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Directory of Airports in Minnesota

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Small MN01 ADA HAMMARS FARM 47.283(N) -96.617(W) 2500 ft
Small D00 ADA/TWIN VALLEY NORMAN CO ADA TWIN VALLEY 47.260(N) -96.400(W) 3103 ft
Small MY35 AFTON WALKER FIELD 44.931(N) -92.813(W) 2200 ft
Small AIT AITKIN AITKIN MUNI STEVE KURTZ FLD 46.548(N) -93.677(W) 4018 ft
Small 1MN2 AKIEY HAY ACRES 45.938(N) -94.761(W) 1650 ft
Small 4MN0 ALBANY SKALICKY AIRSTRIP 45.662(N) -94.576(W) 2350 ft
Large AEL AEL ALBERT LEA ALBERT LEA MUNI 43.682(N) -93.367(W) 4501 ft
Large KAXN AXN AXN Alexandria CHANDLER FLD 45.866(N) -95.395(W) 5100 ft 1
Small 4MN7 AMBOY BURK 43.844(N) -94.286(W) 2850 ft
Small 2MY2 AMBOY ZARN 43.907(N) -94.275(W) 1320 ft
Small MN06 ANGUS PULKRABEK PVT LNDG FLD 48.050(N) -96.784(W) 2600 ft
Small AQP APPLETON APPLETON MUNI 45.228(N) -96.004(W) 3500 ft
Small 7MN6 ARGYLE JOHNSON 48.343(N) -96.881(W) 2500 ft
Small 13MN ASHBY MELBY 46.101(N) -95.831(W) 1600 ft
Small 67MN ATWATER PAGEL'S FIELD 45.202(N) -94.801(W) 2700 ft
Large AUM AUM AUSTIN AUSTIN MUNI 43.663(N) -92.933(W) 5800 ft
Small 7Y3 BACKUS BACKUS MUNI 46.827(N) -94.507(W) 3588 ft
Small 5MN2 BAGLEY HOILAND FIELD 47.396(N) -95.368(W) 2500 ft
Small 7Y4 BAGLEY BAGLEY MUNI 47.525(N) -95.361(W) 3800 ft
Small 94MN BARNESVILLE AG SPRAY INC 46.577(N) -96.512(W) 3000 ft
Small 68MN BARNESVILLE MATHEW PRIVATE FIELD 46.671(N) -96.451(W) 2200 ft
Small 9MN3 BARNESVILLE BARNESVILLE MUNI 46.665(N) -96.441(W) 2780 ft
Small 9MN5 BARNESVILLE JANSSEN 46.712(N) -96.351(W) 2000 ft
Small 4MN2 BARNSVILLE COOT LANDING 46.664(N) -96.242(W) 1800 ft
Small 00MN BATTLE LAKE BATTLE LAKE MUNI 46.300(N) -95.700(W) 2949 ft
Large KBDE BDE BDE BAUDETTE BAUDETTE INTL 48.728(N) -94.612(W) 5499 ft
Small MY49 BEAR RIVER ANDERSON 47.787(N) -93.060(W) 2150 ft
Small MN79 BECKER SCHROEDER 45.431(N) -93.858(W) 1470 ft
Small 37MN BELLE PLAINE NAGEL AND SCHULTZ 44.582(N) -93.802(W) 2000 ft
Small 7Y7 BELLE PLAINE A.R.S. SPORT STRIP 44.667(N) -93.784(W) 2505 ft
Small MN13 BEMIDJI MOBERG AIR BASE 47.496(N) -94.953(W) 2263 ft
Large BJI BJI BEMIDJI BEMIDJI RGNL 47.509(N) -94.934(W) 6598 ft 6
Small 98MN BEMIDJI UP YONDER 47.296(N) -94.885(W) 1400 ft
Small MY54 BEMIDJI CLOVERLEAF-EAST BEMIDJI 47.438(N) -94.812(W) 4200 ft
Small 38MN BEMIDJI CHANDLER PERSONAL USE 47.411(N) -94.772(W) 2400 ft
Large BBB BBB BENSON BENSON MUNI 45.332(N) -95.651(W) 4000 ft
Small MN11 BENSON LORENZ 45.300(N) -95.545(W) 2600 ft
Small 7Y9 BIG FALLS BIG FALLS MUNI 48.198(N) -93.765(W) 2850 ft
Small FOZ BIGFORK BIGFORK MUNI 47.783(N) -93.650(W) 3100 ft
Small 40MN BINGHAM LAKE TURNER FIELD 43.867(N) -95.014(W) 2200 ft
Small SBU BLUE EARTH BLUE EARTH MUNI 43.595(N) -94.093(W) 3399 ft
Small MN15 BONGARDS EMPIRE FARM STRIP 44.795(N) -93.854(W) 2300 ft
Small 9Y0 BOWSTRING BOWSTRING 47.558(N) -93.870(W) 2700 ft
Small MN17 BRAINERD JACKSON FIELD 46.272(N) -94.239(W) 2000 ft
Large BRD BRD BRAINERD BRAINERD LAKES RGNL 46.398(N) -94.138(W) 6500 ft 5
Small MN18 BRAINERD BARRETT 46.178(N) -94.089(W) 2600 ft
Small 69MN BRECKENRIDGE YAGGIE PVT 46.278(N) -96.430(W) 2500 ft
Small 6D1 BROOTEN BROOTEN MUNI 45.500(N) -95.113(W) 3500 ft
Small CFE BUFFALO BUFFALO MUNI 45.159(N) -93.843(W) 2600 ft
Small CHU CALEDONIA HOUSTON CO 43.596(N) -91.504(W) 3499 ft
Small CBG CAMBRIDGE CAMBRIDGE MUNI 45.557(N) -93.264(W) 4000 ft
Small 9MN1 CAMBRIDGE TROLL FARM 45.612(N) -93.197(W) 2100 ft
Medium RYM Camp Ripley RAY S MILLER AAF 46.091(N) -94.361(W) 6100 ft
Small CNB CANBY MYERS FIELD 44.729(N) -96.266(W) 4650 ft
Small 8MN1 CANNON FALLS STEWART FARMS 44.531(N) -92.805(W) 2200 ft
Small 70MN CEDAR HARRY-WALT 45.352(N) -93.246(W) 2000 ft
Small MN20 CEDAR MILLS RUNKE'S FIELD 44.911(N) -94.571(W) 2600 ft
Small MY80 CEYLON ROSENBERG 43.522(N) -94.582(W) 2500 ft
Small 2C4 CHATFIELD FLYING A 43.817(N) -92.337(W) 3000 ft
Small MN24 CIRCLE PINES SURFSIDE 45.150(N) -93.117(W) 1900 ft
Small 66MN CLARA CITY HOWARD'S 44.977(N) -95.423(W) 2500 ft
Small 8Y5 CLARISSA CLARISSA MUNI 46.113(N) -94.907(W) 2600 ft
Small 8Y6 Clear Lake LEADERS CLEAR LAKE 45.444(N) -93.971(W) 3000 ft
Small 2MY4 CLEAR LAKE MILLER 45.434(N) -93.949(W) 1200 ft
Small 5MN4 CLEARWATER SEVEN HILLS 45.413(N) -94.077(W) 2100 ft
Small 41MN CLINTON SHANNON FIELD 45.427(N) -96.590(W) 2200 ft
Large COQ Cloquet CLOQUET CARLTON CO 46.701(N) -92.504(W) 4003 ft
Small MY94 CLOQUET COUNTRY HAVEN 46.752(N) -92.419(W) 1200 ft
Small MY52 COATES TURKEY TRACK 44.719(N) -93.044(W) 2000 ft
Small CQM COOK COOK MUNI 47.822(N) -92.689(W) 3200 ft
Small 42MN CORCORAN KRAL'S PERSONAL USE LANDING FIELD 45.084(N) -93.564(W) 1700 ft
Small MN28 COSMOS LUX STRIP 44.983(N) -94.748(W) 2550 ft
Small MY95 CROWN SWANSON FIELD 45.446(N) -93.383(W) 2600 ft
Small 5MN7 DEERWOOD LINDEY'S LANDING 46.387(N) -93.932(W) 10000 ft
STOL 8MN4 DEERWOOD SETHNEY PERSONAL 46.380(N) -93.814(W) 2100 ft
Small MN19 DELANO BRANDT 45.047(N) -93.836(W) 2000 ft
Small DTL DTL DETROIT LAKES DETROIT LAKES WETHING 46.825(N) -95.886(W) 4500 ft 1
Small TOB DODGE CENTER DODGE CENTER 44.018(N) -92.832(W) 4500 ft
Medium KDLH DLH DLH DULUTH DULUTH INTL 46.842(N) -92.194(W) 10152 ft 7
Small DYT DULUTH SKY HARBOR 46.722(N) -92.043(W) 3050 ft
Small 5MN8 DUMONT RICK MATHIAS PRIVATE 45.719(N) -96.310(W) 3200 ft
Small MN08 EAGLE LAKE EAGLES NEST AERODROME 44.126(N) -93.872(W) 2000 ft
Small MN81 EAST GRAND FORKS J J AND T 47.989(N) -97.031(W) 2600 ft
Small 2MN0 EAST GRAND FORKS PRIBBS FIELD 48.082(N) -97.016(W) 2600 ft
Small 9Y2 EAST GULL LAKE EAST GULL LAKE 46.383(N) -94.362(W) 2618 ft
Small Y63 ELBOW LAKE ELBOW LAKE MUNI - PRIDE OF THE PRAIRIE 45.986(N) -95.992(W) 3400 ft
Small MN40 ELK RIVER MEADOWVALE 45.362(N) -93.589(W) 1500 ft
Large KELO ELO LYU ELY ELY MUNI 47.825(N) -91.831(W) 5600 ft
Small 75MN ELYSIAN GALLER'S 44.187(N) -93.714(W) 2000 ft
Small 76MN ERSKINE HEMMINGSEN PRIVATE 47.596(N) -96.022(W) 2200 ft
Small MN42 ERSKINE OAK LAKE AIR STRIP 47.659(N) -95.946(W) 2300 ft
Small 45MN EUCLID KAML AIRSTRIP 47.926(N) -96.614(W) 1700 ft
Small MY59 EUCLID GASPER 47.902(N) -96.612(W) 2600 ft
Large EVM EVELETH EVELETH VIRGINIA MUNI 47.425(N) -92.498(W) 4215 ft
Small MY37 EYOTA THOMAS FIELD 43.981(N) -92.247(W) 2000 ft
Large FRM FRM FAIRMONT FAIRMONT MUNI 43.644(N) -94.416(W) 5505 ft
Large FBL FARIBAULT FARIBAULT MUNI 44.325(N) -93.311(W) 4254 ft
Small MN45 FARMINGTON JENNRICH FLD 44.566(N) -93.132(W) 2500 ft
Small MY97 FARMINGTON NIELSEN'S 44.598(N) -93.127(W) 2000 ft
Small 69MY FARMINGTON HALL 44.661(N) -93.100(W) 2600 ft
Small MN46 FARMINGTON LUCHT FIELD 44.604(N) -93.092(W) 2000 ft
Small D14 FERTILE FERTILE MUNI 47.552(N) -96.292(W) 3002 ft
Small 2MN9 FOLEY F. DILLENBURG 45.824(N) -93.995(W) 2000 ft
Small MY82 FOREST LAKE DU FRESNE 45.213(N) -93.075(W) 2000 ft
Small 25D FOREST LAKE FOREST LAKE 45.248(N) -92.994(W) 2650 ft
Small FSE FOSSTON FOSSTON MUNI 47.593(N) -95.773(W) 3501 ft
Small MY25 FOXHOME KNAPP PERSONAL USE 46.280(N) -96.331(W) 1940 ft
Small MY50 FRONTENAC FRONTENAC 44.503(N) -92.361(W) 2000 ft
Small 24MN GARDEN CITY BERGEMANN 44.004(N) -94.178(W) 2500 ft
Small MN44 GARFIELD ANGEN FIELD 45.936(N) -95.526(W) 2800 ft
Small 7MN4 GARRISON MILLE LACS LAKE RESORT 46.319(N) -93.831(W) 2500 ft
Small 78MN GATZKE HAGENS PRIVATE 48.379(N) -95.812(W) 3000 ft
Small MN50 GATZKE ARTHUR FIELD 48.370(N) -95.807(W) 2640 ft
Small 77MN GATZKE KLAMAR FIELD 48.371(N) -95.788(W) 3600 ft
Small 79MN GATZKE PAUL FIELD 48.378(N) -95.754(W) 2640 ft
Small MY71 GEORGETOWN MUELLER 47.126(N) -96.781(W) 2600 ft
Small GYL GLENCOE GLENCOE MUNI 44.756(N) -94.081(W) 3300 ft
Small GHW GLENWOOD GLENWOOD MUNI 45.644(N) -95.320(W) 4500 ft
Small 2MN1 GLUEK WINTER STRIP 45.046(N) -95.464(W) 2600 ft
Small MY42 GONVICK MATHIS 47.864(N) -95.527(W) 2000 ft
Small MN52 GOODLAND GOSPEL RANCH 47.229(N) -93.092(W) 2900 ft
Small MY17 GOODRIDGE SWANSON PVT 48.089(N) -95.775(W) 2500 ft
Small MN53 GRACEVILLE STANLEY FLD 45.582(N) -96.576(W) 3000 ft
Small 4MN5 GRACEVILLE KAPAUN-WILSON FIELD 45.551(N) -96.451(W) 2250 ft
Small CKC GRM GRAND MARAIS GRAND MARAIS COOK CO 47.838(N) -90.383(W) 4199 ft
Small 02MN GREENBUSH GREENBUSH MUNI 48.683(N) -96.192(W) 2553 ft
Small 3G2 GRYGLA GRYGLA MUNI MEL WILKENS FLD 48.297(N) -95.627(W) 3437 ft
Small MN00 HACKENSACK WEBB LAKE 46.961(N) -94.425(W) 2000 ft
Small 07MN HADLEY DAIRYVIEW 44.055(N) -95.909(W) 2600 ft
Small HCO HALLOCK HALLOCK MUNI 48.753(N) -96.943(W) 4007 ft
Small 26MN HALSTAD CHRISTIANSON FIELD 47.330(N) -96.784(W) 2600 ft
Small MN87 HAM LAKE COOKS LANDING 45.244(N) -93.222(W) 1070 ft
Small 6MN2 HANCOCK BROWN'S PRIVATE 45.554(N) -95.783(W) 2100 ft
Small MY28 HARRIS PINETREE AIRPARK 45.580(N) -92.963(W) 2200 ft
Small MN58 HASTINGS SKY MEADOW 44.698(N) -92.864(W) 2300 ft
Small 49MN HASTINGS WILLOW RIDGE 44.672(N) -92.826(W) 2200 ft
Small MN55 HASTINGS SANDY FLATS 44.705(N) -92.812(W) 1900 ft
Small 04Y HAWLEY HAWLEY MUNI 46.884(N) -96.350(W) 3404 ft
Small MY99 HAWLEY JOHNSTON 46.857(N) -96.235(W) 3600 ft
Small 1D6 HECTOR HECTOR MUNI 44.731(N) -94.715(W) 2776 ft
Small 05Y HENNING HENNING MUNI 46.304(N) -95.439(W) 3280 ft
Small MN60 HERMAN ITZEN AIR STRIP 45.763(N) -96.216(W) 2650 ft
Small 06Y HERMAN HERMAN MUNI 45.830(N) -96.161(W) 2997 ft
Small MY56 HIBBING ROBERTSON FIELD 47.252(N) -92.859(W) 3000 ft
Large KHIB HIB HIB Hibbing CHISHOLM HIBBING 47.387(N) -92.839(W) 6758 ft 2
Small 5MN0 HIGH FOREST SCRABECK 43.867(N) -92.561(W) 1400 ft
Small 07Y HILL CITY HILL CITY-QUADNA MOUNTAIN 46.956(N) -93.597(W) 2850 ft
Small MN57 HINCKLEY BUSH FIELD 46.036(N) -92.988(W) 2590 ft
Small 04W HINCKLEY FIELD OF DREAMS 46.023(N) -92.895(W) 2751 ft
Small MY57 HOLDINGFORD FEDOR 45.763(N) -94.458(W) 1830 ft
Small MN61 HOLLANDALE WARD 43.760(N) -93.178(W) 2480 ft
Small MY58 HOLLOWAY HOME-BASE 45.239(N) -95.925(W) 2640 ft
Small MN62 HUTCHINSON QUAST 44.850(N) -94.350(W) 2300 ft
Large KINL INL INL International Falls FALLS INTL 48.566(N) -93.403(W) 6508 ft 2
Small 35MN INVER GROVE HEIGHTS WIPLINE 44.816(N) -93.014(W) 2300 ft
Small 3MN1 IRON JUNCTION STAHLBERG-MOHR 47.449(N) -92.645(W) 3400 ft
Small MY72 ISLE ISLE PRIVATE 46.160(N) -93.461(W) 2460 ft
Small 4MN4 IVANHOE MULDER FIELD INC 44.456(N) -96.231(W) 2240 ft
Large MJQ MJQ JACKSON JACKSON MUNI 43.650(N) -94.987(W) 3591 ft
Small 8MN8 JACOBSON PORTER 47.013(N) -93.394(W) 2800 ft
Small 2MN2 JACOBSON DREAMCATCHER 46.940(N) -93.298(W) 1700 ft
Small 81MN JEFFERS EWEN LANDING FIELD 44.031(N) -95.196(W) 2300 ft
Ultralight MY62 JENKINS ULTRAFLYTE, INC 46.665(N) -94.343(W) 1400 ft
Small 9MN6 JORDAN MERILL L HARRIS FIELD 44.643(N) -93.700(W) 2500 ft
Small MN63 JORDAN STOCKER PVT 44.683(N) -93.637(W) 2000 ft
Small 23D KARLSTAD KARLSTAD MUNI 48.579(N) -96.542(W) 2606 ft
Small 04MN KELLIHER HELBLAD 47.986(N) -94.687(W) 2500 ft
Small 52MN KENNEDY ANDERSON FIELD 48.643(N) -96.807(W) 3000 ft
Small 27MN LAKE BRONSON LAKE BRONSON 48.737(N) -96.654(W) 2506 ft
Small MY29 LAKE PARK KAISER'S AIRSTRIP 46.797(N) -96.100(W) 2000 ft
Small 03MN LAKEFIELD NAUERTH LAND RANCH 43.625(N) -95.225(W) 1940 ft
Small MN12 LAPORTE ROBCO 47.199(N) -94.752(W) 3000 ft
Small 12Y LE SUEUR LE SUEUR MUNI 44.437(N) -93.913(W) 3005 ft
Small MN99 LESTER PRAIRIE SERENITY 44.916(N) -94.089(W) 2046 ft
Small 5MN5 LINDSTROM BARNES 45.436(N) -92.835(W) 1650 ft
Small 8MN5 LINO LAKES VIEIRA 45.208(N) -93.134(W) 2000 ft
Small MY18 LINO LAKES LINO AIR PARK 45.187(N) -93.131(W) 2383 ft
Small MN31 LITCHFIELD L & M AERODROME 45.062(N) -94.579(W) 2480 ft
Small LJF LITCHFIELD LITCHFIELD MUNI 45.097(N) -94.507(W) 4002 ft
Small LXL LITTLE FALLS LITTLE FALLS MORRISON CO 45.950(N) -94.347(W) 4000 ft
Small 13Y LITTLEFORK LITTLEFORK MUNI/HANOVER 48.417(N) -93.586(W) 3000 ft
Small 14Y LONG PRAIRIE TODD FLD 45.899(N) -94.874(W) 3000 ft
Small XVG LONGVILLE LONGVILLE MUNI 46.990(N) -94.204(W) 3781 ft
Small MN66 LORETTO INGLESIDE 45.063(N) -93.652(W) 1700 ft
Small LYV LUVERNE QUENTIN AANENSON FIELD 43.621(N) -96.216(W) 2503 ft
Small MN67 LYDIA SKY PARK 44.660(N) -93.518(W) 3400 ft
Small 53MN LYLE RADLOFF'S CEDAR VIEW FARMS 43.546(N) -93.027(W) 1000 ft
Small DXX MADISON LAC QUI PARLE CO 44.986(N) -96.178(W) 3302 ft
Small 3N8 MAHNOMEN MAHNOMEN COUNTY 47.259(N) -95.930(W) 3210 ft
Small 5MN1 MANKATO BUDDE 44.201(N) -94.113(W) 2228 ft
Small 93MN MANKATO HOPPE SKY RANCH 44.032(N) -93.948(W) 2200 ft
Large MKT MKT MANKATO MANKATO RGNL 44.222(N) -93.919(W) 5400 ft
Small MGG MAPLE LAKE MAPLE LAKE MUNI 45.236(N) -93.986(W) 8000 ft
Small MN69 MAPLE PLAIN MAPLE 45.003(N) -93.672(W) 3400 ft
Large MML MML Marshall SOUTHWEST MINNESOTA RGNL MARSHALL 44.451(N) -95.822(W) 5010 ft 1
Small MN71 MAYER ZIERMANN 44.875(N) -93.892(W) 2250 ft
Small HZX MC GREGOR ISEDOR IVERSON 46.619(N) -93.310(W) 3397 ft
Small 6MN8 MEDFORD UNDERLAND AIRSTRIP 44.153(N) -93.272(W) 2600 ft
Small 5MN9 MIDDLE RIVER CHANLIN FIELD 48.424(N) -96.129(W) 2400 ft
Small 18Y MILACA MILACA MUNI 45.772(N) -93.632(W) 2900 ft
Large FCM FCM Minneapolis FLYING CLOUD 44.827(N) -93.457(W) 3909 ft
Large MIC MIC Minneapolis CRYSTAL 45.062(N) -93.354(W) 3266 ft
Large LVN Minneapolis AIRLAKE 44.628(N) -93.228(W) 4098 ft
Large ANE Minneapolis ANOKA CO BLAINE 45.145(N) -93.211(W) 4855 ft
Small MN74 MINNESOTA LAKE B & D FLYERS INTL 43.831(N) -93.841(W) 2300 ft
Small MN49 MONTGOMERY TUMA PRIVATE 44.424(N) -93.484(W) 2200 ft
Small MN77 MOORHEAD JERGER'S FIELD 46.924(N) -96.716(W) 2200 ft
Small JKJ MOORHEAD MOORHEAD MUNI 46.839(N) -96.664(W) 4300 ft
Small MZH MOOSE LAKE MOOSE LAKE CARLTON CO 46.419(N) -92.805(W) 3200 ft
Small JMR MORA MORA MUNI 45.886(N) -93.272(W) 3998 ft
Small MOX MORRIS MORRIS MUNI 45.566(N) -95.967(W) 4000 ft
Small 56MN MORTON LOTHERT'S FARM STRIP 44.646(N) -94.961(W) 2000 ft
Small 22Y MOTLEY MOREY'S 46.324(N) -94.639(W) 2720 ft
Small 18MN MOTLEY HINES FARM 46.237(N) -94.593(W) 2600 ft
Small 23Y MURDOCK MURDOCK MUNI 45.222(N) -95.401(W) 3415 ft
Small 5C3 NARY NARY NATIONAL SHEFLAND FLD 47.376(N) -94.798(W) 3850 ft
Small ULM ULM NEW ULM NEW ULM MUNI 44.320(N) -94.502(W) 4401 ft
Small 25Y NEW YORK MILLS NEW YORK MILLS MUNI 46.502(N) -95.338(W) 2500 ft
Small MY46 NICOLLET HAY SHAKERS 44.279(N) -94.213(W) 2400 ft
Small 84MN NIELSVILLE NIELSVILLE 47.533(N) -96.831(W) 2950 ft
Small MY90 NORTH BRANCH AL'S DUE NORTH 45.482(N) -92.989(W) 3100 ft
Small 2MN7 NORTH PRAIRIE FUSSY 45.792(N) -94.341(W) 2300 ft
Small 43Y NORTHOME NORTHOME MUNI 47.888(N) -94.259(W) 3199 ft
Small 47MN NORWOOD SONS PRIVATE-COMMERCIAL 44.700(N) -93.867(W) 2100 ft
Small MN84 OKLEE BACHAND 47.814(N) -95.892(W) 2000 ft
Large OVL OLIVIA OLIVIA RGNL 44.779(N) -95.033(W) 3498 ft
Small MY66 ONAMIA NORTH STAR RANCH 46.071(N) -93.847(W) 3500 ft
Small MN85 ONAMIA SWIDERSKI FIELD 46.033(N) -93.661(W) 2500 ft
Small MN32 ORONOCO NIETZ AIRSTRIP 44.191(N) -92.453(W) 1900 ft
Small ORB ORR ORR RGNL 48.016(N) -92.856(W) 4001 ft
Small 3MN9 OSTER SCHUMACHER 44.984(N) -93.936(W) 2100 ft
Large OWA OWATONNA OWATONNA DEGNER RGNL 44.123(N) -93.261(W) 5500 ft
Small MN86 PARK RAPIDS SKY MANOR AERO ESTATES 47.046(N) -95.123(W) 3200 ft
Small MY24 PARK RAPIDS FALK PRIVATE 46.862(N) -95.052(W) 2300 ft
Small MY88 PARK RAPIDS CARY 46.857(N) -94.983(W) 1450 ft
Small PEX PAYNESVILLE PAYNESVILLE MUNI 45.372(N) -94.747(W) 3300 ft
Small MN88 PAYNESVILLE EMPIRE VALLEY 45.287(N) -94.675(W) 2300 ft
Small 4MN8 PEQUOT LAKES MYERS FIELD 46.627(N) -94.339(W) 3960 ft
Small 8MN3 PEQUOT LAKES BREEZY POINT 46.596(N) -94.220(W) 2300 ft
Small MN89 PERHAM AEROVILLA 46.617(N) -95.650(W) 3000 ft
Small 16D PERHAM PERHAM MUNI 46.604(N) -95.604(W) 4100 ft
Small MY15 PIERZ KASTANEK 45.956(N) -93.989(W) 2500 ft
Small PWC PINE RIVER PINE RIVER RGNL 46.725(N) -94.382(W) 3000 ft
Small 48Y PINECREEK PINEY PINECREEK BORDER 49.000(N) -95.983(W) 3298 ft
Small PQN PIPESTONE PIPESTONE MUNI 43.983(N) -96.300(W) 4302 ft
Small 85MN PLAINVIEW CHRISTISON 44.159(N) -92.202(W) 2300 ft
Small 6MN0 PONSFORD ROONEY 47.056(N) -95.423(W) 3700 ft
Small FKA PRESTON FILLMORE CO 43.677(N) -92.180(W) 4000 ft
Small 23MN PRESTON HIGH GROVE 43.641(N) -92.022(W) 1500 ft
Small PNM PRINCETON PRINCETON MUNI 45.560(N) -93.608(W) 3900 ft
Small MN91 PRINCETON REYNOLDS FIELD 45.537(N) -93.514(W) 1320 ft
Small MN47 PRINCETON CAMERON'S 45.550(N) -93.470(W) 2400 ft
Small MN92 PROCTOR LENNARTSON 46.750(N) -92.300(W) 2000 ft
Small D81 RED LAKE FALLS RED LAKE FALLS MUNI 47.825(N) -96.258(W) 2500 ft
Small RGK RED WING RED WING RGNL 44.589(N) -92.485(W) 5011 ft
Small RWF REDWOOD FALLS REDWOOD FALLS MUNI 44.547(N) -95.082(W) 4001 ft
Small 52Y REMER REMER MUNI 47.068(N) -93.914(W) 2765 ft
Small MY60 RICHVILLE HAGEN 46.503(N) -95.620(W) 1320 ft
Large KRST RST RST ROCHESTER ROCHESTER INTL 43.908(N) -92.500(W) 9033 ft 7
Small 2MN8 ROCHESTER TRYGSTAD 43.996(N) -92.336(W) 2500 ft
Small 87MN ROOSEVELT ERICKSON 48.810(N) -95.202(W) 2300 ft
Small 59MN ROOSEVELT COX-COYOUR MEML AIR FIELD 48.599(N) -95.187(W) 2550 ft
Large ROX ROSEAU ROSEAU MUNI RUDY BILLBERG FLD 48.856(N) -95.697(W) 4400 ft
Small MN95 ROTHSAY VELO AIRSTRIP 46.511(N) -96.192(W) 1200 ft
Small ROS RUSH CITY RUSH CITY RGNL 45.698(N) -92.953(W) 4400 ft
Small 55Y RUSHFORD RUSHFORD MUNI 43.816(N) -91.830(W) 3200 ft
Small MN96 RUSHMORE ROHWER 43.598(N) -95.817(W) 2500 ft
Small 3MN7 SABIN BLUE SKY 46.801(N) -96.595(W) 2200 ft
Small MY13 SAGINAW SWAN FIELD 46.869(N) -92.457(W) 2000 ft
Small MY47 SARTELL GUGGENBERGER 45.605(N) -94.211(W) 2100 ft
Small D39 SAUK CENTRE SAUK CENTRE MUNI 45.707(N) -94.933(W) 3300 ft
Small 60MN SEAFORTH FUHR FLYING SVC 44.468(N) -95.284(W) 2600 ft
Small BFW SILVER BAY SILVER BAY MUNI 47.249(N) -91.416(W) 3200 ft
Small MN41 SILVER LAKE TIMMERS LANDING FIELD 44.973(N) -94.214(W) 1600 ft
Small DVP SLAYTON SLAYTON MUNI 43.987(N) -95.783(W) 2773 ft
Small Y58 SLEEPY EYE SLEEPY EYE MUNI 44.250(N) -94.717(W) 2570 ft
Small MY10 SPRING GROVE DETERS FARMS 43.561(N) -91.682(W) 1800 ft
Small 7MN3 SPRING VALLEY CALDBECK FIELD 43.705(N) -92.461(W) 3000 ft
Small 0MN6 SPRING VALLEY MATSON FLD 43.662(N) -92.404(W) 2500 ft
Small D42 SPRINGFIELD SPRINGFIELD MUNI 44.231(N) -94.999(W) 3400 ft
Small 0MN5 SPRINGFIELD PANKRATZ 44.307(N) -94.917(W) 2800 ft
Small 2MN6 ST CHARLES VAN NORMAN'S 44.047(N) -92.093(W) 1600 ft
Small 3MN8 ST CLOUD AYSTA FIELD 45.523(N) -94.123(W) 1200 ft
Large KSTC STC STC ST CLOUD ST CLOUD RGNL 45.547(N) -94.060(W) 7000 ft 2
Small MY43 ST FRANCIS BECKER PERSONAL 45.403(N) -93.389(W) 2600 ft
Small MN98 ST FRANCIS AERO-PLAIN 45.411(N) -93.385(W) 3000 ft
Small JYG ST JAMES ST JAMES MUNI 43.986(N) -94.558(W) 4000 ft
Medium KSTP STP STP ST PAUL ST PAUL DOWNTOWN HOLMAN FLD 44.934(N) -93.060(W) 6371 ft 1
Small SGS St Paul SOUTH ST PAUL MUNI RICHARD E FLEMING 44.857(N) -93.033(W) 4001 ft
Small 21D St Paul LAKE ELMO 44.997(N) -92.856(W) 2850 ft
Small MY78 STACY SUNRISE 45.429(N) -92.986(W) 2700 ft
Small MN51 STACY BOWERS 45.454(N) -92.975(W) 2615 ft
Small SYN SYN STANTON STANTON AIRFIELD 44.476(N) -93.016(W) 2550 ft
Small SAZ STAPLES STAPLES MUNI 46.381(N) -94.807(W) 3304 ft
Small D32 STARBUCK STARBUCK MUNI 45.600(N) -95.534(W) 2512 ft
Small D41 STEPHEN STEPHEN MUNI 48.458(N) -96.863(W) 2700 ft
Small 0MN8 STILLWATER KELLER 45.136(N) -92.859(W) 1650 ft
Small MY04 TAUNTON KOCH'S PERSONAL FIELD 44.660(N) -96.037(W) 2200 ft
Small 62MN TAYLORS FALLS TAYLORS FALLS 45.381(N) -92.682(W) 2000 ft
Small 1MN0 TENNEY WETHERBEE FARM 46.044(N) -96.546(W) 2600 ft
Small 7MN8 THIEF RIVER FALLS WILLIS 48.070(N) -96.279(W) 3500 ft
Small 29MN TINTAH WETENKAMP 46.028(N) -96.363(W) 3000 ft
Small 12D TOWER TOWER MUNI 47.818(N) -92.292(W) 3400 ft
Small TKC TRACY TRACY MUNI 44.249(N) -95.607(W) 3100 ft
Small MY12 TROSKY DYKSTRA ACREAGE 43.881(N) -96.253(W) 2200 ft
Small MY00 TRUMAN SIEG'S FARM 43.894(N) -94.494(W) 2200 ft
Small TWM TWO HARBORS RICHARD B HELGESON 47.049(N) -91.745(W) 4400 ft
Small 39MN TWO HARBORS ANTHONY PRIVATE 47.037(N) -91.710(W) 2000 ft
Small 63MN TWO HARBORS WEIDEMAN INTL 47.094(N) -91.600(W) 2000 ft
Small 63Y TYLER TYLER MUNI 44.292(N) -96.150(W) 2600 ft
Small 90MN VESTA SCHMIDT PRIVATE 44.503(N) -95.454(W) 1800 ft
Small 06MN VIRGINIA PIKE FIELD 47.652(N) -92.417(W) 1500 ft
Small 1MN5 WACONIA MOLNAU AIRPARK 44.844(N) -93.740(W) 2700 ft
Small ADC WADENA WADENA MUNI 46.450(N) -95.211(W) 4005 ft
Small Y49 WALKER WALKER MUNI 47.160(N) -94.645(W) 3210 ft
Small MY01 WARREN ROAN 48.146(N) -96.753(W) 2500 ft
Small D37 WARREN WARREN MUNI 48.191(N) -96.711(W) 3205 ft
Small 58MN WARROAD NORTHWEST ANGLE 49.351(N) -95.071(W) 2380 ft
Large ACQ WASECA WASECA MUNI 44.073(N) -93.553(W) 3398 ft
Small VWU WASKISH WASKISH MUNI 48.151(N) -94.516(W) 3700 ft
Small 15MN WATKINS TYLER FARMS 45.262(N) -94.511(W) 2500 ft
Small 32MN WATKINS DON'S LANDING FIELD 45.367(N) -94.399(W) 2100 ft
Small 1MN8 WEBSTER SKY HARBOR RESIDENTIAL AIRPARK 44.526(N) -93.327(W) 2800 ft
Small 68Y WELLS WELLS MUNI 43.733(N) -93.784(W) 2912 ft
Small 1MY1 WENDELL CARLSON AG 45.985(N) -96.194(W) 4500 ft
Small 65MN WENDELL RICKS FIELD 45.964(N) -96.150(W) 3000 ft
Small 92MN WENDELL BRUTLAG FARMS 46.014(N) -96.102(W) 3100 ft
Small ETH WHEATON WHEATON MUNI 45.780(N) -96.544(W) 3300 ft
Small 61MN WHEATON TRAVERSE AIR 45.954(N) -96.401(W) 3000 ft
Small MY68 WHEATON JOHNSONS AERO REPAIR 45.777(N) -96.391(W) 2200 ft
Small 6MN9 WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP BENSON 45.117(N) -92.996(W) 2000 ft
Small BDH ILL WILLMAR WILLMAR MUNI 45.118(N) -95.130(W) 5500 ft
Small MWM WINDOM WINDOM MUNI 43.913(N) -95.109(W) 3599 ft
Large ONA ONA WINONA WINONA MUNI MAX CONRAD FLD 44.077(N) -91.708(W) 5199 ft 2
Small 10D WINSTED WINSTED MUNI 44.950(N) -94.067(W) 3248 ft
Small MY07 WOLVERTON NORD FIELD 46.583(N) -96.606(W) 2600 ft
Large OTG WORTHINGTON WORTHINGTON MUNI 43.655(N) -95.579(W) 5506 ft
Small 88MN YOUNG AMERICA FOX FIELD 44.802(N) -93.950(W) 1600 ft

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