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Directory of Airports in Pennsylvania

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Large ZELIENOPLE MUNI 40.802(N) -80.161(W) 4102 ft
Small BEAVER SPRINGS 40.776(N) -77.216(W) 4500 ft
Large OQN BRANDYWINE 39.990(N) -75.582(W) 3222 ft
Large ALLENTOWN QUEEN CITY MUNI 40.570(N) -75.488(W) 3950 ft
Small 75PA ALBION MARTHER FIELD 41.873(N) -80.459(W) 2200 ft
Small PS05 ALBION G & N 41.875(N) -80.375(W) 2700 ft
Small XLL ALLENTOWN ALLENTOWN QUEEN CITY MUNI 40.570(N) -75.488(W) 3949 ft
Large KABE ABE ABE Allentown LEHIGH VALLEY INTL 40.652(N) -75.441(W) 7600 ft 7
Small 77PA ALLISON PARK NARDO 40.583(N) -79.900(W) 1800 ft
Small PS15 ALTOONA VICARS PRIVATE 40.548(N) -78.392(W) 1200 ft
Large KAOO AOO AOO ALTOONA ALTOONA BLAIR CO 40.296(N) -78.320(W) 5466 ft 1
Small PA30 ANDREAS EAST PENN 40.767(N) -75.775(W) 1340 ft
Small PA31 ANNVILLE ROVER 40.283(N) -76.539(W) 2150 ft
Small Annville MILLARD 40.317(N) -76.536(W) 2870 ft
Small 4PA0 ANNVILLE MILLARD 40.317(N) -76.536(W) 2870 ft
Small PN46 APOLLO RIVER HILL AVIATION 40.564(N) -79.546(W) 1280 ft
Small PA33 ATHENS LARS/PRIVATE 41.950(N) -76.483(W) 1430 ft
Small PA35 BALLY BALLY SPRING FARM 40.432(N) -75.626(W) 2200 ft
Small 7N8 BALLY BUTTER VALLEY GOLF PORT 40.398(N) -75.564(W) 2420 ft
Small 8PN2 BANGOR HALLETT'S 40.911(N) -75.165(W) 1600 ft
Large BVI BFP Beaver Falls BEAVER CO 40.772(N) -80.391(W) 4501 ft
Small PS06 BEAVER SPRINGS SNOOK 40.733(N) -77.266(W) 1300 ft
Small HMZ BEDFORD BEDFORD CO 40.085(N) -78.512(W) 5005 ft
Small PA36 BEDMINSTER STEFANIK 40.453(N) -75.204(W) 1500 ft
Small 03PS BELLEFONTE ZIGGY'S FIELD 40.850(N) -77.906(W) 1130 ft
Large N96 BELLEFONTE BELLEFONTE 40.885(N) -77.816(W) 3640 ft
Small 01PN BELLEFONTE BIERLY(PERSONAL USE) 40.931(N) -77.739(W) 1700 ft
Small 77PN BENFER GILFERT 40.784(N) -77.207(W) 1930 ft
Small PA40 BENTON BENTON 41.200(N) -76.387(W) 2200 ft
Small 6PA7 BERWICK BERWICK 41.070(N) -76.216(W) 2144 ft
Small 8N1 BETHEL GRIMES 40.485(N) -76.264(W) 2720 ft
Small 3PN0 BIGLERVILLE SCHULTEIS 39.960(N) -77.259(W) 1500 ft
Small PA51 BIGLERVILLE BOWTIE 39.908(N) -77.205(W) 2100 ft
Small PA43 BIRDSBORO ARNOLD 40.267(N) -75.883(W) 1700 ft
Small PS38 BIRDSBORO - POTTSTOWN BERT'S 40.286(N) -75.748(W) 2264 ft
Small PA44 BLOOMSBURG STONE CASTLE MOTEL 40.974(N) -76.519(W) 1700 ft
Large N13 BLOOMSBURG BLOOMSBURG MUNI 40.998(N) -76.436(W) 2800 ft
Small 86PN BLOOMSBURG SEESHOLTZ 41.045(N) -76.355(W) 1535 ft
Small PA45 BODINES LOGUE 41.417(N) -76.933(W) 1400 ft
Small KBFD BFD BFD BRADFORD BRADFORD RGNL 41.803(N) -78.640(W) 6309 ft 1
Ultralight 6PN5 BRADFORD SAM'S FIELD 41.907(N) -78.629(W) 1300 ft
Small PS18 BRADFORD PECORA FIELD 41.904(N) -78.628(W) 1800 ft
Small 6PN9 BRANDONVILLE MC DONALD'S 40.886(N) -76.154(W) 2000 ft
Small 9W8 BROGUE BAUBLITZ COMMERCIAL 39.852(N) -76.486(W) 2493 ft
Small 3PS9 BULGER RISKER FIELD 40.378(N) -80.350(W) 1855 ft
Small PS11 BURNHAM MC CARDLE FARM 40.645(N) -77.555(W) 1800 ft
Small 05PS BURNT CABINS MILLS BROTHERS 40.143(N) -77.862(W) 2319 ft
Small 3G9 BUTLER BUTLER FARM SHOW 40.853(N) -79.975(W) 2580 ft
Large BTP BTP BUTLER BUTLER CO K W SCHOLTER FLD 40.777(N) -79.950(W) 4801 ft
Small 5PN8 CALVIN LINCOLN FARMS 40.329(N) -78.045(W) 1420 ft
Small 3PN6 CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS GRAVEL RUN 41.750(N) -80.083(W) 2000 ft
Small PS64 CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS MORTON'S 41.825(N) -80.079(W) 1200 ft
Small 8N4 CANADENSIS FLYING DOLLAR 41.217(N) -75.250(W) 2405 ft
Small 82PA CANDOR FRAME FLD 40.397(N) -80.305(W) 1200 ft
Small 9PN8 CARBONDALE MALINCHAK PVT. 41.625(N) -75.533(W) 2000 ft
Small PA53 CARBONDALE COSKLOS ELKVIEW 41.627(N) -75.528(W) 1600 ft
Small PA54 CARBONDALE KELLACHOWS 41.522(N) -75.396(W) 2555 ft
Small N94 CARLISLE CARLISLE 40.188(N) -77.174(W) 3908 ft
Small PA55 CARLISLE NEIDERER 40.217(N) -77.116(W) 1400 ft
Small 5PA0 CARMICHAELS BLOMSTER FIELD FARM 39.873(N) -79.955(W) 2000 ft
Small 4PS5 CARMICHEAL MUDDY CREEK 39.921(N) -79.949(W) 2700 ft
Small 85PA CARROLLTOWN KRUMENACKER 40.595(N) -78.778(W) 1440 ft
Small 0PS3 CARSONVILLE CARSONVILLE 40.490(N) -76.767(W) 1272 ft
Small PN30 CASSVILLE SCHRENKEL 40.263(N) -78.103(W) 2200 ft
Small 5G2 CENTRAL CITY INDIAN LAKE 40.054(N) -78.847(W) 4490 ft
Small N16 CENTRE HALL CENTRE AIRPARK 40.812(N) -77.657(W) 3100 ft
Small N74 CENTRE HALL PENNS CAVE 40.890(N) -77.602(W) 2500 ft
Small 06PA CERES FREEFALL OZ 41.996(N) -78.287(W) 2965 ft
Small 4PS4 CHADDS FORD MOUNTAIN TOP 39.854(N) -75.573(W) 2500 ft
Small N68 Chambersburg FRANKLIN CO RGNL 39.973(N) -77.643(W) 3300 ft
Small 8PN0 CHAMBERSBURG LOST ACRES 39.938(N) -77.616(W) 1800 ft
Small PA58 CHAMBERSBURG ROCKTOP 39.975(N) -77.558(W) 1800 ft
Small PN08 CHAMBERSVILLE DAVIS 40.735(N) -79.160(W) 1300 ft
Small 87PA CHICORA WALTMAN 40.926(N) -79.739(W) 2600 ft
Large AXQ CLARION CLARION COUNTY 41.226(N) -79.441(W) 4100 ft
Small PS66 CLARION PARKER-CRAMER 41.211(N) -79.361(W) 2000 ft
Small PS67 CLAYSVILLE UPHILL 40.106(N) -80.431(W) 1865 ft
Small FIG CLEARFIELD CLEARFIELD LAWRENCE 41.049(N) -78.413(W) 4500 ft
Small 3PN1 CLIFFORD ASHLAWN 41.622(N) -75.596(W) 1800 ft
Small 88PA CLINTON MC COY 40.539(N) -80.413(W) 1300 ft
Small PS39 CLYMER DOWNES 40.628(N) -78.960(W) 1200 ft
Large Coatesville CHESTER CO G O CARLSON 39.979(N) -75.865(W) 5400 ft
Small PA61 COLLEGEVILLE KUNDA 40.167(N) -75.450(W) 1350 ft
Small N10 COLLEGEVILLE PERKIOMEN VALLEY 40.204(N) -75.430(W) 2880 ft
Small 8N7 COLUMBIA MC GINNESS 40.025(N) -76.487(W) 1850 ft
Small PN54 COLUMIA CROSS ROADS AKM AIRFIELD 41.842(N) -76.746(W) 2100 ft
Small 90PA CONEVILLE ADAMS 41.879(N) -78.115(W) 2900 ft
Large VVS CONNELLSVILLE CONNELLSVILLE 39.959(N) -79.657(W) 3458 ft
Small 92PA COOPERSTOWN HAWKINS FIELD 40.704(N) -79.952(W) 1285 ft
Small 93PA COOPERSTOWN MAPLE CAVE PARK 41.503(N) -79.881(W) 2000 ft
Small PA65 COPLAY HI-VU 40.700(N) -75.550(W) 1200 ft
Small 8G2 CORRY CORRY LAWRENCE 41.908(N) -79.641(W) 4100 ft
Small PN15 COUDERSPORT GREELEY 41.879(N) -77.950(W) 1700 ft
Small 11PN CRANBERRY EAKIN 41.352(N) -79.733(W) 2500 ft
Small 97PA CRANESVILLE WILLOWS 41.908(N) -80.258(W) 2000 ft
Ultralight 48P CRESCO ROCKY HILL 41.148(N) -75.275(W) 1000 ft
Small PN38 CULMERVILLE CULMERVILLE 40.663(N) -79.846(W) 1700 ft
Small 0PS4 CURWENSVILLE OLD ORCHARD 41.008(N) -78.561(W) 2400 ft
Small PS21 DALMATIA FLYING EAGLE 40.646(N) -76.812(W) 1850 ft
Small 8N8 DANVILLE DANVILLE 40.951(N) -76.643(W) 3000 ft
Small PS00 DAUPHIN TALLMAN WEST 40.406(N) -76.940(W) 2100 ft
Small PA69 DILLSBURG VOGELSONG 40.129(N) -76.969(W) 1200 ft
Small PN01 DORSEYVILLE CEDAR RUN 40.588(N) -79.906(W) 1800 ft
Small 90PN DOVER BANEY'S 40.017(N) -76.820(W) 2000 ft
Small PS08 DOVER LAZY B RANCH 40.023(N) -76.817(W) 2600 ft
Small PA70 DOWNINGTOWN FETTERS CONSTRUCTION 40.092(N) -75.711(W) 1820 ft
Large DYL DYL DOYLESTOWN DOYLESTOWN 40.333(N) -75.122(W) 3004 ft
Small PS68 DOYLESTOWN BUCKINGHAM 40.332(N) -75.030(W) 844 ft
Small PS46 DUBLIN GRAYSTRIP 40.362(N) -75.180(W) 1716 ft
Large KDUJ DUJ DUJ DUBOIS DU BOIS JEFFERSON CO 41.178(N) -78.899(W) 5504 ft 1
Small 5PS5 DUNCANNON CHESTNUT HILL 40.397(N) -77.074(W) 1700 ft
Small PA71 DUSHORE DWIGHT'S DELIGHT 41.521(N) -76.462(W) 1990 ft
Small 4PN7 EAGLES MERE MERRITT FIELD 41.418(N) -76.534(W) 1600 ft
Ultralight PA89 EAST BERLIN BEN'S LANDING 39.959(N) -77.050(W) 1095 ft
Small PA72 EAST BERLIN CIRCLE W AIRFIELD 39.959(N) -76.971(W) 2200 ft
Small PN02 EAST BRADY OFFUTT ACRES 40.985(N) -79.566(W) 1350 ft
Small PA73 EAST PROSPECT D.EVANS FARM 39.980(N) -76.536(W) 1400 ft
Large N53 ESP EAST STROUDSBURG STROUDSBURG POCONO 41.036(N) -75.161(W) 2987 ft
Small N43 EASTON BRADEN AIRPARK 40.742(N) -75.243(W) 1956 ft
Small 9G8 EBENSBURG EBENSBURG 40.461(N) -78.775(W) 3204 ft
Small PS47 EBENSBURG HAMILTON HILL 40.428(N) -78.741(W) 1800 ft
Small PN04 EBENSBURG STRITTMATTER 40.547(N) -78.695(W) 1800 ft
Small PN06 EDINBORO CARLSON 41.904(N) -80.103(W) 2500 ft
Small 16PA EIGHTY FOUR GREGG 40.181(N) -80.128(W) 2500 ft
Small 22D EIGHTY FOUR BANDEL 40.131(N) -80.096(W) 2260 ft
Small 0PS7 ELIZABETHVILLE HARMAN 40.522(N) -76.846(W) 1900 ft
Small PA74 ELIZABETHVILLE/HALIFAX GUSLER 40.465(N) -76.840(W) 2200 ft
Ultralight PA19 ELKDALE STRIZKI 41.697(N) -75.595(W) 500 ft
Small PA75 ELKLAND BAKER 41.965(N) -77.316(W) 1600 ft
Small PN11 ENON VALLEY RENO 40.890(N) -80.486(W) 2100 ft
Large KERI ERI ERI ERIE ERIE INTL TOM RIDGE FLD 42.082(N) -80.176(W) 6500 ft 3
Small PA20 ERIE THERMAL G. RANCH 42.021(N) -80.071(W) 1200 ft
Small 9N1 ERWINNA VANSANT 40.484(N) -75.100(W) 3058 ft
Small PA78 ERWINNA TINTINHULL 40.500(N) -75.083(W) 1800 ft
Small PA77 ERWINNA ERWINNA PRIVATE 40.500(N) -75.066(W) 2000 ft
Small PN16 EVANS CITY PABST BLUE RIBBON 40.758(N) -80.014(W) 2500 ft
Ultralight 3PN9 EXPORT PHIL CAIN MEMORIAL FIELD 40.442(N) -79.550(W) 700 ft
Small 9N3 FACTORYVILLE SEAMANS FIELD 41.589(N) -75.756(W) 2500 ft
Small W73 FAIRFIELD MID ATLANTIC SOARING CENTER 39.757(N) -77.351(W) 2700 ft
Small 3PN2 FAIRFIELD KARLINDO 39.759(N) -77.347(W) 1200 ft
Small PN18 FAIRVIEW FAIRVIEW EVERGREEN 42.027(N) -80.244(W) 1840 ft
Small PA88 FARMINGTON NEMACOLIN 39.806(N) -79.549(W) 3980 ft
Small PA81 FAYETTEVILLE 5 LAKES 39.913(N) -77.533(W) 2300 ft
Small G05 FINLEYVILLE FINLEYVILLE AIRPARK 40.246(N) -80.012(W) 2505 ft
Small PA82 FLEETVILLE GRAYCE FARMS 41.600(N) -75.683(W) 2200 ft
Small PS69 FLINTON BARNHART 40.727(N) -78.539(W) 2900 ft
Small PA84 FORDVILLE LEVEL ACRES FARM 39.954(N) -76.909(W) 2300 ft
Small 18PA FOREST GROVE SLACK 40.300(N) -75.083(W) 1600 ft
Small 9PA7 FORT HILL KEYSTONE 39.773(N) -79.211(W) 1825 ft
Medium KMUI MUI MUI Fort Indiantown Gap MUIR AAF 40.435(N) -76.569(W) 3867 ft
Large FKL FKL Franklin VENANGO RGNL 41.378(N) -79.860(W) 5200 ft 1
Small 0PA5 FRANKLIN FISHER 41.495(N) -79.831(W) 2550 ft
Small PA85 FREDERICK DREWNIANY-SPRINGMEADOW 40.305(N) -75.534(W) 1350 ft
Small PS35 FREDERICKSBURG DUTCH COUNTRY EGG FARMS 40.458(N) -76.458(W) 2400 ft
Small 9N7 FREDERICKSBURG FARMERS PRIDE 40.443(N) -76.442(W) 3410 ft
Small 24PA FREEDOM KINDELBERGER LANDING STRIP 40.692(N) -80.178(W) 1515 ft
Small PN25 FREEPORT LINDSAY 40.736(N) -79.689(W) 1750 ft
Small P37 FREEPORT MC VILLE 40.733(N) -79.600(W) 2900 ft
Small PS70 FRIEDENSBURG CIDER FIELD 40.606(N) -76.283(W) 2200 ft
Small PA86 FRYSTOWN KRILL PERSONAL USE 40.448(N) -76.341(W) 1500 ft
Small Galeton CHERRY SPRINGS 41.665(N) -77.818(W) 3570 ft
Small PS49 GARRETT HARTMAN 39.860(N) -78.989(W) 2590 ft
Small P91 GERMANSVILLE FLYING M AERODROME 40.737(N) -75.705(W) 2370 ft
Ultralight PN48 GERMANSVILLE BULLFLY 40.708(N) -75.686(W) 1200 ft
Small 9PS8 GETTYSBURG MANOR LANDING 39.813(N) -77.295(W) 2000 ft
Small 8PN9 GETTYSBURG MARSH CREEK 39.822(N) -77.292(W) 1500 ft
Small PA47 GETTYSBURG CLOUDBOUND 39.781(N) -77.279(W) 2020 ft
Small 34PA GETTYSBURG WALTZ 39.761(N) -77.193(W) 1700 ft
Small PS25 GETTYSBURG CAPTAIN'S FOLLY 39.843(N) -77.165(W) 3175 ft
Small 07PN GRASSFLAT FOLMAR 40.999(N) -78.125(W) 1600 ft
Small PA08 GREENCASTLE JJ & PK 39.793(N) -77.778(W) 1750 ft
Small 4G1 GREENVILLE GREENVILLE MUNI 41.447(N) -80.391(W) 2703 ft
Large 29D GROVE CITY GROVE CITY 41.146(N) -80.168(W) 4500 ft
Small PN31 GROVE CITY SAGULLA 41.243(N) -80.114(W) 2740 ft
Small 4PN0 GROVE CITY FLYING M RANCH 41.216(N) -80.094(W) 2000 ft
Small PA92 HAMBURG BLUE MOUNTAIN ACADEMY (PVT) 40.553(N) -76.029(W) 2850 ft
Small 68PA HAMBURG DON'S PLACE AIRPARK 40.518(N) -75.916(W) 1800 ft
Small 6W6 HANOVER HANOVER 39.793(N) -77.025(W) 2550 ft
Small PS50 HARFORD HUF 41.768(N) -75.723(W) 2185 ft
Large CXY HAR Harrisburg CAPITAL CITY 40.217(N) -76.851(W) 5001 ft
Large KMDT MDT MDT HARRISBURG HARRISBURG INTL 40.193(N) -76.763(W) 9008 ft 10
Small 3PS8 HARRISBURG YINGST 40.396(N) -76.746(W) 1500 ft
Small PN35 HARRISONVILLE FLYING R 40.000(N) -78.083(W) 1600 ft
Small PA49 HAWLEY MOUNTAIN BAY AIR PARK INC 41.380(N) -75.232(W) 2230 ft
Large HZL HZL HAZLETON HAZLETON MUNI 40.987(N) -75.995(W) 4898 ft
Small 59PN HERSHEY BROOKSIDE FARMS 40.316(N) -76.686(W) 2320 ft
Small 0PA0 HILLTOWN PHILADELPHIA 40.328(N) -75.241(W) 2450 ft
Small PN36 HOME RAYNE 40.733(N) -79.067(W) 1600 ft
Small 7PA3 HONESDALE COLD SPRING 41.706(N) -75.288(W) 4000 ft
Small N30 HONESDALE CHERRY RIDGE 41.515(N) -75.251(W) 2420 ft
Small PN37 HOOKSTOWN FINO 40.605(N) -80.458(W) 1500 ft
Small 80PN HOOKSTOWN HANNY BEAVER AIRPARK INC 40.542(N) -80.453(W) 2719 ft
Small 0PA4 HUMMELSTOWN ECKO FIELD 40.238(N) -76.725(W) 1515 ft
Small PN64 HUNTINGDON HILLING INTL 40.502(N) -77.939(W) 1280 ft
Small 0PA6 HUNTINGDON HOSTETLER 40.631(N) -77.850(W) 1800 ft
Large IDI INDIANA INDIANA CO 40.632(N) -79.106(W) 4001 ft
Small PN43 INDUSTRY SAINOVICH 40.700(N) -80.433(W) 1300 ft
Small 31D IRWIN INTER COUNTY 40.333(N) -79.779(W) 1960 ft
Small 5PN7 IVYLAND JARRETT 40.233(N) -75.075(W) 1200 ft
Small 8PS2 JACKSON CENTER STILL MEADOW FARM 41.311(N) -80.163(W) 1856 ft
Small 5G8 JEANNETTE GREENSBURG JEANNETTE RGNL 40.376(N) -79.608(W) 2605 ft
Small PN47 JENNERSTOWN LOHR'S LANDING 40.208(N) -79.056(W) 1400 ft
Small P96 JERSEY SHORE JERSEY SHORE 41.207(N) -77.226(W) 3060 ft
Small 1PA0 JERSEY SHORE HINAMAN ACRES 41.133(N) -77.200(W) 2300 ft
Large KJST JST JST Johnstown JOHN MURTHA JOHNSTOWN CAMBRIA CO 40.316(N) -78.834(W) 7003 ft 1
Small PS52 JOHNSTOWN ALBERTER FARMS 40.195(N) -78.833(W) 2600 ft
Small 1PA3 KELLERS CHURCH RIDGEVIEW 40.450(N) -75.200(W) 1200 ft
Small 1PA6 KENNETT SQUARE WHITTLE 39.827(N) -75.724(W) 1600 ft
Small PN59 KITTANNING STITT 40.831(N) -79.487(W) 1800 ft
Small PN49 KITTANNING DUNBAR 40.772(N) -79.429(W) 1400 ft
Small 1PA9 KLINGERSTOWN SCHADELS 40.667(N) -76.683(W) 1350 ft
Small 6PS3 KNOXVILLE CHAMP FIELD 41.959(N) -77.426(W) 1600 ft
Small 07N KRALLTOWN BERMUDIAN VALLEY AIRPARK 40.017(N) -77.004(W) 2200 ft
Small N31 KUTZTOWN KUTZTOWN 40.503(N) -75.787(W) 2460 ft
Small 2PA0 KUTZTOWN ZETTLEMOYER 40.557(N) -75.698(W) 925 ft
Small 2PA1 LACKAWAXEN BOEHM'S FIELD 41.443(N) -75.008(W) 2000 ft
Small 2PA3 LAKE ARIEL REED 41.500(N) -75.416(W) 1200 ft
Small 2PA4 LAKEWOOD BODEN 41.847(N) -75.446(W) 1900 ft
Large KLNS LNS LNS LANCASTER LANCASTER 40.122(N) -76.296(W) 6734 ft 1
Small 2PA7 LANDISBURG EGOLF 40.333(N) -77.300(W) 1300 ft
Small 2PA8 LANDISBURG SHULLS 40.300(N) -77.300(W) 1600 ft
Large KLBE LBE LBE Latrobe ARNOLD PALMER RGNL 40.276(N) -79.405(W) 7001 ft 1
Small PA17 LAWRENCEVILLE CANAAN'S FIELD 42.004(N) -77.100(W) 1600 ft
Small 3PA0 LEBANON HORST 40.383(N) -76.466(W) 2000 ft
Small 08N LEBANON KELLER BROTHERS 40.292(N) -76.329(W) 2635 ft
Large 22N LEHIGHTON JAKE ARNER MEMORIAL 40.810(N) -75.761(W) 3000 ft
Small 3PA2 LEHIGHTON NEEB 40.881(N) -75.636(W) 2000 ft
Small 14N LEHIGHTON BELTZVILLE 40.844(N) -75.635(W) 2020 ft
Ultralight 9PA5 LEIGHTON SOLT FIELD 40.780(N) -75.716(W) 600 ft
Small 3PA4 LERAYSVILLE GIFFIN 41.778(N) -76.137(W) 2000 ft
Small 3PA6 LEWISBURG FOX HOLLOW 40.993(N) -76.900(W) 1200 ft
Small 1PA4 LEWISTOWN WAGNER 40.553(N) -77.620(W) 1885 ft
Small 3PA8 LINCOLN UNIVERSITY HARRIS 39.820(N) -75.926(W) 1500 ft
Small 3PA9 LINE LEXINGTON MOYER 40.297(N) -75.248(W) 2800 ft
Small PA01 LINESVILLE MERRYS PYMATUNING 41.675(N) -80.435(W) 1815 ft
Small PA23 LITTLESTOWN KINGSDALE AIR PARK 39.727(N) -77.112(W) 2060 ft
Small 4PA5 LOCK HAVEN PONDEROSA 41.308(N) -77.525(W) 2200 ft
Small 6PA8 LOCK HAVEN TALL PINES AIRFIELD 41.201(N) -77.441(W) 1550 ft
Large LHV LHV Lock Haven WILLIAM T PIPER MEM 41.136(N) -77.422(W) 3806 ft
Small PN53 LORETTO STROHMIER 40.551(N) -78.623(W) 1550 ft
Small 00PS LOYSVILLE THOMAS FIELD 40.378(N) -77.365(W) 3100 ft
Small 4PA7 LYKENS SHEEPSHEAD 40.565(N) -76.747(W) 1500 ft
Small PS73 MACKEYVILLE POVERTY 41.063(N) -77.434(W) 2500 ft
Small 5PA1 MAINVILLE BROADT PERSONAL USE 40.997(N) -76.384(W) 1600 ft
Ultralight PN69 MALVERN ALTEMOSE 40.093(N) -75.516(W) 500 ft
Small PN57 MARION CENTER MARION CENTER SPEEDWAY 40.812(N) -79.037(W) 2500 ft
Small P09 MARS LAKEHILL 40.707(N) -80.030(W) 2850 ft
Small PN55 MC CLELLANDTOWN SKALA 39.858(N) -79.823(W) 1400 ft
Small PA02 MC KEAN DILLEN PERSONAL 41.983(N) -80.183(W) 1345 ft
Small 38PN MC KEAN WAISLEY 42.000(N) -80.166(W) 2000 ft
Small GKJ MEJ Meadville PORT MEADVILLE 41.627(N) -80.215(W) 5002 ft
Small 0PA7 MEDIA LINVILL 39.885(N) -75.415(W) 1200 ft
STOL 00PN MERCER FERRELL FIELD 41.300(N) -80.211(W) 500 ft
Small 39PN MERCER NELSON'S RUN 41.216(N) -80.198(W) 2000 ft
Small 01PS MESHOPPEN NORT'S RESORT 41.596(N) -76.030(W) 1200 ft
Small PA07 MIDDLEBORO BILINSKI 42.014(N) -80.120(W) 1800 ft
Small 37PA MIDDLEBURG ROADCAP 40.788(N) -77.106(W) 2500 ft
Small 8PS0 MIDDLEBURY CENTER MIDDLEBURY 41.848(N) -77.281(W) 1750 ft
Small PN62 MIDWAY CATANEY 40.375(N) -80.300(W) 1300 ft
Small 8PA4 MIFFLINBURG J F T 40.945(N) -77.046(W) 1800 ft
Small P34 MIFFLINTOWN MIFFLINTOWN 40.599(N) -77.406(W) 2627 ft
Small 6PA0 MILFORD MYER 41.350(N) -74.933(W) 2500 ft
Small PA18 MILL HALL BUZZARDS FIELD 41.094(N) -77.414(W) 2000 ft
Small 3PS4 MILLCREEK MOUNTAIN HIDE-AWAY 40.724(N) -77.987(W) 1400 ft
Small 19PA MILLVILLE LAKE 41.117(N) -76.521(W) 500 ft
Small 7PN0 MINERSVILLE TIDMORE 40.705(N) -76.236(W) 2000 ft
Large FWQ Monongahela ROSTRAVER 40.210(N) -79.831(W) 4001 ft
Small 4G0 MONROEVILLE PITTSBURGH-MONROEVILLE 40.452(N) -79.775(W) 2280 ft
Small 6PA3 MONTOURSVILLE HACKENBURG-PENNY HILL 41.150(N) -76.900(W) 2273 ft
Small P32 MONTROSE HUSKY HAVEN 41.789(N) -75.890(W) 1900 ft
Small O03 MORGANTOWN MORGANTOWN 40.157(N) -75.870(W) 2500 ft
Small 6PA6 MOSCOW AIR HAVEN 41.350(N) -75.483(W) 1600 ft
Small P45 MOUNT PLEASANT MOUNT PLEASANT/SCOTTDALE 40.108(N) -79.541(W) 2188 ft
Small 7PA0 MOUNTVILLE MANOR KNOLL PERSONAL USE 40.021(N) -76.424(W) 2000 ft
Large MPO MPO Mt. Pocono POCONO MOUNTAINS MUNI 41.137(N) -75.379(W) 4000 ft
Small 9D4 MYERSTOWN DECK 40.352(N) -76.330(W) 3786 ft
Small PA68 NAZARETH BUGS 40.714(N) -75.304(W) 3000 ft
Small PN66 NEW ALEXANDRIA DUNLEA AIRPARK 40.426(N) -79.364(W) 2000 ft
Small 4PA1 NEW BERLIN SAUERS-HAVEN 40.884(N) -76.980(W) 1200 ft
Small 0PN4 NEW BLOOMFIELD KITNER 40.413(N) -77.241(W) 500 ft
Small 32PN NEW BRIGHTON BLACK ROCK 40.734(N) -80.276(W) 1800 ft
Large UCP NEW CASTLE NEW CASTLE MUNI 41.025(N) -80.413(W) 4000 ft
Ultralight 1PA5 NEW GALILEE BEAVER CREEK 40.830(N) -80.414(W) 1400 ft
Small PN68 NEW GALILEE JACKSON 40.901(N) -80.368(W) 1200 ft
Small 41PA NEW KINGSTOWN DEITCH 40.258(N) -77.081(W) 1276 ft
Small 6PS8 NEW MILFORD TYLER 41.817(N) -75.699(W) 1475 ft
Small 51PA NEW OXFORD LAMBERSON 39.883(N) -77.083(W) 2300 ft
Small 71PN NEW OXFORD SCHULTEIS FIELD 39.918(N) -77.046(W) 2000 ft
Small 0PN7 NEWBURG DRILLMORE ACRES 40.128(N) -77.631(W) 2800 ft
STOL 69PA NEWMANSTOWN HURST 40.343(N) -76.209(W) 1100 ft
Small 34PN NEWPORT FOX FIELD 40.486(N) -77.221(W) 1230 ft
Small 7G4 NEWRY BLUE KNOB VALLEY 40.396(N) -78.454(W) 3415 ft
Small 7PA6 NEWTOWN STOTT/PVT 40.245(N) -74.991(W) 2250 ft
Small PS02 NEWVILLE HEBERLIG 40.164(N) -77.371(W) 2250 ft
Small PN40 NORTH EAST MOORHEAD AIRPARK LLC 42.184(N) -79.898(W) 2085 ft
Ultralight 6PA1 NORTH WASHINGTON TOWER AIRFIELD 40.510(N) -79.580(W) 500 ft
Small 8PA0 NUMIDIA NUMIDIA 40.866(N) -76.397(W) 2000 ft
Small 8PA1 ONO DEE JAY 40.408(N) -76.504(W) 1800 ft
Small PN73 ORBISONA/ROCKHILL BEERS FARM 40.230(N) -77.921(W) 2000 ft
Small 7PA4 ORSON ORSON FIELD 41.842(N) -75.436(W) 1700 ft
Small 1PS4 OSCEOLA MILLS SANKEY 40.861(N) -78.258(W) 2800 ft
Small 1PS0 OSTERBURG ICKES 40.192(N) -78.565(W) 2064 ft
Small 4PS7 OXFORD COHEN 39.736(N) -75.944(W) 1887 ft
Small 8PA8 PALMERTON SUNNY REST 40.817(N) -75.666(W) 1800 ft
Small 58N PALMYRA REIGLE FIELD 40.288(N) -76.577(W) 1950 ft
Small 9PA0 PARKER FORD LANCE 40.187(N) -75.590(W) 2000 ft
Small 9PA2 PENNSBURG OLD PLAINS 40.395(N) -75.441(W) 1800 ft
Small CKZ PERKASIE PENNRIDGE 40.389(N) -75.290(W) 4215 ft
Large Perkasie PENNRIDGE 40.389(N) -75.290(W) 4215 ft
Small PS54 PERKASIE GUNDEN 40.329(N) -75.282(W) 1800 ft
Small 61PN PERKASIE A G A FARMS 40.426(N) -75.232(W) 2800 ft
Small PS03 PERKASIE ELEPHANT PATH 40.410(N) -75.229(W) 2750 ft
Small 9PN1 PERRYOPOLIS SEITZ FIELD 40.039(N) -79.790(W) 1500 ft
Large LOM Philadelphia WINGS FLD 40.138(N) -75.265(W) 3700 ft
Large KPHL PHL PHL PHILADELPHIA PHILADELPHIA INTL 39.872(N) -75.241(W) 10506 ft 21
Large PNE PNE Philadelphia NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA 40.082(N) -75.011(W) 7000 ft
Small 1N3 PHILIPSBURG ALBERT 40.972(N) -78.243(W) 3350 ft
Large PSB Philipsburg MID STATE 40.884(N) -78.087(W) 5711 ft
Small PS20 PINE GROVE FAIRVIEW FARM AIRFIELD 40.533(N) -76.462(W) 2000 ft
Small 4PA8 PIPERSVILLE RUSSO AIRSTRIP 40.433(N) -75.150(W) 1500 ft
Large KPIT PIT PIT PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH INTL 40.491(N) -80.233(W) 11500 ft 23
Large KAGC AGC AGC Pittsburgh ALLEGHENY CO 40.354(N) -79.930(W) 6501 ft
Small 9G1 PITTSBURGH ROCK 40.604(N) -79.826(W) 3550 ft
Small P15 PITTSFIELD BROKENSTRAW 41.833(N) -79.362(W) 2660 ft
Small PN83 PLUMVILLE SKUNK HOLLOW 40.803(N) -79.203(W) 1300 ft
Small PA05 POINT PLEASANT MONESMITH 40.441(N) -75.075(W) 1200 ft
Small 2PA5 PORT ALLEGANY JOHNSON 41.781(N) -78.269(W) 2750 ft
Small 09PA PORT MATILDA EAGLE FIELD 40.827(N) -77.988(W) 2300 ft
Small 98PA PORTERSVILLE PLEASANT HILL 40.894(N) -80.181(W) 1200 ft
Small PN84 PORTERSVILLE LAKE ARTHUR FIELD 40.985(N) -80.162(W) 1400 ft
Small 1PN0 POTTSTOWN BENTLEY 40.201(N) -75.714(W) 1200 ft
Large N47 POTTSTOWN POTTSTOWN MUNI 40.260(N) -75.671(W) 2704 ft
Small 14PA POTTSTOWN DIMASCIO FIELD 40.291(N) -75.659(W) 1300 ft
Large PTW PTW POTTSTOWN POTTSTOWN LIMERICK 40.240(N) -75.557(W) 3371 ft
Small ZER Pottsville SCHUYLKILL CO 40.706(N) -76.373(W) 4594 ft
Small 15PA PROMPTON CAVAGE PERSONAL USE 41.594(N) -75.355(W) 1600 ft
Small PN85 PROSPECT BRANDON 40.876(N) -80.033(W) 1400 ft
Small N35 PUNXSUTAWNEY PUNXSUTAWNEY MUNI 40.967(N) -78.930(W) 3003 ft
Small PA25 QUAKER CITY CUATROS VIENTOS 40.659(N) -75.874(W) 1200 ft
Large UKT UKT QUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWN 40.435(N) -75.382(W) 3201 ft
Ultralight 13PN QUAKERTOWN RICHLAND ACRES 40.454(N) -75.305(W) 880 ft
Small 79PA QUARRYVILLE LITTLE BRITAIN 39.791(N) -76.142(W) 1800 ft
Ultralight 14PS QUARRYVILLE HIDEAWAY 39.884(N) -76.119(W) 1140 ft
Small RVL RED Reedsville MIFFLIN CO 40.677(N) -77.627(W) 5001 ft
Small PN14 REN FREW MISTY HILL FARM 40.789(N) -79.998(W) 1800 ft
Small 23PA REVERE CEDAR ACRES PRIVATE GROUP 40.500(N) -75.147(W) 1800 ft
Small PN71 RICHFIELD JANSEN VINEYARDS 40.650(N) -77.058(W) 1400 ft
Small PN90 ROULETTE RANCH-AERO 41.749(N) -78.100(W) 2500 ft
Small 5PN5 ROUZERVILLE BITTNER-WHITSEL 39.742(N) -77.535(W) 1400 ft
Small 5PA6 RUSSELL SHIELD FARM 41.931(N) -79.147(W) 1650 ft
Small 6PA4 RUSSELL SCANDIA AIR PARK 41.931(N) -79.034(W) 2000 ft
Small PN91 SABINSVILLE SHARRETTS 41.833(N) -77.500(W) 1800 ft
Small 67PN SACRAMENTO MASSER FIELD 40.633(N) -76.597(W) 2100 ft
Small PN00 SASSAMANSVILLE CROSSWINDS AIRFIELD 40.343(N) -75.573(W) 2550 ft
Small 65PA SAYLORSBURG CHERRY VALLEY 40.896(N) -75.296(W) 1710 ft
Small PN95 SCENERY HILL HORNE 40.100(N) -80.033(W) 1300 ft
Small 28PA SCHWENKSVILLE YARROW 40.251(N) -75.445(W) 1800 ft
Small 30PA SCHWENKSVILLE KINGS 40.268(N) -75.437(W) 1700 ft
Large SEG SEG Selinsgrove PENN VALLEY 40.821(N) -76.864(W) 3800 ft
Small 97PN SELLERSVILLE GOLD MINE FIELD 40.375(N) -75.350(W) 1600 ft
Small 7SP SEVEN SPRINGS BOROUGH SEVEN SPRINGS 40.010(N) -79.322(W) 3069 ft
Small 7PS7 SEWICKLEY LENZNER FARM 40.539(N) -80.117(W) 1500 ft
Large N79 Shamokin NORTHUMBERLAND CO 40.837(N) -76.552(W) 3297 ft
Small PA22 SHARON HERMITAGE 41.201(N) -80.422(W) 2110 ft
Small PN99 SHARON LACKAWANNOCK 41.206(N) -80.358(W) 1875 ft
Small 0PN0 SHEAKEYVILLE FLETCHER 41.444(N) -80.154(W) 2000 ft
Ultralight 0PA2 SHERMANS DALE HAUNSTEIN 40.317(N) -77.125(W) 500 ft
Ultralight 8PA6 SHERMANSDALE TURTLE ROCK 40.329(N) -77.168(W) 500 ft
Small 33PA SHICKSHINNY SUTLIFF PRIVATE 41.167(N) -76.250(W) 1200 ft
Small N42 SHIPPENSBURG SHIPPENSBURG 40.058(N) -77.462(W) 2300 ft
Small 6PA5 SHIPPENSBURG BOTSFORD AERODROME 40.113(N) -77.454(W) 2400 ft
Small PN50 SHOEMAKERSVILLE SKYLINE AIRSTRIP 40.506(N) -75.943(W) 2150 ft
Small PN13 SIGEL C & W MILLIRON FLYING FIELD 41.287(N) -79.166(W) 2000 ft
Small 69N SLATINGTON SLATINGTON 40.764(N) -75.605(W) 2455 ft
Small PS98 SMICKSBURG TRAVIS 40.883(N) -79.197(W) 1800 ft
Small S37 SMOKETOWN SMOKETOWN 40.042(N) -76.201(W) 2400 ft
Small 38PA SOLEBURY AEREQUUS 40.391(N) -75.014(W) 3100 ft
STOL 57PN SOLEBURY RANSOME 40.398(N) -75.011(W) 1400 ft
Large 2G9 SOMERSET SOMERSET CO 40.039(N) -79.015(W) 4697 ft
Small 39PA SOUDERTON GEHRIS 40.317(N) -75.290(W) 1600 ft
Small 0PN5 SPARTANSBURG NICHOLS 41.779(N) -79.598(W) 2400 ft
Small 43PA SPRING CITY KOLB 40.160(N) -75.546(W) 3200 ft
Small 44PA SPRING MILLS PENNFIELD FARM 40.850(N) -77.616(W) 2100 ft
Small PS82 SPRINGBROOK LAZY J. RANCH 41.296(N) -75.598(W) 1480 ft
Small 5PA2 ST JOHN'S DOUBLE D SKYRANCH 41.036(N) -76.022(W) 1835 ft
Large OYM STQ ST MARYS ST MARYS MUNI 41.412(N) -78.503(W) 4300 ft
Small 4PA6 STARLIGHT HIAWATHA 41.915(N) -75.364(W) 3100 ft
Small 47PA STATE COLLEGE HOMAN 40.717(N) -77.983(W) 1200 ft
Large UNV SCE State College UNIVERSITY PARK 40.849(N) -77.849(W) 6701 ft 5
Small 70N STERLING SPRING HILL 41.347(N) -75.416(W) 2478 ft
STOL 84PN STEWARTSTOWN DRACO 39.753(N) -76.536(W) 500 ft
Small 49PA STONE CHURCH GAP VIEW 40.859(N) -75.134(W) 1800 ft
Ultralight 2PN4 STOYSTOWN QUEMAHENING FLIGHTPARK 40.082(N) -78.945(W) 1000 ft
Ultralight 5PA9 STRATTANVILLE TAYLOR FLIGHT PARK 41.188(N) -79.282(W) 1550 ft
Small PN72 STRONGSTOWN ROCKY HOLLOW FIELD 40.569(N) -78.882(W) 3335 ft
Small 50PA STROUDSBURG PEGASUS AIR PARK 40.933(N) -75.350(W) 2700 ft
Small 70PN SUGAR GROVE SANDERS PERSONAL USE 41.989(N) -79.301(W) 2000 ft
Small 71N SUNBURY SUNBURY 40.892(N) -76.779(W) 3250 ft
Small PN12 SWEET VALLEY SWEET VALLEY 41.281(N) -78.143(W) 1450 ft
Small 52PA TAMAQUA WILDCAT 40.763(N) -76.005(W) 2600 ft
Small PS99 TAMAQUA WEST PENN TOWNSHIP 40.748(N) -75.933(W) 2000 ft
Small 0PN6 THREE SPRINGS MEMMI 40.169(N) -77.993(W) 1730 ft
Small 13PA TIDIOUTE RIGRTONA 41.683(N) -79.452(W) 2075 ft
Small 17PS TIDIOUTE MOUNTAIN CREST 41.579(N) -79.442(W) 2170 ft
Small PS61 TIDIOUTE TIDIOUTE 41.691(N) -79.366(W) 1640 ft
Small 56PA TINICUM HOGE FARM 40.470(N) -75.082(W) 2200 ft
Small 57PA TIOGA H&H PERSONAL USE 41.903(N) -77.230(W) 2100 ft
Ultralight 02PS TIOGA HUGHES 41.901(N) -77.230(W) 500 ft
Small 99PA TIOGA NIELSEN 41.920(N) -77.141(W) 1602 ft
Small 6G1 TITUSVILLE TITUSVILLE 41.609(N) -79.741(W) 4902 ft
Small 0PN8 TITUSVILLE SHRIVER 41.617(N) -79.683(W) 2000 ft
Small 0PN9 TITUSVILLE PAUL PERSONAL USE 41.720(N) -79.678(W) 1800 ft
Large N57 Toughkenamon NEW GARDEN 39.831(N) -75.770(W) 3695 ft
Small N27 TOWANDA BRADFORD CO 41.740(N) -76.447(W) 4300 ft
Small 74N TOWER CITY BENDIGO 40.558(N) -76.560(W) 2325 ft
Small 1PN1 TRANSFER NAPODANO 41.334(N) -80.421(W) 1500 ft
Small 55PA TRESKOW SENCY 40.896(N) -75.944(W) 1800 ft
Small 73PN TROUT RUN FINKHAVEN 41.368(N) -77.071(W) 1500 ft
Small PN21 TROY MC CLURE 41.828(N) -76.857(W) 2044 ft
Small 0PA3 TROY ROBBINS FARM 41.750(N) -76.760(W) 1277 ft
Small 1PS9 TRUMBAUERSVILLE WICKER & WINGS AERODROME 40.403(N) -75.370(W) 1761 ft
Small 76N TUNKHANNOCK SKYHAVEN 41.529(N) -75.947(W) 2007 ft
Small 4PN8 TUNKHANNOCK C.J.K. 41.531(N) -75.878(W) 1600 ft
Ultralight 7PA5 TURBOTVILLE FAUSER 41.103(N) -76.806(W) 500 ft
Small 0PS0 TYLERSBURG FREDERICK AIRPARK 41.371(N) -79.342(W) 2200 ft
Small PN10 ULSTER CASH CREEK 41.865(N) -76.510(W) 2000 ft
Small PA52 UNION CITY OBERLANDER 41.859(N) -79.907(W) 1700 ft
Small 3PN7 UNION DALE STAHL'S MOUNTAIN 41.748(N) -75.497(W) 2200 ft
Small 79N UNIONVILLE RIDGE SOARING 40.884(N) -77.907(W) 3322 ft
Small 18PN UPPER STRASBURG SPUD VIEW 40.065(N) -77.693(W) 1640 ft
Small 85PN VANDERGRIFT KISKI 40.579(N) -79.605(W) 1470 ft
Small 8PN3 VENUS MC CAULEY'S 41.383(N) -79.500(W) 1900 ft
Small PS43 VOLANT BARNES FARMLAND 41.068(N) -80.256(W) 2250 ft
Ultralight 4PS3 WARREN PARAPORT 41.788(N) -79.519(W) 1400 ft
Small 7PA1 WARREN WARREN AIRPARK 41.866(N) -79.206(W) 1900 ft
Large AFJ WSG WASHINGTON WASHINGTON CO 40.136(N) -80.290(W) 5000 ft
Small 3G1 WATTSBURG ERIE CO 42.044(N) -79.854(W) 3030 ft
Small 2PN0 WATTSBURG STRAWBERRY ACRES 42.015(N) -79.818(W) 2000 ft
Small PN58 WAYNESBORO BITTNER/WHITSEL 39.743(N) -77.527(W) 1400 ft
Large WAY WAY Waynesburg GREENE CO 39.900(N) -80.133(W) 3500 ft
Small PS12 WEATHERLY GROVER 40.917(N) -75.866(W) 2360 ft
Small 8PA3 WEATHERLY DEER MEADOWS AIRSTRIP 40.996(N) -75.740(W) 3500 ft
Small N38 WELLSBORO WELLSBORO JOHNSTON 41.728(N) -77.397(W) 3600 ft
Small 62PA WELLSVILLE SHREVEPORT NORTH 40.036(N) -76.996(W) 2600 ft
Small 2N5 WELLSVILLE KAMPEL 40.048(N) -76.978(W) 2500 ft
Small OQN WEST CHESTER BRANDYWINE 39.990(N) -75.582(W) 3347 ft
Small PA21 WEST MIDDLESEX WEST MIDDLESEX 41.165(N) -80.503(W) 2300 ft
Small 5PS9 WEST ROCKHILL TATE 40.385(N) -75.333(W) 1476 ft
Small 2PN1 WESTFIELD MALCO 41.983(N) -77.525(W) 1600 ft
Small PA76 WILKES BARRE ROSENZWEIG 41.137(N) -75.861(W) 1800 ft
Small 6G6 WILLIAMSBURG COVE VALLEY 40.455(N) -78.238(W) 2750 ft
Medium KNXX NXX NXX WILLOW GROVE WILLOW GROVE NAS JRB 40.200(N) -75.148(W) 8002 ft
Small 2PN5 WOODBURY BAKER-SELL 40.248(N) -78.361(W) 2000 ft
Small 9PS2 WORTHINGTON J T WILLIE 40.809(N) -79.670(W) 2100 ft
Small 9PN7 WYSOX VEIT 41.818(N) -76.413(W) 2400 ft
Large THV THV YORK YORK 39.917(N) -76.873(W) 4448 ft
Small 73PA YORK GILBERT 39.930(N) -76.771(W) 2220 ft
Small 2PN3 YORK SPRINGS MARKET GARDEN 39.961(N) -77.100(W) 1980 ft
Small 2PS3 YORK SPRINGS MATHNA 40.017(N) -77.041(W) 1800 ft
Small PJC ZELIENOPLE ZELIENOPLE MUNI 40.802(N) -80.161(W) 4932 ft
Small 2PN7 ZELIENOPLE BRENNAN PERSONAL USE 40.856(N) -80.071(W) 1600 ft
Small 74PA ZIEGLERVILLE SHONTZ 40.292(N) -75.466(W) 1200 ft

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