Directory of Airports in Australia

Kind ICAO FAA IATA City Name Latitude Longitude Max Runway Airlines
Small YUSL USL Useless Loop Airport -26.167(S) 113.400(E)
Small YGAR Gnaraloo Station Airport -23.792(S) 113.529(E)
Small Abrolhos North Island -28.300(S) 113.596(E)
Small Abrolhos Island -28.475(S) 113.689(E)
Small YTML Tamala Airport -26.667(S) 113.733(E)
Small YCOY Coral Bay Airport -23.130(S) 113.777(E)
Small YRAT Abrolhos Rat Island -28.720(S) 113.784(E)
Small Yardie Homestead -21.884(S) 114.007(E)
Small YEXM EXM Exmouth Airport -22.033(S) 114.100(E)
Small YGIR Giralia Airport -22.683(S) 114.367(E)
Small YWPL Winning Pool North Airport -23.100(S) 114.533(E)
Small YBLB Billabong Road House Airport -26.817(S) 114.617(E)
Small YNHP Northampton Airport -28.350(S) 114.683(E)
Small YMIX Middalya Homestead Airport -23.900(S) 114.767(E)
Small YYNR Yanrey Airport -22.517(S) 114.800(E)
Small YDRA DOX Dongara Airport -29.300(S) 114.933(E)
Small YBDX Barradale Airport -22.863(S) 114.963(E)
Small YLEA Leeman Airport -29.983(S) 114.983(E)
Small YTHV Thevenard Island Airport -21.467(S) 115.000(E)
Small YNYG Nyang Airport -23.033(S) 115.033(E)
Small YJNB JUR Jurien Bay Airport -30.300(S) 115.033(E)
Small YMDR Minderoo Station Airport -22.000(S) 115.050(E)
Small YLUW Leeuwin Estate Airport -34.021(S) 115.064(E)
Small YCVS Cervantes Airport -30.483(S) 115.083(E)
Small YBUC Butch Airport -33.833(S) 115.100(E)
Small YMGT MQZ MARGARET RIVER -33.931(S) 115.100(E) 3619 ft
Small YOLW ONS Onslow Airport -21.668(S) 115.113(E) 1
Small YAUG Augusta Airport -34.367(S) 115.150(E)
Small YWMY Williambury Airport -23.867(S) 115.150(E)
Small Nambung Station Private Airstrip -30.578(S) 115.225(E)
Small YLYN Lyndon Airport -23.633(S) 115.233(E)
Small YBLN BQB BUSSELTON -33.693(S) 115.395(E) 5906 ft 1
Small YBWX BWB BARROW ISLAND -20.864(S) 115.406(E) 6234 ft 1
Small YMEW Mingenew Airport -29.267(S) 115.450(E)
Small YNNT Nantarra Airport -22.533(S) 115.500(E)
Small YMWA MXU Mullewa Airport -28.475(S) 115.517(E)
Small YYLG Yallalong Homestead Airport -27.426(S) 115.518(E)
Medium YRTI RTS ROTTNEST ISLAND -32.007(S) 115.540(E) 4242 ft
Small YEUD Eudamulla Station Airport -24.450(S) 115.600(E)
Small Between Lakes Private Airstrip -32.850(S) 115.640(E)
Small YBUN BUY BUNBURY -33.378(S) 115.677(E) 3330 ft
Small YGAD Garden Island (Military) Airport -32.242(S) 115.683(E)
Small Preston Field - Blair Howe -33.019(S) 115.701(E)
Small Unknown Farm Strip -33.095(S) 115.717(E)
Small YNAU Nannup Airport -34.033(S) 115.733(E)
Small Wheeler Field -32.787(S) 115.789(E)
Small Midway -32.673(S) 115.790(E)
Small Tardun Christian Brothers airfield -28.709(S) 115.818(E)
Small YBBL Billabalong Airport -27.417(S) 115.833(E)
Small YMUL MURRAY FIELD -32.508(S) 115.842(E) 3750 ft
Small YTHS Three Springs Airport -29.528(S) 115.858(E)
Small YGIG GINGIN -31.465(S) 115.863(E) 5997 ft
Small YDRC Dairy Creek Homestead Airport -25.283(S) 115.867(E)
Small YSEN Serpentine Airport -32.395(S) 115.871(E)
Small YCNH Carnarmah Airport -29.683(S) 115.883(E)
Small Wheeler Drome -32.787(S) 115.910(E)
Small YMDZ Mardi Station Airport -21.200(S) 115.983(E)
Small YMSS Murchison Shire Airport -26.917(S) 115.983(E)
Small YMRW MWB Morawa Airport -29.202(S) 116.022(E)
Small Yuin Station -27.983(S) 116.033(E)
Small YRHL Red Hill Station Airport -21.967(S) 116.067(E)
Small YEDM Edmund Station Airport -23.750(S) 116.100(E)
Small YFCU Fortescue River Airport -21.300(S) 116.133(E)
Small YMJM MJP MANJIMUP -34.265(S) 116.140(E) 4016 ft
Small YWEE Wooleen Homestead Airport -27.082(S) 116.150(E)
Small Northcliffe Airstrips (needs confirmation) -34.659(S) 116.152(E)
Small YBOO Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon Airstrip -31.340(S) 116.188(E)
Small YDGT Dalgety Downs Station Airport -25.283(S) 116.200(E)
Small YGIF Gifford Creek Station Airport -24.050(S) 116.217(E)
Small New Norcia North -30.921(S) 116.240(E)
Closed Avon Valley NP Airstrip -31.606(S) 116.261(E)
Small YPJI Perenjori Airport -29.433(S) 116.283(E)
Small YGUL Gullewa Airport -28.633(S) 116.283(E)
Small YPIX Pia Airport -27.192(S) 116.292(E)
Small YPNW Pannawonica Airport -21.617(S) 116.317(E)
Small YMGO Murgoo Airport -27.367(S) 116.417(E)
Small YBOP Boyup Brook Airport -33.900(S) 116.467(E)
Small YSHN Shannon River Airport -34.750(S) 116.483(E)
Small YDVE Dale River Airport -32.283(S) 116.550(E)
Small YMNF Manfred Airport -26.450(S) 116.550(E)
Small YDWU Dalwallinu Airport -30.200(S) 116.650(E)
Small YERO Erong Station Airport -25.567(S) 116.667(E)
Small YNTM Northam Airport -31.630(S) 116.683(E)
Small YWPE Walpole Airport -34.950(S) 116.700(E)
Small YWOH Wongan Hills Airport -30.867(S) 116.733(E)
Small YBIU Ballidu Airport -30.593(S) 116.780(E)
Small YBLD Brooklands Airport -31.825(S) 116.796(E)
Small YYRK York Airport -31.855(S) 116.799(E)
Small YHLM Hillman Farm Airport -33.264(S) 116.815(E)
Small YROT Rothsay Mine Airport -29.292(S) 116.867(E)
Small YGOM Goomalling Airport -31.367(S) 116.883(E)
Small YLDO Landor Station Airport -25.100(S) 116.900(E)
Small YMAU Mount Augusta Airport -24.300(S) 116.917(E)
Small YMJE Mount James Airport -24.617(S) 116.933(E)
Small YBEV Beverley Airport -32.133(S) 116.950(E)
Small YGGE Golden Grove Airport -28.750(S) 116.950(E)
Small YLNR Landor Races Airport -24.950(S) 116.967(E)
Small YDGR Dalgaranga Airport -27.791(S) 116.993(E)
Small YAHD Ashburton Downs Airport -23.383(S) 117.033(E)
Small YDON Dowerin Airport -31.183(S) 117.050(E)
Small YPIY Pingelly Airport -32.540(S) 117.073(E)
Small YKOJ Kojonup Airport -33.767(S) 117.133(E)
Small YKAE Kalannie Airport -30.367(S) 117.133(E)
Small YERA Errabiddy Homestead Airport -25.500(S) 117.167(E)
Small YCUN CUNDERDIN -31.622(S) 117.217(E) 6089 ft
Small YBGD OCM Boolgeeda -22.540(S) 117.275(E) 1
Small YDGA DGD Dalgaranga Gold Mine Airport -27.830(S) 117.316(E)
Small YMUX Mileura Airport -26.367(S) 117.333(E)
Small YWGN Wagin Airport -33.333(S) 117.367(E)
Small YWAB Waldburg Homestead Airport -24.750(S) 117.367(E)
Small YQDG Quairading Airport -32.000(S) 117.400(E)
Small YRLE Rocklea Airport -22.883(S) 117.450(E)
Small YCRN Cranbrook Airport -34.283(S) 117.550(E)
Small YMCE Mount Clere Homestead Airport -25.100(S) 117.583(E)
Small YKNG KNI Katanning Airport -33.717(S) 117.633(E)
Small YPYF Paynes Find Airport -29.250(S) 117.667(E)
Small YKEB Kellerberrin Airport -31.667(S) 117.733(E)
Small YDUM Dumbleyung Airport -33.333(S) 117.750(E)
Small SLJ Solomon Aerodrome -22.255(S) 117.763(E)
Small YKNM Koonmarra Airport -26.283(S) 117.783(E)
Small YCIG Corrigin Airport -32.333(S) 117.817(E)
Medium YMOG MMG MOUNT MAGNET -28.116(S) 117.842(E) 5906 ft 2
Small YBCB Bencubbin Airport -30.833(S) 117.867(E)
Small YBEC Beacon Airport -30.483(S) 117.883(E)
Small YKNP Kununoppin Airport -31.133(S) 117.900(E)
Small YCUE CUY Cue Airport -27.447(S) 117.918(E)
Small YYRW Yarlarweelor Airport -25.458(S) 117.975(E)
Small YELE Belele Airport -26.367(S) 118.017(E)
Small YGNW Gnowangerup Airport -33.983(S) 118.033(E)
Small YMLA Malina Airport -20.883(S) 118.033(E)
Small YMDB Mundabullangana Airport -20.517(S) 118.067(E)
Small YBRO Bruce Rock Airport -31.883(S) 118.117(E)
Small YTUC Tuckabiana Airport -27.475(S) 118.125(E)
Small Kulin Airport -32.672(S) 118.169(E)
Small Stirling Range Retreat -34.312(S) 118.186(E)
Small Lily Dutch Windmill Airstrip -34.225(S) 118.216(E)
Small YMVR Mount Vernon Station Airport -24.233(S) 118.233(E)
Small YMKB Mukinbudin Airport -30.933(S) 118.250(E)
Small YRDY Reedys Airport -27.132(S) 118.280(E)
Small YKDN Kondinin Airport -32.467(S) 118.283(E)
Small YMDN Merredin Airport -31.505(S) 118.323(E)
Small YMIL Milgun Airport -25.083(S) 118.333(E)
Small YWIT WIT Wittenoom Airport -22.218(S) 118.348(E)
Small YFOR Fortnum Airport -25.333(S) 118.367(E)
Small YLGC Lake Grace Airport -33.133(S) 118.400(E)
Small YNRB Narembeen Airport -32.117(S) 118.417(E)
Small YLGA Mulga Downs Airport -22.107(S) 118.471(E)
Medium YMEK MKR MEEKATHARRA -26.612(S) 118.548(E) 7156 ft 2
Small YHSL Horseshoe Lights Airport -25.350(S) 118.617(E)
Small YTRK Turee Creek Airport -23.617(S) 118.617(E)
Small YWSX Westonia Airport -31.333(S) 118.667(E)
Small YMUJ Munjina Airport -22.366(S) 118.681(E)
Small YPLL Peak Hill Airport -25.600(S) 118.683(E)
Small YWDC Wodgina Airport -21.142(S) 118.692(E)
Small YANG WLP West Angelas Airport -23.136(S) 118.707(E)
Small YBYA Bryah Airport -25.533(S) 118.733(E)
Small YOUN Youanmi Airport -28.615(S) 118.842(E)
Small YHYD Hyden Airport -32.433(S) 118.867(E)
Small YYDE Yandee Airport -21.333(S) 118.867(E)
Small YJGP Jerramungup Airport -33.900(S) 118.900(E)
Small YWRC Wave Rock Airport -32.427(S) 118.908(E)
Small YNDG Newdegate Airport -33.117(S) 119.000(E)
Small YRDM Redmont Airport -21.967(S) 119.017(E)
Small YYUM Yuinmery Airport -28.563(S) 119.019(E)
Small YTHR Three Rivers Homestead Airport -25.133(S) 119.117(E)
Small YBRY BYP BARIMUNYA -22.674(S) 119.166(E) 6168 ft
Small YGPI Giles Point Airport -23.267(S) 119.167(E)
Small YDGY De Grey Homestead Airport -20.175(S) 119.169(E)
Closed YYCN Yandicoogina Airport -22.760(S) 119.227(E)
Small YATY Atley Airport -28.217(S) 119.250(E)
Small YDMF Diemal Find Airport -29.667(S) 119.283(E)
Small YRRG Rhodes Ridge Airport -23.108(S) 119.333(E)
Small YSCR SQC Southern Cross Airport -31.240(S) 119.360(E)
Small YGID Gidgee Airport -27.270(S) 119.405(E)
Small YPLU Plutonic Airport -25.333(S) 119.425(E)
Small YLVY Lake Varley Airport -32.708(S) 119.513(E)
Small YKBG Koolyanobbing Range Airport -30.841(S) 119.529(E)
Small YMVH Marvel Loch Airport -31.467(S) 119.533(E)
Small YBUO Bulloo Downs Station Airport -24.017(S) 119.567(E)
Small YSAH Sandhill Airport -22.800(S) 119.617(E)
Small YCOG Coongan Airport -20.683(S) 119.667(E)
Small YFTA Forrestania Airport -32.580(S) 119.703(E)
Small YBUG Bulga Downs Station Airport -28.500(S) 119.733(E)
Small YMYI Marymia Airport -25.093(S) 119.755(E)
Small YLKG Lake King Airport -33.079(S) 119.766(E)
Small YMHL Mount Holland Airport -32.118(S) 119.768(E)
Small YDME Mount Dimer Airport -30.402(S) 119.830(E)
Small YMBL MBB Marble Bar Airport -21.163(S) 119.833(E)
Small YBYD Bonney Downs Station Airport -22.267(S) 119.883(E)
Small YBOY Booylgoo Springs Airport -27.750(S) 119.900(E)
Small YRAV Ravensthorpe Airport -33.528(S) 119.953(E)
Small YRYH RHL Roy Hill Station Airport -22.626(S) 119.959(E)
Small YCPG Coppins Gap Airport -20.950(S) 120.033(E)
Small YSLV Sylvania Homestead Airport -23.558(S) 120.047(E)
Small YDPS Depot Springs Airport -27.883(S) 120.083(E)
Small YHPE Hopetoun Airport -33.900(S) 120.158(E)
Small YNUL NLL Nullagine Airport -21.913(S) 120.198(E)
Small YNRV RVT RAVENSTHORPE -33.797(S) 120.208(E) 5512 ft
Medium YWLU WUN WILUNA -26.629(S) 120.221(E) 5942 ft 1
Small YABS Albion Downs Airport -27.283(S) 120.383(E)
Small YPCS Pinnacles Homestead Airport -28.200(S) 120.433(E)
Small YLWY Lake Way Airport -26.945(S) 120.470(E)
Small YLAW Lawlers Airport -28.083(S) 120.500(E)
Medium YMNE WME MOUNT KEITH -27.286(S) 120.555(E) 5896 ft 1
Small YJUN Jundee Airport -26.422(S) 120.577(E)
Small YCAI Callion Airport -30.117(S) 120.583(E)
Small YBLU Bellevue Airport -27.615(S) 120.612(E)
Medium YLST LER LEINSTER -27.843(S) 120.703(E) 5906 ft 2
Small YJIG Jiggalong Mission Airport -23.367(S) 120.783(E)
Small YMCU Mount Mcclure Airport -27.470(S) 120.917(E)
Small YMIS Millrose Homestead Airport -26.400(S) 120.950(E)
Small YMZI Menzies Airport -29.667(S) 121.017(E)
Small YLOC Lochinvar Airport -20.758(S) 121.017(E)
Small YBWG BRONZEWING -27.366(S) 121.036(E) 6692 ft
Small YCLG Coolgardie Airport -30.950(S) 121.150(E)
Small YSFI Sandfire Airport -19.767(S) 121.167(E)
Small YDLO Darlot Airport -27.883(S) 121.267(E)
Small YJEY Jeedamya Airport -29.400(S) 121.267(E)
Small YMRS Melrose Airport -27.933(S) 121.300(E)
Small YWNO Wonganoo Airport -27.125(S) 121.333(E)
Small YORW Orient Well Airport -29.199(S) 121.438(E)
Small YKOK Kookynie Airport -29.350(S) 121.483(E)
Small YAPA Anna Plains Airport -19.267(S) 121.517(E)
Small YLRG Lorna Glen Homestead Airport -26.217(S) 121.550(E)
Small YERH Earaheedy Airport -25.600(S) 121.583(E)
Small YCNF NIF Camp Nifty Airport -21.672(S) 121.587(E)
Small YBJW Banjawarn Airport -27.667(S) 121.600(E)
Small YNSM NSM Norseman Airport -32.210(S) 121.755(E)
Small YMLX Milurie Homestead Airport -27.583(S) 121.783(E)
Small YMNX Minura Airport -28.883(S) 121.800(E)
Small YLGB La Grange Bay Airport -18.683(S) 121.808(E)
Small YYER Yerilla Airport -29.468(S) 121.830(E)
Small YMMI WUI MURRIN MURRIN -28.705(S) 121.891(E) 6562 ft
Small Myrup fly in estate Airport -33.794(S) 121.958(E)
Small YWGW Wongawol Airport -26.133(S) 121.967(E)
Small YYDM Yundamindera Airport -29.117(S) 122.033(E)
Small YMGS Mount Morgans Airport -28.787(S) 122.034(E)
Small YGLY Glenayle Homestead Airport -25.283(S) 122.050(E)
Small YTCF Tracies Field -22.317(S) 122.067(E)
Small YRUD Rudal River Airport -22.550(S) 122.150(E)
Medium YTEF TEF TELFER -21.715(S) 122.229(E) 6562 ft 1
Small YWDA WND Windarra Airport -28.475(S) 122.242(E)
Small YPOP Porphyry Airport -29.778(S) 122.268(E)
Small YDUK Duketon Airport -27.958(S) 122.308(E)
Small YLTN LVO LAVERTON -28.614(S) 122.424(E) 5906 ft 1
Small YMNW Mount Weld Airport -28.772(S) 122.440(E)
Small YSRD Sunrise Dam Airport -29.102(S) 122.450(E)
Small YCTC Cotten Creek Airport -22.800(S) 122.583(E)
Small YPNI Prenti Downs Airport -26.517(S) 122.800(E)
Small YCOS Cosmo Newberry Airport -27.985(S) 122.903(E)
Small YLBD Lombadina Airport -16.517(S) 122.917(E)
Small YCLQ Cape Leveque Airport -16.398(S) 122.932(E)
Small YORL Orleans Farm Airport -33.783(S) 122.950(E)
Small YCGI Carnegie Station Airport -25.800(S) 122.967(E)
Small YOAP One Arm Point Airport -16.433(S) 123.050(E)
Small YCNN Coonana Airport -31.017(S) 123.167(E)
Small YPUN Punmu Airport -22.067(S) 123.167(E)
Small YBWS Browse Is Airport -14.112(S) 123.547(E)
Small YZAN Zanthus Airport -31.033(S) 123.567(E)
Small YCTI Cockatoo Island Airport -16.083(S) 123.617(E)
Small YBAL Balladonia Airport -32.350(S) 123.618(E)
Medium YDBY DRB DERBY -17.370(S) 123.661(E) 5696 ft 1
Small YNON Noondoonia Homestead Airport -32.283(S) 123.667(E)
Small YYRN Yamarna Airport -28.154(S) 123.673(E)
Medium YCIN DCN CURTIN -17.581(S) 123.828(E) 10003 ft 1
Small YWOX Woorlba Airport -32.400(S) 124.033(E)
Small Tjukayirla Roadhouse Airstrip -27.155(S) 124.585(E)
Small YWEX Well 33 Airport -22.367(S) 124.767(E)
Small YNPD Napier Downs Airport -17.317(S) 124.850(E)
Small YKAN Kanandah Airport -30.895(S) 124.862(E)
Small YMHT Mount Hart Station Airport -16.820(S) 124.908(E)
Small YWDJ Windjana Grove Airport -17.421(S) 124.925(E)
Small YDPT Depot Outcamp Airport -31.572(S) 125.187(E)
Small YRWA Rawlinna Station Airport -31.025(S) 125.191(E)
Small YSLG Silent Grove Airport -17.067(S) 125.250(E)
Small YRAW Rawlinna Airport -31.000(S) 125.317(E)
Small YWFD Western Field Airport -19.283(S) 125.417(E)
Small YBYS BVZ Beverley Springs Airport -16.733(S) 125.433(E)
Small YTJI Tjirrkarli Airport -26.035(S) 125.472(E)
Small YCAG CGV Caiguna Airport -32.265(S) 125.493(E)
Small CBC Cherrabun Airport -18.918(S) 125.538(E)
Medium YFTZ FIZ FITZROY CROSSING -18.182(S) 125.559(E) 4265 ft 1
Small YBGI Balgair Airport -31.067(S) 125.667(E)
Small YMHO MHO Mount House Airport -17.055(S) 125.710(E)
Small YCAJ Cadjebut Airport -18.700(S) 125.900(E)
Small YBAN Mount Barnet Airport -16.737(S) 125.909(E)
Small YADD Arubiddy Airport -31.800(S) 125.933(E)
Small YHAG Haig Airport -31.000(S) 126.083(E)
Small YCKY Cocklebiddy Airport -32.050(S) 126.092(E)
Small YMTZ Mount Elizabeth Airport -16.433(S) 126.100(E)
Small YTTI Troughton Is Airport -13.752(S) 126.148(E)
Small YMNT Mornington Station Airport -17.394(S) 126.229(E)
Small YDGN DNG Doongan Airport -15.386(S) 126.302(E)
Small YDRD DRY Drysdale River Airport -15.714(S) 126.381(E)
Small YGIB GBV Gibb River Airport -16.423(S) 126.445(E)
Small YWBR WARBURTON -26.128(S) 126.583(E) 5216 ft
Small YORA Moonerah Airport -31.689(S) 126.586(E)
Small YKAL UBU Kalumburu Airport -14.288(S) 126.632(E)
Small YLOU Louisa Downs Airport -18.717(S) 126.717(E)
Small YMGR MGV Margaret River (Station) Airport -18.622(S) 126.883(E)
Small YTAB TBL Tableland Homestead Airport -17.283(S) 126.900(E)
Small YLGN Loongana Airport -30.950(S) 127.033(E)
Small YMAD Madura Airport -31.883(S) 127.033(E)
Small YTJU Tjuntjuntjarra Airport -29.358(S) 127.128(E)
Small YFWY Faraway Bay Airport -13.981(S) 127.181(E)
Small YBDF BDW Bedford Downs Airport -17.287(S) 127.463(E)
Small YBIL BIW Billiluna Airport -19.567(S) 127.667(E)
Medium YHLC HCQ HALLS CREEK -18.234(S) 127.670(E) 4839 ft 1
Small YJAM Jameson Airport -25.850(S) 127.683(E)
Small YYGG Yagga Yagga Airport -20.891(S) 127.949(E)
Small YEQO El Questro Airport -16.008(S) 127.975(E)
Small YYAG Yagga Yagga Airport -20.967(S) 128.083(E)
Medium YFRT FOS FORREST -30.838(S) 128.115(E) 4984 ft
Small YWYM WYN WYNDHAM -15.511(S) 128.153(E) 5272 ft
Small YMDT Mundrabilla Motel Airport -31.827(S) 128.230(E)
Small YBSR Blackstone Airport -25.987(S) 128.288(E)
Small YFLO FVL Flora Valley Airport -18.283(S) 128.417(E)
Small YARG GYL ARGYLE -16.637(S) 128.451(E) 7546 ft
Small YRSK Ringer Soak Airport -18.789(S) 128.624(E)
Small YJUK Tjukurla Airport -24.371(S) 128.739(E)
Small YECL EUC Eucla Airport -31.700(S) 128.883(E)
Small YNIC NLS Nicholson Airport -18.050(S) 128.900(E)
Small YWNL Wingellina Airport -26.067(S) 128.950(E)
Small YDVR DKV Docker River Airport -24.860(S) 129.070(E)
Small YWCM Wilson's Camp Airport -20.101(S) 129.126(E)
Small YMDV Mount Davies Airport -26.167(S) 129.133(E)
Small YNES Nelson Springs Airport -17.300(S) 129.283(E)
Small YWTL WLO Waterloo Airport -16.630(S) 129.320(E)
Small YKNT Kintore Airport -23.265(S) 129.387(E)
Small YLGU Legune Airport -15.217(S) 129.448(E)
Small YBDU Birrindudu Airport -18.383(S) 129.483(E)
Small YHGS Hughes Siding Airport -30.717(S) 129.515(E)
Medium YPKT PKT PORT KEATS -14.250(S) 129.529(E) 4626 ft 1
Small YKIL Kildurk Airport -16.432(S) 129.615(E)
Small YTMN Tanami Airport -19.917(S) 129.725(E)
Small YTAN Tanami Downs Airport -20.574(S) 129.740(E)
Small YBVY Bullo River Valley Airport -15.467(S) 129.767(E)
Small YPUA Palumpa Airport -14.333(S) 129.867(E)
Small YLSY Mount Lindsay Airport -27.018(S) 129.885(E)
Small YSUJ Supplejack Downs Airport -19.267(S) 129.950(E)
Small YAUV AVG Auvergne Airport -15.700(S) 130.000(E)
Small YRBT Rabbit Flat Airport -20.183(S) 130.017(E)
Small YRVE Riveren Airport -17.900(S) 130.217(E)
Small YNYP Nypari Airport -26.200(S) 130.233(E)
Small YTGT The Granites Airport -20.548(S) 130.347(E) 3
Small YANJ Angatja Airport -26.100(S) 130.400(E)
Small YOOK Cook Airport -30.618(S) 130.406(E)
Medium YGPT GPN GARDEN POINT -11.402(S) 130.422(E) 4314 ft 1
Small YTBR TBK Timber Creek Airport -15.620(S) 130.445(E)
Small YMSF MTD Mount Sanford Station Airport -16.978(S) 130.555(E)
Small YNRR Nyrripi Airport -22.645(S) 130.565(E)
Medium YBTI BRT BATHURST ISLAND -11.769(S) 130.620(E) 4823 ft 1
Small YHBR HUB Humbert River Airport -16.490(S) 130.630(E)
Medium YSNB SNB SNAKE BAY -11.423(S) 130.654(E) 4734 ft 1
Small YDLV DLV Delissaville Airport -12.550(S) 130.685(E)
Small YDMN DVR Daly River Airport -13.750(S) 130.694(E)
Small YKKG KFG KALKGURUNG -17.432(S) 130.808(E) 4101 ft
Small YOKV Oak Valley Airport -29.517(S) 130.867(E)
Small YVNS Vaughan Springs Airport -22.333(S) 130.867(E)
Small YAAL Yarralin Airport -16.445(S) 130.881(E)
Small YNUB NUR Nullabor Motel Airport -31.442(S) 130.902(E)
Small YPME Palmer Airport -12.833(S) 130.933(E)
Small YKDM Kidman Springs Airport -16.117(S) 130.953(E)
Small YVRD VCD Victoria River Downs Airport -16.402(S) 131.005(E)
Small YBCR Batchelor Airport -13.067(S) 131.033(E)
Small YMKT Emkaytee (Unlic) Airport -12.617(S) 131.050(E)
Small YWAV WAV Wave Hill Airport -17.393(S) 131.118(E)
Small YNHV New Haven Airport -22.728(S) 131.145(E)
Small YAMT AMT Amata Airport -26.108(S) 131.207(E)
Small YPGH Pigeon Hole Airport -16.810(S) 131.219(E)
Small YLBG Mount Liebig Airport -23.243(S) 131.260(E)
Small YISV Innesvale Airport -15.383(S) 131.267(E)
Small YCFD CFI Camfield Airport -17.022(S) 131.327(E)
Small YOOO Mooloola Homestead Airport -16.333(S) 131.500(E)
Small YMEI Mereenie Airport -23.977(S) 131.562(E)
Small YMRA Maralinga Airport -30.163(S) 131.625(E)
Small YDMR Delamere Station Airport -15.620(S) 131.637(E)
Small YKLE Killarney Airport -16.250(S) 131.747(E)
Small YCSP Curtin Springs Airport -25.317(S) 131.750(E)
Small YYND YUE YUENDUMU -22.254(S) 131.782(E) 4724 ft
Small YODA Ooldea Airport -30.457(S) 131.823(E)
Small YCPD Cape Don Airport -11.298(S) 131.827(E)
Small YPNC Pine Creek Airport -13.833(S) 131.833(E)
Small YKCS KCS Kings Creek Airport -24.423(S) 131.835(E)
Small YHAA Haasts Bluff Airport -23.455(S) 131.853(E)
Small YSAI Saipem Airport -23.700(S) 131.867(E)
Small YPAY Papunya Airport -23.247(S) 131.903(E)
Small YMDY MOUNT BUNDEY -12.890(S) 131.908(E) 3970 ft
Small YDWF Delamere Range Facility Airport -15.747(S) 131.920(E)
Small YVSH Vashon Head Airport -11.150(S) 131.983(E)
Small YFRG Fregon Airport -26.775(S) 132.017(E)
Small YUMU Umuwa Airport -26.487(S) 132.040(E)
Small YMNN Mount Denison Airport -22.142(S) 132.070(E)
Small YSMP SHU Smith Point Airport -11.150(S) 132.150(E)
Small YMWE Mount Wedge Airport -22.737(S) 132.151(E)
Small YERN ERB Ernabella Airport -26.263(S) 132.182(E)
Small YEMJ Emu Junction Airport -28.633(S) 132.183(E)
Small YMNA Mount Allan Airport -22.275(S) 132.217(E)
Small YNDR Nundroo Airport -31.780(S) 132.223(E)
Small YARN Areyonga Airport -24.067(S) 132.267(E)
Small YWLH Wallara Ranch Airport -24.650(S) 132.317(E)
Small YKHG Katherine Gorge Airport -14.389(S) 132.393(E)
Small YTPE Tempe Downs Airport -24.382(S) 132.423(E)
Small YKEN Kenmore Park Airport -26.333(S) 132.467(E)
Small YCKI CKI Croker Island Airport -11.165(S) 132.483(E) 1
Small YCOO CDA Cooinda Airport -12.903(S) 132.532(E)
Small YCNS Coniston Airport -22.133(S) 132.533(E)
Small YMIJ Minjilang Airport -11.158(S) 132.547(E)
Small YIMA Imanpa Airport -25.133(S) 132.570(E)
Small YWLA Willowra Airport -21.277(S) 132.623(E)
Small YMBZ Mount Ebenezer Airport -25.167(S) 132.633(E)
Small YNWT Narwietooma Airport -23.233(S) 132.633(E)
Small YBTN Barton Siding Airport -30.525(S) 132.660(E)
Small YEVP Everard Park Airport -27.017(S) 132.717(E)
Small YHMB HMG Hermannsburg Airport -23.930(S) 132.805(E)
Small YBMY Bamyili Airport -14.520(S) 132.883(E)
Small YJAB JAB JABIRU -12.658(S) 132.893(E) 4670 ft
Small YMUE Mount Borradale Airport -12.098(S) 132.907(E)
Small YMPK Milton Park Airport -23.367(S) 133.000(E)
Small YOEN OPI OENPELLI -12.325(S) 133.006(E) 4331 ft
Small YMKA Mararanka Homestead Airport -14.932(S) 133.125(E)
Small YANN Anningie Airport -21.832(S) 133.125(E)
Small YABU Amburla Airport -23.333(S) 133.183(E)
Small YMVG MKV Mount Cavenagh Airport -25.967(S) 133.200(E)
Small YHBY HRY Henbury Airport -24.584(S) 133.236(E)
Small YDRL De Rose Hill Airport -26.433(S) 133.258(E)
Small YMIB Mintabie Airport -27.328(S) 133.305(E)
Small YNAB Nabarlek Airport -12.308(S) 133.313(E)
Small YIDK IDK Indulkana Airport -26.967(S) 133.325(E)
Small YLLA Mobella Airport -29.798(S) 133.345(E)
Small YTCY Tarcoonyinna Airport -26.750(S) 133.350(E)
Small YGBI GBL South Goulburn Is Airport -11.650(S) 133.382(E) 1
Small YTIT Ti Tree Airport -22.132(S) 133.420(E)
Small YWYB Wynbring Airport -30.562(S) 133.533(E)
Small YIMP Impadna Airport -25.150(S) 133.583(E)
Small YGDW GTS Granite Downs Airport -26.948(S) 133.607(E) 3
Small YALA MRP Marla Airport -27.333(S) 133.627(E)
Small YGMD Goomadeer Airport -12.100(S) 133.667(E)
Small YHGR Hugh River Airport -24.417(S) 133.700(E)
Small YUMB Umbeara Airport -25.747(S) 133.702(E)
Medium YCDU CED CEDUNA -32.131(S) 133.710(E) 5709 ft 1
Small YIDR Idracowra Airport -25.063(S) 133.733(E)
Small YMVY Mount Valley Airport -14.083(S) 133.817(E)
Small YBSP Bond Springs Airport -23.515(S) 133.843(E)
Small YBRC Barrow Creek Airport -21.533(S) 133.883(E)
Small YTYN Tieyon Airport -26.217(S) 133.917(E)
Small YMGG Mulgathing Airport -30.229(S) 133.986(E)
Small YLLC Lilla Creek Airport -25.567(S) 134.000(E)
Small YMYV Maryvale Airport -24.660(S) 134.032(E)
Small YCDH Cadney Homestead Airport -27.908(S) 134.053(E)
Small YLAM Lambina Airport -26.913(S) 134.058(E)
Small YHDD Hodgson Downs Airport -15.222(S) 134.076(E)
Small YWLB Welbourn Hill Airport -27.358(S) 134.093(E)
Small YMSK Mount Skinner Airport -22.183(S) 134.117(E)
Small YDPW Deep Well Airport -24.300(S) 134.133(E)
Small YCWH Commonwealth Hill Airport -29.962(S) 134.143(E)
Small YWIB Mount Willoughby Airport -27.983(S) 134.150(E)
Small YHSB Horseshoe Bend Airport -25.217(S) 134.267(E)
Small YKBY KBY STREAKY BAY -32.836(S) 134.293(E) 4432 ft
Small YCPH Copper Hills Airport -27.978(S) 134.317(E)
Small YMAK Mabel Creek Station Airport -28.942(S) 134.333(E)
Small YMTC Mount Clarence Airport -28.833(S) 134.358(E)
Small YMAI Manguri Airport -28.980(S) 134.372(E)
Small YSTT Santa Teresa Airport -24.118(S) 134.390(E)
Small YWBI Warrabri Airport -21.000(S) 134.397(E)
Small YALM Allambie Airport -24.267(S) 134.400(E)
Small YGDR The Garden Airport -23.287(S) 134.440(E)
Small YALC Alcoota Station Airport -22.833(S) 134.450(E)
Small YBNY Brunchilly Airport -18.870(S) 134.462(E)
Small YEYD Evelyn Downs Airport -28.205(S) 134.488(E)
Small YFLS Flinders Island Airport -33.731(S) 134.501(E)
Small YROV Ross River Airport -23.599(S) 134.517(E)
Small YWSI Wirrida Siding Airport -29.567(S) 134.517(E)
Small YQUA Quarry2 Airport -30.292(S) 134.527(E)
Small YUPG Urapunga Airport -14.717(S) 134.567(E)
Small YUTS Utopia Station Airport -22.233(S) 134.580(E)
Small YTNR Tanumbirini Airport -16.450(S) 134.650(E)
Small YMDK Mount Riddock Airport -23.033(S) 134.683(E)
Small YMYW Murray Downs Airport -21.048(S) 134.683(E)
Medium YCBP CPD COOBER PEDY -29.040(S) 134.721(E) 4685 ft 2
Small YWNA Wilgena Airport -30.767(S) 134.730(E)
Small YAKG Arckaringa Airport -27.947(S) 134.745(E)
Medium YNGU RPM NGUKURR -14.723(S) 134.748(E) 5020 ft
Small YTDM Todmorden Airport -27.124(S) 134.770(E)
Small YUTP Utopia Airport -22.055(S) 134.790(E)
Small YIGR Ingomar Airport -29.633(S) 134.793(E)
Small YNCS New Crown Airport -25.667(S) 134.833(E)
Small YCHR Childra Airport -31.700(S) 134.833(E)
Small YKDL Kondoolka Airport -32.024(S) 134.861(E)
Small YDLD Delmore Downs Airport -22.459(S) 134.884(E)
Small YRNG RAM RAMINGINING -12.356(S) 134.898(E) 4825 ft 1
Small YBUL Bulgunnia Airport -30.187(S) 134.903(E)
Small YHTS Harts Range Airport -22.985(S) 134.918(E)
Small YRNW Ringwood Airport -23.828(S) 134.962(E)
Small YMNB Mount Barry Airport -28.233(S) 135.000(E)
Small YMNS Mount Swan Airport -22.600(S) 135.017(E)
Small YLVD Lake Everard Airport -31.733(S) 135.027(E)
Small YHMT Hamilton Airport -26.720(S) 135.073(E)
Small YHTA Hiltaba Airport -32.143(S) 135.099(E)
Small YMPA MIN Minnipa Airport -32.843(S) 135.145(E)
Small YDPR Dneiper Airport -22.617(S) 135.200(E)
Small YAMJ Ampilatwatja Airport -21.655(S) 135.230(E)
Small YAMM AMX Ammaroo Airport -21.738(S) 135.242(E)
Small YKKH Kokatha Airport -31.292(S) 135.242(E)
Small YSAR Mount Sarah Airport -27.043(S) 135.242(E)
Small YMTX Mount Dare Airport -26.062(S) 135.247(E)
Small YEPR Epenarra Airport -20.433(S) 135.267(E)
Small YADO Andado Airport -25.412(S) 135.290(E)
Small YKGA Kingoonya Airport -30.902(S) 135.305(E)
Small YNWL North Well Airport -30.846(S) 135.309(E)
Small YDYD Derry Downs Airport -22.083(S) 135.333(E)
Small YMTP Mount Hope Airport -34.137(S) 135.338(E)
Small YHOA Howard Island Airport -12.095(S) 135.362(E)
Small YNUE Numery Airport -23.983(S) 135.400(E)
Small YOAD Old Andado Airport -25.383(S) 135.417(E)
Small YHKT Huckitta Airport -22.943(S) 135.447(E)
Small YOOD ODD Oodnadatta Airport -27.562(S) 135.447(E)
Small YWUD WUD WUDINNA -33.043(S) 135.447(E) 4954 ft
Small YBAH Bauhinia Downs Airport -16.133(S) 135.467(E)
Small YBBO Bon Bon Airport -30.407(S) 135.480(E)
Small YRDA Yardea Airport -32.410(S) 135.485(E)
Small DALH Dalhousie Airport -26.429(S) 135.506(E)
Small YCOF Coffin Bay Airport -34.633(S) 135.517(E)
Small YDLH Dalhousie Airport -26.435(S) 135.517(E)
Small YANL AYL Anthony Lagoon Airport -18.018(S) 135.535(E)
Small YCCK Canteen Creek Airport -20.651(S) 135.585(E)
Small YKWG Kangaroo Well Airport -31.785(S) 135.638(E)
Small YMAC Macumba Airport -27.262(S) 135.638(E)
Small YCUS CUMMINS -34.208(S) 135.642(E) 4124 ft
Small YRRR Raymangirr Airport -12.333(S) 135.650(E)
Small YWHL Walhallow Airport -17.767(S) 135.650(E)
Small YMEB Mount Eba Airport -30.176(S) 135.671(E)
Small YARP Arapunya Airport -22.317(S) 135.700(E)
Small YCMM Cummins Town Airport -34.258(S) 135.708(E)
Small YNUM NUB NUMBULWAR -14.272(S) 135.717(E) 4331 ft
Small YVIV Mount Vivian Airport -30.583(S) 135.717(E)
Small YCCF Cape Crawford Airport -16.683(S) 135.733(E)
Small YJNK Jinka Airport -22.950(S) 135.733(E)
Small YWRV Walker River Airport -13.593(S) 135.755(E)
Small YGLD Glendambo Airport -30.967(S) 135.775(E)
Small YMYH Mallapunyah Springs Airport -16.967(S) 135.783(E)
Small YLEV LEL LAKE EVELLA -12.499(S) 135.806(E) 3494 ft 1
Small YBKS Barkly Wayside Inn Airport -19.709(S) 135.819(E)
Small YMOE Moonaree Airport -31.966(S) 135.875(E)
Small YCDB Coondambo Airport -31.067(S) 135.883(E)
Small YNPA Nilpinna Airport -28.483(S) 135.900(E)
Small YPKE Peake Airport -28.250(S) 135.900(E)
Small YBRU BTD Brunette Downs Airport -18.640(S) 135.938(E)
Small YGAN Gan Gan Airport -13.067(S) 135.950(E)
Small YMIV Mount Ive Airport -32.444(S) 136.069(E)
Small YORT Ooratippra Airport -21.906(S) 136.069(E)
Small YTBB Tumby Bay Airport -34.362(S) 136.095(E)
Small YJVS Jervois Airport -22.913(S) 136.120(E)
Small YIKL Baikal Airport -22.763(S) 136.163(E)
Small YANK Anna Creek Airport -28.897(S) 136.170(E)
Small YKIA Kiana Station Airport -17.242(S) 136.175(E)
Small YLUC Lucy Creek Airport -22.467(S) 136.267(E)
Small YJVM Jervois Mine Airport -22.633(S) 136.267(E)
Small YKOL Kolendo Airport -32.416(S) 136.298(E)
Small YBRL BOX BORROLOOLA -16.075(S) 136.302(E) 3770 ft
Small YWMC William Creek Airport -28.907(S) 136.342(E)
Small YATL Atula Airport -23.283(S) 136.367(E)
Small YPKI Parakylia Airport -30.400(S) 136.392(E)
Small YMWO Mahanewo Airport -31.718(S) 136.433(E)
Small YANW Annitowa Airport -21.200(S) 136.448(E)
Small YIMB Kimba Airport -33.100(S) 136.460(E)
Small YNIG Nonning Airport -32.522(S) 136.494(E)
Medium YCEE CVC CLEVE -33.710(S) 136.505(E) 4429 ft
Small YDHL Dhalinbuy Airport -12.413(S) 136.537(E)
Small YCBO Cape Borda Airport -35.757(S) 136.598(E)
Small YARD Argadargada Airport -21.677(S) 136.678(E)
Small YALX AXL Alexandria Homestead Airport -19.060(S) 136.710(E)
Small YROK Rocky River Airport -35.930(S) 136.720(E)
Small YRXB Roxby Downs Station Airport -30.717(S) 136.737(E)
Small YCWE Cape Wessels Airport -11.000(S) 136.750(E)
Small YTLT Tarlton Downs Airport -22.633(S) 136.800(E)
Small YYOO Yalymboo Airport -31.803(S) 136.860(E)
Small YCWL CCW Cowell Airport -33.667(S) 136.892(E)
Small YBNM Benmara Airport -17.937(S) 136.900(E)
Small YRBR RRV Robinson River Airport -16.718(S) 136.945(E)
Small YSDN Soudan Station Airport -20.050(S) 137.017(E)
Small YMTA MIY Mittebah Airport -18.809(S) 137.082(E)
Small YCKA Curdimurka Airport -29.477(S) 137.088(E)
Small YAMK ADO Andamooka Airport -30.438(S) 137.137(E)
Small Lake Eyre North -28.417(S) 137.300(E)
Small YAVD Avon Downs Airport -20.033(S) 137.517(E)
Medium YKSC KGC KINGSCOTE -35.714(S) 137.521(E) 4600 ft 1
Small YMIN XML Minlaton Airport -34.750(S) 137.533(E)
Small YYOR ORR Yorketown Airport -35.000(S) 137.617(E)
Small YKDI Kadina Airport -33.977(S) 137.660(E)
Medium YPAG PUG PORT AUGUSTA -32.507(S) 137.717(E) 5413 ft 3
Small YMLD Maitland Airport -34.393(S) 137.717(E)
Small YAUS AWP Austral Downs Airport -20.500(S) 137.750(E)
Small YRBM Redbank Mine Airport -17.183(S) 137.767(E)
Small YARS Ardrossan Airport -34.447(S) 137.888(E)
Small YMLR Muloorina Airport -29.247(S) 137.910(E)
Small YNUJ Nudjaburra Airport -17.967(S) 137.933(E)
Small YWOR WLL Wollogorang Airport -17.220(S) 137.935(E)
Small YMCR MFP Manners Creek Airport -22.100(S) 137.983(E)
Medium YPIR PPI PORT PIRIE -33.239(S) 137.995(E) 3422 ft
Small YMRE RRE Marree Airport -29.663(S) 138.065(E)
Small YRKS Rocklands Airport -19.867(S) 138.100(E)
Small YQRN Quorn Airport -32.320(S) 138.102(E)
Small YCMW CML Camooweal Airport -19.912(S) 138.125(E)
Small YWRA Wooroona Airport -20.482(S) 138.168(E)
Small YWML Westmoreland Airport -17.333(S) 138.233(E)
Small YKLR Kalamurina Airport -27.717(S) 138.262(E)
Small YBWT Bowthorn Airport -18.083(S) 138.275(E)
Small YHDY HIP Headingly Airport -21.333(S) 138.283(E)
Small YKFC Kingfisher Camp Airport -17.869(S) 138.295(E)
Small YCWI CWR Cowarie Airport -27.712(S) 138.328(E)
Small YNOF Norfolk Airport -19.333(S) 138.333(E)
Small YBVA Balaklava Airport -34.084(S) 138.334(E)
Small YUDG Urandangi Airport -21.590(S) 138.358(E)
Small YBOC Booleroo Centre Airport -32.905(S) 138.360(E)
Small YSNT Snowtown Airport -33.800(S) 138.367(E)
Small YHEG Hells Gate Airport -17.467(S) 138.367(E)
Medium YLEC LGH LEIGH CREEK -30.598(S) 138.426(E) 5610 ft 1
Small YBAW BKP Barkly Downs Airport -20.496(S) 138.475(E)
Small YCRT Carrieton Airport -32.417(S) 138.517(E)
Small YALG Adels Grove Airport -18.700(S) 138.533(E)
Small YCVG Calvin Grove Airport -34.697(S) 138.578(E)
Small YRYK Rawnsley Park Airport -31.654(S) 138.610(E)
Small YCDT Carandotta Airport -21.967(S) 138.617(E)
Small YUDL Undilla Airport -19.625(S) 138.633(E)
Small YLAH LWH Lawn Hill Airport -18.568(S) 138.635(E)
Small YORR Orroroo Airport -32.773(S) 138.665(E)
Small YCNY CENTURY MINE -18.753(S) 138.707(E) 5734 ft 1
Small YGAW Gawler Airport -34.602(S) 138.717(E)
Small YBLM Blinman Airport -31.119(S) 138.726(E)
Small YGWA Goolwa Airport -35.482(S) 138.752(E)
Small YFFT Farrell Flat Airport -33.833(S) 138.767(E)
Small YDMG DMD DOOMADGEE -17.940(S) 138.822(E) 5403 ft 1
Small YGLO GLM Glenormiston Airport -22.888(S) 138.825(E)
Small YPTB Peterborough Airport -33.005(S) 138.858(E)
Small YKLL Kallala Airport -21.750(S) 138.883(E)
Small YLYK Lyndoch Airport -34.622(S) 138.914(E)
Small YNPU Nepabunna Airport -30.603(S) 138.948(E)
Small YWPA Wirrealpa Airport -31.133(S) 138.967(E)
Small YSYN Strathalbyn Airport -35.312(S) 138.990(E)
Small YMNP Murnpeowie Airport -29.592(S) 139.052(E)
Small YMTW Martins Well Airport -31.474(S) 139.111(E)
Small YMTI ONG MORNINGTON ISLAND -16.663(S) 139.178(E) 4987 ft 1
Small YAOR Ardmore Airport -21.650(S) 139.183(E)
Small YTEN Tenneco Station Five Airport -31.975(S) 139.207(E)
Small YMBD Murray Bridge Airport -35.067(S) 139.227(E)
Small YGDS GGD Gregory Downs Airport -18.625(S) 139.233(E)
Small YADS AWN Alton Downs Airport -26.533(S) 139.267(E)
Small YSFL Stonefield Gliding -34.342(S) 139.308(E)
Small YNIN Meningie Airport -35.700(S) 139.333(E)
Small YBLC LCN Balcanoona Airport -30.535(S) 139.337(E)
Small YARK Arkaroola Airport -30.407(S) 139.346(E)
Medium YBDV BVI BIRDSVILLE -25.898(S) 139.347(E) 5682 ft 2
Small YWEO Wertaloona Airport -30.650(S) 139.350(E)
Small YGPR Gunpowder Airport -19.700(S) 139.367(E)
Small YTNN Tenneco Station Four Airport -31.183(S) 139.383(E)
Small YPDI PDE Pandie Pandie Airport -26.117(S) 139.400(E)
Small YESC Escott Airport -17.725(S) 139.417(E)
Small YCTS Calton Hills Airport -20.133(S) 139.417(E)
Small YERU Erudina Airport -31.434(S) 139.425(E)
Small YWLN Wooltana Airport -30.422(S) 139.436(E)
Medium YBIE BEU BEDOURIE -24.346(S) 139.460(E) 4921 ft 1
Small YFTN Mount Fitton Talc Airport -29.909(S) 139.474(E)
Small YDAJ DJR Dajarra Airport -21.708(S) 139.533(E)
Small YBKT BUC BURKETOWN -17.749(S) 139.534(E) 4501 ft 1
Small YYUN Yunta Airport -32.583(S) 139.550(E)
Small YBEE Beverley Airport -30.187(S) 139.558(E)
Small YBTK Bentinck Island Airport -17.087(S) 139.566(E)
Small YSWE Sweers Island Resort Airport -17.122(S) 139.598(E)
Small YGLE GLG Glengyle Airport -24.808(S) 139.600(E)
Small YUNY CZY Cluny Airport -24.517(S) 139.617(E)
Small YALY Alderley Airport -22.483(S) 139.633(E)
Small YRSB RSB Roseberth Airport -25.833(S) 139.650(E)
Small YTEC Tenneco Station Three Airport -30.337(S) 139.665(E)
Small YMWX MXD Marion Downs Airport -23.367(S) 139.667(E)
Small YBHK Bushy Park Airport -21.267(S) 139.717(E)
Small YSBO Stanbroke Airport -21.567(S) 139.717(E)
Small YFRD Frome Downs Airport -31.217(S) 139.750(E)
Small YAML Armraynald Airport -17.967(S) 139.767(E)
Small YPMB Plumbago Airport -32.053(S) 139.872(E)
Small YKIG Kingston Airport -36.823(S) 139.875(E)
Small YAGD AUD Augustus Downs Airport -18.515(S) 139.878(E)
Medium YBOU BQL BOULIA -22.913(S) 139.900(E) 4180 ft 1
Small YLOR LOA Lorraine Airport -18.993(S) 139.907(E)
Small YTOS Tenneco Station Two Airport -29.550(S) 139.950(E)
Small YWER Wernadinga Airport -18.133(S) 139.967(E)
Small YWKI WAIKERIE -34.184(S) 140.031(E) 3151 ft
Small YKAJ Kajabbi Airport -20.033(S) 140.033(E)
Small YTNE Tenneco Station One Airport -28.733(S) 140.050(E)
Small YKML KML Kamileroi Airport -19.375(S) 140.057(E)
Small YTIN Tintinara Airport -35.867(S) 140.067(E)
Small YOOM MOO MOOMBA -28.099(S) 140.197(E) 5636 ft 2
Small YDRI DRR Durrie Airport -25.685(S) 140.228(E)
Small YDEV Devoncourt Airport -21.217(S) 140.233(E)
Small YKTH Keith Airport -36.108(S) 140.242(E)
Small YCNG Cooranga Airport -36.820(S) 140.273(E)
Small YCTH Chatsworth Airport -21.967(S) 140.300(E)
Small YMYT RTY Merty Merty Airport -28.583(S) 140.317(E)
Small YSTR Strathearn Airport -31.767(S) 140.333(E)
Small YLUI Lucindale Airport -36.972(S) 140.352(E)
Small YMCT MLR MILLICENT -37.584(S) 140.366(E) 3937 ft
Small YGNA Granada Airport -20.100(S) 140.367(E)
Small YCLE Callendale Airport -37.243(S) 140.445(E)
Small YQON Quondong Airport -33.163(S) 140.452(E)
Small YBMR Barmera Airport -34.257(S) 140.458(E)
Small YPDY Padthaway Station Airport -36.617(S) 140.483(E)
Small YLUL Mooleulooloo Airport -31.633(S) 140.533(E)
Small YMNK ONR Monkira Airport -24.817(S) 140.533(E)
Small YDOO Donors Hill Airport -18.717(S) 140.550(E)
Small YLAO Lameroo Airport -35.367(S) 140.550(E)
Small YOSB OSO OSBORNE MINE -22.082(S) 140.555(E) 6550 ft 2
Small YINV Inverleigh Airport -18.017(S) 140.567(E)
Small YLOX Loxton Airport -34.475(S) 140.663(E)
Medium YREN RMK RENMARK -34.196(S) 140.674(E) 5709 ft
Small YCGH Clonagh Airport -20.133(S) 140.683(E)
Small YSPV KSV Springvale Airport -23.550(S) 140.700(E)
Small YNRC NAC NARACOORTE -36.985(S) 140.725(E) 3438 ft
Small YINN INM Innamincka Airport -27.700(S) 140.733(E)
Small YBEO BTX Betoota Airport -25.642(S) 140.783(E)
Medium YMTG MGB MOUNT GAMBIER -37.746(S) 140.785(E) 5000 ft 1
Small YCNQ Coonawarra Airport -37.283(S) 140.800(E)
Small YTOA Toolachie Airport -28.408(S) 140.810(E)
Small YKMB KRB Karumba Airport -17.457(S) 140.830(E) 1
Small YBLG Bollards Lagoon Airport -28.983(S) 140.850(E)
Small YDGI Dullingari Airport -28.133(S) 140.882(E)
Small YCAM Cannington Station Airport -21.875(S) 140.900(E)
Small YPNN Pinnaroo Airport -35.253(S) 140.943(E)
Small YAND Answer Downs Airport -21.667(S) 140.983(E)
Small YMOO OOR Mooraberree Airport -25.250(S) 140.983(E)
Small YARY AAB Arrabury Airport -26.693(S) 141.048(E)
Small YDPD DVP Davenport Downs Airport -24.150(S) 141.108(E)
Small YSDW Strathdownie Airport -37.732(S) 141.125(E)
Small YNAP NMR Nappa Merrie Airport -27.558(S) 141.133(E)
Small YSCA Scotia Sanctuary Airport -33.207(S) 141.173(E)
Small YEPL Epsilon Airport -28.283(S) 141.200(E)
Small YOMI Omicron Station Airport -28.767(S) 141.200(E)
Small YIFY IFF Iffley Airport -18.900(S) 141.217(E)
Small YKNV Kaniva Airport -36.383(S) 141.250(E)
Small YEDE Edenhope Airport -37.017(S) 141.267(E)
Small YMCK Mckinley Airport -21.283(S) 141.288(E)
Small YDLT DDN Delta Downs Airport -16.992(S) 141.317(E)
Small YCTN Casterton Airport -37.600(S) 141.400(E)
Small YWSD Westward Downs Airport -30.725(S) 141.400(E)
Small YYAA Yandama Airport -29.683(S) 141.425(E)
Small YMNY OXY Morney Airport -25.358(S) 141.433(E)
Small YIKM IKP Inkerman Airport -16.275(S) 141.442(E)
Small YCNA Corona Station Airport -31.291(S) 141.452(E)
Medium YPOD PTJ PORTLAND -38.318(S) 141.471(E) 5302 ft 1
Small YCUD Cuddapan Airport -25.590(S) 141.508(E)
Small YWNI Wathanin Airport -13.700(S) 141.550(E)
Small YMLL Millungera Airport -19.858(S) 141.562(E)
Small BHT Brighton Downs Airport -23.364(S) 141.563(E)
Small YARI Arizona 1 Airport -21.667(S) 141.567(E)
Small YKNC Kencherang Airport -13.845(S) 141.592(E)
Small YNHL NHILL -36.310(S) 141.641(E) 3281 ft
Small YTTE Ti Tree Airport -13.985(S) 141.657(E)
Small YCOL Coleraine Airport -37.600(S) 141.700(E)
Small YBXH Branxholme Airport -37.867(S) 141.702(E)
Small YJLC JCK JULIA CREEK -20.668(S) 141.722(E) 4600 ft 1
Small YTKS Toorak Research Station Airport -21.042(S) 141.787(E)
Small YLLE BBL BALLERA -27.408(S) 141.808(E) 5906 ft 1
Small YRTP RTP Rutland Plains Airport -15.643(S) 141.843(E)
Small YWTO Wentworth Airport -34.088(S) 141.892(E)
Small YACS Acacia Downs Airport -31.417(S) 141.900(E)
Small YDRH DHD Durham Downs Airport -27.075(S) 141.900(E)
Small YKYN Kynuna Airport -21.600(S) 141.917(E)
Small YNRL Naryilco Airport -28.550(S) 141.917(E)
Small YVRS VNR Vanrook Station Airport -16.963(S) 141.950(E)
Small YRBW Rainbow Airport -35.917(S) 141.983(E)
Small YCUT Cuthero Airport -33.033(S) 142.017(E)
Small YSOW Southwell Airport -14.517(S) 142.033(E)
Medium YTIB TYB TIBOOBURRA -29.451(S) 142.058(E) 3202 ft
Medium YHML HLT HAMILTON -37.649(S) 142.065(E) 4606 ft
Small YTAD Tandou Lake Airport -32.633(S) 142.083(E)
Small YSGW ZGL South Galway Airport -25.683(S) 142.108(E)
Small YLAN Langawirra Airport -31.450(S) 142.133(E)
Small YPCH Patchewollock Airport -35.367(S) 142.150(E)
Medium YHSM HSM HORSHAM -36.670(S) 142.173(E) 4337 ft
Small YBAU BDD Badu Island Airport -10.150(S) 142.173(E) 1
Small YKRV Kendall River Airport -13.750(S) 142.183(E)
Small YKOG Koongarra Airport -36.000(S) 142.217(E)
Small YBOI GIC Boigu Airport -9.233(S) 142.218(E) 1
Small YWTV Watson River Airport -13.217(S) 142.233(E)
Small YCRY CDQ Croydon Airport -18.225(S) 142.258(E)
Small Port Fairy -38.362(S) 142.264(E)
Small YVVA Victoria Valley Airport -37.500(S) 142.270(E)
Small YGMP Grampians Airport -37.050(S) 142.283(E)
Small YMHW Mount Howitt Airport -26.512(S) 142.283(E)
Small YWMA Wonnaminta Stat Airport -30.651(S) 142.342(E)
Small YOUY OYN Ouyen Airport -35.089(S) 142.354(E)
Medium YHPN HTU HOPETOUN -35.715(S) 142.360(E) 3730 ft
Small YSDL Sudley Airport -12.750(S) 142.367(E)
Small YDBR DNB Dunbar Airport -16.050(S) 142.400(E)
Small YMED Menindee Airport -32.367(S) 142.405(E)
Small YJAK Jackson Airport -27.638(S) 142.408(E)
Small YBEU Beulah 1 Airport -35.950(S) 142.417(E)
Small YMEP Merapah Airport -13.717(S) 142.417(E)
Medium YWKB WKB WARRACKNABEAL -36.321(S) 142.419(E) 4501 ft
Small YSGD Strathgordon Airport -14.795(S) 142.433(E)
Small YWBL WMB WARRNAMBOOL -38.295(S) 142.447(E) 4501 ft 1
Small YGDV Galdeville Airport -20.250(S) 142.450(E)
Small YKAY Kayrunnera Airport -30.683(S) 142.533(E)
Small YCFF Dadswells Bridge Airport -36.968(S) 142.548(E)
Small YSMR STH Strathmore Airport -17.850(S) 142.567(E)
Small YNCD Noccundra Airport -27.800(S) 142.583(E)
Small YPVD Plevna Downs Airport -26.667(S) 142.583(E)
Small YPCE Pooncarie Airport -33.367(S) 142.588(E)
Small YALN Allandy Airport -30.383(S) 142.600(E)
Small YMWM Mount William Airport -37.295(S) 142.603(E)
Small YODL Ourdel Airport -25.350(S) 142.633(E)
Small YGWD Galway Downs Airport -25.183(S) 142.667(E)
Small YWIL Wilandra Airport -31.283(S) 142.667(E)
Medium YWDH WNR WINDORAH -25.413(S) 142.667(E) 4508 ft 1
Small Pomonal Airstrip -37.231(S) 142.677(E)
Small YNOC Nockatunga Airport -27.717(S) 142.712(E)
Small YCWO Chatsworth Airport -37.833(S) 142.717(E)
Medium YSWL SWC STAWELL -37.072(S) 142.741(E) 4603 ft
Small YROI RBC Robinvale Airport -34.650(S) 142.783(E)
Small YSMY Strathmay Airport -14.883(S) 142.802(E)
Small YSTB Strathburn Airport -14.482(S) 142.817(E)
Small YMAG Manangatang Airport -35.050(S) 142.867(E)
Small YLBO Lake Bolac Airport -37.683(S) 142.883(E)
Small YSLK Sea Lake Airport -35.527(S) 142.888(E)
Small YPBH Peterborough Airport -38.600(S) 142.917(E)
Small YBIR BIRCHIP -36.000(S) 142.917(E) 3422 ft
Small YBLH Bellalie Airport -27.033(S) 142.950(E)
Small YSVN Strathaven Airport -14.900(S) 142.967(E)
Small YYLD Yalda Downs Homestead Airport -30.261(S) 142.977(E)
Medium YARA ARY ARARAT -37.309(S) 142.989(E) 4068 ft
Small YDOD DONALD -36.360(S) 143.007(E) 3825 ft
Small YRAM Raymore Homestead Airport -26.150(S) 143.017(E)
Small YWAT Wattle Hills Airport -12.633(S) 143.050(E)
Small YCDE Cobden Airport -38.327(S) 143.057(E)
Small YJDA JUN Jundah Airport -24.842(S) 143.058(E)
Small YCCT CNC Coconut Island Airport -10.050(S) 143.070(E) 1
Small YWHC White Cliffs Airport -30.853(S) 143.072(E)
Small YSVH Silver Hills Airport -20.617(S) 143.083(E)
Medium YWTN WIN WINTON -22.364(S) 143.086(E) 4600 ft 1
Small YNVE Navarre Airport -36.917(S) 143.100(E)
Small YRMD RCM RICHMOND -20.702(S) 143.115(E) 5000 ft 1
Small YQUE Questa Park Airport -30.392(S) 143.142(E)
Small YKUW Kurweeton Airport -38.050(S) 143.150(E)
Small YABI ABG Abingdon Downs Airport -17.617(S) 143.167(E)
Small YMPH Mount Elephant Airport -37.900(S) 143.167(E)
Small YSTA SAINT ARNAUD -36.637(S) 143.186(E) 3278 ft
Small YDER Derrinallum Airport -37.934(S) 143.228(E)
Small Natya Airport -34.968(S) 143.233(E)
Small YMLN Monolon Airport -30.200(S) 143.233(E)
Small YWYF Wycheproof Airport -36.058(S) 143.243(E)
Small YBEF Beaufort Airport -37.450(S) 143.250(E)
Small YEMG Eromanga Airport -26.700(S) 143.267(E)
Small YGGL Glen Garland Airport -14.867(S) 143.283(E)
Small Moonambel Airfield -36.972(S) 143.286(E)
Small YCHL Charlton Airport -36.250(S) 143.300(E)
Small YSTO Stonehenge Airport -24.358(S) 143.300(E)
Small YRAG Raglan Airport -37.377(S) 143.306(E)
Small YMMT Mount Margaret Airport -26.933(S) 143.317(E)
Small YLSM Lismore Airport -37.933(S) 143.350(E)
Small YCWN Corowa Downs Airport -26.467(S) 143.350(E)
Small YWCA WIO WILCANNIA -31.526(S) 143.375(E) 3701 ft
Small YBOD Bodalla Airport -26.300(S) 143.383(E)
Small YSLN Strathleven Airport -15.898(S) 143.383(E)
Small YATR Amphitheatre Airport -37.183(S) 143.400(E)
Small YTRC Tarcombe Airport -24.083(S) 143.400(E)
Small YBFT Beaufort -37.495(S) 143.430(E)
Small Trawalla Airport -37.439(S) 143.459(E)
Small YTHY TYG Thylungra Airport -26.083(S) 143.467(E)
Small YBWM BIP Bulimba Airport -16.881(S) 143.479(E)
Small YWED Wedderburn Airport -36.433(S) 143.483(E)
Small YKLN Killarney Airport -15.400(S) 143.500(E)
Small YQBK Quambatook Airport -35.862(S) 143.510(E)
Small YCTY Cape Otway Airport -38.860(S) 143.515(E)
Small YLRN Lorraine Station Airport -22.533(S) 143.517(E)
Small YGTN GTT GEORGETOWN -18.305(S) 143.530(E) 3799 ft
Medium YSWH SWH SWAN HILL -35.376(S) 143.533(E) 4905 ft
Small YBTD Brighton Downs Airport -23.350(S) 143.533(E)
Small YPIN Pinnacle Airport -15.667(S) 143.550(E)
Small YFSA Forsayth Airport -18.585(S) 143.569(E)
Medium YBRN BZD BALRANALD -34.624(S) 143.578(E) 3888 ft
Small YDNK Darnick Airport -32.883(S) 143.583(E)
Small YNOO Nooyeah Downs Airport -28.050(S) 143.583(E)
Small YVVL Violet Vale Airport -14.733(S) 143.583(E)
Small YDAG Dagworth Airport -17.942(S) 143.588(E)
Small YAPO Apollo Bay Airport -38.775(S) 143.661(E)
Small YGAM GBP Gamboola Airport -16.550(S) 143.667(E)
Small YLLV Lily Vale Airport -14.483(S) 143.667(E)
Small YWNS Wandsworth Airport -25.050(S) 143.667(E)
Small YTVA Talavera Airport -19.217(S) 143.667(E)
Small YOLA XCO Colac Airport -38.287(S) 143.680(E)
Small YDLL Dunolly Airport -36.850(S) 143.700(E)
Small YNVL Normanville Airport -35.783(S) 143.700(E)
Small YNVR Navarra Airport -24.850(S) 143.700(E)
Small YMBU MARYBOROUGH -37.033(S) 143.709(E) 3414 ft
Small YROB ROH Robinhood Airport -18.845(S) 143.710(E)
Small YRKE Kuruc-A-Ruc South Airport -37.900(S) 143.717(E)
Small YBBT Boort Airport -36.137(S) 143.727(E)
Small YMYY Mary Valley Airport -15.050(S) 143.750(E)
Closed YYWE Yarrowee Airport -37.740(S) 143.753(E)
Small YBGT Budgerygar Airport -25.370(S) 143.773(E)
Small YBLT BALLARAT -37.512(S) 143.791(E) 4150 ft
Small YBUX Bulleringa Airport -17.650(S) 143.800(E)
Small YLLR Lake Leagur Airport -35.983(S) 143.800(E)
Medium YTGM XTG THARGOMINDAH -27.986(S) 143.811(E) 4800 ft 1
Small YKLG Kalinga Airport -15.200(S) 143.850(E)
Medium YKII KNS KING ISLAND -39.877(S) 143.878(E) 5198 ft 4
Small YMNO Maneroo Airport -23.367(S) 143.883(E)
Small YTII Trinidad Airport -25.600(S) 143.917(E)
Medium YKER KRA KERANG -35.751(S) 143.939(E) 3501 ft
Small YCLA Clare Station Airport -33.407(S) 143.940(E)
Small YBGR Bridgewater Airport -36.617(S) 143.950(E)
Small YWMP WPK Wrotham Park Airport -16.658(S) 144.002(E)
Closed YEDH Meredith Airport -37.883(S) 144.083(E)
Small YLED Lethbridge Park Airport -37.919(S) 144.101(E)
Small YPYD Pyramid Hill Airport -36.067(S) 144.133(E)
Small YPRA Prairie Airport -36.307(S) 144.139(E)
Small YOIT Orielton Airport -22.067(S) 144.150(E)
Small YCAL Castlemaine Airport -37.133(S) 144.167(E)
Small YWAG Wanaaring Airport -29.717(S) 144.167(E)
Small YKID Kidston Airport -18.870(S) 144.173(E)
Small YWOV Woodvale Airport -36.633(S) 144.183(E)
Small YCOH Cohuna Airport -35.817(S) 144.200(E)
Small YHUG HGD HUGHENDEN -20.815(S) 144.225(E) 5394 ft 1
Medium YQLP ULP QUILPIE -26.612(S) 144.253(E) 4898 ft 1
Small YCES Ceres Airport -38.148(S) 144.258(E)
Small YJWB Jowalbinna Airport -15.733(S) 144.267(E)
Small YRWH Ravensworth Airport -34.633(S) 144.283(E)
Small YALH Albilbah Airport -24.700(S) 144.283(E)
Small YMSP Mount Surprise Airport -18.126(S) 144.285(E)
Small YIVO IVANHOE -32.883(S) 144.310(E) 4088 ft
Small YBDG BXG BENDIGO -36.739(S) 144.330(E) 3724 ft
Small YLVB Lovely Banks Airport -38.033(S) 144.333(E)
Small YNOR Norwood Airport -34.250(S) 144.333(E)
Small YGLG GEX Geelong Airport -38.225(S) 144.333(E)
Small YDNV Dynevor Downs Airport -28.100(S) 144.350(E)
Small YLRS LUT New Laura Airport -15.183(S) 144.367(E)
Small YGGS Gregory Springs Airport -19.717(S) 144.383(E)
Small YGBW Gunbower Airport -35.967(S) 144.383(E)
Small YJNY Jonroy Airport -16.500(S) 144.400(E)
Small YBSS Bacchus Marsh Airport -37.733(S) 144.422(E)
Small YISF ISI ISISFORD -24.258(S) 144.425(E) 4498 ft
Small YBRS Barwon Heads Airport -38.258(S) 144.428(E)
Small YHRD Hungerford Airport -28.983(S) 144.450(E)
Small YLRA LUU Laura Airport -15.550(S) 144.450(E)
Small TCYT Crystal Brook Airport -17.450(S) 144.450(E)
Small YCYT Crystal Brook Airport -17.383(S) 144.450(E)
Small YKTA Kotta Airport -36.180(S) 144.525(E)
Small YCGO LLG CHILLAGOE -17.143(S) 144.529(E) 3218 ft
Small YMTB UTB Muttaburra Airport -22.583(S) 144.533(E)
Small YTRB Torrumbarry Airport -36.067(S) 144.533(E)
Small YAVM Avonmore Airport -36.567(S) 144.550(E)
Small YSPK SCG Spring Creek Airport -18.633(S) 144.567(E)
Small YUDA UDA Undara Airport -18.200(S) 144.600(E)
Small YISD Isis Downs Airport -24.217(S) 144.617(E)
Small YYWA Yowah Airport -27.933(S) 144.617(E)
Small YBMM Bamawm Airport -36.250(S) 144.633(E)
Small YOTN Ootann Airport -17.433(S) 144.633(E)
Small YBEW Beechworth Airport -31.917(S) 144.633(E)
Small YELM Elmore Airport -36.490(S) 144.647(E)
Small YSLE St Leonards Airfield -38.170(S) 144.689(E)
Small YMDW Maitland Downs Airport -16.223(S) 144.703(E)
Small YHTR Hunter Island Airport -40.517(S) 144.733(E)
Small YCJU Conjuboy Airport -18.683(S) 144.750(E)
Medium YECH ECH ECHUCA -36.157(S) 144.762(E) 3615 ft
Medium YHAY HXX HAY -34.531(S) 144.830(E) 4800 ft
Small YWDT Wyandotte Airport -18.750(S) 144.833(E)
Small YSPF Springfield Airport -24.300(S) 144.883(E)
Small YBFR Balfour Airport -41.259(S) 144.886(E)
Medium YMEN MEB MELBOURNE ESSENDON -37.728(S) 144.902(E) 6302 ft 5
Closed YWAN Wallan Airport -37.433(S) 144.988(E)
Small YLKD Lucky Downs Airport -18.917(S) 145.000(E)
Small YTCK Torrens Creek Airport -20.783(S) 145.000(E)
Small YGNV GVP Greenvale Airport -18.997(S) 145.014(E)
Small YEUO Eulo Airport -28.167(S) 145.042(E)
Small YPKL Puckapunyal (Military) Airport -37.000(S) 145.063(E)
Small YBNC Bannockburn Airport -21.800(S) 145.083(E)
Small YDIM Dimbulah Airport -17.133(S) 145.083(E)
Medium YSMI SIO SMITHTON -40.835(S) 145.084(E) 5246 ft
Closed YELR Elderslie Airport -15.700(S) 145.100(E)
Small YVLG Valley of Lagoons Airport -18.667(S) 145.100(E)
Small YWEC Wellclose Airport -25.850(S) 145.100(E)
Small YCNO Conargo Airport -35.317(S) 145.117(E)
Small YNGB Nagambie Airport -36.738(S) 145.125(E)
Small YGHG Glen Harding Airport -18.267(S) 145.133(E)
Small YMRT Mount Garnet Airport -17.700(S) 145.150(E)
Small YGUW Gunnawarra Airport -17.950(S) 145.167(E)
Small YMLK Minnamoolka Airport -18.183(S) 145.167(E)
Small YMNG MANGALORE -36.888(S) 145.184(E) 6650 ft
Medium YCKN CTN COOKTOWN -15.445(S) 145.184(E) 5338 ft 1
Small YCWS Cowes Airport -38.508(S) 145.213(E)
Small YAMC AXC Aramac Airport -22.967(S) 145.242(E)
Small YSRN SRN Strahan Airport -42.155(S) 145.292(E)
Small YYEA Yeaburn Airport -37.173(S) 145.322(E)
Small YPID Phillip Island Airport -38.523(S) 145.327(E)
Small YYAK Yalkulka Airport -16.733(S) 145.333(E)
Small YLCS Locksley Field -36.815(S) 145.348(E)
Small YZHN Zeehan Airport -41.883(S) 145.350(E)
Small YLIL Lilydale Airport -37.692(S) 145.367(E)
Medium YSHT SHT SHEPPARTON -36.429(S) 145.393(E) 4062 ft
Small YGRU Glen Ruth Airport -18.083(S) 145.400(E)
Small YHTN Herberton Airport -17.433(S) 145.400(E)
Medium YMBA MRG MAREEBA -17.069(S) 145.419(E) 4938 ft
Small YCBY Daintree Airport -16.219(S) 145.425(E)
Small YTDN Tooradin Airport -38.217(S) 145.427(E)
Closed YLZI LZR LIZARD ISLAND -14.667(S) 145.450(E) 3038 ft 1
Small YLOD Longwood Airport -36.808(S) 145.457(E)
Small YCMK Camel Creek Airport -18.850(S) 145.467(E)
Small YHLS HILLSTON -33.493(S) 145.523(E) 4262 ft
Small YQNS UEE Queenstown Airport -42.075(S) 145.532(E)
Small YWRT Waratah Airport -41.450(S) 145.550(E)
Small YFIL FLY Finley Airport -35.667(S) 145.550(E)
Small YTOB Toomba Airport -19.933(S) 145.583(E)
Small YBYW Bayswater Airport -25.450(S) 145.583(E)
Small YTOC TCW TOCUMWAL -35.812(S) 145.608(E) 4596 ft
Medium YCMU CMA CUNNAMULLA -28.030(S) 145.622(E) 5686 ft 1
Small YWON Wonthaggi Airport -38.472(S) 145.623(E)
Small YWDS Woodside Au Airport -35.133(S) 145.667(E)
Small YTGG Taggerty Airport -37.350(S) 145.700(E)
Small YGGI Goolgowi Airport -34.000(S) 145.717(E)
Small YELS Earlston Airport -36.596(S) 145.722(E)
Small YJER Jerilderie Airport -35.370(S) 145.725(E)
Small YSBG Strathbogie Airport -36.855(S) 145.738(E)
Small YBUP Bunyip Airport -38.017(S) 145.750(E)
Small YLLD Langlo Downs Airport -25.533(S) 145.767(E)
Small YLOY Longwarry Airport -38.108(S) 145.778(E)
Medium YCBA CAZ COBAR -31.538(S) 145.794(E) 4984 ft 1
Small YHLG Hillgrove Airport -19.642(S) 145.797(E)
Small YELW Eildon Weir Airport -37.208(S) 145.833(E)
Small YEGA Engonnia Airport -29.317(S) 145.833(E)
Small YCLY Coleambally Airport -34.800(S) 145.850(E)
Small YBTS Battery Downs Airport -19.433(S) 145.850(E)
Small YLEG LEONGATHA -38.493(S) 145.860(E) 3032 ft
Small YBUI Burnie Airport -41.049(S) 145.880(E)
Small YRSV Rosevale Resort Airport -27.133(S) 145.900(E)
Small YTUY Tully Airport -17.933(S) 145.917(E)
Medium YBKE BRK BOURKE -30.039(S) 145.952(E) 6004 ft
Small YOKE Oakvale Airport -22.267(S) 145.983(E)
Small YWYA Wyandra Airport -27.267(S) 145.990(E)
Medium YBLA BLN BENALLA -36.552(S) 146.007(E) 3422 ft
Small YIFL IFL INNISFAIL -17.559(S) 146.012(E) 4439 ft
Small YYWG YARRAWONGA -36.029(S) 146.029(E) 3750 ft
Small YWRE Wirralie Airport -22.270(S) 146.050(E)
Small YFCK Fish Creek Airport -38.715(S) 146.053(E)
Small YTNS Toliness Airport -25.321(S) 146.069(E)
Small YMFD Mansfield Airport -37.067(S) 146.117(E)
Small YNDS Natal Downs Airport -21.083(S) 146.150(E)
Small YIGM IGH INGHAM -18.661(S) 146.152(E) 5006 ft
Small YBHB Bathurst Harbour Airport -43.421(S) 146.156(E)
Small YJRO Jericho Airport -23.583(S) 146.167(E)
Small YDAL Dallas Airport -34.567(S) 146.183(E)
Small YDNB Doongmabulla Airport -22.067(S) 146.233(E)
Small YLSS Lansdowne Airport -25.050(S) 146.267(E)
Small YCHT CXT CHARTERS TOWERS -20.043(S) 146.273(E) 5695 ft
Small YTMB Tambo Airport -24.850(S) 146.283(E)
Medium YWGT WGT WANGARATTA -36.416(S) 146.307(E) 5381 ft
Small YNYM Nymagee Airport -32.050(S) 146.317(E)
Small YTDL Tidal River Airport -39.034(S) 146.327(E)
Closed YLPR Lake Pedder Airport -43.050(S) 146.333(E)
Small YMLC Mole Creek Airport -41.533(S) 146.333(E)
Medium YCOR CWW COROWA -35.995(S) 146.357(E) 5994 ft
Small YLCG Lake Cargelligo Airport -33.278(S) 146.370(E)
Small YBYR Byrock Airport -30.667(S) 146.400(E)
Small YWLP Wilsons Promontory Airport -39.131(S) 146.425(E)
Small YEAT Yea Airport -37.216(S) 146.430(E)
Small YLEE Leeton Airport -34.500(S) 146.433(E)
Small YILA Milawa Vineyard Airport -36.456(S) 146.433(E)
Small YEAB Euabalong Airport -33.117(S) 146.450(E)
Small YMCS Macrossan Airport -20.017(S) 146.483(E)
Small YLHL Long Hill Airport -41.333(S) 146.500(E)
Small YPAM PMK PALM ISLAND -18.755(S) 146.581(E) 3714 ft 2
Small YAUA Augathella Airport -25.755(S) 146.587(E)
Small YHVH Harvest Home Airport -20.683(S) 146.650(E)
Small YLGL Laglan Airport -22.500(S) 146.667(E)
Small YBCH Beechworth Airport -36.393(S) 146.696(E)
Small YTWE Trelawney Airport -22.850(S) 146.717(E)
Small YYRM Yarram Airport -38.567(S) 146.755(E)
Small Snowy Range Airfield -37.349(S) 146.766(E)
Small YMPE Mount Cooper Airport -20.517(S) 146.767(E)
Small YLVK Laverak (Military) Airport -19.322(S) 146.802(E)
Medium YBRW BWQ BREWARRINA -29.974(S) 146.817(E) 4547 ft
Small YCDV Caldervale Station Airport -25.108(S) 146.833(E)
Small YDOP Donnington Airpark -19.612(S) 146.840(E)
Small YGTO GEE Georgetown (Tas) Airport -41.080(S) 146.840(E)
Small YARL Ardlethan Airport -34.367(S) 146.883(E)
Small YPOK Porepunkah Airport -36.718(S) 146.890(E)
Small YBOT Boatman Airport -27.250(S) 146.917(E)
Small YWMG Weilmoringle Airport -29.233(S) 146.933(E)
Small YADM Yandan Mine Airport -21.273(S) 146.990(E)
Small YGVE Glendevie Airport -43.230(S) 147.012(E)
Small YBEL Bothwell Airport -42.367(S) 147.033(E)
Small YSLT Sale Airport -38.117(S) 147.075(E)
Small YBWI Burdekin Falls Dam Airport -20.600(S) 147.083(E)
Small YMVN Morven Airport -26.400(S) 147.100(E)
Small YYAC Yacamunda Airport -21.383(S) 147.100(E)
Small YLGD Longdown Airport -41.695(S) 147.143(E)
Medium YMES EAST SALE -38.099(S) 147.149(E) 7995 ft
Small YTOK Torres Park Homestead Airport -25.117(S) 147.167(E)
Small YNYN NYN NYNGAN -31.551(S) 147.203(E) 5390 ft
Small YSFY Sandfly Airport -42.992(S) 147.208(E)
Small YCDO CBX CONDOBOLIN -33.064(S) 147.209(E) 4501 ft
Small YWIE Wirralie Gold Mine Airport -21.117(S) 147.267(E)
Small YVAF Valley Field Airport -41.810(S) 147.292(E)
Small YHBK Holbrook Airport -35.683(S) 147.317(E)
Small YJCO Jericho Airport -42.367(S) 147.317(E)
Small YMCL Mount Coolon Airport -21.392(S) 147.325(E)
Small YMIR Miralwyn Airport -30.149(S) 147.327(E)
Small YAYR AYR AYR -19.584(S) 147.329(E) 4796 ft
Small YITT Mitta Mitta Airport -36.514(S) 147.359(E)
Small YTUN Tunbridge Airport -42.100(S) 147.367(E)
Small YTOT Tottenham Airport -32.248(S) 147.368(E)
Small YFDN Federation Hsd Airport -35.012(S) 147.374(E)
Small YGDA GOODOOGA -29.073(S) 147.376(E) 3530 ft
Small YBYI Bruny Island Airport -43.234(S) 147.380(E)
Small YBDP Bridport Airport -41.017(S) 147.417(E)
Small Woodbury Airfield -42.168(S) 147.446(E)
Small YCBG HOBART CAMBRIDGE -42.827(S) 147.475(E) 3346 ft
Small YBLL BLS Bollon Airport -28.058(S) 147.483(E)
Medium YTEM TEM TEMORA -34.421(S) 147.512(E) 6454 ft
Small YCAE Campbell Town Airport -41.967(S) 147.531(E)
Medium YBNS BSJ BAIRNSDALE -37.888(S) 147.568(E) 3612 ft
Small YOMO Omeo Airport -37.097(S) 147.593(E)
Small YTLL Tullamore Airport -32.617(S) 147.600(E)
Medium YCMT CMQ CLERMONT -22.773(S) 147.621(E) 4301 ft
Small YBTT Buttabone Airport -31.358(S) 147.633(E)
Small YJEM Jemalong Airport -32.410(S) 147.670(E)
Small Lake Omeo Dry Lake Ultralightport -36.962(S) 147.673(E)
Small YBRA Benambra Airport -36.967(S) 147.699(E)
Small YWWH Wentworth Airport -22.100(S) 147.700(E)
Small YCRA Carinda Airport -30.458(S) 147.708(E)
Small YOLY Oxley Station Airport -31.013(S) 147.711(E)
Medium YWRN QRR WARREN -31.733(S) 147.803(E) 3894 ft
Small YQBE Quambone Royona Airport -30.879(S) 147.842(E)
Small YKCK Killiecrankie Airport -39.849(S) 147.858(E)
Small YCSV KCE Collinsville Airport -20.597(S) 147.860(E)
Small Boobyalla Airfield -40.899(S) 147.865(E)
Medium YCRG CYG CORRYONG -36.183(S) 147.888(E) 4340 ft
Small YHRG Haddon Rig Airport -31.469(S) 147.895(E)
Small YTUA Triabunna Airport -42.514(S) 147.898(E)
Small YMIT MTQ MITCHELL -26.483(S) 147.937(E) 4675 ft
Small YLAG Lagoon Bay Airport -42.885(S) 147.953(E)
Small YLKE Lakes Entrance Airport -37.853(S) 147.958(E)
Small YELG Elengerah Airport -31.850(S) 147.983(E)
Medium YLRD LHG LIGHTNING RIDGE -29.457(S) 147.984(E) 4613 ft
Small YLET Lakes Entrance Airport -37.879(S) 147.987(E)
Small YTGI Trangie Airport -31.967(S) 148.000(E)
Small YGRL Great Lakes Vi Airport -37.842(S) 148.000(E)
Small YCBN CBI Cape Barren Island Airport -40.392(S) 148.017(E)
Medium YCTM CMD COOTAMUNDRA -34.624(S) 148.028(E) 4682 ft
Small YSWA Swansea Airport -42.102(S) 148.068(E)
Small YDAR Darlington Airport -42.573(S) 148.069(E)
Small YSPI Springsure Airport -24.128(S) 148.075(E)
Small YTGV The Grove Airport -34.686(S) 148.104(E)
Small YKHA Khancoban Airport -36.216(S) 148.114(E)
Medium YWLG WGE WALGETT -30.033(S) 148.126(E) 5335 ft
Small YCKD Clarke Island Airport -40.517(S) 148.133(E)
Small YEUL Eulalia Airport -31.033(S) 148.175(E)
Small YGLN Glencoe Airport -31.617(S) 148.200(E)
Small YPKH Peak Hill Airport -32.750(S) 148.200(E)
Small YBWN ZBO Bowen Airport -20.018(S) 148.215(E)
Medium YDBI DRN DIRRANBANDI -28.592(S) 148.217(E) 3993 ft
Medium YNRM QRM NARROMINE -32.215(S) 148.225(E) 4990 ft
Medium YTMU TUM TUMUT -35.263(S) 148.241(E) 3478 ft
Medium YYNG NGA YOUNG -34.256(S) 148.248(E) 4003 ft
Small YLDB Lady Barron (Flinders Is) Airport -40.200(S) 148.250(E)
Small YFRI Friendly Beaches Airport -42.000(S) 148.259(E)
Small YSTH HLS St Helens Airport -41.337(S) 148.282(E)
Small YTBG Talbingo Airport -35.583(S) 148.283(E)
Medium YDYS DYA DYSART -22.622(S) 148.364(E) 5085 ft
Medium YCNM CNB COONAMBLE -30.983(S) 148.376(E) 5010 ft 1
Small YHAE Harden Airport -34.557(S) 148.388(E)
Small YGTP Greenthorpe Airport -33.983(S) 148.417(E)
Small YHAB Hideaway Bay Airport -20.117(S) 148.433(E)
Small YCSL Consuelo Airport -24.633(S) 148.467(E)
Small YOAY Oaky Creek Airport -23.060(S) 148.495(E)
Small YBUA Bundarra Airport -21.967(S) 148.533(E)
Small YKUY Kurray Airport -28.220(S) 148.578(E)
Small YCBR CRB Collarenebri Airport -29.522(S) 148.582(E)
Small YSGE SGO ST GEORGE -28.050(S) 148.595(E) 4987 ft 1
Small YJIN QJD Jindabyne Airport -36.427(S) 148.602(E)
Small YORB RBS Orbost Airport -37.790(S) 148.610(E)
Small YRLL Rolleston Airport -24.462(S) 148.632(E)
Small YGIL Gilgandra Airport -31.703(S) 148.638(E)
Medium YCWR CWT COWRA -33.845(S) 148.649(E) 5348 ft
Small YCWW Canowindra Airport -33.543(S) 148.663(E)
Small YWJS Wee Jasper Airport -35.262(S) 148.667(E)
Small YACI Arcadia Airport -25.200(S) 148.683(E)
Small YMMU MMM MIDDLEMOUNT -22.802(S) 148.705(E) 5085 ft 1
Small YFVW Fairview Airport -32.789(S) 148.720(E)
Small YCLM Collymongle Airport -29.453(S) 148.743(E)
Small YCUA CUG Cudal Airport -33.278(S) 148.763(E)
Small YADI Adaminaby Airport -35.998(S) 148.796(E)
Small YADY Adaminaby Airport -35.983(S) 148.800(E)
Medium YBTR BLT BLACKWATER -23.603(S) 148.807(E) 5023 ft
Small YPLG Pilliga Airport -30.367(S) 148.883(E)
Small YTWN Tooraweenah Airport -31.442(S) 148.900(E)
Small YDEG Delegate Airport -37.061(S) 148.942(E)
Small YBRJ Burren Junction Airport -30.158(S) 148.975(E)
Small YRUG Rugby Airport -34.392(S) 148.975(E)
Small YWEL Wellington Airport -32.467(S) 148.983(E)
Small YASS Bakblok Airport -34.887(S) 149.015(E)
Small YYBE Yarrabee Mine Airport -23.267(S) 149.017(E)
Small YYAS Yass Airport -34.830(S) 149.042(E)
Small YMGI MUNGINDI -28.967(S) 149.058(E) 4606 ft
Small YPYA Palmyra Airstrip -21.212(S) 149.077(E)
Small YSRT Surat Airport -27.150(S) 149.083(E)
Small YBAD Baradine Airport -30.955(S) 149.092(E)
Closed YWLE Williamsdale Airport -35.559(S) 149.130(E)
Small YBUY Bunyan Airfield -36.134(S) 149.132(E)
Small YPFT Cooma/Polo Flat (Unlic) Airport -36.230(S) 149.150(E)
Small YCNR Cann River Airport -37.517(S) 149.167(E)
Small YBOM Bombala Airport -36.905(S) 149.182(E)
Small YGDO Gundaroo Airport -35.050(S) 149.256(E)
Small YTUG Trugananni Airport -24.467(S) 149.267(E)
Medium YCBB COJ COONABARABRAN -31.332(S) 149.267(E) 4987 ft
Small YBPI BMP Brampton Island Airport -20.803(S) 149.270(E)
Small YBID Binda -34.303(S) 149.360(E)
Small YWWA WEW Wee Waa Airport -30.258(S) 149.408(E)
Closed YWDR Winderadeen ALA -34.939(S) 149.410(E)
Small YBCL Boolcarrol Station Airport -30.050(S) 149.417(E)
Small YCLT Collector Airport -34.883(S) 149.417(E)
Small YKIU Kaiuroo Airport -23.089(S) 149.432(E)
Small YGAH Greenbah Airport -30.126(S) 149.435(E)
Small YCRL Crookwell Airport -34.500(S) 149.450(E)
Small YTOG Togo Station Airport -30.082(S) 149.532(E)
Small YBMI Boomi Airport -28.733(S) 149.583(E)
Small YCAH CLH Coolah Airport -31.773(S) 149.610(E)
Small YDLC Dulacca Airport -26.633(S) 149.717(E)
Small YMCO XMC Mallacoota Airport -37.598(S) 149.720(E)
Medium YGLB GUL GOULBURN -34.810(S) 149.726(E) 4209 ft
Small YTLG Taralga Grathawa Airport -34.289(S) 149.782(E)
Small YTMS Tambar Springs Airport -31.315(S) 149.847(E)
Small YBAO Braidwood Airport -35.450(S) 149.850(E)
Small YGBO Gabo Island Airport -37.567(S) 149.900(E)
Small YTAM XTO Taroom Airport -25.802(S) 149.900(E) 1
Small YPRE Premer Betoota Airport -31.477(S) 149.903(E)
Small YMEY Mullaley Airport -31.100(S) 149.917(E)
Small YGOV Gabo Is aAd sSte Airport -37.570(S) 149.918(E)
Small YLMB Lambrook Airport -31.100(S) 149.933(E)
Small YCSI Cassilis Rotherw Airport -32.002(S) 149.961(E)
Small YMOU Moura Airport -24.612(S) 149.995(E)
Small YHOY Hollins Bay Airport -22.267(S) 150.033(E)
Small YBOG Boggabri Airport -30.717(S) 150.050(E)
Small YTDR TDR Theodore Airport -24.993(S) 150.093(E)
Closed YBIK Bindook NDB -34.167(S) 150.100(E)
Small YMLS WLE Miles Airport -26.808(S) 150.175(E) 3
Small YWIS WILLIAMSON -22.473(S) 150.178(E) 5928 ft
Small YBVL Blackville Airport -31.583(S) 150.183(E)
Small YBGY Biniguy Airport -29.505(S) 150.192(E)
Medium YGDH GUH GUNNEDAH -30.961(S) 150.251(E) 5400 ft
Small YGDI GOO GOONDIWINDI -28.521(S) 150.320(E) 4396 ft
Small YKAT Katoomba Airport -33.668(S) 150.323(E)
Small YUPH Upper Horton Wyl Airport -30.105(S) 150.404(E)
Small YTAA XTR Tara Airport -27.157(S) 150.477(E)
Small YMIG Mittagong Airport -34.467(S) 150.500(E)
Small YQDI UIR QUIRINDI -31.491(S) 150.514(E) 3629 ft
Small YBZA Breeza Airport -31.317(S) 150.517(E)
Small YKEP Lake Keepit Airport -30.891(S) 150.526(E)
Small YBIA Bingara Airport -29.800(S) 150.533(E)
Small YWRL Warialda Airport -29.533(S) 150.533(E)
Medium YSNW NOA NOWRA -34.949(S) 150.537(E) 6870 ft
Small YOAS The Oaks Airport -34.084(S) 150.559(E)
Small YBBA Barraba Airport -30.383(S) 150.600(E)
Medium YCCA CCL CHINCHILLA -26.775(S) 150.617(E) 3497 ft 1
Small YWLX Wallacia Airport -33.867(S) 150.650(E)
Small YWIO Wilton Airport -34.233(S) 150.667(E)
Medium YSCN CDU CAMDEN -34.040(S) 150.687(E) 4804 ft
Small YCNX Cooranga Airport -29.067(S) 150.767(E)
Medium YWOL WOL WOLLONGONG -34.561(S) 150.789(E) 5967 ft
Small YWBN Wedderburn Airport -34.187(S) 150.805(E)
Small YEMP Emu Park Airport -23.257(S) 150.813(E)
Small YSCO NSO SCONE -32.037(S) 150.832(E) 4606 ft
Closed YHOX HOXTON PARK -33.910(S) 150.852(E) 3602 ft
Small YWBH Wallabadah Airport -31.533(S) 150.867(E)
Small YDNR Dunmore Manila Airport -30.658(S) 150.875(E)
Small YGGO Goonoo Goonoo Airport -31.317(S) 150.917(E)
Small YSHW Holsworthy (Military) Airport -33.995(S) 150.952(E)
Small YASF Ashford Airport -29.317(S) 151.050(E)
Small YMTO MNQ MONTO -24.886(S) 151.100(E) 4301 ft
Small YWOM Woolomin Airport -31.317(S) 151.133(E)
Closed YMQD Mount Mcquoid NDB -33.110(S) 151.138(E)
Small YINO Inverell North Airport -29.767(S) 151.167(E)
Closed YCAA Calga NDB -33.403(S) 151.212(E)
Small YLYD Lyndley Airport -26.833(S) 151.233(E)
Small YDAY DBY DALBY -27.155(S) 151.267(E) 4160 ft
Small YMMN Millmerran Airport -27.863(S) 151.275(E)
Small YMDA Mundubbera Airport -25.592(S) 151.317(E)
Small YEES Elderslie Airport -32.600(S) 151.340(E)
Small YCNK CES CESSNOCK -32.788(S) 151.342(E) 3600 ft
Small YMSO Mount Sandon Airport -31.390(S) 151.410(E)
Small YHCT Heathcote Emergency Airport -31.240(S) 151.432(E)
Closed YOOB Cooranbong Airport -33.060(S) 151.462(E)
Small YMND MTL MAITLAND -32.703(S) 151.488(E) 3786 ft
Small YWCH WLC Walcha Airport -31.000(S) 151.567(E)
Small YGAY GAH GAYNDAH -25.614(S) 151.619(E) 4150 ft
Small YPWH Pittsworth Airport -27.721(S) 151.633(E)
Small YKEL Kelvin Station Airport -30.655(S) 151.638(E)
Small YPEC BEO Lake Macquarie Airport -33.067(S) 151.648(E)
Medium YGLI GLI GLEN INNES -29.675(S) 151.689(E) 4915 ft
Medium YBOK OKY OAKEY -27.411(S) 151.735(E) 5410 ft
Small YWVL Woodville Airport -30.416(S) 151.755(E)
Medium YKRY KGY KINGAROY -26.581(S) 151.841(E) 5249 ft
Small YCFN Clifton Airport -27.928(S) 151.847(E)
Small YWND WDI Wondai Airport -26.283(S) 151.858(E)
Medium YTWB TWB TOOWOOMBA -27.543(S) 151.916(E) 3678 ft
Small YMUA Monduran Airport -24.875(S) 151.917(E)
Small YWCK WAZ WARWICK -28.149(S) 151.943(E) 5380 ft
Small YGCR Gloucester Airport -32.050(S) 151.983(E)
Small YNAN Nanango Airport -26.690(S) 151.983(E)
Small YSPE SNH STANTHORPE -28.620(S) 151.991(E) 5597 ft
Small YBIN Biggenden Airport -25.525(S) 152.050(E)
Small YWMM Wollomombi Airport -30.533(S) 152.083(E)
Small YCDS Childers Airport -25.253(S) 152.335(E)
Small YWSG Watts Bridge Airport -27.098(S) 152.460(E)
Small YBCM Coominya -27.391(S) 152.467(E)
Small YFST FOT Forster (Wallis Is) Airport -32.204(S) 152.479(E)
Small YTNC Tuncurry Airport -32.150(S) 152.483(E)
Small YPAC Pacific Haven Airport -25.237(S) 152.543(E)
Small YOBR Old Bar Heritage Airport -31.965(S) 152.591(E)
Small YBOA Boonah Airport -28.017(S) 152.682(E)
Small YGYM GYP GYMPIE -26.283(S) 152.702(E) 4600 ft
Small YMYB MBH MARYBOROUGH -25.513(S) 152.715(E) 5207 ft
Small YCMH Camden Haven Airport -31.665(S) 152.742(E)
Medium YKMP KPS KEMPSEY -31.074(S) 152.770(E) 5413 ft
Small YKBN Kooralbyn Airport -28.090(S) 152.845(E)
Closed YBML Bromelton Airport -27.968(S) 152.900(E)
Small YSGR South Grafton Airport -29.708(S) 152.928(E)
Small YCAB Caboolture Airport -27.083(S) 152.983(E)
Small YCXA Cooloola Village Airpark -25.975(S) 153.000(E)
Medium YGFN GFN GRAFTON -29.759(S) 153.030(E) 5607 ft 1
Small YNSH NSV Noosa Airport -26.423(S) 153.063(E)
Small YCAS CSI CASINO -28.883(S) 153.067(E) 3609 ft
Small YRBB Rainbow Beach Airport -25.833(S) 153.067(E)
Small YCDR CUD Caloundra Airport -26.800(S) 153.100(E)
Small LGRS Logan Reserve Airport -27.708(S) 153.105(E)
Small YPLI Palmers Island/Yamba Airport -29.446(S) 153.267(E)
Small YJCW Jacobs Well Airport -27.762(S) 153.335(E)
Small YTGA TAN Tangalooma Airport -27.130(S) 153.363(E)
Small YSPT SHQ Southport Airport -27.915(S) 153.373(E)
Small YXTA Tangalooma Resort Airport -27.200(S) 153.383(E)
Small YMUR Murwillumbah Airport -28.332(S) 153.413(E)
Small YEVD EVH EVANS HEAD -29.093(S) 153.420(E) 4144 ft
Small Kooringal Airstrip -27.346(S) 153.426(E)
Small YTYH Tyagarah Airport -28.595(S) 153.551(E)
Small Abrolhos Abrolhos East Wallabi Island Airport -28.438(S) 113.736(E)
Medium YPAD ADL Adelaide ADELAIDE INTL -34.945(S) 138.531(E) 10171 ft 23
Medium YPED Adelaide EDINBURGH -34.703(S) 138.621(E) 8399 ft
Small YPPF Adelaide ADELAIDE PARAFIELD -34.793(S) 138.633(E) 4429 ft
Small YAWT Agnes Water Agnes Water Airport -24.202(S) 151.893(E)
Small AGW Agnew Agnew Airport -12.146(S) 142.149(E)
Small YSHR JHQ Airlie Beach Shute Harbour Airport -20.277(S) 148.756(E)
Medium YABA ALH Albany ALBANY -34.943(S) 117.809(E) 5906 ft 2
Medium YMAY ABX Albury ALBURY -36.068(S) 146.958(E) 6234 ft 4
Small YADG Aldinga Aldinga Airport -35.290(S) 138.490(E)
Medium YBAS ASP Alice Springs ALICE SPRINGS -23.807(S) 133.902(E) 7999 ft 6
Medium YAPH ABH Alpha ALPHA -23.646(S) 146.584(E) 4777 ft
Small YLKN LNH Alpurrurulam Lake Nash Airport -20.981(S) 137.918(E)
Small AYD Alroy Downs Alroy Downs Airport -19.291(S) 136.079(E)
Small Althorpe Islands Althorpe Lighthouse Airstrip -35.371(S) 136.861(E)
Closed RCN American River American River Airport -35.757(S) 137.776(E)
Small ANZ Angus Downs Station Angus Downs Airport -25.032(S) 132.275(E)
Small YTST TTX Anjo Peninsula TRUSCOTT MUNGALALU -14.090(S) 126.381(E) 5643 ft
Small AGY Argyle Downs Argyle Downs Airport -16.514(S) 128.924(E)
Medium YARM ARM Armidale ARMIDALE -30.528(S) 151.617(E) 5702 ft 2
Small YATN Atherton Atherton Airport -17.262(S) 145.515(E)
Small YAUR AUU Aurukun AURUKUN -13.354(S) 141.721(E) 4140 ft 1
Small Avoca Avoca Airport -41.782(S) 147.719(E)
Medium YAYE AYQ Ayers Rock AYERS ROCK CONNELLAN -25.186(S) 130.976(E) 8527 ft 5
Small YBGO BQW Balgo Balgo Hill Airport -20.148(S) 127.973(E)
Medium YBNA BNK Ballina BALLINA BYRON GATEWAY -28.834(S) 153.562(E) 6234 ft 5
Small YBAM Bamaga BAMAGA INJINOO -10.951(S) 142.459(E) 5462 ft
Small YBBC Bamboo Creek Gold Mine Bamboo Creek Airport -20.945(S) 120.165(E)
Small BYX Baniyala Baniyala Airport -13.198(S) 136.227(E)
Closed YBAB Baralaba Baralaba -24.194(S) 149.843(E)
Medium YBAR BCI Barcaldine BARCALDINE -23.565(S) 145.307(E) 5591 ft 3
Small YBYL Baryulgil Baryulgil Airstrip -29.218(S) 152.616(E)
Small YNMN NMP Basalt New Moon Airport -19.200(S) 145.773(E)
Small BVW Batavia Downs [Duplicate] Batavia Downs Airport -12.659(S) 142.675(E)
Medium YBTH BHS Bathurst BATHURST -33.409(S) 149.652(E) 5594 ft 1
Small YBGB BEE Beagle Bay Beagle Bay Airport -17.017(S) 122.646(E)
Closed YBER Berwick Berwick Airport -38.040(S) 145.336(E)
Small BCZ Bickerton Island Milyakburra Airport -13.781(S) 136.202(E)
Small YBBE BBE Big Bell Big Bell Airport -27.329(S) 117.673(E)
Medium YTNG THG Biloela THANGOOL -24.494(S) 150.576(E) 4993 ft 2
Medium YBCK BKQ Blackall BLACKALL -24.428(S) 145.429(E) 5538 ft 2
Closed YBMD BFC Bloomfield Bloomfield River Airport -15.874(S) 145.330(E)
Closed YBWR BCK Bolwarra Bolwarra Airport -17.388(S) 144.169(E)
Small YBOV Border Village Border Village Airport -31.639(S) 129.012(E)
Small YBOR Bordertown Bordertown Airport -36.265(S) 140.712(E)
Small Bremer Bay Bremer Bay Airport -34.381(S) 119.332(E)
Small YBAF Brisbane BRISBANE ARCHERFIELD -27.570(S) 153.008(E) 4859 ft
Large YBBN BNE Brisbane BRISBANE INTL -27.384(S) 153.118(E) 11680 ft 38
Medium YBHI BHQ Broken Hill BROKEN HILL -32.001(S) 141.472(E) 8251 ft 1
Medium YBRM BME Broome BROOME INTL -17.945(S) 122.232(E) 7769 ft 5
Medium YPEA Bullsbrook PEARCE -31.668(S) 116.015(E) 8002 ft
Small YDEA Bulman Delara Airfield -13.669(S) 134.291(E)
Medium YBUD BDB Bundaberg BUNDABERG -24.904(S) 152.319(E) 5030 ft 4
Small YBUU Bungle Bungle Bungle Bungle Airport -17.545(S) 128.307(E)
Medium YWYY BWT Burnie WYNYARD -40.999(S) 145.731(E) 5413 ft 4
Small YCUR Cabramurra Township Cabramurra Airport -35.927(S) 148.393(E)
Medium YBCS CNS Cairns CAIRNS INTL -16.886(S) 145.755(E) 10489 ft 26
Large YSCB CBR Canberra CANBERRA -35.307(S) 149.195(E) 8802 ft 10
Small YCAN Cannon Hill Cannon Hill Community Airport -12.355(S) 132.945(E)
Small YCBE CBY Canobie Canobie Airport -19.479(S) 140.927(E)
Closed YCFL CQP Cape Flattery Cape Flattery Airport -14.971(S) 145.312(E)
Small YCEL Capella Capella Airport -23.100(S) 148.033(E)
Small CRY Carlton Hill Carlton Hill Airport -15.502(S) 128.534(E)
Medium YCAR CVQ Carnarvon CARNARVON -24.881(S) 113.672(E) 5509 ft 1
Small YCPN CFP Carpentaria Downs Carpentaria Downs Airport -18.717(S) 144.317(E)
Small YRBN Carrington Falls Robertson Airstrip -34.645(S) 150.642(E)
Closed YCAC CTR Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Airport -17.607(S) 131.549(E)
Medium YBCV CTL Charleville CHARLEVILLE -26.413(S) 146.262(E) 5000 ft 3
Small YCHB CRH Cherrabah Homestead Resort Cherrabah Airport -28.430(S) 152.089(E)
Small Chittering Chittering Airstrip -31.521(S) 116.147(E)
Small YCRK CXQ Christmas Creek Christmas Creek Station Airport -18.873(S) 125.934(E)
Small YCHK CKW Christmas Creek Mine Graeme Rowley Aerodrome -22.354(S) 119.643(E) 1
Small YCVA Clare Clare Valley Aerodrome -33.711(S) 138.587(E)
Small YCFH CFH Clifton Hills Clifton Hills Airport -27.018(S) 138.892(E)
Medium YCCY CNJ Cloncurry CLONCURRY -20.669(S) 140.504(E) 6562 ft 4
Small YFDF KFE Cloudbreak Village Fortescue - Dave Forrest Aerodrome -22.291(S) 119.437(E) 3
Medium YCOE CUQ Coen COEN -13.761(S) 143.114(E) 4107 ft 1
Medium YSCH Coffs Harbour COFFS HARBOUR -30.321(S) 153.116(E) 6824 ft
Small YCEM Coldstream Coldstream Airport -37.728(S) 145.408(E)
Small YCOI CIE Collie Collie Airport -33.367(S) 116.217(E)
Small YCWY COY Coolawanyah Station Coolawanyah Airport -21.795(S) 117.755(E)
Small COB Coolibah Coolibah Airport -15.548(S) 130.962(E)
Medium YCOM OOM Cooma COOMA SNOWY MOUNTAINS -36.301(S) 148.974(E) 6955 ft 1
Small YCWA CJF Coondewanna Coondewanna Airport -22.967(S) 118.813(E)
Small CRJ Coorabie Coorabie Airport -31.894(S) 132.296(E)
Small YCOD ODL Cordillo Downs Cordillo Downs Airport -26.745(S) 140.638(E)
Small CSD Cresswell Downs Cresswell Downs Airport -17.948(S) 135.916(E)
Small YDLW DYW Daly Waters Daly Waters Airport -16.265(S) 133.383(E)
Small YDNI NLF Darnley Island Darnley Island Airport -9.583(S) 143.767(E) 1
Medium YPDN DRW Darwin DARWIN INTL -12.415(S) 130.877(E) 11004 ft 15
Small Delatite Delatite Airstrip -37.145(S) 146.159(E)
Medium YSHK MJK Denham SHARK BAY -25.894(S) 113.577(E) 5545 ft 1
Medium YDLQ DNQ Deniliquin DENILIQUIN -35.559(S) 144.946(E) 3999 ft
Small YDEK Denmark Denmark Airport -34.945(S) 117.397(E)
Small Dept. of Conservation, Karijini National Park (08 9189 8157) Karijini National Park -22.487(S) 118.468(E)
Medium YDPO DPO Devonport DEVONPORT -41.170(S) 146.430(E) 6030 ft 2
Small DYM Diamantina Lakes Diamantina Lakes Airport -23.762(S) 141.145(E)
Small Dingo Dingo Airstrip -23.655(S) 149.338(E)
Small YDOR DRD Dorunda Outstation Dorunda Airport -16.554(S) 141.824(E)
Small YDDF DFP Drumduff Drumduff Airport -16.053(S) 143.012(E)
Small YDRG Duaringa Duaringa Airstrip -23.737(S) 149.665(E)
Medium YSDU DBO Dubbo DUBBO -32.217(S) 148.575(E) 5604 ft 6
Small YDLK DLK Dulkaninna Dulkaninna Airport -29.013(S) 138.481(E)
Small YDKI DKI Dunk Island Dunk Island Airport -17.942(S) 146.140(E) 1
Small Dwellingup Dwellingup Airstrip -32.693(S) 116.075(E)
Small YEIN EIH Einasleigh Einasleigh Airport -18.503(S) 144.094(E)
Medium YELD ELC Elcho Island ELCHO ISLAND -12.019(S) 135.571(E) 4724 ft 1
Small Elkedra [Duplicate] Elkedra Airport -21.172(S) 135.444(E)
Small YELL Elliott Elliott Airport -17.527(S) 133.530(E)
Small YESE ERQ Elrose Mine Elrose Airport -20.976(S) 141.007(E)
Medium YEML EMD Emerald EMERALD -23.567(S) 148.179(E) 6234 ft 5
Small YEEB ENB Eneabba Eneabba Airport -29.833(S) 115.246(E)
Small Erldunda [Duplicate] Erldunda Airport -25.206(S) 133.254(E)
Medium YESP EPR Esperance ESPERANCE -33.684(S) 121.823(E) 4921 ft 1
Small YEDA ETD Etadunna Etadunna Airport -28.741(S) 138.589(E)
Small YEUA Euroa Euroa Aerodrome -36.745(S) 145.513(E)
Small YEVA EVD Eva Downs Eva Downs Airport -18.001(S) 134.863(E)
Medium YPLM LEA Exmouth LEARMONTH -22.236(S) 114.089(E) 9997 ft 3
Small YFNE FIK Finke Finke Airport -25.595(S) 134.583(E)
Small YFSK Fiskville Fiskville Airport -37.678(S) 144.221(E)
Small YFLI FLS Flinders Island Flinders Island Airport -40.092(S) 147.993(E) 1
Medium YFBS FRB Forbes, FORBES -33.364(S) 147.935(E) 4029 ft
Small YFRV FVR Forrest River Mission Oombulgurri Airport -15.165(S) 127.840(E)
Small FSL Fossil Downs Station Fossil Downs Airport -18.132(S) 125.787(E)
Small YFRK Frankland River Grazing co Frankland Airport -34.423(S) 117.026(E)
Small Frankland Valley Vineyard or Ferngrove Winery Frankland Valley Vineyard -34.348(S) 116.952(E)
Small Fraser Island Toby's Gap Airstrip -25.589(S) 153.065(E)
Small YGSC GSC Gascoyne Junction Gascoyne Junction Airport -25.055(S) 115.203(E)
Closed YGAT Gatton Gatton Campus Airport -27.560(S) 152.340(E)
Medium YGEL GET Geraldton GERALDTON -28.796(S) 114.707(E) 6499 ft 5
Small Geraldton Valley View -28.699(S) 114.911(E)
Closed YWMD Gillieston Heights West Maitland Airport -32.757(S) 151.530(E)
Small YGIA GBW Ginbata Ginbata Airport -22.581(S) 120.036(E)
Medium YGLA GLT Gladstone GLADSTONE -23.870(S) 151.223(E) 5364 ft 5
Medium YBCG OOL Gold Coast GOLD COAST -28.164(S) 153.505(E) 6699 ft 14
Small Goondiwindi Boggabilla Airstrip -28.617(S) 150.332(E)
Small YGDN GDD Gordon Downs Gordon Downs Airport -18.678(S) 128.592(E)
Small YSMB Gosford Somersby Airstrip -33.368(S) 151.300(E)
Small YGKL GKL Great Keppel Island Great Keppel Is Airport -23.183(S) 150.942(E)
Small YGNF GFE Grenfell Grenfell Airport -34.000(S) 148.133(E)
Medium YGTH GFF Griffith GRIFFITH -34.251(S) 146.067(E) 4931 ft 2
Medium YGTE GTE Groote Eylandt GROOTE EYLANDT -13.975(S) 136.460(E) 6237 ft 2
Medium YBHM HTI Hamilton Island HAMILTON ISLAND -20.358(S) 148.952(E) 5395 ft 6
Small Harrismith Harrismith Airport -32.942(S) 117.865(E)
Small YHAW HWK Hawker Wilpena Pound Airport -31.856(S) 138.468(E)
Small HAT Heathlands [Duplicate] Heathlands Airport -11.737(S) 142.577(E)
Small HLV Helenvale Helenvale Airport -15.686(S) 145.215(E)
Medium YHBA HVB Hervey Bay HERVEY BAY -25.319(S) 152.880(E) 6561 ft 5
Closed YHHY HIG Highbury Highbury Airport -16.424(S) 143.146(E)
Small YHIL HLL Hillside Hillside Airport -21.724(S) 119.392(E)
Medium YMHB HBA Hobart HOBART -42.836(S) 147.510(E) 7385 ft 8
Small YHOV Hodgeson River Hodgeson River Airfield -15.546(S) 134.096(E)
Small YHPV HPE Hope Vale Hope Vale Airport -15.292(S) 145.103(E)
Closed Hopetoun Hopetoun Airfield -33.909(S) 120.147(E)
Medium YHID HID Horn Island HORN ISLAND -10.586(S) 142.290(E) 4557 ft 5
Closed Hotham Horse Hair Plain Aerodrome -37.033(S) 147.305(E)
Small YELN Elliston Airport -33.638(S) 134.900(E)
Small Maitraya Resort Airstrip -34.987(S) 118.056(E)
Small Indigenous Land Corporation Cardabia Station Airstrip -23.106(S) 113.805(E)
Small YILW Inglewood Inglewood Airport -28.419(S) 151.095(E)
Small YINJ INJ Injune Injune Airport -25.851(S) 148.550(E)
Small YIMT Innamincka Township Innamincka Township Airport -27.742(S) 140.745(E)
Medium YIVL IVR Inverell INVERELL -29.888(S) 151.144(E) 6936 ft
Small YINW IVW Inverway Inverway Airport -17.841(S) 129.643(E)
Medium YAMB Ipswich AMBERLEY -27.641(S) 152.712(E) 9997 ft
Small YPSH PEA Ironstone Penneshaw Airport -35.756(S) 137.963(E)
Small YJST Jamestown Hubert Wilkins Airstrip -33.192(S) 138.616(E)
Small YJBY Jervis Bay Territory JERVIS BAY -35.147(S) 150.697(E) 5000 ft
Small YKBR KAX Kalbarri KALBARRI -27.690(S) 114.262(E) 5246 ft 1
Medium YPKG KGI Kalgoorlie KALGOORLIE BOULDER -30.789(S) 121.462(E) 6562 ft 6
Small YKPR KPP Kalpower Kalpowar Airport -14.890(S) 144.220(E)
Small KDS Kamaran Downs Kamaran Downs Airport -24.339(S) 139.279(E)
Small YKBL KDB Kambalda Kambalda Airport -31.191(S) 121.598(E) 1
Small YPDA PDN Kangaroo Island Parndana Airport -35.807(S) 137.264(E)
Small YKAP Kapunda Kapunda Airport -34.250(S) 138.917(E)
Medium YPKA KTA Karratha KARRATHA -20.712(S) 116.773(E) 6070 ft 6
Medium YPTN KTR Katherine TINDAL -14.521(S) 132.378(E) 9003 ft 1
Closed YXKE Kempsey Kempsey Hospital Helicopter Landing Site -31.067(S) 152.821(E)
Small Kilcoy Kilcoy Airfield -26.971(S) 152.570(E)
Small KBD Kimberley Downs Kimberley Downs Airport -17.398(S) 124.355(E)
Small YKCA KBJ Kings Canyon Resort Kings Canyon Airport -24.260(S) 131.490(E)
Small YKIR KBB Kirkimbie Kirkimbie Station Airport -17.779(S) 129.210(E)
Closed YKLA KOH Koolatah Koolatah Airport -15.889(S) 142.439(E)
Small YKLB KKP Koolburra Koolburra Airport -15.319(S) 143.955(E)
Medium YKOW KWM Kowanyama KOWANYAMA -15.486(S) 141.751(E) 4528 ft 2
Small Kukerin WA Kukerin -33.175(S) 118.085(E)
Small KGR Kulgera Kulgera Airport -25.843(S) 133.292(E)
Small Kulin Kulin Bush Races Strip -32.664(S) 118.311(E)
Medium YPKU KNX Kununurra KUNUNURRA -15.778(S) 128.708(E) 6000 ft 2
Small YKUR KRD Kurundi Station Kurundi Airport -20.510(S) 134.671(E)
Small YKTN Kyneton Kyneton Airport -37.226(S) 144.447(E)
Small LYT Lady Elliot Island Lady Elliot Island Airstrip -24.113(S) 152.716(E)
Small YHOO HOK Lajamanu Hooker Creek Airport -18.337(S) 130.638(E)
Small Lake Clifton Lake Clifton Airstrip -32.791(S) 115.671(E)
Small LGE Lake Gregory Mulan Airport -20.109(S) 127.619(E)
Small YLFD LFP Lakefield Lakefield Airport -14.921(S) 144.203(E)
Small YBIZ BZP Lakefield National Park Bizant Airport -14.740(S) 144.119(E)
Small YLND LKD Lakeland Downs Lakeland Airport -15.833(S) 144.850(E)
Small YLAK Lakeside Lakeside Airpark -20.682(S) 148.628(E)
Closed YLCI Lancelin Lancelin Airport -31.017(S) 115.333(E)
Small LDW Lansdowne Station Lansdowne Airport -17.613(S) 126.743(E)
Closed LTB Latrobe Latrobe Airport -41.235(S) 146.396(E)
Medium YMLT LST Launceston LAUNCESTON -41.545(S) 147.214(E) 6499 ft 8
Closed YLVT Laverton RAAF Williams, Laverton Base -37.864(S) 144.746(E)
Medium YLEO LNO Leonora LEONORA -28.878(S) 121.315(E) 6621 ft 2
Small YLIM LIB Limbunya Limbunya Airport -17.236(S) 129.882(E)
Small YLIN LDC Lindeman Island Lindeman Island Airport -20.454(S) 149.040(E)
Medium YLIS LSY Lismore LISMORE -28.830(S) 153.260(E) 5404 ft 1
Small LLL Lissadell Station Lissadell Airport -16.661(S) 128.594(E)
Small YLOK LOC Lock Lock Airport -33.544(S) 135.693(E)
Medium YLHR IRG Lockhart River LOCKHART RIVER -12.787(S) 143.305(E) 4919 ft 1
Medium YLRE LRE Longreach LONGREACH -23.434(S) 144.280(E) 6352 ft 3
Small YLHI LDH Lord Howe Island Lord Howe Island Airport -31.538(S) 159.077(E) 3
Small YLOV LTV Lotus Vale Lotus Vale Airport -17.048(S) 141.376(E)
Small YLOH Louth Louth Airport -30.542(S) 145.100(E)
Small YLHS LTP Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Airport -19.196(S) 144.371(E)
Small YMAA UBB Mabuiag Island Mabuiag Island Airport -9.950(S) 142.183(E) 1
Small MNW Macdonald Downs [Duplicate] Macdonald Downs Airport -22.444(S) 135.199(E)
Medium YBMK MKY Mackay MACKAY -21.172(S) 149.180(E) 6499 ft 7
Small MIZ Mainoru Mainoru Airstrip -14.053(S) 134.094(E)
Small YMDI MQA Mandora Mandora Airport -19.738(S) 120.838(E)
Small YMVM Mangrove Mountain Mangrove Mountain Airport -33.285(S) 151.213(E)
Medium YMGD MNG Maningrida MANINGRIDA -12.056(S) 134.234(E) 5020 ft 1
Medium YBMC Maroochydore MAROOCHYDORE SUNSHINE COAST -26.603(S) 153.091(E) 5896 ft
Small YMQA MQE Marqua Marqua Airport -22.806(S) 137.251(E)
Small YMHU MCV McArthur River Mine MCARTHUR RIVER MINE -16.442(S) 136.084(E) 4931 ft 1
Medium YMAV AVV Melbourne AVALON -38.039(S) 144.469(E) 10000 ft 1
Large YMML MEL Melbourne MELBOURNE INTL -37.673(S) 144.843(E) 11998 ft 41
Medium YMMB MBW Melbourne MELBOURNE MOORABBIN -37.976(S) 145.102(E) 3812 ft 1
Closed YPLE Melbourne Plenty Airport -37.723(S) 145.113(E)
Small YTYA Melbourne Tyabb Airport -38.267(S) 145.175(E)
Small YMEL Melton Melton Airport -37.617(S) 144.567(E)
Medium YMER MIM Merimbula MERIMBULA -36.909(S) 149.901(E) 5256 ft 2
Small YMEU MLV Merluna Merluna Airport -13.065(S) 142.454(E)
Small YMEO Merton Merton Airport -36.968(S) 145.708(E)
Small Middlebrook Station Middlebrook Station Scone Airstrip -31.971(S) 150.811(E)
Small YCDL Middlesex Cradle Mountain Airport -41.581(S) 145.938(E)
Medium YMIA MQL Mildura MILDURA -34.229(S) 142.086(E) 6004 ft 4
Small YMGB MGT Milingimbi Island MILINGIMBI -12.094(S) 134.894(E) 4626 ft 1
Small MWY Miranda Downs Miranda Downs Airport -17.329(S) 141.886(E)
Small YMIP MIH Mitchell Plateau Mitchell Plateau Airport -14.791(S) 125.824(E)
Small YKUB KUG Moa Island KUBIN -10.225(S) 142.218(E) 3147 ft 1
Small YMWT MWT Moolawatana Station Moolawatana Airport -29.907(S) 139.765(E)
Medium YMRB MOV Moranbah MORANBAH -22.058(S) 148.077(E) 5000 ft 3
Medium YMOR MRZ Moree MOREE -29.499(S) 149.845(E) 5292 ft 2
Small YMOT MET Moreton Moreton Airport -12.444(S) 142.638(E)
Small Morphett Vale Huntfield Airfield -35.173(S) 138.494(E)
Medium YMRY MYA Moruya MORUYA -35.898(S) 150.144(E) 4997 ft 1
Medium YLTV TGN Morwell LATROBE VALLEY -38.207(S) 146.470(E) 4692 ft
Small YMOM Moulamein Moulamein Airport -35.058(S) 144.021(E)
Small YMBT Mount Beauty Mount Beauty Airport -36.732(S) 147.169(E)
Small YGON GPD Mount Gordon Mine Mount Gordon Airport -19.773(S) 139.404(E)
Small YMGN GSN Mount Gunson Mount Gunson Airport -31.460(S) 137.174(E)
Medium YHOT MHU Mount Hotham MOUNT HOTHAM -37.047(S) 147.334(E) 4762 ft 1
Medium YBMA ISA Mount Isa MOUNT ISA -20.664(S) 139.489(E) 8399 ft 8
Small YMUC MUQ Muccan Station Muccan Station Airport -20.659(S) 120.067(E)
Medium YMDG DGE Mudgee MUDGEE -32.562(S) 149.611(E) 5705 ft 1
Small YHEW Mulara Hedlow Airport -23.223(S) 150.605(E)
Small MUP Mulga Park [Duplicate] Mulga Park Airport -25.860(S) 131.650(E)
Small YMUK MVK Mulka Mulka Airport -28.348(S) 138.650(E)
Small YMBX Mundrabilla Mundrabilla Airport -31.867(S) 127.854(E)
Small YMUG MNE Mungeranie Mungeranie Airport -28.009(S) 138.657(E)
Small YLMU Mungo Mungo Lodge Airport -33.746(S) 143.001(E)
Small Murganella Murgenella Airstrip -11.549(S) 132.914(E)
Small YMUI MYI Murray Island Murray Island Airport -9.917(S) 144.055(E) 1
Small YMGV MVU Musgrave Musgrave Airport -14.776(S) 143.505(E)
Small MYO Myroodah Camballin Airport -18.125(S) 124.272(E)
Closed Nain Hutt River Airstrip -28.071(S) 114.477(E)
Small YNHS NBH Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads Airport -30.650(S) 153.000(E)
Small YNUD Nammuldi Mine Nammuldi Mine Airstrip -22.392(S) 117.376(E)
Small YNPB NPP Napperby Napperby Airport -22.531(S) 132.763(E)
Medium YNBR NAA Narrabri NARRABRI -30.319(S) 149.827(E) 5000 ft 1
Medium YNAR NRA Narrandera NARRANDERA -34.702(S) 146.512(E) 5302 ft 1
Small YNRG NRG Narrogin Narrogin Airport -32.930(S) 117.080(E)
Small YDIX DXD New Dixie Dixie Airport -15.117(S) 143.316(E)
Small New Norcia New Norcia airstrip -30.967(S) 116.215(E)
Medium YNWN ZNE Newman NEWMAN -23.418(S) 119.803(E) 6798 ft 4
Small NRY Newry Newry Airport -16.044(S) 129.264(E)
Medium YPGV GOV Nhulunbuy GOVE -12.269(S) 136.818(E) 7244 ft 2
Small YGLP Nicholson Gallipolli Airport -19.142(S) 137.874(E)
Small NKB Noonkanbah [Duplicate] Noonkanbah Airport -18.495(S) 124.852(E)
Medium YNTN NTN Normanton NORMANTON -17.684(S) 141.070(E) 5499 ft 1
Small YNUT UTD Nutwood Downs Nutwood Downs Airport -15.807(S) 134.146(E)
Small YOLD OLP Olympic Dam OLYMPIC DAM -30.485(S) 136.877(E) 5220 ft 1
Medium YORG OAG Orange ORANGE -33.382(S) 149.133(E) 5499 ft 2
Small YORV ODR Ord River Ord River Airport -17.341(S) 128.912(E)
Small OXO Orientos Orientos Airport -28.060(S) 141.536(E)
Small YPMH PXH OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Mine Prominent Hill Airport -29.716(S) 135.524(E) 2
Closed YPAK Pakenham Pakenham Airport -38.099(S) 145.488(E)
Medium YPBO PBO Paraburdoo PARABURDOO -23.171(S) 117.745(E) 6995 ft 5
Small YPDO PRD Pardoo Pardoo Airport -20.118(S) 119.590(E)
Medium YPKS PKE Parkes PARKES -33.131(S) 148.239(E) 5525 ft 1
Small YPTJ Patjarr Patjarr Airport -24.619(S) 126.327(E)
Small YPNG PEY Penong Penong Airport -31.917(S) 133.000(E)
Small PEP Peppimenarti Peppimenarti Airport -14.144(S) 130.091(E)
Small Perth Langley Park Airstrip -31.961(S) 115.868(E)
Medium YPJT JAD Perth PERTH JANDAKOT -32.097(S) 115.881(E) 4179 ft
Large YPPH PER Perth PERTH INTL -31.940(S) 115.967(E) 11299 ft 32
Small YTMO PHQ Phosphate Hill THE MONUMENT -21.811(S) 139.924(E) 6233 ft 1
Small Pinjarra Pinjarra Skydiving Airstrip -32.667(S) 115.882(E)
Small Pinjarra Pinjarra North Airstrip -32.580(S) 115.885(E)
Medium YMPC Point Cook POINT COOK -37.932(S) 144.753(E) 4508 ft
Small YPMP EDR Pormpuraaw PORMPURAAW -14.897(S) 141.609(E) 4462 ft 2
Medium YPPD PHE Port Hedland PORT HEDLAND INTL -20.378(S) 118.626(E) 8202 ft 7
Medium YPLC PLO Port Lincoln PORT LINCOLN -34.605(S) 135.880(E) 4918 ft 2
Medium YPMQ PQQ Port Macquarie PORT MACQUARIE -31.436(S) 152.863(E) 5203 ft 3
Small YKYB Private Airfield in the Shire of Campaspe Kyabram Airport -36.332(S) 144.972(E)
Medium YBPN PPP Proserpine PROSERPINE WHITSUNDAY COAST -20.495(S) 148.552(E) 6801 ft 3
Small YRED Redcliffe Redcliffe Airport -27.207(S) 153.068(E) 1
Small YING Rewan Ingelara Airport -24.997(S) 148.333(E)
Medium YSRI XRH Richmond RICHMOND -33.601(S) 150.781(E) 7001 ft
Small YRID Riddell Riddell Airport -37.480(S) 144.718(E)
Small YRBE Robe Robe Airport -37.175(S) 139.805(E)
Medium YBRK ROK Rockhampton ROCKHAMPTON -23.382(S) 150.475(E) 8622 ft 6
Small RDA Rockhampton Downs Rockhampton Downs Airport -18.953(S) 135.201(E)
Small YROE RBU Roebourne Roebourne Airport -20.762(S) 117.157(E)
Small RKY Rokeby Rokeby Airport -13.643(S) 142.641(E)
Medium YROM RMA Roma ROMA -26.545(S) 148.775(E) 4934 ft 4
Small YRSY Romsey Romsey Airport -37.392(S) 144.738(E)
Small YRRB RPB Roper Bar Roper Bar Airport -14.735(S) 134.525(E)
Small RPV Roper Valley Roper Valley Airport -14.921(S) 134.050(E)
Small RLP Rosella Plains Rosella Plains Airport -18.425(S) 144.459(E)
Small YSII SBR Saibai Island Saibai Island Airport -9.378(S) 142.625(E) 1
Medium YWSL SXE Sale WEST SALE -38.092(S) 146.965(E) 5010 ft
Small SRM Sandringham Station Sandringham Airport -24.057(S) 139.082(E)
Small YSAN NDS Sandstone Sandstone Airport -27.980(S) 119.297(E)
Small SWB Shaw River Shaw River Airport -21.510(S) 119.362(E)
Small YSHG SGP Shay Gap Shay Gap Airport -20.425(S) 120.141(E)
Small Sherlock Sherlock Ultralight Airfield -35.320(S) 139.793(E)
Small YSIA Siam Siam Airport -32.557(S) 136.709(E)
Small YSVP SSP Silver Plains Silver Plains Airport -13.975(S) 143.554(E)
Small YSGT SIX Singleton Singleton Airport -32.601(S) 151.193(E)
Small YDOC Singleton Dochra Airfield -32.650(S) 151.208(E)
Small YSWK South West Rocks South West Rocks Airport -30.925(S) 153.028(E)
Small ZVG Springvale Springvale Airport -17.787(S) 127.670(E)
Small YDUN SRR Stradbroke Island Dunwich Airport -27.517(S) 153.428(E)
Small YSTC Stuart Creek Stuart Creek Airport -29.717(S) 137.063(E)
Small SSK Sturt Creek Sturt Creek Airport -19.166(S) 128.174(E)
Small YWBS SYU Sue Islet Warraber Island Airport -10.208(S) 142.825(E) 1
Small YPEF Sunbury Penfield Airfield -37.513(S) 144.698(E)
Medium YSBK BWU Sydney SYDNEY BANKSTOWN -33.924(S) 150.988(E) 4448 ft 1
Large YSSY SYD Sydney SYDNEY INTL -33.946(S) 151.177(E) 12999 ft 57
Medium YSTW TMW Tamworth TAMWORTH -31.084(S) 150.847(E) 7218 ft 4
Small YTNB TXR Tanbar Station Tanbar Airport -25.848(S) 141.928(E)
Small YTAR TAQ Tarcoola Tarcoola Airport -30.703(S) 134.584(E)
Medium YTRE TRO Taree TAREE -31.889(S) 152.514(E) 4934 ft 1
Medium YTNK TCA Tennant Creek TENNANT CREEK -19.634(S) 134.183(E) 6427 ft 2
Small YTFD Tenterfield Tenterfield Airport -28.992(S) 151.930(E)
Small YTHD TDN Theda Station Theda Station Airport -14.788(S) 126.496(E)
Small YTHI Thistle Island Thistle Island Airport -35.025(S) 136.180(E)
Small YTLP Tilpa Tilpa Airport -30.933(S) 144.417(E)
Small YPCM Tiwi College Pickertaramoor Airstrip -11.762(S) 130.881(E)
Small YTMY TYP Tobermorey Tobermorey Airport -22.256(S) 137.953(E)
Small TPR Tom Price Tom Price Airport -22.746(S) 117.869(E)
Small YTQY Torquay Torquay Airport -38.300(S) 144.365(E)
Small TWP Torwood Torwood Airport -17.363(S) 143.750(E)
Medium YBTL TSV Townsville TOWNSVILLE -19.253(S) 146.765(E) 7999 ft 15
Small YTEE TQP Trepell TREPELL -21.835(S) 140.888(E) 5903 ft 1
Small YTFA Truro Flat Truro Flat Airpark -34.398(S) 139.385(E)
Small Tumbarumba Tumbarumba Airport -35.763(S) 147.887(E)
Small YTKY TKY Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Airport -17.041(S) 128.206(E)
Small YUCH Ucharonidge Station Ucharonidge Airport -17.672(S) 134.241(E)
Small YBWO Upper Cornish Creek Bowen Downs Airport -22.464(S) 144.998(E)
Medium YSWG WGA Wagga Wagga WAGGA WAGGA -35.165(S) 147.466(E) 5801 ft 3
Small YWAL WLA Wallal Wallal Airport -19.774(S) 120.649(E)
Small YWAX Wanarn Wanarn Airport -25.298(S) 127.556(E)
Small YWDV MFL Wando Vale Mount Full Stop Airport -19.670(S) 144.885(E)
Small YGLS Warakurna Giles Airport -25.044(S) 128.296(E)
Small YWKW Warkworth Warkworth Airport -32.549(S) 151.024(E)
Small YWVA Warnervale Warnervale Airport -33.240(S) 151.430(E)
Closed YWWG WRW Warrawagine Warrawagine Airport -20.844(S) 120.702(E)
Small YWRR Warroora Homestead Warroora Homestead Airport -23.446(S) 113.849(E)
Small Warroora Station Warroora Station Airstrip -23.475(S) 113.799(E)
Small YWAC Wauchope Wauchope Airport -20.650(S) 134.217(E)
Small WAN Waverney Waverney Airport -25.356(S) 141.925(E)
Medium YBWP WEI Weipa WEIPA -12.679(S) 141.925(E) 5397 ft 2
Small YBSG Weipa SCHERGER -12.624(S) 142.087(E) 10003 ft
Small YBWW WTB Wellcamp Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport -27.558(S) 151.793(E) 4
Small WHL Welshpool Welshpool Airport -38.682(S) 146.445(E)
Medium YWWL WWY West Wyalong WEST WYALONG -33.937(S) 147.191(E) 5200 ft
Medium YWHA WYA Whyalla WHYALLA -33.059(S) 137.514(E) 5531 ft 2
Closed YWKH Wickham Wickham Airport -20.676(S) 117.125(E)
Medium YWLM NTL Williamtown WILLIAMTOWN -32.795(S) 151.834(E) 7999 ft 6
Small YWDL WON Wondoola Wondoola Airport -18.575(S) 140.892(E)
Small YWWI WWI Woodie Woodie Woodie Woodie Airport -21.663(S) 121.234(E)
Small YWKD Woodycupaldiya Woodycupaldiya Airfield -13.867(S) 129.988(E)
Small YPWR UMR Woomera WOOMERA -31.144(S) 136.817(E) 7782 ft
Small YWKM Wyalkatchem Wyalkatchem Airport -31.203(S) 117.379(E)
Small YYTA KYI Yalata Mission Yalata Mission Airport -31.471(S) 131.825(E)
Small YYAL YLG Yalgoo Yalgoo Airport -28.355(S) 116.684(E)
Small YYMI XMY Yam Island Yam Island Airport -9.901(S) 142.776(E) 1
Closed YYLR KYF Yeelirrie Yeelirrie Airport -27.277(S) 120.096(E)
Small YWGM York White Gum Air Park -31.864(S) 116.936(E)
Small YYKI OKR Yorke Island Yorke Island Airport -9.753(S) 143.406(E) 1

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