small 28TA FREER DUVAL CO RANCH COMPANY 27.834(N) -98.717(W) 10280 ft
Small TX56 FREER DOUGLASS RANCH 27.715(N) -98.703(W) 2600 ft
Small T19 FREER DUVAL FREER 27.884(N) -98.600(W) 3200 ft
Small 42XS FREER TEMPLE RANCH 27.957(N) -98.404(W) 4000 ft
Small 6TX2 FRELSBURG CIRCLE M RANCH 29.835(N) -96.514(W) 2360 ft
Small 7XS0 FRIENDSWOOD POLLY RANCH 29.505(N) -95.175(W) 2700 ft
Small X54 FRIONA BENGER AIR PARK 34.654(N) -102.692(W) 3013 ft
Small TA77 FRISCO COTTONPATCH AERODROME 33.149(N) -96.899(W) 1800 ft
Small X09 FULSHEAR COVEY TRAILS 29.690(N) -95.840(W) 3365 ft
Small 9TE5 FULTON KALT RANCH 28.154(N) -96.977(W) 2200 ft
Large GLE GLE GAINESVILLE GAINESVILLE MUNI 33.651(N) -97.197(W) 6000 ft
Small TX81 GAINESVILLE ROBOTEK 33.550(N) -97.038(W) 1238 ft
Large KGLS GLS GLS Galveston SCHOLES INTL AT GALVESTON 29.265(N) -94.860(W) 6001 ft
Small TS08 GANADO CALAWAY 29.084(N) -96.500(W) 5000 ft
Small TS55 GARDEN RIDGE BAT CAVE FIELD 29.672(N) -98.304(W) 1900 ft
Ultralight TS67 GARDEN RIDGE KITTY HAWK FLYING FIELD 29.625(N) -98.278(W) 700 ft
Small TX89 GARLAND GANZE RANCH AIRSTRIP 32.970(N) -96.622(W) 2000 ft
STOL TX91 GARLAND MADEIRA AIRPARK 32.908(N) -96.597(W) 1100 ft
Small 5TS7 GARRISON R D WILLIAMS 31.777(N) -94.485(W) 2500 ft
Small TS51 GARRISON BARTON MEMORIAL 31.837(N) -94.459(W) 2550 ft
Small GOP GATESVILLE GATESVILLE MUNI 31.421(N) -97.797(W) 3400 ft
Small 2TX5 GATESVILLE BERRY 31.453(N) -97.751(W) 2300 ft
STOL TS01 GEOGETOWN LANDRY 30.713(N) -97.650(W) 1400 ft
Small 59TS GEORGE WEST ROSSLER RANCH 28.143(N) -98.158(W) 3000 ft
Small 8T6 GEORGE WEST LIVE OAK CO 28.363(N) -98.116(W) 3800 ft
Small 05TE GEORGETOWN HILDE-GRIFF FIELD 30.722(N) -97.791(W) 1500 ft
Small 30TA GEORGETOWN TRI-MODAL AIR PARK 30.592(N) -97.723(W) 4800 ft
Large GTU GEORGETOWN GEORGETOWN MUNI 30.679(N) -97.679(W) 5000 ft
Small TX92 GEORGETOWN GREEN 30.596(N) -97.669(W) 1800 ft
Small 0XA7 GEORGETOWN BAR 3 RANCH 30.662(N) -97.622(W) 2400 ft
Small 07TS GEORGETOWN CROSS-COUNTRY ESTATES 30.625(N) -97.573(W) 2500 ft
Small 50TA GERONIMO MOLTZ 29.688(N) -97.996(W) 2500 ft
Small GYB GIDDINGS GIDDINGS LEE CO 30.169(N) -96.980(W) 4000 ft
Small 9TX1 GIDDINGS BAR S RANCH 30.143(N) -96.856(W) 2900 ft
Small JXI GILMER FOX STEPHENS FLD GILMER MUNI 32.699(N) -94.949(W) 4000 ft
Small 07F GLADEWATER GLADEWATER MUNI 32.529(N) -94.972(W) 3301 ft
Small XA04 GLEN ROSE CIRCLE EIGHT RANCH 32.238(N) -97.900(W) 2100 ft
Small 41TA GLEN ROSE CIRCLE P RANCH 32.238(N) -97.878(W) 2700 ft
Small 09TE GLEN ROSE RUNNING M RANCH 32.267(N) -97.867(W) 2815 ft
Small TX93 GLEN ROSE WRIGHT RANCH 32.167(N) -97.834(W) 3700 ft
Small 8TS7 GLEN ROSE WYATT 3-RIVERS 32.245(N) -97.726(W) 3000 ft
Small TS61 GLEN ROSE LITTLE 'L' RANCH 32.212(N) -97.642(W) 1800 ft
Small TE02 GODLEY ARESTI AERODROME 32.471(N) -97.560(W) 2500 ft
Small TX95 GODLEY COPPENGER FARM 32.414(N) -97.532(W) 2150 ft
Small TX98 GODLEY HAWKINS PRIVATE 32.475(N) -97.501(W) 2438 ft
Small 59TX GODLEY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 32.487(N) -97.490(W) 3000 ft
Small XA90 GOLDEN FLY 1 ON 32.757(N) -95.528(W) 2300 ft
Small 8TX3 GOLDTHWAITE EDWARDS 31.343(N) -98.616(W) 1550 ft
Small T20 GONZALES GONZALES MUNI 29.528(N) -97.461(W) 3200 ft
Small TX99 GOODLAND WILLIAMS FIELD 34.007(N) -102.987(W) 3000 ft
STOL TE38 GOODRICH LOGHOUSE /STOL/ 30.593(N) -94.909(W) 1600 ft
Small 83TS GORDON MOORE RANCH 32.427(N) -98.420(W) 2500 ft
Small 73XS GORDON DEARING RANCH 32.446(N) -98.371(W) 2280 ft
Small 3T0 GORDONVILLE CEDAR MILLS 33.839(N) -96.810(W) 3000 ft
Small 0TE6 GORMAN GORMAN 32.204(N) -98.666(W) 2575 ft
Small F35 GRAFORD POSSUM KINGDOM 32.923(N) -98.436(W) 3202 ft
Small 10F GRAHAM ROSSER RANCH 33.015(N) -98.625(W) 3600 ft
Small RPH GRAHAM GRAHAM MUNI 33.110(N) -98.555(W) 4200 ft
Small 4TA3 GRAHAM COSTELLO ISLAND, INC 32.899(N) -98.460(W) 2600 ft
Small GDJ GRANBURY GRANBURY MUNI 32.444(N) -97.817(W) 3603 ft
Small TS89 GRANBURY PARKER 32.351(N) -97.809(W) 2000 ft
Small 8TA7 GRANBURY STARK FIELD 32.570(N) -97.753(W) 2600 ft
Small 0TX0 GRANBURY NASSAU BAY 32.420(N) -97.713(W) 2800 ft
Small 0TX1 GRANBURY PECAN PLANTATION 32.354(N) -97.676(W) 3500 ft
Large GPM GRAND PRAIRIE GRAND PRAIRIE MUNI 32.699(N) -97.047(W) 4001 ft
Small 3XA0 GRANDVIEW DRENNAN 32.314(N) -97.231(W) 2000 ft
Small 11TE GRANDVIEW FLYING M RANCH 32.300(N) -97.204(W) 1900 ft
Small XS06 GRANDVIEW FLYING B RANCH 32.298(N) -97.149(W) 2200 ft
Small XA75 GRANDVIEW DOUBLE A 32.324(N) -97.100(W) 2800 ft
Small 31TA GRANGER VITEK FIELD 30.729(N) -97.425(W) 1700 ft
Small 32TE GRANITE SHOALS GRANITE SHOALS MUNI 30.589(N) -98.370(W) 2000 ft
Small 7XS3 GRAPELAND W C RANCH 31.477(N) -95.635(W) 2600 ft
Small 0TX7 GRAPEVINE LAZY K ACRES 32.950(N) -97.150(W) 2250 ft
Small 31TS GREENVILLE FLYERS FIELD 33.190(N) -96.189(W) 1900 ft
Small 0TX9 GREENVILLE CARD AERODROME 33.250(N) -96.117(W) 2300 ft
Small XS14 GREENVILLE WEESE INTL 32.969(N) -96.071(W) 5300 ft
Large GVT GVT Greenville MAJORS 33.068(N) -96.065(W) 8030 ft
Small 0TX8 GREENVILLE JACOBIA FIELD 33.180(N) -96.043(W) 1800 ft
Small 37TS GREENVILLE SKINNER 32.991(N) -96.040(W) 1600 ft
Small 33R GROVETON GROVETON TRINITY CO 31.085(N) -95.164(W) 3500 ft
Small 2E3 GRUVER CLUCK RANCH 36.177(N) -101.694(W) 3605 ft
Large E19 GRUVER GRUVER MUNI 36.234(N) -101.432(W) 4698 ft
Small 1TX3 GUTHRIE BEGGS RANCH 33.425(N) -100.542(W) 4000 ft
Small 6TE6 GUTHRIE SIX 666 RANCH 33.641(N) -100.348(W) 5086 ft
Small 1TX2 GUTHRIE J Y RANCH-R B MASTERSON III ESTATE 33.717(N) -100.150(W) 2600 ft
Small 1TX5 HALE CENTER LANEY FARM 34.129(N) -101.909(W) 3400 ft
Small 0TA1 HALFWAY BUDDY HARMEL 34.220(N) -101.980(W) 2000 ft
Small 0TA2 HALFWAY SMITH FARMS 34.217(N) -101.925(W) 4000 ft
Small 34R HALLETTSVILLE HALLETTSVILLE MUNI 29.390(N) -96.956(W) 3210 ft
Small XA40 HALLETTSVILLE HOUND RUN 29.522(N) -96.937(W) 2480 ft
Small 1T9 HALLETTSVILLE LESIKAR RANCH 29.517(N) -96.844(W) 2800 ft
Large MNZ HAMILTON HAMILTON MUNI 31.666(N) -98.149(W) 5000 ft
Small 1TX6 HAMILTON MUXWORTHY 31.698(N) -98.096(W) 3000 ft
Small 1TX7 HAMLIN KILLION RANCH 32.806(N) -100.184(W) 2300 ft
Small 14F HAMLIN HAMLIN MUNI 32.850(N) -100.138(W) 3200 ft
Small 2TS2 HARLINGEN SHOFNER FARMS 26.168(N) -97.734(W) 1900 ft
Large KHRL HRL HRL Harlingen VALLEY INTL 26.229(N) -97.654(W) 8301 ft 5
Small XA41 HARPER LONE STAR FLYING SERVICE 30.355(N) -99.248(W) 3700 ft
Small 1TX8 HART HART AERIAL 34.370(N) -102.084(W) 2800 ft
Small 10TE HARWOOD GOTTWALD FIELD 29.667(N) -97.500(W) 1975 ft
Small 32TA HARWOOD WILBOURN RANCH 29.692(N) -97.434(W) 2600 ft
Small 15F HASKELL HASKELL MUNI 33.191(N) -99.718(W) 3420 ft
Ultralight 0TS2 HASLET ULTRALIGHT INTL 32.949(N) -97.329(W) 600 ft
Small 16TE HAWKINS HOLLY LAKE RANCH 32.698(N) -95.208(W) 2700 ft
Small 1TX9 HAWKINS HAWK RANCH 32.638(N) -95.161(W) 2600 ft
Large LHB HEARNE HEARNE MUNI 30.872(N) -96.622(W) 4000 ft
Small 1TE5 HEARNE CORPORA 30.816(N) -96.601(W) 2500 ft
Large HBV Hebbronville JIM HOGG CO 27.350(N) -98.737(W) 4999 ft
Small 03TE HEBBRONVILLE BARRONENA RANCH 27.491(N) -98.669(W) 3500 ft
Small TS69 HEBBRONVILLE BARRONENA EAST 27.485(N) -98.662(W) 2600 ft
Small TA44 HEBBRONVILLE PUESTA DEL SOL 27.076(N) -98.602(W) 4000 ft
Small 2TS5 HEDLEY HEDLEY 34.894(N) -100.610(W) 2300 ft
Small 35TS HEMPSTEAD HEMPSTEAD 30.122(N) -96.087(W) 3055 ft
Small 4TA4 HEMPSTEAD PEA PATCH 29.939(N) -96.060(W) 2250 ft
Small RFI HENDERSON RUSK COUNTY 32.142(N) -94.852(W) 4004 ft
Large Henderson RUSK CO 32.142(N) -94.852(W) 4004 ft
Small 63XS HENLY BYRAM RANCH 30.224(N) -98.289(W) 4100 ft
Small TE10 HENRIETTA PIERCE 33.815(N) -98.228(W) 2200 ft
Small 8TS2 HENRIETTA HENRIETTA 33.783(N) -98.217(W) 3180 ft
Large HRX HEREFORD HEREFORD MUNI 34.858(N) -102.326(W) 5387 ft
Small 5XS2 HEREFORD KIMBALL FARM SERVICE INC 35.033(N) -102.200(W) 2600 ft
Small 14TE HEXT SMITH I-RANCH 30.917(N) -99.484(W) 2700 ft
Small TA78 HICO PUTTY RANCH 31.972(N) -98.061(W) 3500 ft
Small 2TX2 HICO RAY SMITH FARM 32.027(N) -98.010(W) 2000 ft
Small 1X1 HIGGINS HIGGINS LIPSCOMB CO 36.106(N) -100.026(W) 3969 ft
Small 9XS1 HILL THE LANDING 31.836(N) -96.953(W) 3044 ft
Small INJ HILLSBORO HILLSBORO MUNI 32.083(N) -97.097(W) 4000 ft
Small 0TE4 HILLTOP LAKES HILLTOP LAKES 31.081(N) -96.215(W) 3000 ft
Small 37TE HITCHCOCK JOHNNIE VOLK FIELD 29.360(N) -95.010(W) 2700 ft
Small TX49 HOCKLEY BIGGIN HILL 30.118(N) -95.860(W) 3300 ft
Small TA90 HOCKLEY GREEN ACRES 29.975(N) -95.818(W) 4000 ft
Small 06TX HOCKLEY DIAMOND N RANCH 30.058(N) -95.813(W) 1680 ft
Small 4TA5 HOLLIDAY LUCKY G 33.853(N) -98.646(W) 1800 ft
Large HDO HONDO HONDO MUNI 29.360(N) -99.177(W) 6059 ft
Small TE57 HONDO HAASS FIELD 29.445(N) -99.123(W) 1700 ft
Small DZB HORSESHOE BAY HORSESHOE BAY AIRPARK 30.527(N) -98.359(W) 5977 ft
Small 2H5 HOUSTON HAPPY LANDINGS 29.505(N) -95.900(W) 4400 ft
Small TME HOUSTON HOUSTON EXECUTIVE 29.805(N) -95.898(W) 6610 ft
Small O07 HOUSTON WESTHEIMER AIR PARK 29.695(N) -95.795(W) 2500 ft
Large IWS IWS Houston WEST HOUSTON 29.818(N) -95.673(W) 3953 ft
Small T51 HOUSTON DAN JONES INTL 30.043(N) -95.667(W) 3185 ft
Small SGR SGR Houston SUGAR LAND RGNL 29.622(N) -95.657(W) 7620 ft
Small EYQ HOUSTON WEISER AIR PARK 29.935(N) -95.640(W) 3455 ft
Medium DWH Houston DAVID WAYNE HOOKS MEM 30.062(N) -95.553(W) 7009 ft
Small AXH HOUSTON HOUSTON SOUTHWEST 29.506(N) -95.477(W) 5003 ft
Small 39R HOUSTON FLYIN' B 29.538(N) -95.424(W) 2100 ft
Large KIAH IAH IAH Houston GEORGE BUSH INTCNTL HOUSTON 29.984(N) -95.341(W) 12001 ft 41
Large KHOU HOU HOU Houston WILLIAM P HOBBY 29.645(N) -95.279(W) 7602 ft 6
Small 21XS HOUSTON HOUSTON AIRPARK 29.520(N) -95.275(W) 2500 ft
Small LVJ HOUSTON PEARLAND RGNL 29.521(N) -95.242(W) 4313 ft
Large EFD EFD Houston ELLINGTON FLD 29.607(N) -95.159(W) 9001 ft
Small 1TE8 HOWE KAHUNA BAY 33.549(N) -96.558(W) 2500 ft
Small 1TS2 HUBBARD BAR 16 31.824(N) -96.778(W) 2500 ft
Small 49TE HUNT STOWERS RANCH 30.058(N) -99.513(W) 2000 ft
Small 4TA6 HUNT COMANCHE CAVES RANCH 30.022(N) -99.384(W) 3000 ft
Small 8TA8 HUNTINGTON BUFORDS FIELD 31.169(N) -94.532(W) 2600 ft
Large UTS HTV HUNTSVILLE HUNTSVILLE MUNI 30.747(N) -95.587(W) 5006 ft
Small 2TX6 IDALOU EVERITT 33.682(N) -101.668(W) 3400 ft
Small 5TS9 INDIANOLA BIG DUKE'S PLACE 28.530(N) -96.527(W) 3700 ft
Small 6TS8 INDUSTRY RABB AND NOBRA 30.003(N) -96.581(W) 2300 ft
Small TFP INGLESIDE T P MC CAMPBELL 27.913(N) -97.212(W) 5000 ft
Small 3TE0 IOLA K RANCH 30.732(N) -96.131(W) 5000 ft
Small 2F0 IRAAN IRAAN MUNI 30.906(N) -101.892(W) 3595 ft
Small 20TE ITASCA REECE RANCH 32.196(N) -97.089(W) 2200 ft
Small TA59 JACKSBORO FLAMINGO AIRFIELD 33.099(N) -98.289(W) 1400 ft
Small TS02 JACKSBORO ONE SIXTY FOUR PLACE 33.120(N) -98.231(W) 2800 ft
Small TE55 JACKSBORO FLYIN ARMADILLO 33.422(N) -98.191(W) 3000 ft
Small 21F JACKSBORO JACKSBORO MUNI 33.229(N) -98.147(W) 3220 ft
Small JSO JKV Jacksonville CHEROKEE CO 31.869(N) -95.217(W) 5011 ft
Small 1TE3 JACKSONVILLE BOLTON 31.917(N) -95.207(W) 1960 ft
Small 40TE JARRELL SYBERT FARM 30.789(N) -97.655(W) 1300 ft
Large JAS JASPER JASPER CO BELL FLD 30.886(N) -94.035(W) 5500 ft
Small 22F JAYTON KENT CO 33.229(N) -100.569(W) 3300 ft
Small TS62 JAYTON NORRIS FIELD 33.200(N) -100.518(W) 2600 ft
Small 6F7 JEFFERSON MANNING FIELD 32.827(N) -94.354(W) 5000 ft
Small 24F JEFFERSON CYPRESS RIVER 32.746(N) -94.304(W) 3200 ft
Small 40TA JEWETT MILES FIELD 31.313(N) -96.221(W) 2700 ft
Small 8TX0 JEWETT HUB FIELD 31.430(N) -96.130(W) 2500 ft
Small 0TE7 JOHNSON CITY JOHNSON CITY 30.252(N) -98.623(W) 6291 ft
Small 50TE JOHNSON CITY KELLER RANCH 30.230(N) -98.475(W) 2400 ft
Small 48T JOHNSON CITY BAMBERGER RANCH 30.217(N) -98.434(W) 1700 ft
Small XA02 JOHNSON CITY DANZ RANCH 30.280(N) -98.426(W) 1200 ft
Small 2XS1 JOHNSON CITY HARRIS RANCH 30.220(N) -98.303(W) 4400 ft
Small TE45 JOSHUA BUFFALO CHIPS AIRPARK 32.470(N) -97.465(W) 5400 ft
Small 25TE JOSHUA TAYLOR'S AIR PARK 32.450(N) -97.400(W) 1975 ft
Small 8TS5 JOSHUA STOL FIELD 32.468(N) -97.368(W) 1200 ft
Large JCT JUNCTION KIMBLE CO 30.511(N) -99.763(W) 5000 ft
Small 18TA JUNCTION WEST KERR RANCH 30.136(N) -99.744(W) 4500 ft
Small 52TE JUNCTION ROBINSON RANCH 30.517(N) -99.517(W) 2500 ft
Small TS21 JUSTICEBURG ROY RANCH 33.085(N) -101.115(W) 3000 ft
Small 2TX7 JUSTIN JW 33.095(N) -97.396(W) 2300 ft
Small 3TX4 JUSTIN WILLOW RUN 33.095(N) -97.380(W) 1900 ft
Small 3TX7 JUSTIN FLYING P 33.141(N) -97.371(W) 2800 ft
Small 16X JUSTIN PROPWASH 33.081(N) -97.359(W) 3000 ft
Small 05TS JUSTIN DEW DROP 33.129(N) -97.359(W) 1700 ft
Small 3TX2 JUSTIN FLYING S FARM 33.081(N) -97.349(W) 2700 ft
Small 3TX8 JUSTIN DROP FIELD 33.125(N) -97.346(W) 2700 ft
Small 3TX3 JUSTIN SITTON FIELD 33.120(N) -97.320(W) 2500 ft
Small 3T6 JUSTIN CLARK 33.133(N) -97.297(W) 1800 ft
Small XA00 JUSTIN PROSE FIELD 33.147(N) -97.280(W) 1620 ft
Small 0TS1 JUSTIN DOOLEY 33.099(N) -97.273(W) 1750 ft
Small 2TE6 KARNES CITY BURRIS RANCH 28.888(N) -98.050(W) 3300 ft
Small 56TE KATY CARDIFF BROTHERS 29.729(N) -95.850(W) 3000 ft
Small 9X9 KATY SACK-O-GRANDE ACROPORT 29.913(N) -95.827(W) 3950 ft
Small 59TE KATY HOFFPAUIR 29.806(N) -95.753(W) 2500 ft
Small TA46 KAUFMAN BAUM 32.563(N) -96.401(W) 3200 ft
Small XA42 KAUFMAN CONNIES AVIATION 32.376(N) -96.387(W) 1600 ft
Small 28XS KAUFMAN FLYING G 32.646(N) -96.325(W) 1400 ft
Small 8TS6 KAUFMAN MOORE 32.533(N) -96.322(W) 1835 ft
Small 0TA4 KAUFMAN ERCO FIELD 32.498(N) -96.271(W) 1742 ft
Small K00 KAUFMAN HALL 32.514(N) -96.237(W) 2585 ft
Small TX67 KEENE EMBRY RANCH 32.361(N) -97.302(W) 1600 ft
Small 7TX4 KELLER HILLCREST 32.967(N) -97.275(W) 2000 ft
Small 4TX2 KELLER STAGE COACH HILLS 32.967(N) -97.234(W) 2600 ft
Small 6TS1 KEMPNER WORRELL 31.178(N) -98.073(W) 2000 ft
Small 2R9 KENEDY KARNES CO 28.825(N) -97.866(W) 3218 ft
Small 4XA2 KENEDY CARD AIRFIELD 28.789(N) -97.763(W) 2400 ft
Small 63TE KENNARD FLYING S RANCH 31.354(N) -95.206(W) 2000 ft
Small 4TX4 KENNEDALE BIRK 32.628(N) -97.192(W) 2000 ft
Small 32TX KENNEY HINSON 30.058(N) -96.359(W) 1866 ft
Small XS44 KENT RANCHO DEL CIELO 31.015(N) -104.212(W) 6300 ft
Small 4TX5 KERENS HANCOCK 32.230(N) -96.260(W) 3200 ft
Small 5TE4 KERRICK PERKINS PROTHRO CIMARRON RANCH 36.508(N) -102.392(W) 4300 ft
Small 64TE KERRVILLE BRINKMAN RANCH/MT HOME 30.159(N) -99.337(W) 2700 ft
Small XA43 KERRVILLE FALL CREEK RANCH 29.908(N) -99.207(W) 2350 ft
Small TA73 KERRVILLE BARCLAY'S ROOST 29.975(N) -99.168(W) 2200 ft
Small 60TE KERRVILLE TIERRA LINDA RANCH 30.134(N) -99.150(W) 3000 ft
Small 4TX6 KILGORE KILGORE 32.413(N) -94.818(W) 2780 ft
Small 67TE KILLEEN FISHER RANCH 30.950(N) -97.797(W) 2400 ft
Small 69TS KILLEEN WHITE 30.999(N) -97.756(W) 1500 ft
Large ILE ILE Killeen SKYLARK FLD 31.086(N) -97.686(W) 5495 ft
Small 85TE KINGSBURY OLD KINGSBURY AERODROME 29.634(N) -97.812(W) 2600 ft
Small 54TX KINGSLAND FLYING H RANCH 30.677(N) -98.525(W) 2000 ft
Small TS18 KINGSLAND KINGSLAND ESTATES 30.654(N) -98.479(W) 3233 ft
Small 44TE KINGSLAND SHIRLEY WILLIAMS 30.684(N) -98.417(W) 2600 ft
Large IKG Kingsville KLEBERG CO 27.551(N) -98.031(W) 5999 ft
Medium KNQI NQI NQI KINGSVILLE KINGSVILLE NAS 27.507(N) -97.810(W) 8000 ft
Small T12 KIRBYVILLE KIRBYVILLE 30.647(N) -93.915(W) 3520 ft
Small 4TX7 KNOX CITY OLIVER 33.420(N) -99.866(W) 2500 ft
Small F75 KNOX CITY HARRISON FLD OF KNOX CITY 33.438(N) -99.813(W) 3200 ft
Small 45R KOUNTZE/SILSBEE HAWTHORNE FLD 30.336(N) -94.258(W) 4302 ft
Small 29F KRESS JOE VAUGHN SPRAYING 34.396(N) -101.767(W) 3900 ft
Small 6TX4 KRESS WHITFIELD 34.343(N) -101.544(W) 3000 ft
Small 2TX8 KRUM EAGLE'S LANDING 33.308(N) -97.380(W) 3300 ft
Small TE58 KRUM BIRD DOG AIRFIELD 33.306(N) -97.342(W) 3501 ft
Small XA72 KRUM STOCKER 33.277(N) -97.289(W) 2400 ft
Small TA47 KRUM RICHARDS 33.301(N) -97.245(W) 2600 ft
Small 4TX8 KRUM ADDINGTON FIELD 33.249(N) -97.224(W) 2600 ft
Small 3T5 LA GRANGE FAYETTE RGNL AIR CNTR 29.908(N) -96.950(W) 5001 ft
Small 9TE6 LA GRANGE ROCKY CREEK RANCH 29.917(N) -96.800(W) 2984 ft
Small 88TE LA GRANGE THUNDERBIRD SOUTHWEST 29.902(N) -96.799(W) 2000 ft
Large T41 LA PORTE LA PORTE MUNI 29.669(N) -95.064(W) 3975 ft
Small 72TE LA PRYOR CHAPARROSA RANCH 28.879(N) -99.991(W) 5100 ft
Small TE83 LA PRYOR WESTWIND RANCH 28.921(N) -99.756(W) 5117 ft
Small TE12 LA VERNIA CLEVELAND 29.300(N) -98.184(W) 3000 ft
Small 47TE LA WARD WHITES 28.852(N) -96.497(W) 2300 ft
Small 79TE LAGARTO ARROWHEAD 28.116(N) -97.931(W) 3400 ft
Small 1TX4 LAGO VISTA SHORELINE RANCH 30.429(N) -97.971(W) 2400 ft
Small RYW LAGO VISTA LAGO VISTA TX - RUSTY ALLEN 30.499(N) -97.969(W) 3808 ft
Small TX82 LAGUNA PARK RICK FIELD 31.864(N) -97.381(W) 1972 ft
Small 89TE LAJITAS LAJITAS INTL 29.278(N) -103.687(W) 7500 ft
Small 5TX0 LAKE DALLAS HIDDEN VALLEY AIRPARK 33.173(N) -97.051(W) 2600 ft
Small 30F LAKE DALLAS LAKEVIEW 33.132(N) -97.014(W) 2815 ft
Small 9TE3 LAMESA THORP 32.578(N) -101.931(W) 2600 ft
Small 2F5 LAMESA LAMESA MUNI 32.756(N) -101.920(W) 5000 ft
Small XA77 LAMESA BENNY WHITE FLYING 32.749(N) -101.779(W) 4150 ft
Small 5TX1 LAMKIN HARLEY WHITE FIELD 31.861(N) -98.259(W) 1750 ft
Small 69TE LAMPASAS DEER PASTURE 30.926(N) -98.236(W) 2000 ft
Large LZZ LAMPASAS LAMPASAS 31.106(N) -98.196(W) 4200 ft
Small TE48 LAMPASAS KING'S RANCH 31.045(N) -98.043(W) 1800 ft
Small LNC LANCASTER LANCASTER 32.579(N) -96.719(W) 5000 ft
Small 48TE LANGTRY 4M RANCH AIRFIELD 30.021(N) -101.573(W) 5000 ft
Small TE32 LAREDO RANCHO BLANCO 27.309(N) -99.481(W) 3500 ft
Large KLRD LRD LRD LAREDO LAREDO INTL 27.544(N) -99.462(W) 8236 ft 6
Small 0TE5 LAREDO SANTA MARIA RANCH 27.434(N) -99.186(W) 5992 ft
Small 8TS3 LATEXO BRUNER 31.390(N) -95.473(W) 2500 ft
Small 6TA3 LAWRENCE CULP 32.721(N) -96.724(W) 2500 ft
Small 7TE4 LEAKEY FLYING J RANCH 29.597(N) -99.845(W) 3000 ft
Small XA31 LEAKEY LEWIS RANCH 29.817(N) -99.788(W) 3150 ft
Small 57TE LEAKEY PRADE RANCH 29.939(N) -99.783(W) 3600 ft
Small 49R LEAKEY REAL CO 29.746(N) -99.761(W) 3735 ft
Small 8XS3 LEANDER PEGASUS PLACE AIRSTRIP 30.567(N) -97.829(W) 2700 ft
Small 77T LEANDER KITTIE HILL 30.602(N) -97.819(W) 3450 ft
Small 0TS4 LEDBETTER ULLRICH 30.092(N) -96.795(W) 1800 ft
Small 82TE LEON SPRINGS TARRY BANK 29.692(N) -98.708(W) 2700 ft
Small 6TA2 LEONARD ROCKYS PLACE 33.372(N) -96.362(W) 2600 ft
Small TE06 LEONARD CASEY FIELD 33.379(N) -96.317(W) 3000 ft
Small 5TX2 LEONARD GROVE HILL 33.422(N) -96.217(W) 2400 ft
Large LLN LEVELLAND LEVELLAND MUNI 33.553(N) -102.372(W) 6110 ft
Small TA21 LEWISVILLE WINDMILL HILL 33.018(N) -97.119(W) 2600 ft
Small 5TX6 LEWISVILLE HILLIARD LANDING AREA 33.017(N) -97.073(W) 1900 ft
Small 5TX4 LEWISVILLE BLACK MARK STRIP 33.033(N) -97.067(W) 2300 ft
Small TA75 LEXINGTON COTTON PATCH 30.392(N) -97.108(W) 2200 ft
Small TE75 LEXINGTON LEXINGTON AIRFIELD 30.413(N) -96.967(W) 3300 ft
Large T78 LIBERTY LIBERTY MUNI 30.078(N) -94.699(W) 3801 ft
Small XS12 LIBERTY HILL C F C AVIATION RANCH 30.676(N) -98.018(W) 3000 ft
Small 9TX4 LIBERTY HILL FLYING H RANCH 30.660(N) -97.911(W) 2100 ft
Small 91TE LIBERTY HILL BRITTS CROSSWIND 30.725(N) -97.862(W) 2100 ft
Small 5TX8 LINDEN BOON/LOVELACE 33.032(N) -94.379(W) 2500 ft
Small 7T0 LINDSAY FREEDOM FIELD 33.593(N) -97.219(W) 2400 ft
Small 76TX LITTLE ELM SPANISH OAKS 33.147(N) -96.976(W) 3000 ft
Large LIU LITTLEFIELD LITTLEFIELD MUNI 33.924(N) -102.387(W) 4021 ft
Small 15XS LIVERPOOL TOY AIRPARK 29.333(N) -95.334(W) 1915 ft
Small 00R LIVINGSTON LIVINGSTON MUNI 30.686(N) -95.018(W) 3700 ft
Small 44TS LLANO MC DAVID RANCH 30.578(N) -98.834(W) 3000 ft
Small XS00 LLANO FLYING D 30.637(N) -98.748(W) 2000 ft
Large AQO LLANO LLANO MUNI 30.784(N) -98.662(W) 4202 ft
Small 2XA5 LOCKHART SOMEDAY RANCH 29.804(N) -97.691(W) 1876 ft
Small 50R LOCKHART LOCKHART MUNI 29.850(N) -97.672(W) 4001 ft
Small 5XS7 LOCKNEY OUTBACK 34.230(N) -101.464(W) 2680 ft
Small TS39 LOCKNEY SHERMAN 34.312(N) -101.412(W) 4000 ft
Small 7TE3 LOMETA LOMETA AIR STRIP 31.234(N) -98.467(W) 2290 ft
Small XA44 LOMETA BIRCHFIELD RANCH 31.266(N) -98.424(W) 2200 ft
Small 9XS7 LONE OAK REEDER 32.947(N) -95.959(W) 1800 ft
Small XA45 LONE OAK WEEDFALLS 33.021(N) -95.931(W) 2800 ft
Small 4TE0 LONE STAR LONE STAR STEEL CO 32.933(N) -94.734(W) 5350 ft
Small 2XA7 LONGVIEW TAILWHEEL 32.615(N) -94.766(W) 2100 ft
Large KGGG GGG GGG Longview EAST TEXAS RGNL 32.384(N) -94.711(W) 10000 ft 1
Small 3TS0 LONGVIEW EAST SIDE 32.508(N) -94.700(W) 2400 ft
Small 92TA LOS FRESNOS DRENNAN FARM 26.121(N) -97.428(W) 1500 ft
Small T26 LOUISE FLYING V RANCH 29.108(N) -96.399(W) 2990 ft
Small 95TS LOVING ROB 33.231(N) -98.490(W) 2200 ft
Small 8XS8 LUBBOCK REESE AIRPARK 33.590(N) -102.037(W) 10500 ft
Large KLBB LBB LBB LUBBOCK LUBBOCK PRESTON SMITH INTL 33.664(N) -101.823(W) 11500 ft 9
Small F82 LUBBOCK TOWN AND COUNTRY AIRPARK 33.486(N) -101.813(W) 3500 ft
Small 47XS LUBBOCK BARTOS FARM 33.472(N) -101.785(W) 2200 ft
Large LFK LFK Lufkin ANGELINA CO 31.234(N) -94.750(W) 5398 ft
STOL 2TA1 LUFKIN GRAVCO 31.390(N) -94.691(W) 1500 ft
Small 25TX LUFKIN HUBBARD 31.313(N) -94.644(W) 3000 ft
Small T91 LULING THE CARTER MEMORIAL 29.728(N) -97.659(W) 2790 ft
Small 1TX0 LYTLE LYTLE AIRPARK 29.253(N) -98.861(W) 1475 ft
Small 51R MADISONVILLE MADISONVILLE MUNI 30.913(N) -95.952(W) 3202 ft
Small 47TS MADISONVILLE HENSARLING 31.048(N) -95.918(W) 2600 ft
Small 2TS4 MALAKOFF CIRCLE R RANCH 32.140(N) -95.970(W) 3000 ft
Small XS55 MALONE GIZMO FIELD 31.929(N) -96.939(W) 2000 ft
Small 6TX8 MANSFIELD HESS 32.556(N) -97.206(W) 1900 ft
Small TA83 MANSFIELD SHORT FIELD 32.540(N) -97.192(W) 1400 ft
Small 6TX7 MANSFIELD FLYING L AIRPARK 32.538(N) -97.131(W) 2600 ft
STOL TS70 MANSFIELD JACK MILLER 32.575(N) -97.087(W) 1500 ft
Small 3T2 MANVEL WOLFE AIR PARK 29.480(N) -95.327(W) 2910 ft
Small 48XS MARATHON MARAVILLAS GAP RANCH 29.927(N) -103.295(W) 5000 ft
Small 5TE5 MARATHON IRON MOUNTAIN RANCH 30.274(N) -103.237(W) 4000 ft
Small TA64 MARATHON PERSIMMON GAP RANCH 29.701(N) -103.150(W) 4200 ft
Small 92TE MARATHON CHANEY SAN FRANCISCO RANCH 29.967(N) -102.934(W) 2650 ft
Small 93TE MARATHON MAYHEW RANCH NR 1 29.810(N) -102.908(W) 5200 ft
Small 6TX9 MARATHON STOVALL RANCH NR 4 29.855(N) -102.792(W) 5000 ft
Small 86TA MARBLE FALLS SLAUGHTER RANCH 30.613(N) -98.298(W) 3376 ft
Small XS03 MARBLE FALLS HERBERT RANCH 30.481(N) -98.281(W) 2500 ft
Small TS15 MARFA CIBOLO CREEK RANCH 29.893(N) -104.262(W) 5300 ft
Large MRF MRF MARFA MARFA MUNI 30.371(N) -104.018(W) 6214 ft
Small 5TE1 MARFA RAWLS RANCH 29.650(N) -103.950(W) 3722 ft
Small 0TA7 MARFA ALTA VISTA RANCH 30.148(N) -103.893(W) 5200 ft
Small XS05 MARION H M RANCH 29.599(N) -98.171(W) 2100 ft
Small 1TE4 MARION ZUEHL 29.496(N) -98.158(W) 3000 ft
Ultralight 10TS MARION SAINT'S STRIP 29.552(N) -98.103(W) 900 ft
Small XS07 MARKHAM W D CORNILIUS RANCH 28.950(N) -96.060(W) 2100 ft
Medium T15 MARLIN MARLIN 31.341(N) -96.852(W) 3021 ft
Small TA23 MARQUEZ MORRIS LAZY K RANCH 31.261(N) -96.216(W) 4000 ft
Large ASL ASL Marshall HARRISON CO 32.520(N) -94.308(W) 5000 ft
Small XS08 MASON POLK RANCH 30.877(N) -99.199(W) 2200 ft
Small T92 MASON MASON CO 30.732(N) -99.184(W) 3716 ft
Small 19XS MAYPEARL DRAGGINTAIL ACRES 32.297(N) -97.087(W) 2500 ft
Small TA26 MAYPEARL COYOTE CROSSING 32.296(N) -97.057(W) 2500 ft
Small 34TE MAYPEARL BEE CREEK 32.232(N) -97.009(W) 3030 ft
Small 18XS MC ADOO GARDNER FARM 33.800(N) -101.034(W) 2400 ft
Large KMFE MFE MFE MC ALLEN MC ALLEN MILLER INTL 26.176(N) -98.239(W) 7120 ft 7
Small 19TA MC CLENDON-CHISHOLM LAGRONE RANCH 32.822(N) -96.417(W) 3100 ft
Small TE84 MC GREGOR MOCKINGBIRD HILL 31.465(N) -97.475(W) 1400 ft
Small XS57 MC GREGOR HAVELKA HAVEN 31.465(N) -97.405(W) 2250 ft
Small 6TX3 MC KINNEY DREWERY 33.233(N) -96.784(W) 3800 ft
Small T31 MC KINNEY AERO COUNTRY 33.208(N) -96.742(W) 4055 ft
Large TKI MC KINNEY COLLIN CO RGNL AT MC KINNEY 33.178(N) -96.591(W) 7001 ft
Small TS63 MC KINNEY SQUARE AIR 33.246(N) -96.564(W) 1850 ft
Small 2E7 MC LEAN MC LEAN GRAY CO 35.247(N) -100.544(W) 3225 ft
Small E48 McCamey UPTON CO 31.125(N) -102.225(W) 4100 ft
Small XS11 MEDINA IDLEWILD 29.777(N) -99.359(W) 3200 ft
Small 87XS MEDINA CINCO B RANCH 29.788(N) -99.263(W) 3800 ft
Small XS13 MEDINA T-4 RANCH 29.817(N) -99.197(W) 2200 ft
Small F21 MEMPHIS MEMPHIS MUNI 34.740(N) -100.530(W) 4670 ft
Small XA92 MENARD HERD RANCH 30.870(N) -100.103(W) 3000 ft
Small XS15 MENARD WOMACK RANCH 30.771(N) -99.900(W) 3000 ft
Small T50 MENARD MENARD CO 30.934(N) -99.817(W) 4100 ft
Small TE15 MENARD M & M LAND COMPANY 30.891(N) -99.633(W) 2200 ft
Ultralight 0TS8 MERCEDES FLYING 'K' RANCH 26.150(N) -97.884(W) 910 ft
Small 5XS6 MERCEDES OLD REB 26.175(N) -97.875(W) 3000 ft
Small 31XS MERIT FLY-N-SKI 33.184(N) -96.270(W) 2325 ft
Small 6XS4 MERTZON NOELKE RANCH 31.167(N) -101.000(W) 2600 ft
Small 03XS MERTZON CREEKSIDE 31.318(N) -100.754(W) 3200 ft
Small HQZ MESQUITE MESQUITE METRO 32.747(N) -96.530(W) 5999 ft
Small LXY MEXIA MEXIA LIMESTONE CO 31.640(N) -96.515(W) 4002 ft
Small 11TS MEXIA PT ENTERPRISE D&W RANCH 31.658(N) -96.411(W) 2370 ft
Small 5TE8 MIAMI WILLIS N CLARK 35.761(N) -100.752(W) 4500 ft
Small 3E0 MIAMI MIAMI ROBERTS CO 35.714(N) -100.603(W) 4060 ft
Medium KMAF MAF MAF MIDLAND MIDLAND INTL 31.943(N) -102.202(W) 9501 ft 5
Small TE33 MIDLAND EAGLES NEST 31.683(N) -102.184(W) 3700 ft
Small 7TX5 MIDLAND MABEE RANCH 32.217(N) -102.160(W) 6080 ft
Large MDD MDD MIDLAND MIDLAND AIRPARK 32.037(N) -102.101(W) 5022 ft
Small 7T7 MIDLAND SKYWEST INC 31.858(N) -102.074(W) 5000 ft
Small 7TX7 MIDLAND RYAN AERODROME 32.083(N) -102.017(W) 2650 ft
Small TA11 MIDLOTHIAN TSA 32.383(N) -97.014(W) 4300 ft
Small 2TS6 MIDLOTHIAN EAGLES NEST ESTATES 32.513(N) -96.927(W) 2850 ft
Large JWY Midlothian Waxahachie MID WAY RGNL 32.456(N) -96.912(W) 5000 ft
Small XS17 MILANO HENSLEY RANCH 30.709(N) -96.902(W) 3500 ft
Small TE50 MILFORD HIROK 32.173(N) -96.966(W) 1500 ft
Small XS18 MILLICAN TOM J MOORE FARM 30.385(N) -96.225(W) 4000 ft
Small TE34 MILLSAP REB FOLBRE'S PLACE 32.763(N) -97.973(W) 1600 ft
Small 3F9 MINEOLA MINEOLA WISENER FLD 32.677(N) -95.511(W) 3203 ft
Small XA46 MINEOLA CREEKSIDE AIR PARK 32.694(N) -95.454(W) 2300 ft
Small TX62 MINEOLA RHODES RANCH 32.633(N) -95.439(W) 2900 ft
Small JDD MINEOLA/QUITMAN WOOD CO 32.742(N) -95.496(W) 4001 ft
Small 0TS7 MINERAL WELLS FLYING U 32.833(N) -98.125(W) 2800 ft
Large MWL MWL MINERAL WELLS MINERAL WELLS 32.782(N) -98.060(W) 5696 ft
Small TX34 MINERAL WELLS WINDY TALES 32.848(N) -97.984(W) 2200 ft
Small 12TS MINERAL WELLS BLO 32.908(N) -97.977(W) 1600 ft
Small 7TE7 MISSION MOORE FLD 26.384(N) -98.334(W) 5150 ft
Small 6TS4 MOFFAT STAMPEDE VALLEY 31.186(N) -97.391(W) 2600 ft
Small E01 Monahans ROY HURD MEM 31.582(N) -102.909(W) 4268 ft
Small TX42 MONAVILLE FAIR WEATHER FIELD 29.938(N) -96.039(W) 3500 ft
Small 4TX0 MONT BELVIEU SLACK 29.864(N) -94.834(W) 3500 ft
Small TE85 MONTGOMERY MARMACK 30.342(N) -95.661(W) 2100 ft
Small 33TA MONTGOMERY LAKE BONANZA 30.333(N) -95.612(W) 2579 ft
Small XA47 MOODY TICK HILL AIRFIELD 31.310(N) -97.485(W) 1700 ft
Small 43TA MORGAN DIAMOND SEVEN RANCH 32.025(N) -97.626(W) 3452 ft
Small F85 MORTON COCHRAN CO 33.729(N) -102.734(W) 2710 ft
Small XS70 MOUNT PLEASANT GLOVER 33.135(N) -95.018(W) 3300 ft
Small OSA MOUNT PLEASANT MOUNT PLEASANT RGNL 33.096(N) -94.962(W) 5000 ft
Small 6X0 MOUNT SELMAN TARRANT FIELD 32.097(N) -95.295(W) 2700 ft
Small F53 MOUNT VERNON FRANKLIN CO 33.215(N) -95.237(W) 3900 ft
Small XS22 MOUNTAIN HOME Y O RANCH 30.204(N) -99.674(W) 2110 ft
Small 4TS5 MOUNTAIN HOME GOEBEL FIELD 30.222(N) -99.498(W) 2200 ft
Small XS23 MOUNTAIN HOME PRIOUR RANCH 30.127(N) -99.471(W) 2600 ft
Small 84XS MOUNTAIN HOME LANG RANCH 30.255(N) -99.399(W) 1820 ft
Small XS20 MOUNTAIN HOME DOS ARROYOS RANCH 30.154(N) -99.298(W) 3700 ft
Small 87TA MOUNTAIN HOME CIELO GRANDE RANCH 30.189(N) -99.270(W) 2100 ft
Small XA78 MOUNTAIN SPRINGS MELODY RANCH 33.462(N) -97.071(W) 1600 ft
Small XS24 MULDOON CHERRY SPRAYING SERVICE 29.830(N) -97.099(W) 2700 ft
Small 1TE0 MULESHOE LOCKER BROTHERS 34.270(N) -102.717(W) 4000 ft
Small 2T1 MULESHOE MULESHOE MUNI 34.185(N) -102.641(W) 5100 ft
Small TA89 MULLIN VAUGHAN RANCH 31.524(N) -98.800(W) 5000 ft
Small TA24 MULLIN SMOKY BEND 31.475(N) -98.711(W) 4000 ft
Small 7TE5 MULLIN CARLISLE 31.679(N) -98.664(W) 2200 ft
Large 37F MUNDAY MUNDAY MUNI 33.485(N) -99.586(W) 3200 ft
Small XA48 MYRA DREAMLAND 33.642(N) -97.315(W) 1800 ft
Large OCH Nacogdoches A L MANGHAM JR RGNL 31.578(N) -94.710(W) 5000 ft
Small 60R NAVASOTA NAVASOTA MUNI 30.372(N) -96.113(W) 3204 ft
Small TS87 NAVASOTA BRIDLE RIDGE 30.418(N) -96.079(W) 2500 ft
Small 87TE NEEDVILLE ROSE FIELD 29.452(N) -95.866(W) 2100 ft
Small XS25 NEEDVILLE FLYING C RANCH 29.385(N) -95.683(W) 1900 ft
Small TE67 NEW BERLIN CIBOLO SEA-WILLO AIRPARK 29.429(N) -98.132(W) 2500 ft
Small TE86 NEW BERLIN HERITAGE AIRFIELD 29.444(N) -98.113(W) 3100 ft
Small 5TS8 NEW BRAUNFELS BEAR CREEK RANCH 29.809(N) -98.273(W) 1800 ft
Small 48TS NEW BRAUNFELS FOX 29.668(N) -98.199(W) 2200 ft
Small 9TA1 NEW BRAUNFELS HILLTOP RANCH 29.659(N) -98.138(W) 2500 ft
Small 77TS NEW BRAUNFELS FLYING R RANCH 29.799(N) -98.085(W) 2000 ft
Large BAZ NEW BRAUNFELS NEW BRAUNFELS MUNI 29.704(N) -98.042(W) 5364 ft
Small TX09 NEW BRAUNFELS CUNNINGHAM AIRPARK 29.676(N) -98.013(W) 1630 ft
Small T17 NEW GULF NEW GULF 29.276(N) -95.889(W) 4400 ft
Small 02TX NEW HOME THE PALMS AT KITTY HAWK 33.370(N) -101.923(W) 4800 ft
Small TX01 NEW HOME NEW HOME 33.308(N) -101.910(W) 2640 ft
Small XS09 NEW WAVERLY ESTATES AIRPARK 30.538(N) -95.436(W) 4100 ft
Small 61R NEWTON NEWTON MUNI 30.884(N) -93.742(W) 4000 ft
Small 0TS9 NIEDERWALD JIM ROACH FIELD 30.015(N) -97.737(W) 1260 ft
Small 36XS NOCONA FLYING F 33.878(N) -97.730(W) 2500 ft
Small XS28 NOME NORTH WILLIS 30.027(N) -94.463(W) 2200 ft
Small XS29 NOME SONNY BROUSSARD LANDING STRIP 29.991(N) -94.422(W) 1800 ft
Small XS27 NOME FARM AIR SERVICE 30.038(N) -94.396(W) 1660 ft
Small 88XS NOME BOGAN & FONTENOT 30.019(N) -94.388(W) 2200 ft
Small 6TS6 NORMANGEE WOOD CREST RANCH 31.042(N) -96.202(W) 2600 ft
Small 00XS O'DONNELL L P ASKEW FARMS 33.033(N) -101.934(W) 1475 ft
Small 1TS0 OAK ISLAND EAGLE AIR 29.671(N) -94.671(W) 2300 ft
Small 89TS OAKWOOD CARTER RANCH 31.567(N) -95.767(W) 5200 ft
Large ODO ODESSA ODESSA SCHLEMEYER FLD 31.921(N) -102.387(W) 5703 ft
Small 71TA ODESSA BATES FIELD 31.833(N) -102.234(W) 4400 ft
Small 13TS OILTON VAN ES RANCH 27.455(N) -98.926(W) 3000 ft
Small 7TX9 OLD BOSTON ASHFORD FIELD 33.359(N) -94.438(W) 2000 ft
Small 08XS OLD OCEAN PETERSON 29.108(N) -95.778(W) 2350 ft
Small ONY OLNEY OLNEY MUNI 33.351(N) -98.819(W) 5101 ft
Small TS42 OLTON DEL-TEX 34.196(N) -102.128(W) 4500 ft
Large ORG ORANGE ORANGE CO 30.069(N) -93.801(W) 4396 ft
Medium NOG ORANGE GROVE ORANGE GROVE NALF 27.901(N) -98.052(W) 8000 ft
Small XS33 ORANGEFIELD CHESSON 30.062(N) -93.865(W) 2600 ft
Small TA97 ORCHARD WHITE WING RANCH 29.637(N) -95.969(W) 1300 ft
Small 30TS ORE CITY HALL 32.828(N) -94.719(W) 2040 ft
Small TS71 OVILLA FLYING B RANCH 32.528(N) -96.944(W) 2400 ft
Small XA49 OZONA OSO CANYON 30.025(N) -101.546(W) 5000 ft
Small OZA OZONA OZONA MUNI 30.735(N) -101.203(W) 6000 ft
Small 4TA8 OZONA PERRY RANCH 30.617(N) -101.017(W) 3300 ft
Small 3F6 PADUCAH DAN E RICHARDS MUNI 34.028(N) -100.282(W) 3186 ft
Small 1XA5 PAIGE FLYING ARMADILLO FIELD 30.135(N) -97.143(W) 2500 ft
Small 9TE7 PAIGE FLYING G H RANCH 30.245(N) -97.083(W) 2800 ft
Small 3XS1 PALACIOS KUBECKA AVIATION 28.767(N) -96.307(W) 2640 ft
Large PSX PSX PALACIOS PALACIOS MUNI 28.728(N) -96.251(W) 5001 ft
Small XS35 PALACIOS TRULL 28.739(N) -96.219(W) 2500 ft
Large PSN PALESTINE PALESTINE MUNI 31.780(N) -95.706(W) 5005 ft
Small 8TX6 PALMER HARPER 32.428(N) -96.717(W) 2000 ft
Small T13 PALMER DALLAS SOUTH PORT 32.477(N) -96.685(W) 3800 ft
Small TX54 PALMVIEW MOORE AIRPARK 26.212(N) -98.408(W) 2150 ft
Small TA65 PALO PINTO SPORTSMANS WORLD 32.821(N) -98.479(W) 4200 ft
Small BPC PAMPA MESA VISTA RANCH 35.889(N) -101.030(W) 6000 ft
Small PPA Pampa PERRY LEFORS FLD 35.613(N) -100.996(W) 5866 ft
Small XS36 PANDALE TRES NINOS RANCH 30.254(N) -101.692(W) 2000 ft
Small 3TE5 PANHANDLE STAMPS FIELD 35.331(N) -101.385(W) 2300 ft
Small T45 PANHANDLE PANHANDLE CARSON CO 35.362(N) -101.365(W) 4405 ft
Small 4XS2 PARADISE TEATE FIELD 33.171(N) -97.732(W) 1182 ft
Small XS92 PARADISE JACKSON /BILL/ 33.146(N) -97.713(W) 2500 ft
Small XS88 PARIS PARSON FIELD 33.857(N) -95.705(W) 2000 ft
Small 39TA PARIS FLYING TIGERS 33.653(N) -95.656(W) 2380 ft
Small XS30 PARIS BURRESS 33.605(N) -95.482(W) 2100 ft
Large KPRX PRX PRX Paris COX FLD 33.637(N) -95.451(W) 6002 ft
Small 0TA8 PARIS WOMACK PLANTATION 33.849(N) -95.407(W) 2680 ft
Small TE16 PARKER COW PASTURE 32.250(N) -97.297(W) 2100 ft
Small 65XS PARKER BIRDNEST 32.223(N) -97.282(W) 2200 ft
Small TX74 PARKER THOMAS FLYING FIELD 32.261(N) -97.275(W) 1800 ft
Small TS44 PATTISON DRY BRANCH RANCH 29.840(N) -96.023(W) 2000 ft
Small 1TS1 PATTISON LAAS FARM 29.913(N) -95.994(W) 2000 ft
Small XS71 PAWNEE SAN CHRISTOVAL RANCH 28.748(N) -98.045(W) 4000 ft
Small T79 PEARLAND SKYWAY MANOR 29.556(N) -95.328(W) 2550 ft
Small XS39 PEARLAND A&A FLYING SERVICE 29.536(N) -95.264(W) 2000 ft
Small T30 PEARSALL MC KINLEY FLD 28.822(N) -99.109(W) 4873 ft
Small XS42 PEARSALL AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES 28.929(N) -99.080(W) 2100 ft
Small XS40 PEARSALL JAY KAY RANCH 28.800(N) -99.000(W) 3000 ft
Large PEQ PEQ PECOS PECOS MUNI 31.382(N) -103.511(W) 6237 ft
Small TE99 PEORIA BARNSTORMER 32.022(N) -97.254(W) 3300 ft
Small PYX PERRYTON PERRYTON OCHILTREE CO 36.413(N) -100.752(W) 5700 ft
Small 4TX3 PETTY FOREST HILL 33.661(N) -95.834(W) 2450 ft
Small TS54 PICKTON FLYING B 33.015(N) -95.434(W) 1421 ft
Small 2TA3 PINE SPRINGS TRIANGLE RANCH PRIVATE 31.718(N) -104.598(W) 4000 ft
Small T24 PINELAND PINELAND MUNI 31.234(N) -93.982(W) 3700 ft
Small XS43 PIPE CREEK MEDINA RIVER RANCH 29.662(N) -98.956(W) 2000 ft
Small TA66 PIPE CREEK FREEDOM SPRINGS RANCH 29.714(N) -98.860(W) 2150 ft
Small XA23 PITTSBURG RICHARDSON FIELD 33.018(N) -94.970(W) 2800 ft
Small F98 PLAINS YOAKUM CO 33.217(N) -102.830(W) 5001 ft
Small 7TA3 PLAINVIEW QUARTERWAY 34.181(N) -101.837(W) 3800 ft
Small 6TS0 PLAINVIEW TRUE 34.089(N) -101.740(W) 2600 ft
Large PVW PVW Plainview HALE CO 34.168(N) -101.717(W) 5997 ft
Small 9TX3 PLAINVIEW HORAN 34.169(N) -101.635(W) 2560 ft
Large PEZ PLEASANTON PLEASANTON MUNI 28.954(N) -98.520(W) 4000 ft
Small TE74 POINT BUCKER FIELD 32.954(N) -95.867(W) 2700 ft
Ultralight XA10 PONDER PONDEROSA FIELD 33.232(N) -97.339(W) 500 ft
Small 45TE PONDER DEUSSEN FIELD 33.192(N) -97.325(W) 2000 ft
Small TE70 PONDER PALMER FIELD 33.199(N) -97.317(W) 2700 ft
Small 7TS4 PONDER ROMA 33.183(N) -97.254(W) 2400 ft
Small 3XA7 PONTOTOC EAGLE ROCK RANCH 30.891(N) -99.006(W) 2000 ft
Small 27XA POOLVILLE ARNETT LANDING 32.979(N) -97.890(W) 1578 ft
Small RAS PORT ARANSAS MUSTANG BEACH 27.812(N) -97.089(W) 3482 ft
Small PIL PORT ISABEL PORT ISABEL CAMERON CO 26.166(N) -97.346(W) 8000 ft
Large PKV PORT LAVACA CALHOUN CO 28.654(N) -96.681(W) 5004 ft
Small 9TE4 PORT LAVACA TANNER'S 28.570(N) -96.630(W) 10000 ft
Small T05 PORT MANSFIELD CHARLES R JOHNSON 26.563(N) -97.438(W) 3200 ft
Small XS46 PORT O'CONNOR PORT O'CONNOR PRIVATE 28.430(N) -96.444(W) 2400 ft
Small 72TA PORT O'CONNOR PIERCE FLD 28.459(N) -96.292(W) 6000 ft
Small 9X1 PORTER WILLIAMS 30.153(N) -95.322(W) 3594 ft
Small 9R5 PORTLAND HUNT 27.888(N) -97.354(W) 2650 ft
Small TE87 PORTLAND MAGEE 27.916(N) -97.320(W) 1200 ft
Small 9XS3 POST MACY RANCH 33.103(N) -101.465(W) 2750 ft
Small 5F1 POST POST GARZA CO MUNI 33.204(N) -101.340(W) 4200 ft
Small 9TX6 POST BEGGS RANCH 33.175(N) -101.024(W) 5000 ft
Small XS47 POTEET MAURICE DAUWE FARM 29.000(N) -98.571(W) 2000 ft
Small TS85 POTTSBORO DIAMOND J 33.811(N) -96.704(W) 2400 ft
Small 9TX7 POTTSBORO HITEX PRIVATE 33.842(N) -96.670(W) 1200 ft
Small TE68 POTTSBORO NUGGS FLYING M 33.744(N) -96.660(W) 2375 ft
Small XS91 POYNOR PICKLE PLANTATION 32.087(N) -95.599(W) 3200 ft
Small XS50 PREMONT 4-G RANCH 27.384(N) -98.310(W) 3515 ft
Small 8TX8 PREMONT WEEKS 27.361(N) -98.179(W) 3800 ft
Small XS51 PREMONT SEELIGSON RANCH 27.404(N) -98.145(W) 3230 ft
Large T77 PRESIDIO PRESIDIO LELY INTL 29.634(N) -104.362(W) 5200 ft
Small 3TE3 PRESIDIO BIG BEND RANCH STATE PARK 29.470(N) -103.937(W) 5500 ft
Small 34TA PRINCETON JSI 33.167(N) -96.487(W) 1400 ft
Small TS05 PROGRESO PROGRESO 26.084(N) -97.950(W) 4470 ft
Small 47TA PROSPER PLEASURE FIELD 33.256(N) -96.885(W) 2540 ft
Small 83TA PURDON RAINBOW FIELD 31.900(N) -96.600(W) 3900 ft
Small F01 QUANAH QUANAH MUNI 34.277(N) -99.759(W) 4445 ft
Small 50XS QUEMADO HUGHES RANCH 29.043(N) -100.585(W) 4608 ft
Small T14 QUINLAN TAYLOR 32.952(N) -96.096(W) 2800 ft
Small 30TE RALLS CONE 33.811(N) -101.396(W) 4270 ft
Ultralight 5XS0 RANDOLPH TNT 33.497(N) -96.265(W) 1500 ft
Small F23 RANGER RANGER MUNI 32.453(N) -98.683(W) 2730 ft
Small TA25 RANGER COOK CANYON RANCH 32.432(N) -98.595(W) 5500 ft
Small 49F RANKIN RANKIN 31.227(N) -101.953(W) 3000 ft
Small XS56 RAYMONDVILLE BELL AIRFIELD 26.449(N) -97.792(W) 3000 ft
Small 92XS RAYMONDVILLE T R FUNK INC 26.479(N) -97.687(W) 3000 ft
Small XS58 RAYWOOD TRI-COUNTY AIR SERVICE 30.044(N) -94.706(W) 2200 ft
Small 14TS REALITOS O S WYATT 27.422(N) -98.604(W) 6044 ft
Small RFG REFUGIO ROOKE FLD 28.294(N) -97.323(W) 4361 ft
Small XS59 REFUGIO MELLON RANCH 28.281(N) -97.211(W) 4650 ft
Small 7TA7 REKLAW FLYING M RANCH 31.840(N) -94.961(W) 3500 ft
Small TX47 REVENNA SANDY CREEK RANCH 33.708(N) -96.224(W) 3000 ft
Small T76 RHOME RHOME MEADOWS 33.149(N) -97.496(W) 3700 ft
Small TA02 RHOME HOWARD FIELD 33.103(N) -97.464(W) 2450 ft
Small 7TS0 RHOME FAIRVIEW 33.095(N) -97.427(W) 3300 ft
Small XS61 RICHLAND SPRINGS DEEP CREEK RANCH 31.115(N) -99.003(W) 4200 ft
Small 94XS RICHMOND HERITAGE RANCH 29.654(N) -95.829(W) 2000 ft
Small 93XS RICHWOOD JOSEPH ROSS SCHERDIN 29.081(N) -95.383(W) 2600 ft
Small 67R RIO GRANDE CITY RIO GRANDE CITY MUNI 26.424(N) -98.846(W) 4000 ft
Small XS64 RIO HONDO FARM SERVICES INC 26.249(N) -97.565(W) 2100 ft
Small XS63 RIO HONDO TEXAS AIR MUSEUM 26.229(N) -97.561(W) 1800 ft
Small TE47 RIO VISTA CROSS WIND ACRES 32.209(N) -97.318(W) 1700 ft
Small 52F ROANOKE NORTHWEST RGNL 33.050(N) -97.232(W) 3210 ft
Small 0TE3 ROARING SPRINGS BUZZ FIELD 33.929(N) -100.842(W) 2600 ft
Small 54F ROBERT LEE ROBERT LEE 31.882(N) -100.540(W) 4450 ft
Small TE17 ROBINSON HEATHROW 31.439(N) -97.147(W) 2200 ft
Small XA51 ROBINSON SMITH 31.418(N) -97.126(W) 1600 ft
Small XS66 ROBSTOWN RABB DUSTING INC 27.804(N) -97.744(W) 2200 ft
Small RBO ROBSTOWN NUECES CO 27.779(N) -97.691(W) 3700 ft
Small TE62 ROBSTOWN HIGH MAN TOWER AIRSTRIP 27.854(N) -97.682(W) 2955 ft
Small 4XA4 ROCKDALE APACHE PASS 30.735(N) -97.143(W) 3000 ft
Small RCK ROCKDALE H H COFFIELD RGNL 30.632(N) -96.990(W) 3084 ft
Large RKP RKP Rockport ARANSAS CO 28.087(N) -97.045(W) 5608 ft
Small XS67 ROCKPORT SAN JOSE ISLAND 27.944(N) -96.985(W) 4900 ft
Small 3TA0 ROCKSPRINGS FOUR SQUARE RANCH 30.097(N) -100.405(W) 4000 ft
Small 8TX2 ROCKSPRINGS FREEMAN RANCH 29.979(N) -100.202(W) 3000 ft
Large ECU Rocksprings EDWARDS CO 29.947(N) -100.174(W) 4050 ft
Small XS69 ROCKSPRINGS HACKBERRY RANCH 29.911(N) -100.000(W) 1400 ft
Small F46 ROCKWALL ROCKWALL MUNI 32.931(N) -96.435(W) 3084 ft
Small T48 ROCKWALL PHILLIPS FLYING RANCH 32.868(N) -96.219(W) 3344 ft
Small XS72 ROMAYOR F R DUKE FARM 30.484(N) -94.834(W) 3600 ft
Small 58TE ROPESVILLE MC NABB FARM 33.406(N) -102.077(W) 2750 ft
Small XS73 ROSANKY DOUBLE D RANCH 29.874(N) -97.288(W) 4500 ft
Small T54 ROSENBERG LANE AIRPARK 29.524(N) -95.775(W) 3200 ft
Small TA33 ROSHARON MEYER FIELD 29.358(N) -95.635(W) 4200 ft
Small TE88 ROSHARON BB AIRPARK 29.357(N) -95.459(W) 3400 ft
Small TS90 ROSHARON BAYLESS 29.402(N) -95.432(W) 1550 ft
Small 91TS ROSHARON SONGBIRD RANCH 29.369(N) -95.340(W) 3200 ft
Small XA16 ROSSTON TIGHTWAAD AIR RANCH 33.494(N) -97.466(W) 2800 ft
Small 56F ROTAN/ROBY FISHER CO 32.826(N) -100.415(W) 3300 ft
Small XS75 ROUND MOUNTAIN WEST RANCH 30.454(N) -98.489(W) 3950 ft
Small 71TE Round Mountain MOURSUND RANCH 30.378(N) -98.376(W) 3450 ft
Small 72XS ROUND TOP EL PAISANO 30.034(N) -96.685(W) 1900 ft
Small 68TS ROYCE CITY BISHOP FLD 32.875(N) -96.288(W) 3600 ft
Small T33 ROYSE CITY RIVES AIR PARK 32.857(N) -96.308(W) 2800 ft
Small 3TE4 RUIDOSA HOT SPRINGS 30.009(N) -104.665(W) 2500 ft
Small 83TE SABINAL K BAR RANCH 29.497(N) -99.494(W) 4100 ft
Small XS76 SABINE PASS TEXAS MENHADEN STRIP 29.724(N) -93.870(W) 1820 ft
Small XS31 SADLER GRAHAM FIELD 33.702(N) -96.832(W) 2100 ft
Small 73TA SALADO SALADO 30.921(N) -97.540(W) 3190 ft
Small 65TX SALT FLAT FLYING EAGLE RANCH 31.775(N) -105.431(W) 5000 ft
Small 76TE SALT FLAT BIG TANK RANCH 31.500(N) -105.084(W) 4800 ft
Small TS65 SAN ANGELO DUCOTE AIRPARK 31.358(N) -100.613(W) 3700 ft
Large KSJT SJT SJT SAN ANGELO SAN ANGELO RGNL MATHIS FLD 31.358(N) -100.496(W) 8049 ft 3
Small 5TE6 SAN ANGELO KEYSTONE RANCH 31.269(N) -100.461(W) 1800 ft
Small 94TA SAN ANGELO REECE FIELD 31.306(N) -100.459(W) 3024 ft
Small 8T8 SAN ANTONIO SAN GERONIMO AIRPARK 29.511(N) -98.798(W) 3000 ft
Small 5C1 SAN ANTONIO BOERNE STAGE FLD 29.724(N) -98.695(W) 4340 ft
Small 22TA SAN ANTONIO STANDARD INDUSTRIES 29.341(N) -98.660(W) 4600 ft
Medium KSKF SKF SKF San Antonio LACKLAND AFB KELLY FLD ANNEX 29.384(N) -98.581(W) 11550 ft
Medium 9TX5 San Antonio CAMP BULLIS ALS CALS 29.745(N) -98.537(W) 3600 ft
Small 74R SAN ANTONIO HORIZON 29.284(N) -98.500(W) 2360 ft
Small 75XS SAN ANTONIO TRIPLE R 29.249(N) -98.476(W) 2100 ft
Large SSF SSF San Antonio STINSON MUNI 29.337(N) -98.471(W) 4835 ft
Large KSAT SAT SAT SAN ANTONIO SAN ANTONIO INTL 29.534(N) -98.470(W) 8502 ft 17
Small T94 SAN ANTONIO TWIN-OAKS 29.570(N) -98.468(W) 2225 ft
Small XS79 SAN ANTONIO A W RANCH 29.259(N) -98.458(W) 1800 ft
Small XS89 SAN ANTONIO YATES 29.621(N) -98.456(W) 2500 ft
Small 1T8 SAN ANTONIO BULVERDE AIRPARK 29.739(N) -98.451(W) 2890 ft
Small 1T7 SAN ANTONIO KESTREL AIRPARK 29.813(N) -98.425(W) 3000 ft
Medium MDA San Antonio MARTINDALE AHP 29.431(N) -98.378(W) 3000 ft
Small 24XA SAN ANTONIO CROSS-B 29.321(N) -98.370(W) 2000 ft
Small 78R SAN AUGUSTINE SAN AUGUSTINE CO 31.540(N) -94.170(W) 3800 ft
Small 86TS SAN AUGUSTINE FAIRWAY FARM 31.484(N) -94.034(W) 3450 ft
Small 53XS SAN BENITO KORNEGAY PRIVATE 26.148(N) -97.592(W) 2600 ft
Ultralight 1TS3 SAN LEON B & S 29.496(N) -94.950(W) 475 ft
Small 7TS3 SAN MARCOS WYATT 29.960(N) -97.985(W) 2350 ft
Small 7TS2 SAN MARCOS ALISON AIR PARK 29.831(N) -97.889(W) 1300 ft
Large HYI SAN MARCOS SAN MARCOS MUNI 29.893(N) -97.863(W) 6330 ft
Small 68TX SAN PATRICIO SAN PATRICIO INTL 27.981(N) -97.787(W) 5000 ft
Small 37TX SAN SABA YATES FIELD 31.322(N) -98.866(W) 2200 ft
Small 81R SAN SABA SAN SABA CO MUNI 31.235(N) -98.717(W) 3800 ft
Small XS94 SAN YGNACIO CORRALITOS 27.111(N) -99.423(W) 5500 ft
Small TS75 SANDERSON MITCHELL NR ONE 30.503(N) -102.159(W) 2300 ft
Small TX33 SANGER HAIRE 33.342(N) -97.309(W) 2150 ft
Small TS74 SANGER GLASS 33.363(N) -97.294(W) 2300 ft
Small XA03 SANGER EDGINGTON RANCH 33.428(N) -97.272(W) 2300 ft
Small T87 SANGER FLYING C 33.342(N) -97.270(W) 1650 ft
Small TX96 SANGER MAXWELL FIELD 33.399(N) -97.257(W) 1900 ft
Small T58 SANGER IRONHEAD 33.332(N) -97.230(W) 2500 ft
Small 71XS SANGER FLYING V 33.347(N) -97.206(W) 2200 ft
Small TE24 SANGER HORSESHOE LAKE 33.393(N) -97.205(W) 2675 ft
Small 58F SANGER LANE FLD 33.365(N) -97.146(W) 3340 ft
Small 6XS8 SANGER VULTURES ROW 33.340(N) -97.103(W) 1700 ft
Small XS93 SANTA ELENA DIAMOND O RANCH 26.717(N) -98.559(W) 4250 ft
Small 38XS SANTA ELENA SAN RAFAEL RANCH 26.815(N) -98.479(W) 6000 ft
Small 5TA7 SANTA FE KAMI-KAZI 29.421(N) -95.159(W) 1400 ft
Small 5TA5 SANTA FE CREASY 29.336(N) -95.115(W) 2600 ft
Ultralight TA30 SANTE FE OLD FORKER 29.319(N) -95.086(W) 1700 ft
Small 86TE SANTO MATTHEWS RANCH 32.650(N) -98.147(W) 2000 ft
Small XS95 SCHULENBURG MARTY RANCH 29.677(N) -96.971(W) 2300 ft
Small TE89 SCOTTSVILLE VERHALEN 32.538(N) -94.236(W) 2130 ft
Small 9TE0 SCURRY TWIN ACRES 32.399(N) -96.384(W) 2600 ft
Small 8TA1 SEADRIFT WHATLEY FLYING SERVICE 28.478(N) -96.762(W) 3100 ft
Small 5TA9 SEAGOVILLE SEAGOVILLE 32.610(N) -96.527(W) 2675 ft
Small F97 SEAGRAVES SEAGRAVES 32.955(N) -102.541(W) 4010 ft
Small 2TA4 SEALY MARIO'S FLYING PIZZA 29.748(N) -96.293(W) 2050 ft
Small 05TA SEALY BRANDES AIR FIELD 29.809(N) -96.265(W) 1700 ft
Small 93TS SEALY LONGBIRD 29.748(N) -96.115(W) 3500 ft
Small 3TA2 SEALY CLARK SKY RANCH 29.737(N) -96.064(W) 2500 ft
Small 1XA7 SEALY GLOSTER AERODROME 29.733(N) -96.059(W) 2400 ft
Small 0TX6 SEGUIN ELM CREEK AIRPARK 29.505(N) -97.997(W) 2283 ft
Small E70 SEGUIN HUBER AIRPARK CIVIC CLUB LLC 29.602(N) -97.991(W) 3415 ft
Small TE51 SEGUIN LACKORN 29.539(N) -97.835(W) 3000 ft
Small 5TA0 SEMINOLE HAMILTON AIRCRAFT, INC 32.732(N) -102.944(W) 3700 ft
Small 39TE SEMINOLE SEMINOLE SPRAYING SVC 32.718(N) -102.738(W) 4000 ft
Large GNC SEMINOLE GAINES CO 32.675(N) -102.653(W) 5376 ft
Medium SEQ Sequin RANDOLPH AFB AUX 29.566(N) -97.908(W) 8350 ft
Small 60F SEYMOUR SEYMOUR MUNI 33.649(N) -99.261(W) 4300 ft
Small TS20 SEYMOUR C LAZY T RANCH 33.532(N) -99.194(W) 2150 ft
Small TA67 SHALLOWATER BIGGIN HILL 33.748(N) -102.067(W) 3000 ft
Large 2F1 SHAMROCK SHAMROCK MUNI 35.236(N) -100.185(W) 3600 ft
Small 09TX SHEFFIELD SMOKEY MTN RANCH 30.739(N) -102.024(W) 5200 ft
Small 9TX9 SHEFFIELD CANON RANCH 30.748(N) -101.965(W) 3500 ft
Small XS99 SHEPHERD LAKE WATER WHEEL 30.471(N) -94.913(W) 2600 ft
Small 72TS SHERIDAN GALAXY RANCH 29.361(N) -96.622(W) 3335 ft
Small 9XS2 SHERMAN BEAVER CREEK 33.654(N) -96.777(W) 1150 ft
Small TA93 SHERMAN LM RANCH 33.633(N) -96.734(W) 3000 ft
Small 11TX SHERMAN BUTLER 33.667(N) -96.691(W) 2000 ft
Small SWI SHERMAN SHERMAN MUNI 33.624(N) -96.586(W) 4006 ft
Small GYI PNX Sherman Denison GRAYSON CO 33.714(N) -96.674(W) 9000 ft
Small TE36 SHINER GERUM FARM 29.392(N) -97.185(W) 2000 ft
Small XS49 SHINER DEAN RANCH 29.490(N) -97.122(W) 2700 ft
Small 79XS SILVERTON SILVERTON MUNI 34.467(N) -101.300(W) 3530 ft
Large T69 Sinton SAN PATRICIO CO 28.039(N) -97.542(W) 4073 ft
Small 3TE6 SKELLYTOWN SKELLYTOWN 35.570(N) -101.169(W) 2100 ft
Small F49 SLATON SLATON MUNI 33.485(N) -101.661(W) 4245 ft
Small 9XS5 SLATON KITTEN FARM PRIVATE 33.350(N) -101.642(W) 3600 ft
Small XA68 SLIDELL AKROVILLE 33.392(N) -97.355(W) 3100 ft
Small TS22 SMILEY JOYE RANCH 29.242(N) -97.630(W) 3935 ft
Small 84R SMITHVILLE SMITHVILLE CRAWFORD MUNI 30.030(N) -97.167(W) 4000 ft
Small SNK Snyder WINSTON FLD 32.693(N) -100.950(W) 5600 ft
Small 53TX SOMERSET CANNON FIELD 29.216(N) -98.549(W) 2880 ft
Small SOA SONORA SONORA MUNI 30.586(N) -100.649(W) 3943 ft
Small 0XS2 SONORA JOHN FIELDS RANCH 30.555(N) -100.534(W) 3700 ft
Small 13TX SONORA ALLISON RANCH 30.531(N) -100.451(W) 2700 ft
Small TE37 SONORA CANYON RANCH 30.269(N) -100.451(W) 6200 ft
Large E42 SPEARMAN SPEARMAN MUNI 36.221(N) -101.195(W) 5002 ft
Small 8TA3 SPICEWOOD FLYING X RIVER RANCH 30.517(N) -98.174(W) 4500 ft
STOL 52TS SPICEWOOD FALL CREEK AIR RANCH 30.419(N) -98.163(W) 1800 ft
Small 0XS6 SPICEWOOD LAKESIDE BEACH 30.501(N) -98.147(W) 3000 ft
Small 88R SPICEWOOD SPICEWOOD 30.478(N) -98.121(W) 4185 ft
Medium T70 Spofford LAUGHLIN AFB AUX NR 1 29.126(N) -100.481(W) 6303 ft
Small 55XS SPOFFORD FRONTIER 29.166(N) -100.418(W) 4316 ft
Small 0XS8 SPOFFORD DUNBAR RANCH 29.076(N) -100.375(W) 3200 ft
Small 0XS7 SPOFFORD ANACACHO RANCH 29.192(N) -100.275(W) 6000 ft
Small 1XS0 SPRING BRANCH DOUBLE U RANCH 29.922(N) -98.481(W) 3600 ft
Small 7XS1 SPRINGTOWN FLYING E RANCH 32.993(N) -97.677(W) 1900 ft
Small 6XS7 SPRINGTOWN EUGENE'S DREAM 33.045(N) -97.675(W) 3200 ft
Small 61TE SPRINGTOWN KEZER AIR RANCH 32.987(N) -97.620(W) 2400 ft
Small TA16 SPUR TRAVIS FIELD 33.443(N) -100.855(W) 2500 ft
Small F56 Stamford ARLEDGE FLD 32.909(N) -99.736(W) 3705 ft
Small 63F STANTON STANTON MUNI 32.174(N) -101.822(W) 4240 ft
Small 49XS STAR MCCASLAND RANCH 31.448(N) -98.321(W) 3600 ft
Small 14TA STARTZVILLE DEAN RANCH 29.899(N) -98.403(W) 1500 ft
Small 15TX STEPHENVILLE ED SHADLE 32.304(N) -98.325(W) 1550 ft
Small 17TX STEPHENVILLE KIMZEY 32.449(N) -98.255(W) 3200 ft
Large SEP Stephenville CLARK FLD MUNI 32.215(N) -98.178(W) 4200 ft
Small 16TX STEPHENVILLE RATLIFF 32.264(N) -98.107(W) 1900 ft
Small 58XS STERLING CITY MC ENTIRE'S LAZY V RANCH 31.831(N) -101.056(W) 3410 ft
Small 64F STERLING CITY ALVIE COLE RANCH 31.644(N) -100.970(W) 3000 ft
Small 2TS8 STOCKDALE BAILEY 29.221(N) -97.872(W) 4200 ft
Small TS76 STONEWALL REDSTONE RANCH 30.250(N) -98.595(W) 2700 ft
Small 3E7 STRATFORD PRONGER BROS RANCH 36.219(N) -102.104(W) 4100 ft
Small H70 STRATFORD STRATFORD FLD 36.346(N) -102.049(W) 3023 ft
Small 5XS9 STREETMAN BYRT 31.922(N) -96.265(W) 4000 ft
Small XA05 SUDAN FAIRVIEW FLD 34.101(N) -102.624(W) 3960 ft
Small 9XS6 SUDAN SUDAN 34.053(N) -102.522(W) 2900 ft
Small X43 SUNRAY SUNRAY 36.029(N) -101.829(W) 3250 ft
Small 2KL SUNRISE BEACH VILLAGE SUNRISE BEACH 30.599(N) -98.409(W) 2649 ft
Large SWW SWW Sweetwater AVENGER FLD 32.467(N) -100.467(W) 5840 ft
Small 86XS SWEETWATER GESIN RANCHES 32.400(N) -100.367(W) 2600 ft
Small TA00 SWEETWATER RAFTER P 32.384(N) -100.279(W) 3000 ft
Small 2F4 TAHOKA T BAR 33.177(N) -101.820(W) 3278 ft
Large T74 TAYLOR TAYLOR MUNI 30.573(N) -97.443(W) 4000 ft
Small 41XS TAYLOR MACHO GRANDE 30.539(N) -97.419(W) 2500 ft
Large 68F TEAGUE TEAGUE MUNI 31.661(N) -96.310(W) 3300 ft
Small 19TX TEMPLE WOODY MC CLELLAN RANCH 31.238(N) -97.514(W) 3200 ft
Small TS92 TEMPLE LITTLE PEACH 31.215(N) -97.427(W) 1600 ft
Large KTPL TPL TPL Temple DRAUGHON MILLER CENTRAL TEXAS RGNL 31.152(N) -97.408(W) 6301 ft
Small 5TA1 TEMPLE CHARPING 31.194(N) -97.407(W) 2200 ft
Small TA70 TENNESSEE COLONY W J E 31.784(N) -95.897(W) 3000 ft
Small 81TX TERLINGUA LA LEONA 29.343(N) -103.565(W) 2500 ft
Small 1XS7 TERLINGUA HEATH CANYON 29.450(N) -102.832(W) 2500 ft
Small 3TE8 TERLINGUA /ALPINE/ TERLINGUA 29.319(N) -103.584(W) 3600 ft
Small TS98 TERRELL WINGS OVER TEXAS 32.787(N) -96.307(W) 1985 ft
Large TRL TRL TERRELL TERRELL MUNI 32.709(N) -96.267(W) 5006 ft
Small 21TX TEXARKANA SHILLING'S 33.500(N) -94.094(W) 2800 ft
Small 8TA4 TEXAS CITY LASEAIR 29.446(N) -95.008(W) 2500 ft
Small TS50 TEXAS CITY AUSTINIA 29.417(N) -94.998(W) 2150 ft
Small TA13 TEXLINE NEBTEX LAND CO. 36.256(N) -102.870(W) 2600 ft
Small 23TX THE GROVE/RANCH THE GROVE/RANCH 31.250(N) -97.523(W) 3200 ft
Small 1XS9 THREE RIVERS BEEFMASTER'S BEST 28.396(N) -98.221(W) 4000 ft
Small 72F THROCKMORTON THROCKMORTON MUNI 33.179(N) -99.150(W) 3090 ft
Small 24TX THURBER THURBER LAKE 32.500(N) -98.384(W) 4200 ft
Small TE63 TILDEN ARROWHEAD RANCH 28.246(N) -98.553(W) 4200 ft
Small 53TS TIOGA BRIDGES FIELD 33.484(N) -96.839(W) 3200 ft
Small 8XS6 TIOGA MC MANUS FIELD 33.452(N) -96.833(W) 1450 ft
Small XA17 TIRA CHUCKSTER 33.322(N) -95.564(W) 2200 ft
Small 23TA TOM BEAN ROWLAND R AIRFIELD 33.487(N) -96.456(W) 2000 ft
Small 7TA0 TOMBALL FIELD'S FIELD 30.092(N) -95.652(W) 2200 ft
Small 16TA TOYAHVALE SEVEN SPRINGS 30.920(N) -103.783(W) 5600 ft
Small 48TX TRENTON TRI-COUNTY AERODROME 33.454(N) -96.382(W) 3900 ft
Small 52TA TRENTON RED WING 33.464(N) -96.350(W) 2175 ft
Small XA52 TRINITY EHNI 30.924(N) -95.293(W) 3000 ft
Small TE91 TROUP HARRISON FARM 32.039(N) -95.083(W) 2300 ft
Small 26TX TRUSCOTT LOWRANCE RANCH 33.765(N) -100.018(W) 2160 ft
Small I06 Tulia CITY OF TULIA SWISHER CO MUNI 34.567(N) -101.781(W) 4900 ft
Small 1TA2 TULIA VIGO PARK 34.650(N) -101.500(W) 3000 ft
Small 2XS5 TWIN SISTERS FORD ARABIAN RANCH 30.010(N) -98.425(W) 3000 ft
Large KTYR TYR TYR TYLER TYLER POUNDS RGNL 32.354(N) -95.402(W) 7200 ft 1
STOL 16TS TYLER PINERIDGE 32.223(N) -95.318(W) 1500 ft
Small TA42 UNCERTAIN FLY-N-FISH LODGE 32.713(N) -94.125(W) 4000 ft
Medium KRND RND RND Universal City RANDOLPH AFB 29.530(N) -98.279(W) 8353 ft
Small 2XS6 UTOPIA FOSTER RANCH 29.721(N) -99.571(W) 2150 ft
Small 95TA UTOPIA THUNDER CREEK 29.635(N) -99.482(W) 2700 ft
Small 2XS8 UVALDE BENSON AIRSTRIP 29.229(N) -99.824(W) 3300 ft
Large UVA UVA Uvalde GARNER FLD 29.211(N) -99.744(W) 5255 ft
Small 2XS7 UVALDE ANNANDALE RANCH 29.450(N) -99.684(W) 2720 ft
Small 9F1 VALLEY MILLS VALLEY MILLS MUNI 31.621(N) -97.429(W) 3028 ft
Small 3XA1 VALLEY VIEW HARDY FIELD 33.474(N) -97.169(W) 2500 ft
Small 1XA6 VALLEY VIEW TAILWHEEL ACRES 33.474(N) -97.122(W) 2483 ft
Small XA84 VALLEY VIEW STONEY FORK LANDING 33.477(N) -97.119(W) 1500 ft
Small 5XS5 VAN WITS END RANCH 32.543(N) -95.709(W) 2000 ft
Small 51TX VAN N D RANCH 32.540(N) -95.668(W) 2500 ft
Small 97XS VAN ALSTYNE TILGHMAN 33.433(N) -96.479(W) 3150 ft
Small 88TA VAN HORN FIGURE 2 RANCH 31.456(N) -104.844(W) 4000 ft
Large VHN VHN VAN HORN CULBERSON CO 31.058(N) -104.784(W) 6000 ft
Small E52 VEGA OLDHAM CO 35.232(N) -102.399(W) 4200 ft
Small 75TS VENUS VENUS 32.416(N) -97.092(W) 1600 ft
Small 28TX VERNON LEHMAN 34.086(N) -99.455(W) 2000 ft
Small 29TX VERNON LOCKETT 34.095(N) -99.366(W) 3000 ft
Large F05 WIB Vernon WILBARGER CO 34.226(N) -99.284(W) 5099 ft
Small 53TA VERNON SHIVERS PRIVATE 34.154(N) -99.264(W) 1800 ft
Small 42TE VICTORIA BALL 28.888(N) -97.021(W) 2500 ft
Large KVCT VCT VCT VICTORIA VICTORIA RGNL 28.853(N) -96.918(W) 9101 ft 2
Small 3XS4 VIDOR JENKINS 30.134(N) -93.936(W) 2400 ft
Small 3XS5 VON ORMY STAR SMITH FIELD 29.298(N) -98.677(W) 2000 ft
Small TE92 WACO WALES AIR FIELD 31.594(N) -97.371(W) 1200 ft
Small 31TX WACO SCOTT 31.597(N) -97.330(W) 1950 ft
Large PWG WACO MC GREGOR EXECUTIVE 31.485(N) -97.317(W) 5501 ft
Small XA85 WACO COUGAR LANDING 31.642(N) -97.314(W) 3800 ft
Small 54X WACO BOYD FIELD 31.575(N) -97.301(W) 1950 ft
Small 5TA2 WACO RABBIT RUN 31.455(N) -97.250(W) 2600 ft
Small 75TE WACO WOMACK FARM 31.747(N) -97.246(W) 1970 ft
Small 2TS3 WACO TIGERBIRD FIELD 31.679(N) -97.241(W) 2100 ft
Large KACT ACT ACT WACO WACO RGNL 31.611(N) -97.231(W) 6596 ft 1
Small XS74 WACO DIAMONDAIRE 31.608(N) -97.163(W) 2400 ft
Small 70TE WACO FLYING HEART RANCH 31.502(N) -97.081(W) 3180 ft
Large CNW CNW Waco TSTC WACO 31.638(N) -97.074(W) 8600 ft
Small 73F WACO WINGS FOR CHRIST INTL FLIGHT ACADEMY 31.624(N) -97.022(W) 3000 ft
Small TA57 WACO TEXAS VALLEY AIR FIELD 31.624(N) -96.992(W) 2000 ft
Small 9TS3 WALLER SIMARON RANCH 30.148(N) -95.967(W) 3000 ft
Small 4XS0 WALLER PFEFFER & SON FARMS 29.930(N) -95.964(W) 5200 ft
Small 89TA WALLER SOARING CLUB OF HOUSTON 30.193(N) -95.963(W) 3200 ft
Small 37X WALLER SKYDIVE HOUSTON 29.993(N) -95.930(W) 4190 ft
Small 3XS8 WALLER KEN ADA RANCH 30.131(N) -95.900(W) 4200 ft
Small TE71 WALLIS GHSA-WALLIS GLIDEPORT 29.611(N) -96.028(W) 4000 ft
Small 74TE WALNUT SPRINGS FLAT TOP RANCH 32.060(N) -97.795(W) 4180 ft
Small TS03 WALNUT SPRINGS BRYANT'S LANDING 32.062(N) -97.738(W) 1500 ft
Small 8XS9 WARING RUST FIELD 29.957(N) -98.791(W) 2331 ft
Small 56TX WARRENTON ANCHORAGE FARM FIELD 30.009(N) -96.759(W) 1700 ft
Small 51TE WAXAHACHIE BARSTOOL RANCH 32.470(N) -97.787(W) 2100 ft
Small 60TA WAXAHACHIE AIR RANCH ESTATES 32.325(N) -96.948(W) 3800 ft
Ultralight 01TX WAXAHACHIE MIMS FARM 32.388(N) -96.877(W) 700 ft
Small 54TA WAXAHACHIE GEORGE P SHANKS 32.300(N) -96.873(W) 2900 ft
Small 25XS WAXAHACHIE O'BRIEN AIRPARK 32.487(N) -96.846(W) 2035 ft
Small TE72 WAXAHACHIE HAVEN FIELD 32.327(N) -96.840(W) 3000 ft
Small TA60 WAXAHACHIE HURN 32.394(N) -96.779(W) 2040 ft
Small 6TE7 WAYSIDE MC NEILL RANCH 34.838(N) -101.579(W) 4000 ft
Small 54TS WEATHERFORD J BAR WC RANCH 32.811(N) -99.852(W) 1500 ft
Small 58TX WEATHERFORD TAILSPIN ESTATES 32.651(N) -97.934(W) 2675 ft
Small F78 WEATHERFORD HORSESHOE BEND 32.573(N) -97.873(W) 3000 ft
Small 99XS WEATHERFORD SAM LITTLE INTL 32.683(N) -97.806(W) 3000 ft
Small XA86 WEATHERFORD DRIFTWOOD RANCH 32.567(N) -97.805(W) 2975 ft
Small TA19 WEATHERFORD POST OAK AIRFIELD 32.675(N) -97.784(W) 2350 ft
Small 6TA7 WEATHERFORD FLYING K 32.828(N) -97.779(W) 1800 ft
Small 08TX WEATHERFORD CROSS WIND 32.858(N) -97.748(W) 2100 ft
Small WEA WEATHERFORD PARKER COUNTY 32.746(N) -97.682(W) 2889 ft
Small 57XS WEIR HOOPES RANCH 30.697(N) -97.560(W) 1600 ft
Large F06 WELLINGTON MARIAN AIRPARK 34.846(N) -100.196(W) 4035 ft
Small T65 WESLACO MID VALLEY 26.178(N) -97.973(W) 4998 ft
Small 40TS WEST SQUARE K 31.772(N) -97.132(W) 2400 ft
Small 45TX WEST WEST AIRPARK 31.752(N) -97.098(W) 2500 ft
Small 66XS WESTMINSTER BAYLIE 33.396(N) -96.489(W) 2200 ft
Small 41TS WESTMINSTER FLYING T RANCH 33.378(N) -96.448(W) 2000 ft
Large ARM WHT WHARTON WHARTON RGNL 29.254(N) -96.154(W) 5004 ft
Small 61XS WHARTON SHANKS AG STRIP 29.324(N) -96.021(W) 2800 ft
Small 94R Wharton LACKEY AVIATION 29.266(N) -96.008(W) 2167 ft
Large T59 WHEELER WHEELER MUNI 35.451(N) -100.200(W) 3565 ft
Small 96TS WHITEHOUSE NUTTALL 32.225(N) -95.196(W) 2175 ft
Small T29 WHITESBORO FLYING H RANCH 33.632(N) -96.941(W) 2500 ft
Small TA80 WHITESBORO U U RANCH 33.893(N) -96.928(W) 3900 ft
Small 68XS WHITESBORO MARGARITAVILLE 33.721(N) -96.870(W) 2500 ft
Small 36TX WHITESBORO BEVONI-FLYING B 33.721(N) -96.861(W) 2000 ft
Small 69XS WHITESBORO BRUSHY CREEK 33.753(N) -96.830(W) 2800 ft
Small 37XS WHITNEY LAKE WHITNEY COUNTRY CLUB 32.000(N) -97.417(W) 2067 ft
Small F50 WHITNEY LAKE WHITNEY STATE PARK 31.925(N) -97.365(W) 2000 ft
Small 78TE WHITNEY ROCKING A 32.020(N) -97.331(W) 1350 ft
Small TS47 WHITT ROCK CREEK RANCH 32.968(N) -98.011(W) 1800 ft
Small 29TA WICHITA FALLS CACTUS HILL 33.873(N) -98.646(W) 2700 ft
Large F14 WICHITA FALLS WICHITA VALLEY 33.948(N) -98.617(W) 3320 ft
Small 7TX0 WICHITA FALLS TOM DANAHER 33.828(N) -98.573(W) 3798 ft
Medium KSPS SPS SPS Wichita Falls SHEPPARD AFB WICHITA FALLS MUNI 33.989(N) -98.492(W) 13101 ft 1
Small CWC WICHITA FALLS KICKAPOO DOWNTOWN 33.861(N) -98.490(W) 4450 ft
Small 4XS5 WIERGATE SCRAPPIN VALLEY 31.122(N) -93.803(W) 4000 ft
Small 1TE6 WILDORADO MOORE 35.118(N) -102.185(W) 2600 ft
Small 97TS WILLIS GDAP AIR RANCH 30.480(N) -95.540(W) 2500 ft
Small 4XS6 WILLOW CITY H YOUNG RANCH 30.392(N) -98.661(W) 2085 ft
Small 76F WILLS POINT WILLS POINT MUNI 32.682(N) -95.984(W) 3230 ft
Small 4XS9 WIMBERLEY GARNETT RANCH 30.096(N) -98.163(W) 2350 ft
Small 4XS8 WIMBERLEY WINN RANCH 29.967(N) -98.117(W) 2100 ft
Small 70XS WIMBERLEY RESTORATION RANCH 29.993(N) -98.043(W) 2950 ft
Small 3TS1 WIMBERLEY WHITE WINGS 30.011(N) -98.041(W) 3000 ft
Small TE08 WINGATE FLYING W 32.150(N) -100.160(W) 2100 ft
Large KINK INK INK Wink WINKLER CO 31.780(N) -103.201(W) 5000 ft
Small TE73 WINNIE GRIFFITH RANCH 29.859(N) -94.354(W) 2500 ft
Small 5XS3 WINNIE WILBER FARMS 29.770(N) -94.261(W) 2700 ft
Small T90 WINNIE/STOWELL CHAMBERS CO WINNIE STOWELL 29.804(N) -94.431(W) 3600 ft
Small F51 WINNSBORO WINNSBORO MUNI 32.939(N) -95.279(W) 3213 ft
Small TA61 WINONA KAY RANCH 32.473(N) -95.166(W) 2550 ft
Small 98TS WINONA TRAP TRAVELSTEAD FIELD 32.418(N) -95.000(W) 1900 ft
Small 77F WINTERS WINTERS MUNI 31.947(N) -99.986(W) 3204 ft
Small 5TA6 WINTERS KNOT 2 SHABBY 31.934(N) -99.894(W) 2600 ft
Small 41TX WOLFE CITY HENINGTON 33.375(N) -96.082(W) 2800 ft
Small 42TX WOLFE CITY MAGEE 33.317(N) -96.067(W) 2100 ft
Small 80XS WOODBINE THREE ACRES 33.643(N) -97.002(W) 3500 ft
Small 09R WOODVILLE TYLER CO 30.775(N) -94.459(W) 4000 ft
Small XS48 YANTIS MARLIN'S MEADOW 32.954(N) -95.578(W) 2840 ft
Small 5TA3 YOAKUM PEARSON RANCH PRIVATE 29.359(N) -97.145(W) 2200 ft
Large T85 YOAKUM YOAKUM MUNI 29.313(N) -97.138(W) 3445 ft
Small 9XS0 YOAKUM DOBBS RANCH 29.098(N) -96.955(W) 2000 ft
Small APY ZAPATA ZAPATA COUNTY 26.969(N) -99.249(W) 5000 ft

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