34° 26' 50N 108° 45' 6E XIANYANG 1572 ft AMSL
Mag Var: 3.096W Civilian Airport
Time Zone UTC+8 Wiki
Map of ZLXY
Rwy Size(ft) Surface
23/05 9842x148 CON
Jet Fuel: J

Airline Service from XIY

Destinations within 1500 nm

Destinations between 3000 and 5000 nm

IATA Name City Distance Airline(s)
IQN Qingyang Airport Qingyang 98 nm Tianjin
AKA Ankang Airport Ankang 104 nm Tianjin
HZG Hanzhong Airport Hanzhong 120 nm Tianjin
ENY Yan'an Airport Yan'an 137 nm Tianjin,????Joy Air,Shenzhen
UYN Yulin Airport Yulin 234 nm Tianjin,China Eastern,Shenzhen
CGO XINZHENG Zhengzhou 251 nm ????Joy Air
YIH Yichang Airport Yichang 264 nm Tianjin
MIG Mianyang Airport Mianyang 271 nm ????Joy Air
TYN WUSU Taiyuan 272 nm China Southern,Tianjin,Hainan,????Joy Air
INC Yinchuan Airport Yinchuan 275 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Shanghai,Hainan,Xiamen,China Eastern,Shenzhen
CKG JIANGBEI Chongqing 303 nm Sichuan,Hainan,China Eastern
CTU SHUANGLIU Chengdu 336 nm Sichuan,(one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern
XNN Xining Caojiabu Airport Xining 350 nm China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern,Shenzhen
WUH TIANHE Wuhan 352 nm China Southern,Hainan,Xiamen,China Eastern
HET BAITA Hohhot 410 nm Tianjin,China Eastern
TNA YAOQIANG Jinan 437 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Hainan,,Shandong
CSX HUANGHUA Changsha 439 nm China Southern,Hainan,,Xiamen
HFE LUOGANG Hefei 458 nm China Southern,Tianjin
KWE LONGDONGBAO Guiyang 485 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Tianjin,Shandong
KHN CHANGBEI INTL Nanchang 495 nm Xiamen,China Eastern
TSN BINHAI Tianjin 498 nm Tianjin,Xiamen
PEK CAPITAL INTL Beijing 503 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Shanghai,Hainan,China Eastern
NKG LUKOU Nanjing 533 nm Tianjin,Hainan,,China Eastern,Shenzhen
KWL LIANGJIANG Guilin 557 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),Shanghai,,Xiamen,China Eastern
TAO LIUTING Qingdao 578 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern,Shandong
JGN Jiayuguan Airport Jiayuguan 593 nm Shanghai
WUS Nanping Wuyishan Airport Wuyishan 623 nm Xiamen
HGH XIAOSHAN Hangzhou 643 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),Hainan,Xiamen,China Eastern
KMG WUJIABA Kunming 647 nm (one of Cargo Plus Avi or Lucky Air),Hainan,China Eastern
DLC ZHOUSHUIZI Dalian 671 nm China Southern,China Eastern
PVG PUDONG Shanghai 686 nm (one of Air China or Air China Cargo),China Southern,Shanghai,Hainan,Japan,China Eastern,All Nippon
CAN BAIYUN INTL Guanghouz 704 nm China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern,Shenzhen
NNG WUXU Nanning 710 nm Tianjin
WNZ Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport Wenzhou 733 nm Shanghai
DNH Dunhuang Airport Dunhuang 747 nm Tianjin
SZX BAOAN INTL Shenzhen 756 nm China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern,Shenzhen
FOC CHANGLE Fuzhou 761 nm Hainan,Xiamen
XMN GAOQI Xiamen 769 nm Hainan
HKG HONG KONG INTL Hong Kong 777 nm China Eastern
SHE TAOXIAN Shenyang 817 nm China Southern,Shenzhen
TPE CHIANG KAI SHEK INTL Taipei 858 nm China,China Eastern
HAK MEILAN Haikou 875 nm Hainan,,China Eastern
ICN INCHEON INTL Seoul 877 nm Korean Air,China Eastern,Asiana
LXA Lhasa Gonggar Airport Lhasa 958 nm China Eastern
SYX PHOENIX INTL Sanya 969 nm China Southern,Shanghai,Hainan,
HRB TAIPING Harbin 1042 nm China Southern
URC DIWOPU Urumqi 1135 nm China Southern,Hainan,China Eastern
LHW LEEUWARDEN Leeuwarden 4199 nm China Southern,Hainan,Xiamen,China Eastern,Shenzhen

Route information compiled from different sources including and Wikipedia. It should only be used as a first guess of which routes may exist and which airlines may fly them.

Nearby Airports

Code IATA Kind Name City Distance Bearing Airlines
FR27620 Medium Xian Air Base 19 nm S 203
ZLSN SIA Medium Xiguan Airport Xi'an 18 nm E 102
FR27617 Medium Wugong Air Base 26 nm W 246
FR27623 Medium Yanliang Air Base 27 nm E 63
FR27608 Medium Baoji Air Base 63 nm W 274
ZLAK AKA Small Ankang Airport Ankang 104 nm S 175 Tianjin
ZLQY IQN Medium Qingyang Airport Qingyang 98 nm N 325 Tianjin
FR43078 Small Chenggu Airport/Air Base 110 nm S 224
ZLHZ HZG Small Hanzhong Airport Hanzhong 120 nm W 226 Tianjin
ZLYA ENY Small Yan'an Airport Yan'an 137 nm N 16 Tianjin,????Joy Air,Shenzhen
ZUDX DAX Small Dachuan Airport Dazhou 199 nm S 198 (one of Air China or Air China Cargo)
Nearby Waypoints:

OD CH 12 nm N 41
ZS CH 14 nm S 159
YIJ CH 58 nm N 17
NSH CH 71 nm S 198
HO CH 66 nm W 313
VISIN CH 129 nm W 297
GUPAD CH 140 nm N 36
JIG CH 162 nm W 294
LUVES CH 223 nm N 354
SUBUL CH 163 nm S 219
APOGO CH 228 nm N 23
TOREG CH 229 nm S 216
Nearby Cities and Towns
West North East South
Jinlicun (0.8 nm)
Doujia (2.0 nm)
Nanzhujia (2.3 nm)
Beizhucun (2.3 nm)
Beizhucun (3.0 nm)
Nanducun (0.4 nm)
Renjia (1.2 nm)
Beidu (1.3 nm)
Zhanglicun (1.9 nm)
Xiliucun (2.8 nm)
Xijiangcun (1.0 nm)
Buli (1.9 nm)
Hanjia (2.0 nm)
Sunjia (2.5 nm)
Wangcun (2.3 nm)
Dashitou (1.7 nm)
Beihecun (1.3 nm)
Dizhang (1.7 nm)
Nanhecun (2.5 nm)
Yanjiazhai (2.1 nm)
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