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Directory of Airports in Kansas

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Small K78 ABILENE ABILENE MUNI 38.904(N) -97.236(W) 4100 ft
Small SN14 AGRICOLA SCHOOLCRAFT 38.417(N) -95.517(W) 2500 ft
Small 3KS8 ALTAMONT REED-WILSONTON 37.256(N) -95.334(W) 2300 ft
Small 13KS ANDOVER DANIEL'S LANDING 37.698(N) -97.110(W) 2000 ft
Large ANY ANY ANTHONY ANTHONY MUNI 37.159(N) -98.080(W) 3598 ft
Small 7K6 ANTHONY WILCOX FLD 37.083(N) -97.964(W) 2100 ft
Balloon 5KS0 ANTHONY ANTHONY 37.094(N) -97.961(W) 400 ft
Small 2K8 ARGONIA ARGONIA MUNI 37.275(N) -97.759(W) 3200 ft
Small 30KS ARKANSAS CITY TYLER 37.132(N) -97.073(W) 2600 ft
Small 7KS3 ARMA YOUVAN 37.529(N) -94.696(W) 2700 ft
Small K58 Ashland HAROLD KRIER FLD 37.167(N) -99.775(W) 3200 ft
Large K59 Atchison AMELIA EARHART 39.571(N) -95.180(W) 3000 ft
Small ADT ATWOOD ATWOOD RAWLINS CO CITY CO 39.840(N) -101.042(W) 5001 ft
Small SN19 AUGUSTA FLYING H RANCH 37.625(N) -97.096(W) 2800 ft
Small 3AU AUGUSTA AUGUSTA MUNI 37.672(N) -97.078(W) 4199 ft
Small SN20 AUGUSTA BRADY-PIPPIN 37.719(N) -97.049(W) 2000 ft
Small SN18 AUGUSTA SILLS AIR PARK 37.667(N) -97.017(W) 2400 ft
Small 07KS AUGUSTA HEAPE FIELD 37.734(N) -96.937(W) 2000 ft
Small 20KS AUGUSTA AIRPARK ESTATES 37.676(N) -96.885(W) 2340 ft
Small SN21 BALDWIN CITY FLORY /PRIVATE/ 38.823(N) -95.288(W) 2600 ft
Small 47KS BALDWIN CITY MAXWELL 38.771(N) -95.274(W) 2100 ft
Small K64 BALDWIN CITY VINLAND VALLEY AERODROME 38.838(N) -95.182(W) 3030 ft
Small 8KS1 BASEHOR NEU FIELD 39.172(N) -94.981(W) 2000 ft
Small SN22 BASEHOR HOELTING 39.112(N) -94.956(W) 2200 ft
Small 78KS BAXTER SPRINGS WALTER A SWALLEY AIRPARK 37.017(N) -94.800(W) 2860 ft
Small 59KS BEAGLE DUNN FIELD 38.408(N) -95.019(W) 2300 ft
Small SN07 BEAUMONT BEAUMONT HOTEL 37.659(N) -96.527(W) 2400 ft
Small SN32 BELLE PLAINE RANDS 37.426(N) -97.269(W) 2200 ft
Small SN10 BELLE PLAINE BELLE PLAINE FARMS 37.396(N) -97.210(W) 2200 ft
Large RPB BELLEVILLE BELLEVILLE MUNI 39.818(N) -97.660(W) 3500 ft
Large K61 BELOIT MORITZ MEM 39.471(N) -98.129(W) 3610 ft
Small 08KS BENNINGTON ALDERSON 39.035(N) -97.580(W) 2700 ft
Small SN62 BENTLEY ROBERTS FIELD 37.874(N) -97.513(W) 1900 ft
Small 7KS9 BENTLEY EAGLE FIELD 37.849(N) -97.510(W) 3600 ft
Small 1K1 BENTON LLOYD STEARMAN FIELD 37.775(N) -97.113(W) 4600 ft
Small SN46 BENTON TAYLOR 37.872(N) -97.072(W) 2600 ft
Small SN25 BIG BOW LUCAS 37.419(N) -101.558(W) 2640 ft
Small 4KS8 BIRD CITY BURSCH PRIVATE 39.591(N) -101.593(W) 3000 ft
Small 5K0 BIRD CITY BRESSLER FIELD 39.742(N) -101.556(W) 3460 ft
Small 1KS9 BONNER SPRINGS HUFF 39.046(N) -94.949(W) 1500 ft
Small SN27 BONNER SPRINGS BOVINAIR 39.063(N) -94.945(W) 2000 ft
Small SN28 BROOKVILLE BELCHER 38.869(N) -97.938(W) 3000 ft
Small 8K0 BUCKLIN BUCKLIN 37.546(N) -99.642(W) 2560 ft
Small SN78 BUCYRUS ALBRIGHT 38.698(N) -94.719(W) 1700 ft
Small SN29 BURDETT RUCKER BURDETT 38.188(N) -99.534(W) 2650 ft
Large UKL BURLINGTON COFFEY CO 38.302(N) -95.725(W) 5500 ft
Small SN08 BURRTON FISHER 37.992(N) -97.656(W) 3100 ft
Small SN48 BYERS MOORE FIELD 37.788(N) -98.850(W) 2400 ft
Small 01K CALDWELL CALDWELL MUNI 37.036(N) -97.586(W) 2460 ft
Large CNU CNU CHANUTE CHANUTE MARTIN JOHNSON 37.669(N) -95.485(W) 4255 ft
Small 8KS8 CHAPMAN PRAIRIE COTTAGE 38.918(N) -97.008(W) 2400 ft
Small 0KS7 CHENEY MONO AIRCRAFT 37.693(N) -97.886(W) 2000 ft
Small SN13 CHENEY ALBERS 37.658(N) -97.774(W) 2623 ft
Small 69KS CHILES CHILES AIRPARK 38.670(N) -94.742(W) 2600 ft
Small 8K8 CIMARRON CIMARRON MUNI 37.831(N) -100.350(W) 2800 ft
Large CYW CLAY CENTER CLAY CNTR MUNI 39.387(N) -97.157(W) 4199 ft
Small SN33 CLAY CENTER CALLAWAY AIRPARK 39.433(N) -97.121(W) 1900 ft
Small SN34 CLEARWATER RUCKER 37.575(N) -97.492(W) 2600 ft
Large CFV CFV COFFEYVILLE COFFEYVILLE MUNI 37.094(N) -95.572(W) 5872 ft
Large CBK CBK Colby SHALZ FLD 39.428(N) -101.047(W) 5109 ft
Small 3K8 COLDWATER COMANCHE CO 37.228(N) -99.331(W) 4500 ft
Small CNK CNK Concordia BLOSSER MUNI 39.549(N) -97.652(W) 3600 ft
Small SN36 CONWAY SPRINGS WAMSLEY FIELD 37.426(N) -97.638(W) 2400 ft
Small 9K0 COTTONWOOD FALLS CHASE COUNTY 38.359(N) -96.554(W) 2300 ft
Small K63 COUNCIL GROVE COUNCIL GROVE MUNI 38.676(N) -96.573(W) 1845 ft
Small 4KS2 DE SOTO INGELS AERODROME 39.019(N) -94.954(W) 1700 ft
Small 35KS DERBY SELBY FARM 37.534(N) -97.312(W) 1320 ft
Small 06SN DERBY BEYER FARM 37.584(N) -97.253(W) 2400 ft
Small SN40 DERBY OLSON AERODROME 37.524(N) -97.198(W) 1900 ft
Small K50 DERBY COOK AIRFIELD INC 37.566(N) -97.175(W) 2507 ft
Small K65 DIGHTON DIGHTON 38.490(N) -100.480(W) 2400 ft
Large KDDC DDC DDC DODGE CITY DODGE CITY RGNL 37.763(N) -99.966(W) 6899 ft 2
Small 0KS9 DOUGLAS LMN 120 37.516(N) -96.920(W) 3000 ft
Small SN52 DOUGLASS PILOT POINTE ESTATES 37.479(N) -97.013(W) 2400 ft
Small 60KS DOUGLASS ALLEY FIELD 37.514(N) -97.000(W) 1200 ft
Small 1KS2 EASTON RISKY 39.314(N) -95.072(W) 1500 ft
Small SN43 EFFINGHAM STRAFUSS 39.504(N) -95.471(W) 2000 ft
Large EQA EDK El Dorado CAPTAIN JACK THOMAS EL DORADO 37.774(N) -96.818(W) 4205 ft
Small 9K6 EL DORADO PATTY FIELD 37.800(N) -96.799(W) 1800 ft
Small SN58 EL DORADO FOSTER FIELD 37.870(N) -96.647(W) 2440 ft
Small 05KS ELK CITY DARBRO FIELD 37.266(N) -95.959(W) 2350 ft
Small SN44 ELK CITY BOB FALER 37.300(N) -95.900(W) 3150 ft
Small EHA ELKHART ELKHART MORTON CO 37.001(N) -101.880(W) 4900 ft
Small 1K6 ELLINWOOD ELLINWOOD MUNI 38.373(N) -98.599(W) 2550 ft
Small 9K7 ELLSWORTH ELLSWORTH MUNI 38.750(N) -98.229(W) 3919 ft
Small SN37 ELMDALE HAROLD K. WELLS 38.387(N) -96.730(W) 2600 ft
Small 51KS ELMO BARNARD 38.637(N) -97.214(W) 1900 ft
Small SN04 EMPORIA ROBERTS MEMORIAL 38.423(N) -96.372(W) 1800 ft
Large EMP EMPORIA EMPORIA MUNI 38.332(N) -96.191(W) 4999 ft
Small 6KS8 EMPORIA MARY'S PLACE 38.348(N) -96.147(W) 2650 ft
Small 15KS EMPORIA SICKLER AIRSTRIP 38.431(N) -96.088(W) 2300 ft
Small 1KS4 ENTERPRISE PRICHARD AIRSTRIP 38.900(N) -97.117(W) 1900 ft
Small SN47 ESKRIDGE CONVERSE FARM 38.767(N) -96.107(W) 2400 ft
Small 52KS EUDORA BLAND 38.903(N) -95.132(W) 1800 ft
Small 13K EUREKA EUREKA MUNI 37.852(N) -96.292(W) 3503 ft
Medium KFLV FLV FLV Fort Leavenworth SHERMAN AAF 39.368(N) -94.915(W) 5905 ft
Medium KFRI FRI FRI Fort Riley MARSHALL AAF 39.055(N) -96.764(W) 4500 ft
Large FSK FSK FORT SCOTT FORT SCOTT MUNI 37.798(N) -94.769(W) 4403 ft
Small 18K FOWLER FOWLER 37.384(N) -100.186(W) 2310 ft
Small SN53 FREDONIA BONNER FIELD 37.433(N) -95.917(W) 3200 ft
Small 1K7 FREDONIA FREDONIA 37.579(N) -95.838(W) 4579 ft
Small SN55 FRIEND R J C FARMS INC 38.215(N) -101.003(W) 2200 ft
Small 36KS GALESBURG WHITE FARMS 37.475(N) -95.344(W) 2690 ft
Large KGCK GCK GCK GARDEN CITY GARDEN CITY RGNL 37.928(N) -100.724(W) 7300 ft 2
Small K34 GARDNER GARDNER MUNI 38.807(N) -94.956(W) 3373 ft
Small 00KS GARDNER HAYDEN FARM 38.728(N) -94.931(W) 2600 ft
Small SN59 GARDNER HERMON FARM 38.853(N) -94.910(W) 1300 ft
Small K68 GARNETT GARNETT MUNI 38.277(N) -95.215(W) 2660 ft
Small 9KS5 GENESEO RUSH FIELD 38.578(N) -98.100(W) 2200 ft
Small SN41 GIRARD ZIGGY CARLINE 37.504(N) -94.827(W) 1700 ft
Small SN61 GODDARD YODER AIRPARK 37.660(N) -97.629(W) 2500 ft
Small SN65 GODDARD LAKE WALTANNA 37.592(N) -97.617(W) 2100 ft
Small SN64 GODDARD ECK FIELD 37.696(N) -97.539(W) 2640 ft
Small 27KS GOODLAND BELLAMY FARM 39.129(N) -101.717(W) 3000 ft
Large GLD GLD Goodland RENNER FLD 39.371(N) -101.699(W) 5499 ft
Small 5KS2 GOODLAND FORTMEYER 39.342(N) -101.666(W) 4000 ft
Small 9KS6 GOVE LUNDGREN HEREFORD RANCH 38.813(N) -100.571(W) 2600 ft
Large GBD GBD GREAT BEND GREAT BEND MUNI 38.344(N) -98.859(W) 7850 ft
Small SN67 GREAT BEND BUTTON 38.383(N) -98.750(W) 1900 ft
Small 8K7 GREENSBURG PAUL WINDLE MUNI 37.600(N) -99.275(W) 2600 ft
Small 45KS GRENOLA LIEBAU RANCH 37.404(N) -96.453(W) 2200 ft
Small SN05 HALSTEAD HALSTEAD 38.031(N) -97.509(W) 2640 ft
Small 8KS2 HAMILTON KING RANCH 37.939(N) -96.231(W) 1800 ft
Small SN69 HAMMOND EMMERSON 37.931(N) -94.643(W) 2200 ft
Small 8K2 HARPER HARPER MUNI 37.278(N) -98.043(W) 3268 ft
Small 5KS3 HARPER DEWEZE 37.279(N) -98.018(W) 2200 ft
Small SN71 HARPER BOB PARK 37.303(N) -97.964(W) 2000 ft
Small SN70 HARPER KAYPOD 37.251(N) -97.955(W) 2300 ft
Small 9KS7 HARRIS MILLER 38.278(N) -95.443(W) 2500 ft
Small SN72 HARRIS GRAHAM FARMS 38.300(N) -95.440(W) 2310 ft
Small 4KS6 HARTFORD THOMSEN FIELD 38.242(N) -95.907(W) 1200 ft
Small SN63 HAVILAND GAIL BALLARD 37.608(N) -99.116(W) 3100 ft
Small 8KS4 HAYS RANS 38.905(N) -99.351(W) 1200 ft
Large HYS HYS HAYS HAYS RGNL 38.842(N) -99.273(W) 6500 ft 1
Small 73KS HAYS PHILIP RANCH 38.781(N) -99.221(W) 2046 ft
Small 32KS HEALY WILKENS 38.593(N) -100.613(W) 2800 ft
Small HRU HERINGTON HERINGTON RGNL 38.695(N) -96.808(W) 4184 ft
Small 53KS HESSTON WEAVER RANCH 38.108(N) -97.433(W) 1370 ft
Small K87 HIAWATHA HIAWATHA MUNI 39.879(N) -95.525(W) 3400 ft
Small 8KS3 HIAWATHA DAVIS AIRFIELD 39.853(N) -95.481(W) 2540 ft
Small SN75 HIGHLAND SOMMERS 39.867(N) -95.334(W) 1900 ft
Large HLC HLC HILL CITY HILL CITY MUNI 39.379(N) -99.831(W) 5000 ft
Small M66 HILLSBORO ALFRED SCHROEDER FLD 38.343(N) -97.214(W) 3229 ft
Small 87KS HOLYROOD HOLYROOD MUNI 38.588(N) -98.405(W) 1650 ft
Small K91 HORTON HORTON MUNI 39.679(N) -95.534(W) 2223 ft
Small 7KS4 HORTON BENT NAIL RANCH 39.633(N) -95.439(W) 1600 ft
Small 37KS HOWARD BAR P RANCH 37.482(N) -96.338(W) 2600 ft
Small 1F5 HOXIE HOXIE SHERIDAN CO 39.365(N) -100.439(W) 4400 ft
Small HQG HUGOTON HUGOTON MUNI 37.163(N) -101.371(W) 5000 ft
Small 7KS5 HUMBOLDT CROISANT 37.796(N) -95.342(W) 2000 ft
Small SN76 HUTCHINSON SUNFLOWER AERODROME 37.926(N) -97.906(W) 7000 ft
Large KHUT HUT HUT HUTCHINSON HUTCHINSON MUNI 38.066(N) -97.861(W) 7004 ft
Small 66KS INDEPENDENCE PATTERSON FARMS 37.164(N) -95.872(W) 2640 ft
Small 30K INGALLS INGALLS MUNI 37.907(N) -100.531(W) 3000 ft
Large K88 Iola ALLEN CO 37.870(N) -95.386(W) 4100 ft
Small 9KS4 IONIA ROSE PORT 39.636(N) -98.360(W) 2600 ft
Small K79 JETMORE JETMORE MUNI 37.984(N) -99.894(W) 4205 ft
Small SN77 JOHNSON JOHNS 37.400(N) -101.767(W) 2600 ft
Small 2K3 JOHNSON STANTON CO MUNI 37.583(N) -101.733(W) 4100 ft
Large 3JC Junction City FREEMAN FLD 39.043(N) -96.843(W) 3495 ft
Small 5KS4 KANORADO HALL FARMS 39.230(N) -101.983(W) 2640 ft
Small SN16 KECHI CURTIS 37.856(N) -97.270(W) 630 ft
Small 9K8 KINGMAN KINGMAN ARPT CLYDE CESSNA FLD 37.669(N) -98.124(W) 4300 ft
Small 33K KINSLEY KINSLEY MUNI 37.909(N) -99.403(W) 3110 ft
Small 25KS KIRWIN WYRILL FARMING 39.683(N) -99.128(W) 2240 ft
Small K94 LA CROSSE RUSH CO 38.548(N) -99.289(W) 3200 ft
Small 36K LAKIN LAKIN 37.969(N) -101.255(W) 3400 ft
Small SN83 LANSING HIGHCREST AIR PARK 39.227(N) -94.951(W) 2400 ft
Small 72KS LANSING MOUNT MUNCIE 39.273(N) -94.880(W) 1700 ft
Large LQR LARNED LARNED PAWNEE CO 38.209(N) -99.086(W) 4201 ft
Small SN45 LAWRENCE MICHAEL'S 38.831(N) -95.266(W) 2640 ft
Large LWC LWC LAWRENCE LAWRENCE MUNI 39.011(N) -95.217(W) 5700 ft
Small SN84 LEAVENWORTH BLASER'S 39.271(N) -94.988(W) 2300 ft
Small 6KS7 LEBANON SHUTE 39.984(N) -98.510(W) 2000 ft
Small SN03 LENORA LENORA MUNI 39.629(N) -100.015(W) 2400 ft
Small 3K7 Leoti MARK HOARD MEM 38.457(N) -101.353(W) 4300 ft
Large KLBL LBL LBL LIBERAL LIBERAL MUNI 37.044(N) -100.960(W) 7105 ft 2
Small K71 LINCOLN LINCOLN MUNI 39.058(N) -98.167(W) 2700 ft
Small 01KS LOST SPRINGS FLYING N RANCH 38.541(N) -97.003(W) 2400 ft
Small 7KS6 LOUISBURG LINDERS COW-CHIP 38.626(N) -94.769(W) 2000 ft
Small SN89 LOUISBURG SOMERSET 38.538(N) -94.727(W) 2600 ft
Small SN88 LOUISBURG CROSSWIND AIRFIELD 38.571(N) -94.713(W) 1600 ft
Small 38K LUCAS LUCAS 39.062(N) -98.525(W) 2904 ft
Small 39K LYNDON POMONA LAKE 38.692(N) -95.690(W) 2170 ft
Small LYO LYONS LYONS RICE CO MUNI 38.343(N) -98.227(W) 2999 ft
Small 94KS MACKSVILLE SMITH FIELD 37.975(N) -98.966(W) 2600 ft
Small SN91 MADISON GODFREY 38.110(N) -96.116(W) 2300 ft
Small SN92 MANHATTAN SUNSHINE RANCH 39.333(N) -96.700(W) 2100 ft
Small 49KS MANHATTAN N & N 39.214(N) -96.672(W) 2200 ft
Large KMHK MHK MHK MANHATTAN MANHATTAN RGNL 39.141(N) -96.671(W) 7000 ft 1
Small 43KS MANHATTAN SMITH 39.102(N) -96.418(W) 2800 ft
Small TKO MANKATO MANKATO 39.803(N) -98.221(W) 3540 ft
Small 43K MARION MARION MUNI 38.338(N) -96.992(W) 2745 ft
Small MYZ MARYSVILLE MARYSVILLE MUNI 39.855(N) -96.631(W) 4200 ft
Small 5KS9 MC DONALD BLACK 39.826(N) -101.363(W) 2625 ft
Small 5KS8 MC DONALD JACK POORE 39.818(N) -101.348(W) 2600 ft
Small 5KS1 MC LOUTH THRESHING BEE 39.194(N) -95.216(W) 1650 ft
Small SN90 MC LOUTH D'FIELD 39.226(N) -95.192(W) 2300 ft
Large MPR MC PHERSON MC PHERSON 38.352(N) -97.691(W) 5500 ft
Small SN12 MEADE JENKINSON 37.364(N) -100.471(W) 3500 ft
Small MEJ MEADE MEADE MUNI 37.277(N) -100.356(W) 4800 ft
Small 99KS MEDICINE LODGE ELM CREEK FARMS 37.409(N) -98.649(W) 2750 ft
Small K51 MEDICINE LODGE MEDICINE LODGE 37.263(N) -98.546(W) 3200 ft
Small 17KS MELVERN TEVIS 38.503(N) -95.677(W) 2500 ft
Small 81KS MERIDEN BLACKHAWK 39.156(N) -95.578(W) 1720 ft
Small SN93 MILLER DICKSON /PVT/ 38.646(N) -95.989(W) 2300 ft
Small 45K MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS CITY CO 39.095(N) -97.721(W) 3970 ft
Small SN09 MINNEAPOLIS SOLOMON VALLEY AIRPARK 39.114(N) -97.683(W) 2590 ft
Small SN94 MINNEOLA AMY 37.467(N) -100.000(W) 1300 ft
Small 75KS MINNEOLA ESPLUND FARM 37.387(N) -99.865(W) 2640 ft
Small 2K6 MOLINE ELK COUNTY 37.381(N) -96.271(W) 2510 ft
Small 98KS MONTEZUMA REXFORD 37.446(N) -100.492(W) 2440 ft
Small K17 MONTEZUMA MONTEZUMA MUNI 37.586(N) -100.470(W) 4000 ft
Small 67KS MONTEZUMA MONTEZUMA COOP 37.588(N) -100.435(W) 2240 ft
Small 74KS MORAN ENSMINGER 37.933(N) -95.217(W) 2500 ft
Small SN97 MOSCOW BROLLIER 37.326(N) -101.198(W) 2400 ft
Small 47K MOUNDRIDGE MOUNDRIDGE MUNI 38.209(N) -97.503(W) 3405 ft
Small 2K7 NEODESHA NEODESHA MUNI 37.435(N) -95.646(W) 2998 ft
Small 48K NESS CITY NESS CITY MUNI 38.471(N) -99.908(W) 3156 ft
Large EWK EWK NEWTON NEWTON CITY CO 38.058(N) -97.275(W) 7003 ft
Small NRN NORTON NORTON MUNI 39.850(N) -99.895(W) 4700 ft
Small 49K NORWICH NORWICH 37.456(N) -97.834(W) 3230 ft
Small OEL OAKLEY OAKLEY MUNI 39.110(N) -100.816(W) 5000 ft
Small 7KS8 OBERLIN SHAW AERIAL SPRAYING 39.831(N) -100.581(W) 2600 ft
Large OIN OBERLIN OBERLIN MUNI 39.834(N) -100.539(W) 3793 ft
Large IXD JCI Olathe NEW CENTURY AIRCENTER 38.831(N) -94.890(W) 7339 ft
Small 51K OLATHE CEDAR AIR PARK 38.931(N) -94.885(W) 2440 ft
Small 97KS OLATHE CLEAR VIEW FARM 38.810(N) -94.756(W) 2000 ft
Large OJC OJC Olathe JOHNSON CO EXECUTIVE 38.848(N) -94.738(W) 4098 ft
Small SN99 OLSBURG LAFLIN RANCH 39.400(N) -96.617(W) 2000 ft
Small 52K ONAGA CHARLES E GRUTZMACHER MUNI 39.499(N) -96.172(W) 2200 ft
Small 0KS0 OSAGE CITY J V RANCH 38.633(N) -95.925(W) 2600 ft
Small 53K OSAGE CITY OSAGE CITY MUNI 38.634(N) -95.802(W) 2560 ft
Small K75 OSBORNE OSBORNE MUNI 39.429(N) -98.680(W) 3900 ft
Small 7KS0 OSKALOOSA FLYING T 39.271(N) -95.317(W) 1600 ft
Small K67 OSWEGO OSWEGO MUNI 37.159(N) -95.041(W) 2500 ft
Small SN57 OTTAWA WITHAM 38.699(N) -95.300(W) 2100 ft
Large OWI OTTAWA OTTAWA MUNI 38.539(N) -95.253(W) 4500 ft
Small SN42 OTTAWA HARROD 38.561(N) -95.208(W) 2640 ft
Small 7KS2 OVERBROOK CLOUD 38.850(N) -95.467(W) 2000 ft
Small 55K OXFORD OXFORD MUNI 37.270(N) -97.091(W) 3380 ft
Small K81 PAOLA MIAMI CO 38.541(N) -94.920(W) 3400 ft
Small 68KS PAOLA CLOUD 9 38.567(N) -94.782(W) 2600 ft
Small 14KS PARKER G & S SPACE PORT 38.269(N) -94.905(W) 2600 ft
Large PPF PPF Parsons TRI CITY 37.330(N) -95.506(W) 5687 ft
Small 0KS8 PARSONS PEARCE FIELD 37.383(N) -95.375(W) 1700 ft
Small 8KS5 PARSONS BLUE SKY 37.317(N) -95.280(W) 2000 ft
Small 80KS PEABODY GILLEY'S 38.163(N) -97.194(W) 1720 ft
Small 0KS6 PECK KENDRIGAN 37.452(N) -97.318(W) 2295 ft
Small PHG PHILLIPSBURG PHILLIPSBURG MUNI 39.736(N) -99.317(W) 4503 ft
Small SN81 PIPER HANCOCK 39.182(N) -94.870(W) 1400 ft
Large PTS PTS Pittsburg ATKINSON MUNI 37.449(N) -94.731(W) 5500 ft
Small 2KS5 PLAINS PLAINS MUNI 37.271(N) -100.588(W) 3200 ft
Small 0R9 PLAINVILLE PLAINVILLE ARPK 39.194(N) -99.303(W) 2600 ft
Small 57K PLEASANTON GILMORE 38.128(N) -94.747(W) 2870 ft
Small 6KS5 PLEASANTON YEAMANS FOX NEST 38.225(N) -94.665(W) 2500 ft
Small 0P1 PRAIRIE VIEW VAN PAK 39.832(N) -99.568(W) 2590 ft
Small PTT PTT PRATT PRATT INDUSTRIAL 37.702(N) -98.747(W) 5500 ft
Small 6KS1 QUINTER QUINTER AIR STRIP 39.071(N) -100.250(W) 2600 ft
Small SN49 RANDALL MC COLLOUGH AIRFIELD 39.685(N) -97.971(W) 1800 ft
Small 28KS RANTOUL HIGHLAND FARM 38.543(N) -95.156(W) 2200 ft
Small 1KS1 RICHMOND COCHRAN 38.459(N) -95.226(W) 2000 ft
STOL 1KS3 RILEY LEO'S PLACE 39.304(N) -96.759(W) 1100 ft
Small 4KS7 ROSE HILL BUTLER AIRPARK 37.559(N) -97.065(W) 2687 ft
Small RSL RUSSELL RUSSELL MUNI 38.872(N) -98.812(W) 5000 ft
Small K83 SABETHA SABETHA MUNI 39.904(N) -95.779(W) 3100 ft
Small 58KS SALINA BURGER'S VALLEY 38.922(N) -97.709(W) 2400 ft
Large KSLN SLN SLN SALINA SALINA MUNI 38.791(N) -97.652(W) 12300 ft 1
Small SN00 SALINA J ROESNER 38.847(N) -97.550(W) 1287 ft
Small 1KS6 SALINA SILERS PLANE VALLEY 38.867(N) -97.536(W) 2500 ft
Small 1KS7 SATANTA HITCH FEEDERS II INC. 37.674(N) -101.017(W) 3500 ft
Small 1K9 SATANTA SATANTA MUNI 37.456(N) -100.984(W) 3250 ft
Small SN98 SATANTA ANTON FLYING UV 37.421(N) -100.942(W) 2150 ft
Small 1KS8 SCOTT CITY BUEHLER 38.515(N) -100.995(W) 2500 ft
Large TQK SCOTT CITY SCOTT CITY MUNI 38.474(N) -100.885(W) 4999 ft
Small 61K SEDAN SEDAN CITY 37.148(N) -96.185(W) 3160 ft
Small 12KS SEDGWICK SOOTER 37.935(N) -97.488(W) 2600 ft
Small 6KS2 SELDEN STEVENSON PRIVATE 39.442(N) -100.630(W) 2600 ft
Small 62K SENECA SENECA MUNI 39.847(N) -96.113(W) 2400 ft
Small 2KS1 SEVERANCE RUSH 39.774(N) -95.251(W) 2500 ft
Small 2KS2 SEVERY STUBER FLYING RANCH 37.656(N) -96.291(W) 1500 ft
Small 6KS4 SHARON SPRINGS BUSSEN 38.905(N) -101.784(W) 3003 ft
Small K82 SMITH CENTER SMITH CNTR MUNI 39.761(N) -98.793(W) 3601 ft
Small 31KS SOUTH HUTCHINSON MILLS FIELD 37.996(N) -97.929(W) 2400 ft
Small 2KS4 SPIVEY DICK 37.448(N) -98.225(W) 1900 ft
Small 41KS SPRING HILL FLYING Z RANCH 38.736(N) -94.797(W) 2600 ft
Small 1KS5 ST MARYS KEYSER 39.162(N) -96.096(W) 1500 ft
Small 02KS ST MARYS JMJ LANDING 39.222(N) -96.055(W) 1950 ft
Small SYF St. Francis CHEYENNE CO MUNI 39.761(N) -101.796(W) 3138 ft
Small 8K4 ST. MARY'S ST MARY'S AIRPARK 39.273(N) -96.061(W) 2514 ft
Small 91KS ST. MARY'S ST. JOSEPH'S LANDING 39.244(N) -96.033(W) 2400 ft
Small 3TA STAFFORD STAFFORD MUNI 37.958(N) -98.650(W) 2560 ft
Small 8KS7 STILWELL PINE SOD RANCH 38.733(N) -94.645(W) 1800 ft
Small 63K STILWELL HILLSIDE 38.821(N) -94.610(W) 2000 ft
Small 0S2 STOCKTON STOCKTON MUNI 39.377(N) -99.295(W) 3500 ft
Small 19S SUBLETTE SUBLETTE FLYING CLUB 37.491(N) -100.830(W) 4500 ft
Small 2KS8 SYLVAN GROVE VONADA 39.117(N) -98.400(W) 1900 ft
Small SN95 SYLVIA ROBERTS AIR FIELD 37.978(N) -98.404(W) 3150 ft
Large 3K3 SYRACUSE SYRACUSE HAMILTON CO MUNI 37.992(N) -101.746(W) 3000 ft
Small 11KS TONGANOXIE SHELLER'S 39.117(N) -95.149(W) 2000 ft
Small 3KS1 TOPEKA MESA VERDE 39.156(N) -95.743(W) 2800 ft
Medium KFOE FOE FOE Topeka FORBES FLD 38.951(N) -95.664(W) 12802 ft
Large TOP TOP Topeka PHILIP BILLARD MUNI 39.069(N) -95.622(W) 5099 ft
Small 33KS TOPEKA BUENA TERRA 39.153(N) -95.609(W) 2500 ft
Small 90KS TOPEKA SUNSET STRIP AIRPARK 38.983(N) -95.595(W) 2600 ft
Small 2KS9 TOPEKA STARSHIRE FARM 38.900(N) -95.584(W) 2100 ft
Small 5K2 TRIBUNE TRIBUNE MUNI 38.454(N) -101.746(W) 5100 ft
Small 61KS TROY MASTERS FIELD 39.759(N) -95.096(W) 2300 ft
Small 3KS3 UDALL ROGERS 37.400(N) -97.192(W) 1900 ft
Small 18KS UDALL CHEROKEE STRIP 37.371(N) -97.107(W) 2500 ft
Small 8KS0 ULYSSES MORGAN FARMS 37.813(N) -101.459(W) 2800 ft
Small 3KS4 ULYSSES EVELEIGH FARMS 37.768(N) -101.435(W) 3700 ft
Large ULS ULYSSES ULYSSES 37.604(N) -101.374(W) 6000 ft
Small 46KS VALLEY CENTER HIDDEN VALLEY 37.832(N) -97.363(W) 2648 ft
Small 3KS5 VALLEY CENTER HIGH POINT 37.850(N) -97.350(W) 2400 ft
Small 3KS7 VALLEY CENTER BERWICK 37.829(N) -97.349(W) 2300 ft
Small SN68 VALLEY CENTER LIL BIRD 37.879(N) -97.310(W) 2300 ft
Small 0H1 WAKEENEY TREGO WAKEENEY 39.004(N) -99.893(W) 4000 ft
Small 83KS WAMEGO MILLER AEROPLANE FIELD 39.235(N) -96.300(W) 2600 ft
Small 69K WAMEGO WAMEGO MUNI 39.197(N) -96.259(W) 3184 ft
Small K38 WASHINGTON WASHINGTON CO MEM 39.734(N) -97.048(W) 3400 ft
Large EGT WELLINGTON WELLINGTON MUNI 37.324(N) -97.388(W) 4201 ft
Small 09KS WELLSVILLE COFFMAN 38.707(N) -95.138(W) 2500 ft
Small 54KS WELLSVILLE MICHAEL 38.803(N) -95.113(W) 1800 ft
Small SN85 WELLSVILLE FOX FIRE 38.734(N) -95.102(W) 2300 ft
Small 9KS1 WELLSVILLE HARTLAND 38.659(N) -95.092(W) 2600 ft
Small 4KS1 WELLSVILLE AMAR FARMS 38.685(N) -95.033(W) 2600 ft
Large KICT ICT ICT WICHITA WICHITA MID CONTINENT 37.650(N) -97.433(W) 10301 ft 10
Small K32 WICHITA RIVERSIDE 37.748(N) -97.407(W) 3200 ft
Small 71K WICHITA WESTPORT 37.648(N) -97.384(W) 2520 ft
Small 72K WICHITA WESTPORT AUXILIARY 37.604(N) -97.359(W) 2550 ft
Medium KIAB IAB IAB Wichita MC CONNELL AFB 37.622(N) -97.268(W) 12000 ft 1
Small CEA CEA Wichita CESSNA ACFT FLD 37.649(N) -97.251(W) 3723 ft
Large AAO Wichita COL JAMES JABARA 37.748(N) -97.221(W) 6101 ft
Small BEC BEC Wichita BEECH FACTORY 37.694(N) -97.215(W) 8000 ft
Small 44KS WICHITA VANKIRK 37.610(N) -97.163(W) 2600 ft
Small 70K WICHITA/MAIZE/ MAIZE 37.766(N) -97.436(W) 2100 ft
Small 40KS WILLIAMSBURG CHANAY 38.540(N) -95.451(W) 2400 ft
Small 8KS9 WILLIAMSBURG THE WILDERNESS 38.444(N) -95.425(W) 2500 ft
Small 71KS WILLIAMSTOWN STONEHENGE 39.104(N) -95.296(W) 1900 ft
Small 77KS WILMONT ABEL RANCH 37.368(N) -96.878(W) 2300 ft
Small 2KS3 WILSON WILSON 38.838(N) -98.486(W) 2300 ft
Small 85KS WINCHESTER SANDERS 39.301(N) -95.215(W) 1250 ft
Large WLD WLD Winfield-Arkansas City STROTHER FLD 37.169(N) -97.038(W) 5505 ft
Small 8K5 YATES CENTER YATES CENTER 37.853(N) -95.747(W) 2765 ft

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