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Directory of Airports in South Carolina

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Small LAURENS COUNTY 34.507(N) -81.947(W) 3898 ft
Large NEWBERRY CO 34.309(N) -81.640(W) 3498 ft
Large CHESTER CATAWBA RGNL 34.789(N) -81.196(W) 4998 ft
Large BEAUFORT CO 32.412(N) -80.634(W) 3434 ft
Small BERKELEY CO 33.185(N) -80.036(W) 4350 ft
Small SC81 ABBEVILLE ABBEVILLE 34.152(N) -82.354(W) 2250 ft
Small SC92 ABBEVILLE RAMBOS FIELD 34.103(N) -82.282(W) 2200 ft
Large AIK AIK AIKEN AIKEN MUNI 33.649(N) -81.685(W) 5500 ft
Small 4SC7 AIKEN WEXFORD LANDING 33.578(N) -81.512(W) 4200 ft
Large 88J ALLENDALE ALLENDALE CO 32.995(N) -81.270(W) 5005 ft
Large KAND AND AND ANDERSON ANDERSON RGNL 34.495(N) -82.709(W) 6002 ft
Small 3SC7 ANDREWS JORDAN 33.540(N) -79.532(W) 2750 ft
Small PHH ADR ANDREWS ROBERT F SWINNIE 33.452(N) -79.526(W) 3001 ft
Small 99N BAMBERG BAMBERG CO 33.305(N) -81.108(W) 3603 ft
Small SC49 BAMBERG OFICINA VICTORIA -20.735(S) -69.626(W) 4472 ft
Small BNL BNL BARNWELL BARNWELL RGNL 33.258(N) -81.388(W) 5255 ft
Small SC46 BATESBURG HOUSE MOVERS FIELD 33.851(N) -81.548(W) 2600 ft
Medium KNBC NBC BFT BEAUFORT BEAUFORT MCAS 32.477(N) -80.723(W) 12202 ft
Small ARW BEAUFORT BEAUFORT COUNTY 32.412(N) -80.634(W) 3434 ft
Small SC05 BEAUFORT LAUREL HILL PLANTATION 32.491(N) -80.615(W) 2400 ft
Small SC74 BEAUFORT MARSH POINT 32.462(N) -80.601(W) 1700 ft
Small BBP BTN Bennettsville MARLBORO CO JETPORT H E AVENT 34.622(N) -79.734(W) 5000 ft
Small 52J BISHOPVILLE LEE CO BUTTERS FLD 34.244(N) -80.236(W) 3202 ft
Small SC44 BOYKIN EL PORVENIR AIRPARK 34.129(N) -80.547(W) 3000 ft
Small SC91 BRANCHVILLE BELL'S BRANCH 33.307(N) -80.848(W) 2150 ft
Small 0A2 CALHOUN FALLS HESTER MEMORIAL 34.090(N) -82.568(W) 3917 ft
Large CDN CDN Camden WOODWARD FLD 34.284(N) -80.565(W) 5000 ft
Small SC03 CAMERON MC NEIL 33.557(N) -80.648(W) 2800 ft
Small SC50 CHARLESTON YONGES ISLAND 32.697(N) -80.226(W) 2300 ft
Small SC42 CHARLESTON HONDAROSA 32.687(N) -80.106(W) 3000 ft
Small SC06 CHARLESTON PLUFF MUD FIELD 32.632(N) -80.092(W) 1200 ft
Medium KCHS CHS CHS CHARLESTON CHARLESTON AFB INTL 32.899(N) -80.041(W) 9001 ft 15
Large JZI CHARLESTON CHARLESTON EXECUTIVE 32.701(N) -80.003(W) 5000 ft
Small SC61 CHERAW WILD IRISH ROSE 34.618(N) -80.152(W) 2600 ft
Ultralight SC10 CHESNEE STATE LINE ULTRAPORT/FLIGHTPARK 35.178(N) -81.818(W) 1500 ft
Small SC88 CHESNEE DAVIS FIELD 35.147(N) -81.794(W) 1500 ft
Large CEU CEU Clemson OCONEE CO RGNL 34.672(N) -82.887(W) 4399 ft
Small SC78 CLEVELAND KING FIELD 35.091(N) -82.495(W) 2400 ft
Small 9W9 CLIO CLIO CROP CARE 34.561(N) -79.538(W) 2598 ft
Large HYW CONWAY CONWAY HORRY CO 33.828(N) -79.122(W) 4400 ft
Small SC37 CROSS CROSSWINDS-WILSON PVT 33.272(N) -80.254(W) 2700 ft
Small 6SC1 CROSS LESESNE 33.369(N) -80.223(W) 2500 ft
Small 16SC CROSS ANCHOR SOUTHERN AERO SPORTS 34.625(N) -81.898(W) 3800 ft
Small 6J7 Darlington BRANHAMS 34.282(N) -79.929(W) 3200 ft
Small UDG DARLINGTON DARLINGTON CO JETPORT 34.449(N) -79.890(W) 5500 ft
Small 21SC DARLINGTON GRAHAM 34.348(N) -79.880(W) 2200 ft
Small SC89 DILLON PRICE 34.475(N) -79.394(W) 2500 ft
Large DLC DLL DILLON DILLON CO 34.449(N) -79.369(W) 3000 ft
Small SC86 EASLEY WILLIAMSPORT AIRPARK 34.865(N) -82.568(W) 2500 ft
Medium MMT MMT Eastover MC ENTIRE ANGS 33.921(N) -80.801(W) 9017 ft
Small SC55 EHRHARDT BROXTON BRIDGE PLANTATION 33.006(N) -81.048(W) 2600 ft
Small SC35 EHRHARDT EHRHARDT 33.090(N) -81.008(W) 3400 ft
Small 51SC EHRHARDT MOCCASIN CREEK 33.142(N) -80.956(W) 4000 ft
Small SC69 EHRHARDT SHILOH PLANTATION 33.121(N) -80.951(W) 3000 ft
Small 12SC ELGIN OVER THE HILL 34.141(N) -80.747(W) 2400 ft
Small 02SC ESTILL HARPERS 32.759(N) -81.225(W) 3600 ft
Large KFLO FLO FLO FLORENCE FLORENCE RGNL 34.185(N) -79.724(W) 6499 ft 1
Small 46SC GAFFNEY GAFFNEY 35.139(N) -81.696(W) 1500 ft
Small SC12 GARNETT DAVIS 32.672(N) -81.311(W) 2500 ft
Small SC13 GASTON DARDEN 33.841(N) -81.184(W) 3300 ft
Small 2SC8 GASTON GASTON 33.787(N) -81.095(W) 3350 ft
Large GGE GGE GEORGETOWN GEORGETOWN CO 33.312(N) -79.320(W) 5001 ft
Small SC14 GILBERT SHEALY 34.063(N) -81.410(W) 1700 ft
Small SC45 GILBERT GILBERT INTL 33.884(N) -81.382(W) 3500 ft
Small SC98 GOOSE CREEK MOUNT HOLLY 33.054(N) -80.083(W) 2700 ft
Small S17 GRANITEVILLE TWIN LAKES 33.646(N) -81.867(W) 4416 ft
Small SC15 GREEN POND AIRY HALL 32.632(N) -80.504(W) 3100 ft
Small S79 GREEN SEA GREEN SEA 34.186(N) -79.021(W) 3600 ft
Large GYH GDC Greenville DONALDSON CENTER 34.758(N) -82.376(W) 8000 ft
Small 25SC GREENVILLE MOUNTAIN RIDGE 34.961(N) -82.339(W) 1950 ft
Small SC58 GREENVILLE HARTNESS 34.847(N) -82.252(W) 1740 ft
Large GRD GRD GREENWOOD GREENWOOD CO 34.249(N) -82.159(W) 5003 ft
Small SC36 GREER EMERY 35.125(N) -82.326(W) 1900 ft
Large KGSP GSP GSP Greer GREENVILLE SPARTANBURG INTL 34.896(N) -82.219(W) 11000 ft 8
Small SC72 GREER CHANDELLE 34.823(N) -82.148(W) 3700 ft
Small 3J0 HAMPTON HAMPTON VARNVILLE 32.868(N) -81.083(W) 3580 ft
Large HVS HVS HARTSVILLE HARTSVILLE RGNL 34.403(N) -80.119(W) 5000 ft
Small SC16 HARTSVILLE CURRY 34.378(N) -80.005(W) 2600 ft
Small 38J HEMINGWAY HEMINGWAY STUCKEY 33.729(N) -79.516(W) 3386 ft
Small HXD HHH HILTON HEAD ISLAND HILTON HEAD 32.224(N) -80.697(W) 4027 ft 2
Small SC17 HOLLY HILL RUSSELL 33.358(N) -80.460(W) 2400 ft
Small 5J5 HOLLY HILL HOLLY HILL 33.301(N) -80.394(W) 2900 ft
Small 1SC2 HOPKINS GWINN FIELD 33.934(N) -80.796(W) 2100 ft
Small SC34 IVA IVA FIELD 34.297(N) -82.684(W) 2600 ft
Small SC94 JOHNSONVILLE WEAVER FIELD 33.889(N) -79.506(W) 2660 ft
Small 2SC9 KINGSTREE MCINTOSH 33.750(N) -79.958(W) 3000 ft
Large CKI Kingstree WILLIAMSBURG RGNL 33.717(N) -79.857(W) 5000 ft
Small 51J LAKE CITY LAKE CITY MUNI C J EVANS FLD 33.854(N) -79.768(W) 3700 ft
Small SC19 LAMAR LAMAR 34.168(N) -80.078(W) 3150 ft
Large LKR LANCASTER LANCASTER CO MC WHIRTER FLD 34.723(N) -80.855(W) 6004 ft
Small T73 LANCASTER KIRK AIR BASE 34.674(N) -80.682(W) 4400 ft
Small SC76 LANCASTER UNITY AERODROME 34.803(N) -80.680(W) 2600 ft
Small SC79 LANCASTER BERMUDA HIGH 34.611(N) -80.450(W) 4000 ft
Small 33A LANDRUM FAIRVIEW 35.157(N) -82.122(W) 2770 ft
Small SC20 LANGLEY HARMAN 33.484(N) -81.826(W) 1500 ft
Small LUX LAURENS LAURENS COUNTY 34.507(N) -81.947(W) 3898 ft
Small SC99 LEXINGTON WHITE PLAINS 33.964(N) -81.359(W) 3000 ft
Ultralight 4SC4 LIBERTY DAVIS FIELD 34.765(N) -82.691(W) 850 ft
Small 5J9 LORIS TWIN CITY 34.088(N) -78.865(W) 3694 ft
Small SC21 LORIS MYRTLE BEACH HARDEE AIRPARK 33.942(N) -78.833(W) 3300 ft
Small SC41 MANNING PALMETTO AIR PLANTATION 33.666(N) -80.244(W) 3701 ft
Large MNI Manning SANTEE COOPER RGNL 33.587(N) -80.209(W) 3602 ft
Small SC38 MANNING POCOTALIGO 33.708(N) -80.081(W) 3340 ft
Large MAO MARION MARION CO 34.181(N) -79.335(W) 4503 ft
Small S19 MC CORMICK MC CORMICK COUNTY 33.908(N) -82.267(W) 3598 ft
Small 2SC7 MCCLELLANVILLE LAUREL HILL FARMS 33.052(N) -79.541(W) 1900 ft
Small SC51 MEGGETT TOO GOO DOO FARMS 32.705(N) -80.253(W) 2600 ft
Small MKS MONCKS CORNER BERKELEY COUNTY 33.185(N) -80.036(W) 4351 ft
Small SC65 MOUNT PLEASANT RAVEN'S RUN 32.824(N) -79.807(W) 2400 ft
Small LRO MOUNT PLEASANT MT PLEASANT RGNL 32.898(N) -79.783(W) 3700 ft
Small SC56 MOUNTVILLE THOMASON AIRFIELD 34.363(N) -81.993(W) 2000 ft
Large KMYR MYR MYR MYRTLE BEACH MYRTLE BEACH INTL 33.680(N) -78.928(W) 9503 ft 13
Small 19SC NEWBERRY SEXTON 34.354(N) -81.802(W) 2200 ft
Small EOE NEWBERRY NEWBERRY COUNTY 34.309(N) -81.641(W) 4000 ft
Medium XNO NORTH NORTH AF AUX 33.615(N) -81.084(W) 9000 ft
Large CRE CRE North Myrtle Beach GRAND STRAND 33.812(N) -78.724(W) 5996 ft
Small 1DS ORANGEBURG DRY SWAMP 33.388(N) -80.911(W) 2900 ft
Large OGB OGB ORANGEBURG ORANGEBURG MUNI 33.457(N) -80.859(W) 5401 ft
Small PYG PAGELAND PAGELAND 34.742(N) -80.345(W) 3395 ft
Small SC23 PELION EAGLES NEST-FAIRVIEW AIRPARK 33.764(N) -81.359(W) 2700 ft
Small 6J0 PELION LEXINGTON COUNTY AT PELION 33.795(N) -81.246(W) 4335 ft
Small SC95 PERRY PERRY INTL 33.629(N) -81.330(W) 5000 ft
Small SC75 PICKENS OOLENOY VALLEY 34.998(N) -82.735(W) 1800 ft
Large LQK LQK PICKENS PICKENS CO 34.810(N) -82.703(W) 5002 ft
Small 3J1 RIDGELAND RIDGELAND 32.493(N) -80.992(W) 2692 ft
Large UZA RKH ROCK HILL ROCK HILL YORK CO BRYANT 34.988(N) -81.057(W) 5500 ft
Large 6J4 SALUDA SALUDA CO 33.927(N) -81.795(W) 3200 ft
Small SC60 SCRANTON COCKFIELD AERODROME 33.904(N) -79.684(W) 2800 ft
Ultralight SC96 SENECA TOKEENA AIR PARK 34.560(N) -82.935(W) 1000 ft
Small SC24 SENECA EAGLE RIDGE 34.672(N) -82.914(W) 2100 ft
Small SC47 SIMPSONVILLE PARKER FIELD 34.761(N) -82.161(W) 3200 ft
Small SC52 SIX MILE OAKVIEW 34.812(N) -82.819(W) 1400 ft
Small SC40 SPARTANBURG PEARSON'S FARM 35.057(N) -81.945(W) 2700 ft
Small 6J2 ST GEORGE ST GEORGE 33.196(N) -80.508(W) 3200 ft
Small SC07 ST MATTHEWS ALAN'S 33.676(N) -80.950(W) 2600 ft
Small 99SC ST. MATHEWS ST. MATHEWS 33.689(N) -80.689(W) 2640 ft
Small SC90 ST. MATTHEWS DO-LITTLE FIELD 33.676(N) -80.948(W) 3200 ft
Small 3SC2 SUMMERTON YAHU FIELD 33.602(N) -80.306(W) 4400 ft
Small DYB SUMMERVILLE SUMMERVILLE 33.063(N) -80.279(W) 3701 ft
Small 24SC SUMMIT THE FARM 33.936(N) -81.430(W) 2600 ft
Medium KSSC SSC SSC Sumter SHAW AFB 33.973(N) -80.471(W) 10016 ft
Large SMS SUM SUMTER SUMTER 33.995(N) -80.361(W) 5501 ft
Small 00SC SUMTER FLYING O 34.009(N) -80.267(W) 2900 ft
Small 58J TIMMONSVILLE HUGGINS MEMORIAL 34.138(N) -79.921(W) 3090 ft
Small SC29 TIMMONSVILLE MC KAY 34.111(N) -79.901(W) 3000 ft
Small 6J6 TRENTON EDGEFIELD COUNTY 33.737(N) -81.820(W) 2640 ft
Small SC48 TURBEVILLE BYRD FIELD 33.884(N) -80.000(W) 3700 ft
Small 35A UNION UNION COUNTY TROY SHELTON FLD 34.687(N) -81.641(W) 3508 ft
Small SC87 VANCE AVINGER FIELD 33.443(N) -80.456(W) 3000 ft
Small SC70 WALHALLA ANNA'S 34.725(N) -83.085(W) 1300 ft
Small 29SC WALTERBORO HANNAH RHEA FIELD 32.901(N) -80.854(W) 1800 ft
Large RBW RBW Walterboro LOWCOUNTRY RGNL 32.921(N) -80.641(W) 6002 ft
Small 2SC5 WATERLOO RIDGEWOOD AIR 34.292(N) -82.054(W) 3100 ft
Small SC26 WEST UNION HAWKS NEST FARM 34.808(N) -82.999(W) 1800 ft
Small SC82 WILLIAMSON OAKHILL AIRPARK 34.586(N) -82.352(W) 2400 ft
Small SC43 WILLIAMSTON MOORE'S FIELD 34.594(N) -82.399(W) 1400 ft
Large FDW WINNSBORO FAIRFIELD CO 34.315(N) -81.109(W) 5004 ft
Small SC39 WOODRUFF GREEN POND 34.817(N) -82.083(W) 2850 ft
Small SC00 WOODRUFF TRIPLE TREE 34.674(N) -82.001(W) 7000 ft
Small 3SC4 WOODRUFF CROOKED FENCE FARM 34.774(N) -81.986(W) 3300 ft
Small 01SC YORK YORK 35.032(N) -81.253(W) 2580 ft
Small SC08 YORK BETHEL-LAKE WYLIE 35.050(N) -81.137(W) 1500 ft

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